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    Return to the World of Twilight: Midnight Sun is Almost Here! 

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    Let’s just be honest here…we all have our countdown clocks set for August 4th, and for good reason. Midnight Sun is almost here, and for many nothing but the Volturi could keep us away from this new retelling that’s been twelve years in the making. Whether you call it a guilty pleasure (or not), the Twilight series is seriously addictive, and it’s clear that its legions of fans are ready to revisit the enchanting and sparkly world of Edward and Bella.

    All this talk of Twilight has us reminiscing about those golden years of YA paranormal romance, when everywhere you looked it was vampires, werewolves and even zombies splashed across the covers—often in a love triangle, and always very glamourous. Twilight brought about a new kind of gothic love story, and soon enough, series like Vampire Academy, House of Night and Blue Bloods were filling up the bookshelves of teens (and adults) everywhere. Even older series like The Vampire Diaries that originally published in the early 90s made a big comeback, complete with its own wildly popular TV series based on the books. And while Twilight fever may have mellowed in recent years, we have a hunch it’s going to come back in full force with the release of Midnight Sun. So, we’re calling out two new series you’re going to want to indulge in, either while you wait—or after the hunger takes hold.

    The Crave Series:

    Before we even get into the plot, just look at that cover. We were instantly reminded of that deep red apple and all the feels that come with starting a series you just know will be your next obsession. Here we meet Grace after her parents have been killed in a terrible car accident, and she is whisked away to live with her uncle in Alaska and a prep school where things are not quite as they seem. Enter Jaxon Vega, the closed off, brooding boy of her dreams who also happens to save her from several near-death experiences—seem familiar? Full of dangerous love and towering castles, this atmospheric world of vampires, werewolves, witches and shapeshifters will make you swoon. Universal Studios has already snatched up the film rights, and the second book in the series, Crush is out this fall.

    The Damned Series:

    Again, just look at that cover! This one takes us back to 19th century New Orleans where vampires roam in plain sight. Celine, a dressmaker from Paris is quickly swept up in the lavish underworld of the city and catches the eye of the sultry Sébastien Saint Germain. Celine will soon realize she’s entangled in an ancient feud of the night, one that fuels this thrilling mystery straight through to its spectacular cliffhanger ending. Entertainment Weekly writes that this new series “returns the vampire novel to popular form, evoking the style of Anne Rice and breathing fresh life into the genre.” This decadent series is also in its early stages with book two, The Damned arriving this summer, on July 7th.


    So, whether you’re looking to brush up on the classics, or dive into something new, we’re calling it now and declaring that vampires are officially back—and we are here for it.

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    How to Survive a Vampiric Society 

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    So, you’ve gotten yourself into a bit of a (blood) bind: you’re surrounded by vampires. Be cool, stay calm, because I’ve got your trust guidebook right here for how to survive (or, succumb to, if that’s your thing) a society of vampires:

    1. Blend in with a troubled past.
    You’ll notice a trend right away, especially with societies like J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood. With names like Wrath, Rhage, Rehvenge, Torhment and equally dangerous and devious pasts to match, you have to blend in with a troubled past. Are you cursed and possessed by a beast? Can you see the future but never change it? Are you on a quest for vengeance? Were you held hostage by the enemy? Whatever your past is, it can’t be sunshine and roses, because you’ll stick out like a sore thumb.

    2. Be innocent in contrast to their worldliness
    Vampires have seen the world. Odds are, you haven’t. So if a vampire like Lestat or Louis from Interview with a Vampire by Anne Rice is in your midst, definitely don’t suggest that “actually Pizza wasn’t invented in Italy because they didn’t have tomatoes until the 1500’s” because they will come right back at you with the knowledge that they were there in 997 AD in Gaeta, central Italy, where it was invented, and that pizza is even referenced in the Aeneid. Instead, be charmed by their knowledge of what it was like in Ancient Rome, the Harlem Renaissance, or the Disco Age. That is, if you expect to get out with your neck intact.

    3. Are you cool with being blood-bait?
    This is a big one, and you better decide quick: are you okay with being a walking bloodbag? If not, I refer you to number 1, in which case you better come up with a reason why your blood is toxic to vamps. If you’re cool with it, though, it could actually prove handy, like it does in Vampire Academy and The Vampire Diaries, where it heals wounds and even increases the bond between two people. (And odds are if you’re in a Vampiric society, you’re going to get injured now and again.)

    4. Pick a vampire type and don’t stray.
    It is a truth universally acknowledged that there are two types of vampires: those who want to be good, and those who love being bad. To survive in a world of bloodsuckers, you have to decide where your allegiance lies…and do your best not to stray, because that just complicates things, and increases your chances of NOT surviving by a solid 60%. Learn from Sookie Stackhouse from The Southern Vampire Series, people: choosing the bad guy halfway through the journey is a recipe for disaster.

    5. Be really good at keeping secrets.
    When you join a world of vampires, your old world gets left behind. Be prepared to mourn and wrestle with whether you made the right choice in the first place, but under no circumstances should you reveal the truth to anyone around you. Even if you’re in a modern world of Vampires, threats still abound. Bella did not do a great job of keeping a low profile in Twilight, and look what happened to her! (I mean, unless you want to become a vampire with an immortal vampire baby, in which case, blab all you want, just be careful the Volturi don’t come for you.)

    6. People are going to try and kill you. Accept it.
    Speaking of the Volturi, another important piece of info: you’re a target now. Hanging out with vampires, willingly or not, makes you one. Werewolves, witches, other vampires, demons; every creature under the sun is going to want you deader-than-undead, so don’t be stupid and think you can beat them all yourself. You’ve no doubt made allies among the vampires by now (if not lovers, like in A Discovery of Witches), so as long as you’re human yourself, use them as shields. Trust me, with pecs and abs like theirs, they can take it.

    7. Sometimes, you gotta be willing to die in order to survive.
    But while all of the above is going on, you have to think of two really important things: are you willing to die for them? If you’re anything like the humans in Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark series, you’re willing to sacrifice everything you’ve got—including your life and soul—in order to save them, knowing you might not come back. If that doesn’t appeal to you, I refer you back to #1: blend in until you can find a moment to escape, or an ally who wants to help you, and then, run.

    8. Be willing to become one yourself.
    And the second question is, of course: do you want to be a vampire yourself? Come to think of it, how did you end up in this pickle in the first place? Was it a curiosity about the mysteries of life you couldn’t explain, like in Gena Showalter’s Lords of the Underworld? Was it a hunger for passion that your human existence could never provide, like in A Quick Bite, by Lynsay Sands? Have you actually wanted this all along and this survival guide has just been a waste of your time? Well, in that case, just find your vampire soul-mate and join the party.

    We’ve been waiting for you.

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    Twilight, Reimagined: This Time, the Vampire Is a Girl. 

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    Stephenie Meyer shocked her fans today with a surprise announcement: Twilight: Tenth Anniversary Edition, contains a whole lot more than the bestselling novel starring vampire Edward Cullen and his beloved girlfriend Bella Swan. This special edition—now available for purchase online and in stores—includes an entirely new novel: Life and Death. 

    And in this new book, the vampire isn’t Edward; it’s a girl named Edith. Her true love? A regular human guy.

    In fact, with just one exception, every male character from Twilight has been reimagined as a female character—and vice versa. It’s a brilliant and daring approach from Meyer, whose Twilight saga was a blockbuster publishing phenomenon that inspired box-office smash movie adaptations.

    Pick up the Twilight: Tenth Anniversary Edition, and on one side, you see the iconic original cover: two feminine hands holding a red apple. Flip the book over, and you see the cover of the new novel, which depicts a male hand holding a green apple.

    Does Edith’s story mirror Edward’s in every detail?

    Will her story cast Bella and Edward in a new light?

    How does this new novel end?

    You’ll have to pick up the book to answer these questions. Happy reading, Twihards!


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    Is Your Boyfriend a Werewolf? 5 Signs to Watch Out For 

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    Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 11.11.57 AMReaders of paranormal romance novels know that werewolves make the best boyfriends: they’re loyal, sexy, protective, and ridiculously ripped. Unfortunately, werewolves in all their hot toothy glory can also be notoriously secretive. While this is perfectly reasonable (you would probably be a little hesitant to tell people your deep dark hairy secret, what with phrases like “unholy abomination” and “shoot ‘em!” thrown around whenever the word “lycanthropy” is mentioned), it’s imperative that you determine whether your man is in fact moon-cursed.

    After all, while werewolf boyfriends are wonderful, they’re also, you know, cursed with a disease that turns them into a half-man, half-wolf hybrid that sprouts fur, howls at the moon, sports razor-sharp claws, and has a penchant for biting people. So it’s best to be emotionally prepared for this big reveal. Which is why, if your moon-called beloved is not willing to tell you his secret just yet, you need to watch for these five helpful signs your man is a werewolf. Remember: Forewarned is forearmed.

    1. He’s got a weird relationship with pets
    You’ve noticed all the neighborhood dogs hate him. Whenever you two take a walk through the local park, there’s a lot of growling and bared teeth. He always brushes off the doggy dislike by making a joke about canines hating his scent. Well, you used to think he was joking…but now you’re not so sure. And his relationships with your cat? Well, Chairman Meow still hasn’t forgiven him for chasing him up that tree the first time he stayed over at your place.

    2. He calls you his “mate” a lot
    Like all the time. I mean incessantly, like he won’t shut up about it. And not in the way British people call their friends “mate,” either. It’s starting t make your eye twitch.

    3. He’s strangely terrified of your garden
    One of the most delightful things about your man is that he loves to cook for you. When he discovered you keep an herb garden, he was just so adorably excited. But it all changed after your beloved stumbled upon the decorative wolfsbane growing in the back of the garden. Now, he won’t go near any of your plants, which is a real bummer, because this reticence has really affected the quality of his spaghetti sauce.

    4. He has an extensive record of public nudity
    Like all smart modern woman, shortly after you met your tall, hairy hunk, you did a little googling. You didn’t really expect to find out anything nefarious about your man, but better safe than sorry, right? It was a relief that you didn’t find anything horrific, but what you did discover was…strange. Numerous arrests for public nudity. All occurring early in the morning and all around the same time of the month. And always on the outskirts of the local woods. Hmm.

    5. He disappears once a month. During the full moon
    This might be your biggest clue. Girl, you are in danger…of falling for a wolf-man.

    Could your partner be a werewolf?

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    On Reading Bad Feminist at the Spa 

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    Bad FeministI took Roxane Gay’s collection of essays, Bad Feministto a nail salon and read it while getting a pedicure. Though she confesses in an epilogue that her favorite color is pink, I went with a sparkly, jewel-red shade called “Scarlett O’Hara,” because O’Hara is a character made for Gay: high-femme, ambitious, no-nonsense, and yet gloriously messed up about men, women, and love, like a contestant on “The Bachelor.”

    While my feet soaked and the massage chair pounded futilely like a toddler at my back, I lost myself in Gay’s wide-ranging examinations of race and pop culture in America, intersectionality and academia, rape and fat camp, Haiti and Nebraska, Trayvon Martin and Melissa Leo. When I took a break to play Words with Friends on my phone, I felt confident that Gay would approve. (Full disclosure: She almost certainly does not remember who I am, but we have faced off at online Scrabble and she once edited an essay of mine.)

    Gay—a Haitian-American novelist, short-story writer, professor, cultural critic, competitive game player, Twitter obsessive, devoted viewer of reality TV, and self-described Bad Feminist from flyover country—is one of the country’s foremost public intellectuals. Like an ideal teacher, she is intellectually formidable and yet still feels approachable, as though we could knock on her door during Office Hours and find her rereading, and laughing at, Twilight. Though she is conversant in Judith Butler, she remains, in her own writing, refreshingly jargon-free.

    She combines the most interesting aspects of so-called third wave feminism, like sex positivity and a promotion of LGBTQ issues, with the most important, enduring features from the second wave, like politics and reproductive rights. To that mix, she adds her own unashamed embrace of contemporary entertainment, which she revels in even as she points out its flaws. In Bad Feminist, she expresses a mix of admiration and impatience for everything from BET and Django Unchained to Fifty Shades of Grey and Girls, as well as Tyler Perry as a phenomenon.

    Although a sharp critic, Gay is also a fan, one that fully understands the near-religious joy that escapist fiction like Sweet Valley High can bring to younger readers and Fifty Shades of Grey can bring to older ones. She doesn’t mask her enthusiasms out of a need to be thought cool. In charming chapters like “How to Be Friends With Another Woman” and “To Scratch, Claw, or Grope Clumsily or Frantically,” she channels Mindy Kaling. In devastating ones, like “What We Hunger For, she uses the entry point of Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games to get at a harrowing story from her own life and a psychological explanation of the power of literature:

    Life introduces young people to situations they are in no way prepared for, even good girls, lucky girls who want for nothing. Sometimes, when you least expect it, you become the girl in the woods. You lose your name because another one is forced on you. You think you are alone until you find books about girls like you. … [stories] have allowed me to remember. They have allowed me to forget. They have allowed me to imagine different endings and better possible worlds.

    If Roxane Gay didn’t exist, the 21st-century would have to invent her.

    In some ways, the calendar year 2014, during which Gay has published two astonishing books—this collection and a novel, An Untamed State—did invent her, or at least it has pushed her into the mainstream the same way 2012 did for Cheryl Strayed, whose collection, Tiny Beautiful Thingsand memoir, Wildcolonized bookstores within months of each other. The whole Internet, which can sometimes seem like an outrage-and-resentment generating machine, took a break from snark to cheer for Strayed, who labored with only minor recognition for decades before finally breaking through. In the same way, Gay, who writes in her epilogue, “I realize that I’m undestroying myself after years of allowing myself to stay damaged,” has earned her time in the sun, and the serious consideration of every feminist, male, female, “bad” or otherwise.

    Are you planning to read Bad Feminist?

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