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    Romance Roundup: Prisoners of War, Long-Lost Heiresses, and Beauty Salon Owners 

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    This week’s Romance Roundup includes a former prisoner of war who is determined to have his happy ending, a lady who gets a very interesting house-sitting gig, and a angsty California rancher who returns home to find some peace and love.

    Earl to the Rescue, by Jane Ashford
    Originally published as “Gwendeline,” this revised version of Ashford’s debut novel features Gwendeline Gregory, a young woman trying to survive a London Season. It’s not easy, to say the least. For one, there’s a creepy dude who might want to, ahem, cause her great scandal. Plus there’s the fact that London high society can be SO judgmental. (Sending you all of the positive vibes, Gwendeline!) The drama is about to hit the fan, but then Alex St. Audley, Earl of Merryn shows up looking so fine and ready to give her a helping hand. (He DOES have very nice hands!) This looks promising indeed, but Gwendeline is not a hundred percent sure she can trust him. Here’s hoping that Alex has a solid plan in place with good intentions, and that it all involves him rocking her world and walking her down the aisle! (Available in paperback and NOOK.)

    The Cajun Cowboy, by Sandra Hill
    Beauty salon owner Charmaine LeDeux has a bit of a loan shark problem, so she needs to go in hiding for a bit. Fortunately, she’s still married to Raoul Lanier, and they’ve just inherited a ranch. (Well, she WAS pretty mad to find out that they were still married, but at least she now has a secure place to stay!) Raoul is a rancher, and let’s just say his flock (or herd?) of steer isn’t looking too great. (This isn’t metaphorical talk. We’re literally talking about cows here. There’s nothing wrong with Raoul or his body. He is divine.) Anyway, Raoul still has the hots for Charmaine, and she still has feelings for him, even though she doesn’t want to admit it. The thing is, she has decided she’s a born-again virgin. Raoul is going to have to work very, very hard to convince Charmaine that he’s the only man for her. This is the second book in Hill’s Cajun series. (Available in paperback and NOOK.)

    The Story of Us, by Tara Sivec
    This reprint features Eli, a soldier who just survived five years as a prisoner of war. (Dude, the next round of beers is on us!) The main thing that kept him going all that time was the thoughtand the many wonderful memoriesof Shelby Eubanks. They were crazy in love back in the day, and he’s never, ever forgotten her. Now that Eli has finally been freed, he’s determined to win his lady back. (That’s the spirit, buddy! Don’t let anything stifle your dreams!) The only thing is, Shelby is not the woman he left behind. She’s become a total conformist who lives her life according to other people’s wishes. (Shelby, who do we need to sneer at? Just point us in the right direction!) Eli, you’ve already been through so much, but it looks like you’ll need to push even harder to make things the way they should be. You can do this, buddy! (Available in paperback and NOOK.)

    Shacking Up, by Helena Hunting
    Ruby Scott was having a great time at a party and even got to make out with a super duper hot guy. Then he coughed on her. The result: She got too sick to successfully audition for a role she really, really needed. (She miiiiight be having money trouble, and she miiiiight have banked everything on this one audition.) Then she gets the opportunity to house-sit and pet-sit for hotel magnate Bancroft Mills. He lives in a high-falutin’ penthouse apartment, so she’ll get to work in style. (Ruby, please give us some HGTV-worthy descriptions about kitchen fixtures and bathroom amenities!) When she realizes that Bancroft is the same guy who unintentionally got her sick and botched her audition and ruined her life (okay, maybe that was a bit much) she still realizes that she wants to see him nekkid. Ruby, forgive him! And Bancroft, pull some strings and help her get another audition! (Available in paperback and NOOK.)

    Silent Scream, by Karen Harper  
    The romanceand adventure and intriguebetween wife-and-husband team Claire Britten and Nick Markwood continues! Claire, a forensic psychologist, just got the opportunity to work on an archaeological site. (Cool!) Oh, and it’s located at a Florida peat bog. (Claire, we are thrilled for you and will cheer you on from the comfort of our air-conditioned homes and offices!) Things are going dandy until bodies start coming up out of the bog. It turns out these bodies just might be connected to a murder case Nick is working on – and that someone doesn’t want Nick sticking his handsome face in their murder business. Here’s hoping that Claire and Nick manage to dodge whatever bad guys are involved in these murders, that Claire still manages to live out her “Jurassic Park” digging fantasies, and that she and Nick take a relaxing, dead body-free vacation when it’s all over! This is the fifth book in Harper’s South Shores series. (Available in hardcover, paperback, audiobook, and NOOK.)

    Someone Like You, by Leigh Greenwood
    Rafe Jerry was banished from his family’s California ranch, and he was all like “Peace out, I hated you all anyway!” He decided to go to war (yep, that sounds like one way to get your mind off of things) and it’s turned him into a lean, mean, emotionally-damaged machine. When the war ends, he decides to go back home and claim his land. (That’s right, Rafe! You fight for what’s yours!) His journey brings him face-to-face with Maria de la Guerra, the woman who might hold the key to Rafe’s blackened heart. She’s, like, a really nice person, which makes her WAY different from the other people Rafe has known throughout his life. Rafe, dude, let go of the past and embrace a future with this lovely, kind-hearted woman! This is the fourth book in Greenwood’s Night Riders series. (Available in paperback and NOOK.)

    See How She Dies, by Lisa Jackson  
    An heiress named London Danvers was kidnapped about 20 years ago when she was just four years old, and many, many ladies have come forward over the years pretending to be her. Zachary Danvers, however, is convinced that Adria Nash just might be who she claims to be. (Don’t worryeven though he and London may have the same last names this does not appear to be a Game of Thrones situation!) Adria knows a lot of things about London that no one else does, and she bears a strong resemblance to London’s mother. She just might be able to inherit London’s fortune. That is, if someone doesn’t succeed in killing her first. Adriaer, London? Or should we stick with Adria?whatever happens, you watch your back and keep your trusted ones close! Especially Zachary! Because he is F.I.N.E.! (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK.)

    Western Hearts, by Debbie Macomber and Jodi Thomas
    Two stories in one! In “Montana” by Debbie Macomber, Molly packs up her two sons and moves to Sweetgrass, Montana to be with her sick grandfather. There she meets Sam Dakota, a hunky guy who is currently working on her grandfather’s ranch. (Sam, you can work on our ranchesboth literal and proverbialany day of the week!) Oh, Molly, please, please get to know this Sam guy in every sense and consider embracing a new life in Big Sky Country! In “Ransom Canyon” by Jodi Thomas, rancher Staten Kirkland is having a hard time keeping his emotions in check. He’s had a rough past, and let’s just say it’s been really hard to let that rough past go. (Staten, we’re sending you all of the hugs!) The one woman who might be able to help him find some peace is Quinn O’Grady. Staten and Quinn, you two seek some solitude and get down to expressing your feelings! (Available in paperback and NOOK.)

    The Good, The Bad, and The Duke, by Janna MacGregor
    Lady Daphne Hallworth was accidentally left behind at home for the holidays, so she decides to work on opening a home for unwed mothers. (Daphne, you are awesome and we want to make donations!) Her project puts her in the path of the very handsome Paul Barstowe, Duke of Southart. Paul used to be best buds with her brother, and now he’s officially in Family Enemy Territory. (Paul, dude, what did you do?!) It turns out that Paul wants to open a hospital on the same slot of land as Daphne’s future women’s shelter. Oh, and he wants Daphne’s help in restoring his damaged reputation. During this philanthropic journey, all kinds of feelings start to emerge. Here’s hoping they manage to resolve their respective issuesand that they find a nice middle ground on the, er, ground they both want! This is the fourth book in MacGregor’s Cavensham Heiresses series. (Available in paperback and NOOK.)

    Hard Night, by Jackie Ashenden  
    Jacob Night is all about high-level rescue missions. He is, after all, a ex-Black Ops guy, plus the owner of a billion-dollar security company, plus the leader of the 11th Hour, a group of deliciously masculine guys who are ready to fight for justice any day of the week. (Oh, Jacob, we all wouldn’t mind having at least a smidgeon of your concern and protection!) Jacob has never been able to find his missing brother, though, so he sets off on his own personal mission, one that involves finding his brother’s ex, Faith. Trouble is, Faith has no memory, and so she can’t exactly help Jacob right now. As they become more involved, and as a group of men try to kill Faith, she and Jacob will have to question everything they know if they’re going to survive. Here’s hoping they manage to stay alive, that Faith turns out to be a good lady worthy of Jacob, and that they move forward to have a beautiful life together! This is the third book in Ashenden’s 11th Hour series. (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK.)

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    Romance Roundup: Harem Escapees, Navy Romances, and Cajun Lovers 

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    This week’s Romance Roundup includes a photographer who gets to photograph a super hot—and nude—basketball player, a woman who has just escaped a sultan’s harem, and a feisty, intelligent lady who meets the laird of her dreams.

    Guarding His Heart, by Synithia Williams
    Basketball star Kevin Koucky is about to retire from the game, but before he does that, he plans to give the world what it wants: He’s going to pose nude for a magazine. (Ladies, in case you didn’t know, this is kind of a real thing. The ESPN magazine produces “The Body Issue” every year. You’re welcome.) The photographer assigned to this very desirable assignment is none other than Jasmin Hook. She is a talented professional, but even she has trouble remembering to hold her camera properly when she sees what Kevin has to offer. (Jasmin, just pretend you’re holding—never mind!) As for Kevin, he’s definitely intrigued by this lovely lady, and decides to pursue her. Will he manage to prove that he’s a good guy and give her many reasons to put her camera—very carefully it was expensive—down? This is the third book in Williams’ Scoring for Love series. (Available in paperback on June 19.)

    Dangerous, by Minerva Spencer
    Lady Euphemia Marlington has just escaped a sultan’s harem after 17 years in captivity. Now she’s back home, but her father wants to marry off his now-32-year-old daughter ASAP. (Gee, she missed you, too, Dad!) Her only option at this point is Adam de Courtney. He’s known as the Murderous Marquess because his first two wives died under mysterious circumstances. (Dude, you better have some REALLY solid alibis!) Adam and Euphemia need each other quite badly, and it certainly doesn’t hurt that they’ve got some major chemistry going on. The thing is, neither one is entirely gung ho about sharing their deepest, darkest secrets. Will they find the strength to reveal all to each other, physically and emotionally? And can they manage to show each other a good time while they’re at it? This is the first book in Spencer’s Outcast series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on June 26.)

    Navy Families, by Debbie Macomber
    Two stories in one! In “Navy Baby,” a pregnant Hannah Raymond is reunited with the sexy sailor with whom she, ahem, had a very yummy time. (Don’t worry, Hannah. If we saw Riley Murdock in front of us we’d follow our most primal instincts, too!) Riley wants to marry Hannah and create a solid family life. Are these two near-strangers up for the challenge? In “Navy Husband,” Shana Berrie is going to take care of her Navy sister’s 9-year-old daughter for the next few months. (Major shoutout to those who care for military kids while their parents are deployed!) Jazmine is very curious to know why her Aunt Shana is single, and so is Jazmine’s godfather, Lieutenant Commander Adam Kennedy. (Adam, you can pilot our ships in any ocean!) He decides to check in on both ladies to make sure they’re okay, and Shana soon realizes that she’d love to see him alone and wearing nothing but his combination hat! (Available in paperback and NOOK on June 26.)

    Tempting the Laird, by Julia London
    Catriona Mackenzie is a very happily outspoken and UN-married woman, and those who disapprove of her can stick it for all she cares. She also runs a refuge for women. (Catriona, you are awesome.) Her women’s shelter, though, has become a target, and Catriona’s investigations put her in touch with Hamlin Graham, Duke of Montrose. (Oh, that we could all be in touch with Hamlin!) Hamlin has some major political goals, which are being thwarted due to the disappearance of his wife. People are convinced he’s a murderer, but no one knows the truth about him. He’s got to keep quiet, but then he meets Catriona and she brings out the sexy in him. Here’s hoping they learn to trust each other soon, and then proceed to make the world a better place—together! (Available in paperback on June 26.)

    Cajun Persuasion, by Sandra Hill
    Pilot Aaron LeDeux is on a trip to Louisiana with his brother so that they can both get in touch with their Cajun heritage. His travels put him in the path of Fleur Gaudet, a sort-of nun who cavorts with like-minded people to rescue sex-trafficked girls. (Yes, Fleur, you’re a hero to us all!) The thing is, she hasn’t had much real-world exposure, and Aaron becomes quite determined to show her what she’s been missing. (Excuse me, Aaron? We all never really had much fun during our college years/were kind of wallflowers/whatever excuse it’s going to take to get you all over us!) Aaron and Fleur end up going on a dangerous mission together, and they have plenty of opportunities to really get to know each other. Here’s hoping they find many reasons for Aaron to trade the freezing cold for the hotter Cajun atmosphere! This is the third book in Hill’s Cajun series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on June 26.)

    Sandpiper Shore, by Debbie Mason
    Jenna Bell loves being a wedding planner, but her latest assignment has her feeling jittery. She’s got to plan the wedding for Logan Gallagher, on whom she’s crushed since forever. Logan is now a secret service agent, and he’s only getting married because he needs to protect the woman he’s been assigned to. This means that our gal totally has a chance to snag him for herself. (Jenna, we’ll all thwart the bad guys while you make your moves. We’re truly feeling optimistic about this!) Can Logan complete his latest mission in a way that doesn’t get him tied down, figuratively speaking? (He wouldn’t mind being literally tied down by our gal.) And can Jenna be brave and show Logan just how much she loves him? This is the sixth book in Mason’s Harmony Harbor series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on June 26.)

    What romances are on your nightstand this week?

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    Romance Roundup: Soccer Coaches, Food Empire Heirs, and New Orleans Detectives 

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    This week’s Romance Roundup includes a couple doing battle with demon realms, a fabulously wealthy and handsome man who wants to meet a nice, genuine woman, and a children’s soccer coach who is reunited with an old flame.

    Bay of Sighs, by Nora Roberts
    Mermaid lovers will delight in the second book in Roberts’ Guardians trilogy. The series features three women and three men on a quest to find three magic stars before an evil enemy gets to them first. This installment features Annika, a mermaid who needs to help find the water star. Also on her team is Sawyer King, a time and space-traveling hottie. As they work together, and with the others, they start falling for each other. And who can blame them? He’s a good-hearted hunk and she’s a sweet, innocent beauty with a swimmer’s body. This is seriously like all of our “Doctor Who” and “Little Mermaid” fantasies combined! Here’s hoping Annika and Sawyer manage to save the day—and that they have time for at least one romantic, non-work-related swimming session. (Available in paperback on November 28.)

    The Brightest Embers, by Jeaniene Frost
    Ivy and Adrian have gone through a lot together—think missing family members, curses, and keeping human and demon realms separated. They’ve managed to keep that romance alive, though. (Kudos to the two of you for not letting the little things bring you down!) But now things are about to get even harder. Ivy needs to find a relic that will save people who are trapped in demon realms, and this particular relic might also do her more harm than good. Adrian wants to use every tool at his disposal to keep her alive, but it’s not going to be easy on him, either. Here’s hoping these two manage to rescue all of the victims trapped in that pesky demon realm, and that they then take a relaxing vacation together that involves lounging under the sun while a butler brings them piña coladas! This is the third and final book in Frost’s A Broken Destiny series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on November 28.)

    Desire in a Kiss, by Nicki Night
    Christian Chandler is tired of meeting women who are after his money. He’s the heir to a major food empire, and let’s just say the ladies wouldn’t mind making a permanent financial situation with him. (In all fairness, Christian, they might ALSO be after your chiseled derrière, which should have its own holiday greeting card.) He decides to try the online dating thing under a fake name, and soon connects with Serenity Williams. She’s a non-gold-digging woman who recently started her own non-profit organization. (Serenity, where do we sign up for volunteering opportunities?!) She is falling hard for Christian, whom she knows as “Chris,” and our guy is loving every moment with her. Then she finds out that he’s a much bigger deal than he let on. Can Serenity forgive him? (Serenity, he has nothing but the best intentions! We promise!) This is the second book in Night’s Chandler Legacy series. (Available in paperback on November 21.)

    Cajun Crazy, by Sandra Hill
    Simone LeDeux has decided to leave the whole Chicago cop career thing behind her and help her mom recover from surgery. She heads home to New Orleans, and decides to start an agency called Legal Belles, which is devoted to catching lowlife, cheating spouses. (Three cheers for you, Simone!) Oh, and while she’s in town she’s decided to stay away from Cajun men. She’s dated them in the past, and they’ve all hurt her, and yet she’s always been irresistibly drawn to them. So, no. Then another one soon comes into her life. Adam Lanier is going to help her crack a very interesting new case. He has a body worth painting, plus he’s got that whole hot single dad thing going on, so he’s absolutely worthy of a second look. (Get on that ASAP, Simone! He’s totally different from all of the others!) This is the second book in Hill’s Cajun series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on November 28.)

    Wake a Sleeping Tiger, by Lora Leigh
    This is the latest book in Leigh’s very creative and extensive Breeds series, which is about women and men with deeply-rooted animal mating instincts who are trying to keep their secrets from us regular, boring humans. (Darn it!) Judd, a Bengal Breed, is living undercover as Cullen Maverick in Window Rock, Arizona. He is the commander of the Covert Law Enforcement Agency. His Bengal traits are recessed, so he gets by okay without drawing too much unwanted attention to himself, other than the fact that he’s super hot. Then he runs into Chelsea Martinez, and all of those supposedly-hidden tiger traits start bubbling up to the surface. Cullen—excuse me, Judd—get down to it and show us what you’re capable of! (Available in paperback on November 28.)

    Always You, by Denise Grover Swank
    Matt Osborn loves coaching his five-year-old nephew’s soccer team, but he didn’t realize just how, ahem, enthusiastic for him the kids’ moms would be. (Really, Matt? With those arms and that smile of yours?) He has zero desire to get serious with anyone. Unlike his male friends, he won’t be giving in to the whole matrimony thing. One of the ladies, though, is single mom Anna. She and Matt go WAY back. In fact, they almost got engaged at one point. Now she’s taking care of her dad, so she’s rather busy. That loving feeling hasn’t gone away, though, and it soon comes back stronger than ever. Come on, you two! The past is the past, let it go, move forward, and all of that jazz! This is the third book in Swank’s Bachelor Brotherhood series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on November 28.)

    What romance novels are you excited for this week?

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