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    Romance Roundup: Small-Town Romances, Bakery Owners, and Protective Cowboys 

    This week’s Romance Roundup includes a woman who inherits a haunted property, a bakery owner who ends up house sitting with an actor, and a sexy cowboy who finds out he’s a father.

    Cooper’s Charm, by Lori Foster
    Two sisters are about to get some much-need R&R in the lovely town that is Cooper’s Charm. Phoenix Rose’s life was going swimmingly until a break-in at her home left her feeling devastated and insecure. She lost her fiance, her business—you get the picture. (Phoenix, we are SO taking you out for a nice dinner!) She decides to hightail it to Cooper’s Charm, a peaceful town filled with some very nice people, including a hunky widower who is quite possibly the nicest man she’s ever met. (You go, girl!) She’s soon joined by her sister, Ridley Rose, who finds some romance of her own with a scuba instructor. Ridley soon realizes that peeling his wetsuit away from his six-pack abs would be SO much fun. A story that involves two sisters and a beautiful town and two hunky guys to help said sisters take their minds off of things? Yes, please! (Available in paperback on May 21.)

    The Summoning, by Heather Graham
    Kristi Stewart has just inherited a Savannah property, one with a rich ghost-y history. (Sadly, not the Patrick Swayze Let’s-Make-Pottery kind of ghost.) Our gal doesn’t believe in ghosts, which makes it all the more freaky when some weird stuff starts to happen. Things get especially crazy one night, which causes Kristi to run into the manly embrace of Dallas Wicker. Dallas has his own weird stuff to face. He’s investigating the death of a colleague, and it soon becomes clear that that colleague’s death and the odd things happening on Kristi’s property might be linked. (Dallas has a big brain and a big heart to go with his…big biceps!) Anyway, Kristi and Dallas will need to work together if they’re going to solve the mystery of these disappearances and move on to bigger and better things. Hang in there, you two! This is the latest book in Graham’s extensive Krewe of Hunters series. (Available in hardcover, paperback, and audiobook on May 21.)

    Undefeated, by Helen Hardt
    The sexy, vampire-ific drama continues between human lady Erin Hamilton and Not-Your-Grandmother’s-Vampire Dante Gabriel! In this installment, Dante and Erin venture together into the underground place where a very evil woman used to hold Dante captive. (She held him for 10 years, so yes, there are grudges.) Dante needs to make this evil person think she has control over him. He is totally willing to play the game, but he’s also on high alert to make sure none of his loved ones are hurt in the process. This is especially true when it comes to Erin, because she’s HIS woman. (Such is the strength of Dante’s, ahem, carnal desires for her.) Here’s hoping that Dante gets what he needs from this morbid underworld setting, that the nasty piece of work is finished off, and that Dante and Erin then proceed to take a peaceful, drama-free vacation when it’s all over! This is the fifth volume in Hardt’s Blood Bond series. (Available in paperback on May 21.)

    Cliff’s Edge, by Meg Tilly
    Eve Harris is the Sister of the Year. Not only does she agree to run the bakery she co-owns with her sister while said sister is on her honeymoon, she also offers to housesit. Trouble is, actor Rhys Thomas is also going to be at the house. He’s friends with Eve’s brother-in-law, who offered him a place to stay while he gets some peace and quiet after wrapping a film. One look is all it takes to realize why Rhys is doing the actor thing. His face and abs alone give the world hope for another Magic Mike film. (This might be a shout into the void BUT WOULD SOMEONE PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN?!) What starts off as a fluffy-sounding spell together, however, soon turns into something more sinister. Someone just might be out to get Eve. Fortunately, Rhys is much more than a pretty face and smoking body, and he sure isn’t going to just sit around on his camera-ready tush while his new lady love gets all of the threats. You go, Rhys! This is the second book in Tilly’s Solace Island series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on May 21.)

    Luck of the Draw, by B.J. Daniels
    All Garrett Sterling wanted to do was have a little bit of Me Time and ride his horse around his family’s Montana property. (Totally understandable, Garrett! We all want a bit of You Time, too!) Then something awful happens, and it involves a dead person. If that wasn’t bad enough, a lady who has always been very special to Garrett becomes the prime suspect. Garrett is ready to do whatever it takes to keep her safe, even if she is reluctant to give him any useful information. (Sister, you can trust Garrett any day of the week!) Is this woman truly to blame for anything? What exactly is her relationship history with Garrett? And, when the time is right, will Garrett surprise her by reclining on his side on a bearskin rug in front of a working fireplace wearing nothing but an easily-removable bandana and holding a red rose between his teeth? This is the second book in Daniels’ Sterling’s Montana series. (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on May 21.)

    To Tame a Wild Cowboy, by Lori Wilde
    This story features cowboy Rhett Lockhart who—OH SWEET JEBUS YES! MORE COWBOYS! BRING US ALL OF THE COWBOYS! ALWAYS! Anyway, Rhett has just discovered that the baby girl recently abandoned at the local hospital is, in fact, the baby girl he fathered after a one-night stand. To his credit, he pretty much immediately realizes he wants to be a father. The only problem is that the baby’s foster mother, Tara Alzate, is a bit skeptical about Rhett’s parenting capabilities. (This is totally fair, as Rhett wasn’t exactly stable, reliable Dad material.) Rhett suggests to Tara that they enter a marriage of convenience so they can both be in the baby’s life. Rhett and Tara soon realize that they have way more in common than they ever would have thought. Can they lovingly enter a new chapter of their lives together? This is the latest book in Wilde’s Cupid, Texas series. (Available in hardcover, paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on May 21.)

    What new romance novels are you excited about this week?

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    7 Debut Romances to Add to Your TBR Pile Immediately 

    While many of us look forward to books by our favorite romance authors, there are tons of exciting debut romances coming out these days that are worth a read! The first half of the year is teeming with new voices to the romance genre, and we want to make sure these gems are on your radar. Your to-be-read pile can handle a few more additions, right?

    Let’s Talk About Love, by Claire Kann
    It’s always a good sign when a book cover makes you smile. After Alice told her girlfriend about her asexuality, their relationship came to an end. Heartbroken and just a tad burned, Alice has put a halt to her dating. Besides, working at the library seems to provide enough of a distraction. Until Takumi becomes Alice’s new co-worker. As their working relationship becomes a growing friendship, Alice worries that there’s more between them. Given her how her previous relationship ended, will Alice risk telling Takumi about her feelings and her asexuality, or will she stick to her “no dating” rule?

    Undefeated, by Stuart Reardon and Jane Harvey-Berrick
    If you weren’t aware, Stuart Reardon is a rugby player turned romance cover model and Undefeated is his first foray into romance writing! Teaming up with an established romance writer, Reardon writes what he knows—a hunky, rugby playing hero. Nick Renshaw used to be on top of the British rugby world. Now he finds himself rather lost and without any direction. Dr. Anna Scott might be his only saving grace. As the rugby team’s psychologist, Anna knows she shouldn’t fraternize with players, but as Nick realizes Anna is more mysterious than he thought, their attraction to one another reaches levels that are hard to ignore.

    Never Dare a Wicked Earl, by Renee Ann Miller
    Never Dare a Wicked Earl is the first book in the Infamous Lords series, where a charming hero finds himself bedridden on account of an angry mistress. His new medical attendant is unfazed by his rakish and improper behavior, but Hayden Milton will do his damnedest to run her off, just like the two attendants before her. However, Sophia Camden is determined to stick it out, because resigning would mean Sophia’s dream of becoming a doctor would go up in flames. If she can make in ten days caring for Hayden, he’ll help her with her dream of succeeding in the medical field.

    The Wedding Date, by Jasmine Guillory
    One of the most anticipated romance debuts that I’ve seen in quite some time, The Wedding Date’s charm begins with its cover. Seriously, look at it! Alexa Monroe never thought getting trapped in an elevator would lead to posing as Drew Nichols’ fake girlfriend at his ex’s wedding. But Drew is cute and the opportunity sounds too adventurous to resist. Though when the wedding ends and their ruse comes to an end, both Alexa and Drew realize they can’t stop thinking about one another. Too bad they don’t live near one another and their own lives are too busy for love. Or, maybe they can make things work after all.

    The Wolf at the Door, by Charlie Adhara
    A gay romance with enemies forced to work together, The Wolf at the Door is the first book in a brand new paranormal romance series. An attack by a werewolf turns Agent Cooper Dayton’s life upside down as he’s transferred to the secretive Bureau of Special Investigations. Unfortunately, his new partner is a rather curmudgeonly werewolf named Oliver Park. As part of a werewolf organization, Park’s role is maintain the professional and relatively peaceful relationship between wolf and man. But when people start going missing, Cooper and Oliver must strengthen their uneasy trust before all hell breaks loose.

    Forbidden by Faith, by Negeen Papehn
    Sometimes, there is more standing in the way of romance than uncertain feelings or workplace etiquette. In Forbidden by Faith, the main crux of the romance is the difference of cultures and religions and I’m so excited to dig into this one. Sara recognizes an instant attraction when she meets fellow Iranian, Maziar, but Sarah is Muslim and Maziar is Jewish. How will their differing faiths unite or divide them? Forbidden by Faith promises to provide a thought-provoking and incredibly interesting star crossed romance in this debut.

    The Kiss Quotient, by Helen Hoang 
    If you’re looking for a cute new contemporary romance, The Kiss Quotient is one you’ll definitely want to pick up. Stella Lane is deeply in love with math, and it’s that love that’s given her a demanding, but rewarding job. Unfortunately, the combination of her work schedule with her inexperience in social and romantic situations has Stella feeling like she’s missed out a few important things. Namely, love. Enter escort, Michael Phan. Stella hires him to educate her on courtship and seduction, but when Michael’s lessons end, will Stella be able to put them to use with anyone else? Or perhaps the student will become the master!

    Which debut romances are you excited to read this year?

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