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    Romance Recommendations for Your New Year’s Resolutions 

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    With January over, it’s possible that many of us (myself including) of already hit a wall with our new year’s resolutions. We’ve either fallen off the wagon entirely or the restless January feeling has begun to creep into our goals. Whoever thought January was a good time to get on track with personal goals clearly did not know how sluggish the month is. Truly, Januarys are like the Mondays of calendar months. But, if you need a little boost to get back into the swing of things, here are a few romances that’ll help light a fire under your butt!

    New Experiences

    For some, their new year’s goals are all about embracing adventure. Whether it’s visiting somewhere new or fully living in the spirit of Shonda Rhimes’ Year of Yes, take advantage of thrilling opportunities!

    Roman Crazy, by Alice Clayton and Nina Bocci
    If you’ve ever dreamed of throwing caution to the wind and living abroad, Roman Crazy will scratch that itch. In the midst of finalizing her divorce, Avery Bardot decides that what she needs is a good ol’ Roman holiday. But while spending the summer in Italy with her best friend, she winds up reconnecting with a sexy architect from her past. As the season ends, Avery will have to choose whether to return to her life in the States or let her vacation last a little while longer.

    East in Paradise, by Tif Marcelo
    Bryn Aquino used to manage a Filipino restaurant, but now she’s pursuing her own dreams of opening up a foodie business of her own. She has an MBA and an excited investor, and she’s ready to get to work starting a “culinary retreat.” When her retreat winds up going viral on social media, Bryn is shocked at the idea of her life becoming reality TV fodder. The pay and publicity would be amazing, but there’s just one catch. Viewers are vying for a romance between Bryn and the retreat’s landlord: army reservist Mitchell Dunford.

    Financial Goals

    Perhaps not the most exciting resolution, it’s sometimes necessary to achieve peak-levels of adulting. Maybe you want to save a certain amount of money each month or cut back on impulsive purchases.

    Baron, by Joanna Shupe
    While Ava Jones isn’t well-off financially, she’s the sort of heroine who will do whatever it takes to make she and her family are cared for and fed. Ava makes her living as “Madame Zolikoff,” a performer who insists she can convene with the spirit world. But her schemes might have come to an end when respected and rich Will Sloane threatens to expose her as a fraud. He needs her helping in winning over the masses for his upcoming political campaign. You can’t knock Ava’s hustle, especially with her humble upbringings of begging, borrowing, and stealing.

    The Chase, by Vanessa Fewings
    Zara Leighton works at an art investigation firm, appraising art collections and delving into the world of art thievery. The Chase is truly a good lesson in superfluous spending, especially when Tobias Wilder, enigmatic billionaire, makes an appearance. From decked out galas to art exhibitions only for A-list clients, it’ll give you the luxe atmosphere some people can only dream of without managing to hurt your wallet.

    Body Positivity

    This is an all encompassing resolution since we’re all on different body positivity journeys. I, for one, have joined a gym in an effort to lose weight and complete a 5K sometime this year. But others might just want to change their eating habits or simply learn to be comfortable in the skin they’re in!

    Fraternize, by Rachel Van Dyken
    As one of professional football’s only plus-sized cheerleaders, Emerson knows all eyes are on her. She’s living her dream, but she also knows that it can come at a high cost to stay in shape while maintaining a positive attitude about her body. Of course, there’s also the benefit of being surrounded by attractive athletes. Emerson’s can-do personality is infectious and I loved the mindset that healthiness isn’t necessarily achieved by hitting a certain number on a scale.

    Sweet Disorder, by Rose Lerner
    With a disabled hero and a plus-sized heroine, Sweet Disorder is a standout historical romance that promises what its title suggests: sweetness. What’s truly great about this romance is that neither the hero’s disability nor the heroine’s weight is central to the plot of the story. Both aspects are part of their identities and that’s that! Instead, Nicholas Dymond is trying to help his younger brother win an election and the town’s charter allows Phoebe Sparks’ husband to vote. Too bad she doesn’t have one…yet.


    It’s tough to just take a moment to breathe or enjoy something you really love. Some of us are conditioned to work, work, work, but it’s okay to accept help and care from others, and to just indulge a little.

    Breathless, by Beverly Jenkins
    Portia Carmichael runs one of the best hotels in the Arizona Territory and she certainly doesn’t expect to be reunited with a man from her past. And while readers can always count on Jenkins for an amazing romance, Portia’s hotel staff and the women she surrounds herself with provide an amazing sense of girl power. It’s a good reminder that sometimes self-care isn’t always about being alone, but also being in the company of those who support and uplift you in positive ways.

    Forever Mine, by Erin Nicholas
    There’s something about seeing a friend or loved one enjoying a hobby they’re passionate about. Their excitement and happiness can easily become your own as you watch then geek out over things like fandom, sports, or even a favorite crafting project. And that’s the precise feeling readers will get when they meet Maya Goodwin: martial artist, cosplay enthusiast, and all around nerd. Finding something that relaxes you or puts you in a positive mindset is a great way to exercise self-care. The only downside to not being Maya is the fact that there’s not a hunky doctor to go along with it.

    Career Goals

    Vying for a new position at work? Hoping to land a dream job? Your new year’s resolution might favor your more professional side. Climb that ladder; you got this!

    Dating You/Hating You, by Christina Lauren
    Evie Abbey knows she’s good at being a talent agent, despite having to deal with a toxic boss day in and day out. However, one of the bright spots in her day is her charming, budding relationship with fellow agent, Cater Aaron. When they both realize their companies are merging and the new agency can only keep one of them, their relationship quickly comes up short when faced with having to compete for employment. A great read for anyone who’s had to deal with sexism in the workplace!

    The Beauty of Us, by Kristen Proby
    So far, opening a restaurant with her best friends has granted Riley Gibson with a certain degree of success. But Riley soon has the chance of a lifetime to get their restaurant on national television as part of the Best Bites TV Network. She just has to convince her friend and head chef, Mia that letting a camera crew into the kitchen is a good idea. The inner workings of a restaurant are fascinating and Riley’s creativity in trying to keep things fresh borders on maniacal (but in a fun way!). Too bad attractive executive producer, Trevor Cooper, is about to complicate things.

    Which books are great for a new year’s resolution pep talk?

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    Romance Roundup: Investigative Reporters, Food Entrepreneurs, and Restaurant Owners 

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    This week’s Romance Roundup includes a sheltered woman who meets a very different kind of guy, an organic food business owner who falls for a smoking hot lawyer, and a guy who wants to make a strong-willed woman his permanent wedding date.

    If Not for You, by Debbie Macomber
    The very sheltered Beth Prudhomme is finally taking her life into her own hands. She decides to move from Chicago to Portland and reconnect with her Aunt Sunshine, who is kind of the proverbial black sheep of Beth’s controlling family. Beth also meets the very good-looking Sam Carney. Beth doesn’t think he’s the one for her (he has tattoos, for gosh sakes!) and her parents for sure would SO not approve. (Beth, this is even MORE reason for you to give him a chance!) Then Beth gets into a really bad accident, and who visits her almost every day in the hospital? Yep, you guessed it! This sparks a very nice romance, which is threatened when Beth’s parents blow into town from the Windy City. Can Beth and Sam’s blossoming romance survive the worst catastrophe of all: meddlesome parental units? This is the latest book in Macomber’s New Beginnings series. (Available in paperback on August 22.)

    Sweet Stallion, by Deborah Fletcher Mello
    Naomi Stallion is all about organic food, and she’s got a thriving business she wants to bring to her town in Utah. (Naomi, we’ll help you set up shop!) She’s got to go toe-to-toe with corporate attorney Patrick O’Brien over the property she wants to buy in order to expand her business. (No woman would really mind going toe-to-toe with Patrick, but Naomi has a lot at stake, so she can’t afford to get too starry-eyed.) Patrick is a tad conservative, especially compared to our more free-spirited gal, and he doesn’t really get that whole organic food thing. He is a country guy, though, so surely Naomi will open his eyes to better practices. And when someone else gets involved in Naomi’s business in a not-so-great way, Patrick realizes that he wants to be there for her, like, all the time. Step up to the plate, Patrick, and show us all those biceps while you’re at it! (Available in paperback and NOOK on August 22.)

    Shattered, by Allison Brennan
    Two very different women will need to unite if they’re going to solve decades-old murders. Maxine Revere is an investigative reporter, and she is trying to help her friend’s wife get exonerated for the murder of their son. Thing is, other boys have been murdered over the course of several years, and Maxine is convinced all of the cases, including this latest one, are linked. She teams up with Lucy Kincaid, a cop who hates reporters. (Suffice to say there is no love lost between these women.) They’re going to have to get over their respective disdain over the other’s profession if they’re going to solve these murders and help a mother avoid prison. Maxine and Lucy, get it together, you two! You’re more on the same page than you think. And when it’s all over, you can go out for margaritas and tacos! This is the fourth book in Brennan’s Max Revere series. (Available in hardcover and NOOK on August 22.)

    The Beauty of Us, by Kristen Proby
    Riley Gibson can’t say no when her restaurant, Seduction, has a chance to be featured on the Best Bites TV network. That, however, would involve having cameras in the kitchen on a regular basis, which can kind of get in the way at times. Then she meets the show’s executive producer, Trevor Cooper, and realizes that the benefits will outweigh any inconveniences by a whole lot. (Trevor, you can follow us all around with or without a camera any time!) Trevor really wants to feature Riley’s restaurant on his show, and, oh, he also wants to be around Riley both on and off of the clock. Here’s hoping they both get their romantic priorities straight, and that Riley’s restaurant gets the recognition it deserves! This is the fifth book in Proby’s Fusion series. (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on August 22.)

    Shattered, by Helen Hardt
    The Steel family hasn’t had it easy lately, so Ryan Steel is very much looking forward to his brothers’ upcoming weddings. Sure, there are conspiracy theories galore flying around, but Ryan just wants to watch his brothers tie the knot and eat some wedding cake. (Hey there, Ryan! Need a plus one or two? ‘Cause we’re all available between now and Thanksgiving!) Things are starting to look mighty happy and peaceful, but Ryan and his main squeeze, detective Ruby Lee, are going through a bit of a rough patch. (Fact: A rough patch with Ryan is better than the most perfect summer day!) Can Ruby and Ryan each get over their respective issues, and maybe take a nice vacation together when all of the drama is over and the mysteries have been solved? This is the seventh book in Hardt’s Steel Brothers Saga series. (Available in hardcover, paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on August 29.)

    What romance novels are helping you bid farewell to summer?

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