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    Romance Roundup: Egyptian Scholars, Paramilitary Heroines, and Cowboy Rescue Missions 

    This week’s Romance Roundup includes a rare artifacts hunter who gets a new and very interesting coworker, a woman whose newfound skills are put to the test, and a lady on a mission to rescue her cowboy.

    Driven to Distraction, by Lori Foster
    Mary Daniels has a pretty cool job that requires acquiring rare artifacts for her boss, and her latest assignment puts her in close proximity with the supernaturally sexy Brodie Crews. (Note to self: Research alternative career opportunities!) They’ll need to spend a few hours in a car together for her latest assignment, which would normally sound like a huge chore, but traveling with Brodie would make any woman request that he pull off to the side and take things to the next level. (Or two.) (Actually, make that three.) As for Brodie, he is quite intrigued by this buttoned-up lady and would love to, ahem, explore her in every way possible. (Yes, Brodie! You are on the right track! And Mary, you are a lucky, lucky girl!) When an enemy rears their ugly head, intent on taking the same artifact Mary and Brodie are after, Brodie will need to think fast in order to protect Mary. Here’s hoping they manage to dodge the bad guys and get their treasure! (Get to it, you two! And, Brodie, when the drama is over, show Mary multiple times how good a bad boy can be!) This is the first book in Foster’s Road to Love series. (Available in hardcover, paperback, and NOOK.)

    The Woman Left Behind, by Linda Howard
    Jina Modell is doing just fine in the communications department of a paramilitary organization. She loves her job, which doesn’t require our non-outdoorsy gal to leave the air-conditioned comfort of her office. (Good for you, Jina! There’s nothing wrong with loving indoor-ish things like yoga and curling up with a good book!) Then she is selected to work in the field as an on-site drone operator. (Okay, that’s a pretty flippin’ awesome change of pace! Yay, Jina! Don’t turn this opportunity down!) This requires undergoing extensive physical training under the watchful, steely gaze of her team leader, Levi. (Fact: No woman would mind spending as much time as possible with Levi, especially if it means getting really sweaty together.) Under his tutelage, Jina transforms from a tech geek into a daring operative. While out in Syria, a deceitful Congresswoman screws up their mission, which causes the base Jina is working on to explode—and Jina to get separated from her team. Everyone on Jina’s team thinks that Jina has gone to that big hard drive in the sky, but the truth is she’s still alive. Now she’s going to have to employ her brand-new skills to survive until she can reunite with her team and get out of Syria. As for Levi, he is NOT going anywhere until he finds the woman who makes him feel all of the feels. (Available in paperback.)

    The Lady Travelers Guide to Deception with an Unlikely Earl, by Victoria Alexander
    Miss Sidney Honeywell is a very successful author thanks to her “Tales of a Lady Adventurer in Egypt” series. There’s a teeny, tiny problem, though. Her readers think the stories are real, and that she’s actually writing about her own exploits. Our gal can’t reveal the truth, though, because then London would be in an uproar and her reputation would just go SPLAT! She crosses paths with Harry Armstrong, who (and we’ll be honest and fair here) is an actual scholar on Egypt. He wants to write about his Egyptian adventures, and he’s not happy that Sidney is getting so much glory and unintentionally hogging his would-be fans. (Harry, we know you’re upset—okay, super duper angry—but it’s much easier for a man to run off and have adventures than it is for a lady and besides, if you tell a really good story then people will still read your stuff and you won’t have to be so jealous and okay, okay—stop glaring at us!) Sidney finally gets a chance for some real adventure when the Earl of Breton invites her to go to Egypt. Trouble is, he’s bringing his his nephew Harry with him. And Harry’s determined to expose Sidney. Harry, we’re all for a bit of exposition here, but it should be of the come-to-bed-and-undress-each-other type. Get over your issues and get to seducing Sidney, because the two of you are actually made for each other! This is the third book in Alexander’s Lady Travelers Society series. (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK.)

    Wrangler’s Rescue, by B.J. Daniels
    Everyone get out of Ashley Jo’s way—her man has just gone missing, and she is NOT going to sit around weeping into a handkerchief. Cyrus Cahill, who is pretty much every woman’s Montana cowboy fantasy rolled up into one delicious bite, promised Ashley Jo that he’d be back in her loving embrace after buying a bull for his ranch. (This was a totally plausible promise on his part, because Cyrus is, in fact, a rancher.) He never came back, though, which is bizarre, because a Cahill man never goes back on his word. Everyone in the town of Gilt Edge is convinced that Cyrus is dead, but Ashley Jo’s spidey senses say otherwise. (That’s right, Ashley Jo—you follow your heart and your gut and don’t let anyone ever convince you to do otherwise!) She’s going to embark on a rescue mission if it’s the last thing she does, because nothing gets in between a fierce and fearless woman and her nekked-times-in-front-of-the-fireplace fantasy. Here’s hoping Ashley Jo’s fellow townspeople put on their best cold weather gear and help her out, that they all find Cyrus ASAP, that he’s not too hurt from his troubles (Buddy, if you are, Ashley Jo will take excellent care of you!), and that Cyrus and Ashley Jo have the best sexy reunion in the history of sexy reunions! This book is part of Daniels’ Montana Cahills series. (Available in hardcover, paperback, and NOOK.)

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    Romance Roundup: Summer Getaways, Highland Dragon Men, and Naval Officers 

    This week’s Romance Roundup includes a woman who is working hard to keep Dublin safe—and save humanity, three ladies who need a breather, and a former naval officer-turned-millionaire who has found a woman worth fighting for.

    High Voltage, by Karen Marie Moning
    Dani O’Malley had some pretty horrible things done to her when she was a child. Namely, she was transformed into a killer. But instead of brooding about it all, she’s managed to use her powers to protect innocent people and track down bad guys and keep the streets of Dublin safe. (Dani, we admire your ability to turn a bad—like, really bad—situation into something positive! Oh, and can we join you on your prowls? Because we love Dublin. Thanks!) Dani’s enemies are up something new, and it does not bode well for the human race. Our gal will get help from immortal hunk Ryodan in her quest to save humanity, but a lot of the major responsibilities will still be on her shoulders. Can she do it? And when it’s all over, can Ryodan give Dani a well-deserved foot rub? This is the tenth book in Moning’s Fever series. (Available in hardcover, audiobook, and NOOK on March 6.)

    As You Wish, by Jude Deveraux
    Three different ladies are having a bit of a difficult time, so they go to Summer Hill, Virginia in order to get some zen time. Kathy is happily married—until she finds out that her husband is in love with someone else. Elise isn’t loving her life or her husband—and that’s probably because her parents chose both for her. Oh, and Elise’s husband just knocked up his mistress. Then there’s Olivia, who at 60 has finally found true love. (She was married before but her ex-husband was, to put it mildly, a big doofus.) Here’s hoping they all find plenty of inner peace, that Kathy and Elise each find a man who appreciates them for the fabulous women they are, that Olivia shares some words of wisdom, and—best of all—that all three women develop a friendship that will last for the rest of their lives! This is the third book in Deveraux’s Summerhouse series. (Available in hardcover, audiobook, and NOOK.)

    The Woman Left Behind, by Linda Howard
    Jina Modell works in communications for a paramilitary organization (drones are involved), and the best part about her job is that she can remain in the relatively safe and comfortable environment that is Washington, DC. Unfortunately for her, she also possesses some valuable skills that get her forced into the field—where you get dirty. She’s put under the wing of team leader Levi, who is a tad skeptical that the un-athletic Jina will be able to do anything. But Jina has a lot to lose if she doesn’t make this work, so she trains harder than ever. Pretty soon, Levi is quite impressed with her. When Jina ends up alone in the desert after a mission gone wrong, she’s going to have to use all of her newfound skills in order to survive. You can do it, Jina! Just think, when it’s all over, you can rest in Levi’s muscular embrace—and then we’ll all take you out for a much-needed mani-pedi! (Available in hardcover, audiobook, and NOOK on March 6.)

    Irish Thoroughbred, by Nora Roberts
    This reprint is the great Nora Roberts’ first novel – literally, her first novel ever! It all starts with Adelia “Dee” Cunnane, who has lost everything in Ireland and has no choice but to accept her uncle’s kind offer to join him in America. She ends up working on the Maryland horse farm of Travis Grant, and let’s just say no woman would throw him out of bed for eating crackers! Dee soon gets swept up into Travis’ world, and it certainly doesn’t hurt that he has a face and body worth crossing an ocean for. Dee’s pretty confident that she’s falling in love with him, but she’s worried their backgrounds may be too different. Can she get over her insecurities? And can Travis prove to her that he’s a great guy who won’t ever abandon her? (Step it up a notch, Travis, and prove how much you care!) This is the first book in Roberts’ Irish Hearts series. (Available in hardcover on March 6.)

    His San Diego Sweetheart, by Yahrah St. John
    Former naval officer and millionaire Vaughn Ellicott needs to keep the gold diggers off of his impressively muscular back. (Vaughn, we just want to massage you, we swear!) He finds help in the beautiful form of hotel manager Miranda Jensen. She’s set to inherit a ridiculous amount of money from her grandfather—but she needs to be married in order to claim it. They get married out of convenience, but they are soon completely swept up in each other. This is absolutely understandable, as Miranda is a stunning and intelligent woman and Vaughn has a big heart to go with his impressive…brain. We’ll go with brain. They soon start to have lots of fun together, both during quiet nights on his beachfront home and when they’re out and about on the town. But they both also soon realize that they just might want to be in it for the long haul. This is the fourth book in St. John’s Millionaire Moguls series. (Available in paperback and NOOK.)

    Highland Dragon Master, by Isabel Cooper
    Highland dragon man and impossibly cute hunk Erik MacAlasdair has suffered defeat at the hands of the English. He needs a break, and finds a very welcome distraction in Toinette. He once saved her life, and she is still extremely grateful to him. (Fact: Simply picking up a woman’s dropped glove will make said woman want to follow Erik to the ends of the earth.) They go on a seafaring journey together, and end up stranded alone on a cursed island. They will need to use every trick up their sleeves in order to, well, stay alive and defeat some pretty dark forces. Here’s hoping they accomplish what they need to do—and that they can enjoy at least one rollicking lovefest on that island! (Or two. Preferably two. Three wouldn’t be so bad, either.) This is the third book in Cooper’s Dawn of the Highland Dragon series. (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on March 6.)

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