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    Romance Roundup: Studious Ladies, London Socialites, and Seriously Sexy Male Escorts 

    This week’s Romance Roundup includes a high-society lady who gets a very sexy traveling buddy, three former nuns who decide to leave their religious order, and two jaguar shifters who embark on a dangerous mission.

    Believe in Me, by Ella Quinn
    Lady Augusta Vivers really wanted to go to university in Italy and pursue her passion for languages and geography, but her mother was all like “Find a husband this London Season OR ELSE!” Our gal isn’t feeling the whole whirlwind of balls and such. Then she meets Lord Phineas Carter-Wood, who shares her passion for travel and also makes her flutter her fan faster. He’s just as intrigued by her, and finds a way to finagle his way into her itinerary when her cousins arrange for her to finally escape England and go to Europe. He and Augusta proceed to galavant around Europe and have all kinds of adventures. Here’s hoping they realize they’re perfect for each other, that they decide to flout society’s rules and live the lives they want, and that they get to swim nekkid together in some pristine Mediterranean waters at least once! This is the sixth book in Quinn’s Worthingtons series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on February 26.)

    Changing Habits, by Debbie Macomber
    This reprint is about three women, Angie, Joanna, and Kathleen, who were nuns in a religious order and decided to leave said religious order in favor of new lives. (Lots of changes were happening and they were just NOT totally feeling those changes, so good for you, ladies!) Life is not going to be easy for them outside of the convent, but they’ve each experienced a crisis of faith and seriously desire new beginnings. (Special shout-out to ladies everywhere of all times in all places who take brave leaps to live the lives they want!) Will they each find a fulfilling life outside of the convent walls? Will they get a chance to pursue their passions? And will each of them get a chance at a loving relationship? (Available in paperback on February 26.)

    It’s Getting Scot in Here, by Suzanne Enoch
    Amelia-Rose Baxter is a proud London socialite who loves the London life. She wants to marry a fellow sophisticated Londoner and stay in London and do London things. Trouble is, she’s been selected to marry a Highlander, and her would-be brother-in-law, Niall MacTaggert, is eager to help make the union work. (If his eldest brother doesn’t get married ASAP their family risks losing their ancestral estate, which would be no bueno.) Niall wants to prove to our gal that the Highlands—and Highlanders—are not all that bad, and he ends up falling for her in the process. Amelia never thought she’d fall for a man like Niall (SISTER, ARE YOU BLIND?!?!) but she soon comes to her sense and realizes that marriage to Niall would be WAY more exciting than she’d ever expected. Amelia, we all knew you’d come to your senses! Go ahead and pursue this new life! We’ll all come and visit you! This is the first book in Enoch’s Wild Wicked Highlanders series. (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on February 26.)

    Enamored, by Maisey Yates
    Two beloved stories reprinted in one volume! In “Enamored,” Diego Laremos and his estranged wife, Melissa, are reunited after being separated for five years. (There was a bit of a misunderstanding that prompted the separation, so we’re all going to need A LOT of wine to go with this story!) Anyway, now Melissa and Diego are back in each other’s lives, and it’s pretty clear early on that they still have feelings for each other. (Oh, there might have also been a secret son involved in their story, which means we all just might need something stronger than wine!) Here’s hoping that Diego and Melissa each choose the path of forgiveness and build a life together that only involves looking forward! This volume includes “Claim Me, Cowboy,” which features a sexy rancher who needs a fake fiancee and finds a willing—and utterly lovely—woman. Game on. (Available in paperback and NOOK on February 26.)

    Hired, by Zoey Castile
    Faith Abigail Charles put her life on hold to help her mother run for mayor of New Orleans. It’s really tough to be in the spotlight, though, playing The Perfect Daughter, so Faith decides to have some fun with Aiden Rios. He is sweet and sexy and—wait for it—a high-paid male escort. He and Faith get to know each other very well over the course of several, ahem, passionate evenings. (Faith, gotta admit, we wholeheartedly applaud this particular conquest of yours!) Faith soon realizes, though, that she wouldn’t mind seeing Aiden’s beautiful body all day every day for the rest of their lives together. When Faith and Aiden run into his client, Aiden’s secret is revealed. Will Faith forgive Aiden’s secrecy? Will her mother’s campaign survive a possible scandal? And will Aiden rip off his shirt and give Faith the time of her life at least three more times in an effort to make her stick around? This is the second book in Castile’s Happy Endings series. (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on February 26.)

    You Had Me at Jaguar, by Terry Spear
    She-jaguar Valerie Chambers doesn’t think she needs protecting. Then she meets jaguar agent Howard Armstrong. He’s been assigned to look after her, and one look at him and his rippling muscles makes her all like “Well, there’s no shame in accepting a helping hand once in a while!” Valerie and Howard need to go on an international mission together in order to take down a killer. (Valerie, we totally understand if you want to pack your sturdiest clothes, but please know that we’d pass ZERO judgment if you ALSO want to splurge on some new lingerie!) Here’s hoping that Howard and Valerie manage to defeat this terrible killer, protect their fellow jaguar shifters, and turn their mission into an extended vacation that involves at least one tropical getaway! This is the first book in Spear’s Heart of the Shifter series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on February 26.)

    What romance novels are making your heart beat faster this week?

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    Romance Roundup: Crime-Fighting Women, Wolf Shifters, and Sexy Groomsmen 

    This week’s Romance Roundup includes a heroine who fights crime against women across the globe, a wolf shifter who wants to prove his innocence to his new love, and a guy who is about to find some very unexpected romance.

    The Greatest Risk, by Kristen Ashley
    Sixx is a mistress at a very high-end club known as The Bee’s Honey, and let’s just say the patrons of this fine establishment get erotic experiences they’ll never forget. Stellan is a master at this same club. (How do we get a lifetime membership?!) He and Sixx have the major hots for each other—watching the other one be a sexy boss at work can do that to a person—and things between them are finally about to go down. The thing is, Sixx has some ginormous emotional walls built up around her. Stellan is determined to break past those walls in as loving and gentle a way as possible. Will Sixx let him in? And will Stellan be able to bare all to our sensitive gal, both emotionally and physically, but especially physically? (Stellan, we’re all giving you positive vibes!) This is the third and final book in Ashley’s Honey trilogy. (Available in paperback and NOOK.)

    Shattered, by Allison Brennan
    Two very different women will need to unite if they’re going to solve decades-old murders. Maxine Revere is an investigative reporter, and she is trying to help her friend’s wife get exonerated for the murder of their son. Thing is, other boys have been murdered over the course of several years, and Maxine is convinced all of the cases, including this latest one, are linked. She teams up with Lucy Kincaid, a cop who hates reporters. (Suffice to say there is no love lost between these women.) They’re going to have to get over their respective disdain over the other’s profession if they’re going to solve these murders and help a mother avoid prison. Maxine and Lucy, get it together, you two! You’re more on the same page than you think. And when it’s all over, you can go out for margaritas and tacos! This is the fourth book in Brennan’s Max Revere series. (Available in paperback.)

    I Am Justice, by Diana Muñoz Stewart
    Our gal Justice Parish was saved from the streets and trained to fight crime against women around the world. (Justice, you’re our hero! Call us up if you ever need a place to crash!) Now she’s on one of her biggest assignments yet—she’s targeting a sex trafficking ring in the Middle East. (Again, Justice, you’re our hero!) Her mission brings her face-to-face with Sandesh Ross, who is by far the hottest thing in the desert. He’s also got some do-good tasks on his list, and he’s very, very intrigued by Justice. Then she gets injured, and, even worse, her cover is blown. Can they get their act together and work together to rescue ladies in danger? And when it’s over, can Sandesh find it in his sexy body to nurture Justice back to health AND show her the time of her life? This is the first book in Stewart’s Band of Sisters series. (Available in paperback and NOOK.)

    Born to Love, by Leigh Greenwood
    Holt Price, a former Night Rider, thinks he has the next chapter of his life figured out. He’s going back home to Galveston, Texas, and he’s going to reconnect with the woman he always thought he would marry. (Hmmm, Holt, buddy, sounds like we should all help you out and a do quick abs check. Ya know, to make sure you still have them. And no, we can’t take your word for it.) Then he meets a lovely lady by the name of Felicity Moore. She’s pretty much the perfect woman for him, so here’s hoping that Holt doesn’t take too long to realize this. (Buddy, sometimes life hands you a beautiful, new opportunity, and you have to take that beautiful, new opportunity and give it your best kiss! And a neck rub. A foot massage wouldn’t hurt, either.) This is the third book in Greenwood’s Night Riders series. (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK.)

    All’s Fair in Love and Wolf, by Terry Spear
    Jenna St. James is on a mission to bring wolf shifter Sarandon Silver to justice. (We get it, Jenna. It should absolutely be illegal for him to be that hot.) Sarandon is eager to prove his innocence, though, and he’s going to stop at nothing to make sure Jenna realizes that he’s a very good wolf man. (Ahem, Sarandon? We wouldn’t mind a bit of proof ourselves, wink wink.) The Silver Town pack is eager to help Sarandon prove his innocence, and we really hope that means tons of hot, shirtless wolf-shifting men in one room. Will Sarandon find it in his heart to forgive Jenna for tracking him down? (Buddy, she was just trying to do her job!) And will Jenna show Sarandon just how lucky he is to have her tailing him? (Jenna, show him all of your best moves!) This is the latest book in Spear’s Silver Town Wolf series. (Available in paperback and NOOK.)

    Until There Was Us, by Samantha Chase
    Megan Montgomery had a Very Good Time at her cousin’s wedding two years ago. She did the yummy with Alex Rebat, one of the groomsmen. (Megan, sounds like you enjoyed a fantasy we all have!) She still hasn’t forgotten about him, and he’s still pretty hooked on her, too. (Totally understandable on both ends.) Now Megan is back in town, and Alex is determined to prove to her that he’s more than just a beautiful face with a body to match and sexy eyes and a tight behind and cheekbones that could cut ice. (Although none of these things are necessarily hurting his case.) Megan and Alex, get to know each for real ASAP and start planning your own nuptials! This is the eighth book in Chase’s Montgomery Brothers series. (Available in paperback and NOOK.)

    What romance novels are you excited to dig into this week?

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    Romance Roundup: Wolf Shifters, Memory Loss, and Navy Pilots  

    This week’s Romance Roundup includes a man whose beloved wife has lost her entire memory of him, two detectives investigating multiple deaths, and two bodyguards who just want to protect each other.  

    Wait for Dark, by Kay Hooper 
    What seems like a crop of random, deadly accidents in a North Carolina mountain town are actually deliberate murders. To make matters even more creepy, the victims get a note 24 hours before their deaths saying “Wait for Dark.” Special Crimes Unit investigator and all-around awesome lady Hollis Templeton and her team go to check it out, along with Hollis’ very sexy man, telepath Reese DeMarco. Here’s hoping they figure out who this evil, evil killer is soon, and that they then take a nice little mountain resort vacation. This is the latest book in Hooper’s multi-layered Bishop Special Crimes Unit series. (Available in paperback.)  

    Flight of the White Wolf, by Terry Spear
    Amelia White and Gavin Summerfield are arctic wolf shifters, which is convenient, because the plane she’s flying with him on board gets sabotaged and they end up stranded in the wilderness of northern Minnesota. Things between these two attractive people were already a tad awkward. The last time they saw each other Amelia whipped out her taser on him and was all “FEEL MY WRATH!” (Surely, Amelia, you did this for a very good reason, and we will listen to that reason while sipping from giant glasses of wine!) Now they’ve both cooled off, which is good, because they’ll need each other to keep warm. Gavin and Amelia, you are both strong, resourceful individuals. You can survive this, and maybe even make a fun little trip out of it. (You both would certainly look very sexy embracing that whole Lost in the Wild look!) This is the second book in Spears’ White Wolf series. (Available in paperback and NOOK.)  

    Fast Burn, by Lori Foster
    Sahara Silver really wants to recruit Brand Berry to join her elite bodyguard business. (Talk about office candy—no woman would mind meeting HIM by the microwave!) In all seriousness, he’s got a quite impressive set of skills that complement his chiseled exterior. He’s all lonely with his feelings for Sahara, though, because her agency will always be her number one priority, but he gets the opportunity to step up his game when she’s kidnapped. They’ll need to work together in order to get her free and survive a very messy situation. Then maybe, just maybe, when it’s all over, Sahara will realize that she can absolutely continue being her badass self AND find time in between missions to show Brand what bodyguard women are made of! This is the fourth book in Foster’s Body Armor series. (Available in hardcover, paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on March 20.) 

    Covert Game, by Christine Feehan
    Gino Mazza and Zara Hightower are involved in some pretty intense dealings. Gino is a deadly member of the paranormal GhostWalkers group, and he suffers from a severe lack of cuddling. Zara recently wiped a crime lord’s computer of valuable information—because she’s amazing like that—but now she’s been taken hostage. Her situation isn’t pretty, so Gino’s going to have to do some fancy footwork in order to get her out. (He’s already quite fancy in the sack, so we’re confident he’s got plenty of other skills up his sleeve.) Zara and Gino, now’s the time to show the world what you’re made of, so suit up and get yourselves out of this very bad situation! And when it’s over, get yourselves off on a little getaway that involves a remote tropical bungalow, yoga, and a no-clothing policy. This is the latest book in Feehan’s extensive GhostWalkers series. (Available in hardcover, audiobook, and NOOK on March 20.)  

    With This Man, by Jodi Ellen Malpas
    Jesse Ward is a Very Hot Husband and he knows it. This is all fine and dandy, as he and his wife are crazy about each other. Then she’s involved in a serious car accident, and the resulting head injury means she can’t remember the last 16 years of her life. (Oh, and she can’t remember him at all, either, which is pretty devastating for our hero.) Jesse may have that whole cool and confident exterior, but his wife always brought out his more lovey-dovey side. Now he needs to work extremely hard in order to win her over again. You can do this, Jesse! You’ve got the face. You’ve got the personality. And, to paraphrase Christopher Marlowe, you’ve got the body that would launch a thousand panties. Woo your woman until she gets to the point where she may not even need to remember you—but she’ll still want to stick around! This is the fourth book in Malpas’ This Man series. (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on March 20.) 

    One Unforgettable Kiss, by A.C. Arthur 
    Navy pilot Garrek Taylor has always desired one thing—to maintain a healthy distance between himself and his family and their shady history. (Many of us have been there, Garrek, so we feel your pain!) But then he’s faced with a military scandal, so he needs to lie low at his Virginia hometown. (Whatever happened, Garrek, we would all follow you around the world in little rowboats if we had to!) He doesn’t stay completely out of the way, though. He ends up winning an auction to go on a date with town beauty and home restorer Harper Presley. (Harper, please, please, please share your top renovating tips with us!) Harper has her own skeletons to hide, but Garrek makes her want to open up to him in all kinds of ways. Garrek and Harper, let go of the past and focus solely on each other and your future together! This is the second book in Arthur’s Taylors of Temptation series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on March 20.) 

    What romances are sweeping you off your feet this week?

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    Romance Roundup: Breeds, Brewery Owners, and Vampire Warriors 

    This week’s Romance Roundup includes a businesswoman who meets a baron in disguise, two vampire warriors who fall in love again during training, and a brewery owner who falls hard for a single mom during a snowstorm.

    Elizabeth’s Wolf, by Lora Leigh
    Special-Forces soldier Dash was at a mega-low point in his life and career. Then he got some fan mail from a kid, and that kept his spirits up. Then the kid stops writing, and Dash realizes that she and her mother are in trouble, so he goes in pursuit of them. (He has some animalistic abilities that help him in his quest.) He finds them, and falls mega-hard for the little girl’s very hot and very single mama. Said sexy mama, Elizabeth, doesn’t have time to dilly dally, what with the evil forces that are trying to track down her and her little girl. Then she meets Dash, and suddenly realizes that having such a man in her life could only be a great thing. As for Dash, his protective wolf instincts kick in, and he would love nothing more than to create a safe, proverbial den for his new family. This book, revised since it was first printed, is the third installment in Leigh’s Breeds series. (Available in paperback and NOOK.)

    A Wedding at Two Love Lane, by Kieran Kramer
    Greer Jones is doing very well for herself in her job at Two Love Lane, a very prestigious matchmaking agency. (Greer, you’ll, ah, hook us all up for free, right?!) She has no interest in finding love for herself, though. That said, she decides to enter a cocktail-party contest to win a very beautiful wedding gown, and she finds a date for it. The very handsome and very British Ford Smith is trying to stay under the radar. (Hard to see how that is possible considering that accent and those cheekbones but okay, we’ll play along.) Greer thinks he’s a broke artist, but he is, in fact, the Eighth Baron of Wickshire. (Ford, you can Eighth Baron of Wickshire us any day of the week!) Ford is falling hard for Greer, but he’s also proceeding with caution due to a past filled with greedy women. Trust us, Ford. Greer is an awesome lady who has her own thing going on! This is the second book in Kramer’s Two Love Lane series. (Available in paperback and NOOK.)

    Heart of the Wolf, by Terry Spear
    Bella is a female red werewolf who was adopted by grey wolves when she was still a puppy. Now she’s a woman fully grown, as they say, and the grey wolf alpha wants to mate with her. Bella’s like “Nope!” and decides to run away and do the lone wolf thing for a bit. She’s eventually followed and found by her childhood friend, Devlyn, and let’s just say he’s unlike any childhood friend anyone’s ever had. They start to make their way home, and encounter all kinds of creatures and humans who wouldn’t mind seeing them both dead. There’s also the matter of their growing attraction for each other. If they do come together, Devlyn will have to fight that pesky alpha male to the death for her. Fortunately, he realizes that some things are worth fighting for. (We have faith in you, Devlyn!) This is the first book in Spear’s Heart of the Wolf series. (Available in paperback and NOOK.)

    The Rogue is Back in Town, by Anna Bennett
    Sam, a wayward brother from a wealthy family, is back in London. He’s ready to make peace with his brother, and his first step is to take up residence in a ramshackle townhouse. Unfortunately for Sam, the house is occupied by Miss Juliette Lacey. She wants to use the house for her own purposes, namely, to make her weird family seem just a tad more normal in society’s eyes. (Oh, Juliette, just embrace their flaws! It’ll make life easier. ) Sam and Juliette keep trying to kick each other out of the house and claim their territory, and they fall for each other in the process. Who will win this battle of wits and walls? (Hint hint, Sam and Juliette: You can totally get married and share the townhouse, although we’re pretty sure you’ll end up preferring the country life when you expand your family!) This is the third book in Bennett’s Wayward Wallflowers series. (Available in paperback and NOOK.)

    Every Dog Has His Day, by Jenn McKinlay
    Brewery owner Zachary Caine is the resident hunk and playboy of Bluff Point, and he has zero plans to change his ways. Then he meets a cute kitten named Chaos, and ends up becoming quite close to the kitten’s owners—single mom Jessie Connelly and her two daughters. Jessie refuses to fall for Zachary, because she’s gotten burned by sexy men in the past. That said, he’s very good with her daughters. (Trust your kids’ instincts, Jessie! They know when someone is good or bad, and Zachary is very, very good!) Then a snowstorm hits, and Jessie and Zachary are forced to get to know each other in all kinds of ways. (Side note: Here’s hoping that SOMEONE got lucky during the Bomb Cyclone!) When dirt from Jessie’s past comes to the surface, Zachary decides that no one is going to get to his woman or their girls without going through him first! This is the third book in McKinlay’s A Bluff Point Romance series. (Available in paperback, NOOK, and audiobook.)

    Blood Fury, by J.R. Ward
    Vampires Novo and Peyton are two of the newest recruits at the Black Dagger Brotherhood training center. (As the name would suggest, it’s a very competitive program, and everyone involved is on a mission to destroy the Lessening Society and make the world a sunny place.) Novo is a tough, scrappy lady with a body that makes the CrossFit people stew in envy, and Peyton has that whole hot, haughty aristocratic thing going for him. (Peyton, you can look down your lordly nose at us any day of the week!) Peyton gives in to his more emotional side, though, and confesses his feelings and attraction to Novo. Sadly, our gal rejects him in favor of a guy who just makes her feel, in a word, meh. There just might be a second chance for these two during training. Novo and Peyton, please don’t blow it! This is the third book in Ward’s Black Dagger Legacy series. (Available in hardcover, NOOK, and audiobook on January 9.)

    What romances are you snuggling up with this week?

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