Friends, Best Friends: The Baby-Sitters Club is Coming to Netflix 

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There’s a sort of solidarity among those who read The Baby-Sitters Club novels growing up. We all know the members, and if asked could instantly identify which character we embody the most. Long before they were a Samantha or Carrie, girls around the world saw themselves as a Kristy, Claudia, Mary Anne, Stacey, Dawn, Mallory or Jessi (a solid Dawn/Claudia mix over here). Kids across generations related to these characters because they saw themselves reflected back, and it’s a true testament to the writing and those bonds of sisterhood that the original book series produced over a hundred original stories, spin-off series, new graphic adaptations, a movie and now a new Netflix original series set to release on July 3rd. The club is back, and with all this new BSC buzz going around we decided to take a trip down memory lane and explore how a whole new generation of readers is set to inherit a fresh new take on a beloved series.

Kristy’s Great Idea (The Baby-Sitters Club Series #1) 

The book that started it all! Told through the perspective of Kristy Thomas—president and founder of the BSC—this story not only introduces readers to the club and its four founding members (Kristy, Claudia, Mary Anne and Stacey), but also dives straight into the real-life issues modern kids were—and are still—grappling with today. Ann M. Martin sought to make the BSC a space for real conversations not just around female friendships and empowerment, but of race, family structures, sickness and death. In Kristy’s Great Idea we see Kristy personally dealing with the fallout of her parents’ divorce, while also exploring her entrepreneurial spirit with her best friends—which is why the BSC is so much more than just a club. This new edition reveals fresh new cover art and debuted this past spring. The first seven are out now, with more coming later this summer, and Kristy’s Great Idea (BSC #1) is also included in the Barnes & Noble Summer Reading giveaway program this summer.

Claudia and Mean Janine: Full-Color Edition (The Baby-Sitters Club Graphix Series #4) 

Claudia Kishi is iconic—and we’re not just talking about her chic style and impeccable taste. As one of the very few Asian American characters in mainstream fiction when this series first debuted, Claudia—a Japanese American teen who loves art, fashion and junk food—would go on to inspire a generation of Asian American writers and creators. Claudia was just cool, and a far cry from the “model minority” stereotype often depicted across literature and popular culture. It’s one of the many reasons this character has been lifted to cult-like status and was even the focus of the Kickstarter-funded documentary, The Claudia Kishi ClubClaudia and Mean Janine is one of the first four Baby-Sitters Club graphic novels published by Graphix that were adapted and illustrated by the amazing Raina Telgemeier, bestselling author of Smile and Sisters. This wildly popular series is breathing new life into the original stories with vibrant, energy-filled illustrations and clever panel transitions. There are currently twelve graphic novel editions with more on the way.

Karen’s Witch (Baby-Sitters Little Sister Graphix Series #1) 

With the success of The Baby-Sitters Club Graphix Series it was only a matter of time before Baby-Sitter’s Little Sister, the adorable spin-off of The Baby-Sitters Club, was adapted to this fun and accessible medium. If you’re not familiar with Karen Brewster, she’s the spunky and headstrong little stepsister of BSC founder Kristy Thomas, and never shies away from a great adventure. Here in Karen’s Witch, Karen Brewster is on the case to uncover the secretive comings and goings of her mysterious neighbor, Mrs. Porter. Little Sister was perfect for younger readers who wanted a taste of the BSC when it first published in 1988, and this new graphic novel adaptation is set to do the same for a whole new generation of readers. The second installment of this fresh new series, Karen’s Roller Skates is out on 7/7.

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