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    Romance Roundup: Small-Town Romances, Craigslist Mishaps, and Pop Culture Reporters 

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    This week’s Romance Roundup includes a newly-divorced mom who gets it on with a former bad boy, a real estate professional who answers the wrong kind of ad on Craigslist, and a wounded police officer who needs to rethink his priorities.

    When We Found Home, by Susan Mallery
    Our gal Delaney Holbrook is no wilting violet! Rather than mope around when things got rough, she rolled up her literal and proverbial sleeves and worked hard to improve her life. (Delaney, when is your self-help book coming out? Thanks!) Oh, she also vowed to stay away from besuited men, but Malcolm Carlesso, the CEO of a family company, is going to make Delaney’s vow a tad difficult. (He looks mighty fine wearing a suit. He also looks mighty fine wearing nothing but a smile.) Delaney becomes good friends with Malcolm’s estranged sister, Callie Smith. Callie has been living a lonely life. Then she finds out that Malcolm is her brother. Trouble is, Malcolm has some deep-seated family issues and thinks he wants nothing to do with Callie. Here’s hoping that issues get resolved sooner rather than later, that Callie gets the family and love she deserves, that Delaney helps Malcolm out of his suit, and that future holidays are filled with lots of love and family! (Available in paperback on April 30.)

    Swan Point, by Sherryl Woods
    Adelia Hernandez is ready to start a new chapter for herself and her family. She just got divorced, and so she decides to hightail it to Serenity, South Carolina. She buys a house in a gorgeous, historic neighborhood, for one, and she also gets promoted to manager at a swanky boutique. (Adelia, you are on FIRE!) Indeed, things are going swimmingly. Then she meets Gabe Franklin. The former town troublemaker is back home on a mission to make things right with the people he wronged. (Gabe, we’re so glad you’re no longer a rascal, but we certainly hope you haven’t ENTIRELY lost your edge, wink wink!) Gabe ends up being way happier to be home than he expected, and that’s mainly because he really, really likes Adelia. It doesn’t hurt that everyone in town wants these two lovely people to get together. Will Gabe embrace this beautiful opportunity and prove to Adelia that he is still naughty in the best of ways? This reprint is the eleventh book in Woods’ Sweet Magnolias series. (Available in paperback on April 30.)

    Fluffy, by Julia Kent
    Our heroine, Mallory, is a professional fluffer in the real estate sense of the term. (NOT the pornographic one, thank you very much!) Her job is to stage houses so that real estate agents can sell them, pronto. When she becomes cash-strapped, she responds to an ad for a fluffer on Craigslist in the hopes of earning some moolah. Trouble is, the ad was for the OTHER type of fluffer and not HER type of fluffer. (Excuse us all, Mallory, while we grab a glass of wine to sip as we watch this tale unfold.) Mallory ends up on the set of one of those, ahem, adult films. If that wasn’t awkward enough, she also ends up in front of her old high school crush, Will Lotham. (One look at Will and it becomes clear why she never truly stopped carrying a torch for this smoldering man.) Lots of funny, weird, and sexy things start to happen, and it soon becomes clear that maybe answering that Craigslist ad was the best thing that ever happened to our gal! (Available in NOOK on April 30.)

    Tangled Up in You, by Samantha Chase
    Police officer Bobby Hannigan just sustained a gunshot wound, and if that wasn’t bad enough, it could be something that ends his law enforcement career. He gets some major cheering up, though, when he meets Teagan Shaughnessy, a kind-hearted single mom who just moved back to town. (Bobby, don’t be a dodo! You hurry up now and ask that nice lady out to dinner!) As for Teagan, she decides that while she certainly feels fond of Bobby, she’s not sure whether it’s the right time for a relationship. (That’s okay, Teagan. We’ll decide for you. And the answer is a resounding yes!) Teagan, you hurry up now and put on your sexiest dress and some heels and red lipstick and show Bobby that while life has thrown many curveballs your way, it has NEVER knocked down your spirit! As for you, Bobby, book a nice B&B for a romantic weekend for two and put on…nothing. At all. This is the seventh book in Chase’s Shaughnessy Brothers series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on April 30.)

    Anything But a Duke, by Christy Carlyle
    Aidan Iverson may have a lot going for him—tons of money, a Duke’s Den membership, a chiseled face and body worth taking up an entire wall of the Louvre—but he’s just not quite there as far as society is concerned. He decides that the only way he’s going to get in good with high society is to marry well. Enter Diana Ashby. She comes from the aristocratic world, but all she wants to do is tell the world about her awesome new invention. She agrees to help Aidan find a well-bred woman of marriageable age. (Oh, Aidan, don’t you realize that Diana is, like, one in a bajillion with a fine mind and a big heart and that many of these so-called “proper ladies” will only bore you to tears for the rest of your life?!) Here’s hoping that Aidan gets over himself ASAP and that Diana gets to continue her entrepreneurial streak! This is the second book in Carlyle’s Duke’s Den series. (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on April 30.)

    Getting Hot With the Scot, by Melonie Johnson
    Cassie Crow is ready to get serious. The pop culture TV reporter wants to take a more mature journalistic route. That said, she decides to cut herself some slack and let her guard down when she meets Logan Reid, a deliciously gorgeous Scottish dude who would make any woman want to throw caution to the wind. (Do it—I mean, him!—Cassie! Do him for all of us!) As for Logan, his career is kind of, sort of, built on being a prankster and posting pranking videos online. (Oh, Logan, please don’t be THAT guy! Use your brains in a way that complements your big heart and delectable backside!) Logan and Cassie soon realize that they actually, really, genuinely like each other. Can they find a way to merge their two very different lifestyles? Who will be the first to cross the pond to be with the other? When will Cassie get her Pulitzer? And while kilts are lovely, will Logan spend lots of time showing Cassie what’s under his? This is the first book in Johnson’s Sometimes in Love series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on April 30.)

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    Romance Roundup: Cowboys, London Bankers, and Leopard Shifters 

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    This week’s Romance Roundup includes a wrongfully accused London banker-turned-duke who is out for revenge, a young lady who wants the love of her life to see her more womanly side, and a grumpy cowboy who finally meets the lady destined to turn his frown upside down.

    Leopard’s Run, by Christine Feehan
    Leopard shifter Timur Amurov is on a mission to see if Ashe Bronte is friend or foe. Ashe works in his sister-in-law’s bakery, but he’s not about to be fooled by her sweet demeanor and her top-notch customer service skills. Still, he can’t deny that he is mega-attracted to her, and that she has a calming, almost zen-like effect on him. As for Ashe, she’s trying to stay out of trouble. This includes resisting Timur and his gorgeous body and his wild leopard ways. (No offense, Ashe, but we don’t think you’ll last for too long, and that’s totally understandable when it comes to a guy like Timur.) Here’s hoping that Timur realizes that Ashe is not, in fact, the enemy, and that they both let go of their inhibitions and spend many a day licking chocolate batter off of each other! This is the latest book in Feehan’s Leopard series. (Available in paperback and NOOK.)

    Solace Island, by Meg Tilly
    Maggie Harris’ fiance just backed out of their wedding, which is no bueno, so she joins her sister on Solace Island to get away from it all for a little while. (Um, Maggie? Solace Island sounds like a wonderful place. What’s the address? We’d like to plug it into a GPS. Thanks!) Things are going well until they start to get a bit shady. Maggie is nearly run over by a car, for one. (Fortunately, she’s saved by the quick reflexes and chiseled jaw of her new neighbor, Luke Benson.) Then some more shady things happen, things that quite likely involve some shady people. Luke ends up letting Maggie and her sister live in his house, which has royalty-level security, because he really likes her and wants to keep her safe. Maggie will need to open up to Luke and give him the scoop on her life if they’re going to get close. (You can do it, Maggie!) This is the first book in Tilly’s Solace series. (Available in paperback and NOOK.)

    SEAL’S Honor, by Megan Crane
    Former SEAL Blue Hendricks is having a rough time readjusting to civilian life. Still, he refuses to turn his well-defined, muscular back on Everly Campbell, his old friend’s sister. Her roommate was just murdered, and she’s decided to turn to the only man she feels she can trust. Blue lives in a remote town in Alaska along with some of his fellow ex-military guys, and they are all going to band together to make sure Everly stays safe. Oh, and Blue soon realizes he doesn’t want to ever live another day without Everly by his side. (That’s right, buddy! Follow your bliss and find your happy ending!) Here’s hoping they manage to keep Everly safe, that they solve the mystery of her roommate’s murder, and that Everly and Blue proceed to spend many a cold Alaskan night keeping each other nice and warm! This is the first book in Crane’s Alaska Force series. (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK.)

    All I Want for Christmas is a Cowboy, by Jessica Clare
    Rancher Eli Pickett doesn’t do Christmas because a) He’s really, really busy with his herd and b) He’s still single, because he just can’t find a lady to embrace the ranch life. It could also be just because he’s a tad grumpy and prefers the company of his dogs to the company of society. Meanwhile, Cassandra Horn is trading in Manhattan for her parents’ winter cabin this holiday season. Sadly, she gets into a car crash and loses her memory. Eli finds her and takes care of her, which gives him a chance to express his more sensitive, caring side. (We knew you had one, Eli! We never lost faith!) They start to fall pretty hard for each other, but Cassandra isn’t so sure she should be just giving her heart out to the first cowboy who takes care of her. (Oh, trust us, Cassandra, you absolutely should!) Eli, once our gal gets her memory back, make sure you give her plenty of reasons to stick around! (Available in paperback and NOOK.)

    Pride and Passion, by Nora Roberts
    Two old fan favorites in one volume! In “Search for Love,” Serenity Smith travels to the Brittany region of France to meet some estranged relatives. She recently lost her parents, so she’s not feeling too great. (Serenity, we’re sure the change of scenery will help to clear your head!) She ends up meeting the very cold Comtesse de Kergallen and the stuffy but sexy Christophe. She needs to convince them that she’s not some horrible person (family issues run deeply with this crowd). Oh, and she wouldn’t mind loosening every button of Christophe’s impeccably-tailored shirts. In “Irish Thoroughbred,” Roberts’ debut novel, Adelia Cunnane decides to move to the U.S. from Ireland after her aunt dies. She lives with her kind uncle, who works on a huge and prosperous horse farm owned by the very sexy Travis Grant. Adelia and Travis start to fall hard for each other. They’ll need to settle some differences, though, before they can have their happily ever after. (Available in paperback.)

    My One and Only Duke, by Grace Burrowes
    London banker Quinn Wentworth was about to be executed, which was why he agreed to marry pregnant widow Jane Winston. They met when her father was preaching to prisoners, and he offered her marriage so that she’d inherit his dough after his hanging and not starve. (Quinn, you’re not a good guy. You’re a GREAT guy!) Then it’s discovered that Quinn is, like, the long-lost heir to a dukedom, so he gets to escape the hangman’s noose. This means that he and Jane will end up spending WAY more time together than they had originally planned. Now, Quinn worked exceptionally hard to escape poverty, so he’s NOT going to just sit around and let whoever framed him get away with it. Quinn and Jane, once you’ve managed to rid yourselves of any bad apples, make sure you realize how lucky you are to have found each other! This is the first book in Burrowes’ Rogues to Riches series, and it includes a bonus novella, “Once Upon a Christmas Eve.” (Available in paperback and NOOK.)

    Exclusive/A Touch of Heaven, by Samantha Chase
    Two stories in one! In “Exclusive,” writer Taylor Scott gets a chance to interview a reclusive author. This is awesome for her career, to say the least, and the fact that said author has a cute assistant in the form of Mike Greene makes it all WAY sweeter. Mike, you may have buns of steel, but do NOT distract our gal from this career-changing opportunity! In “A Touch of Heaven,” Regan Amerson’s mom wins a home makeover from a reality TV show, and the show’s host is right up there, looks-wise, with the Property Brothers. (We love you, Jonathan and Drew!) Sawyer isn’t going through the best of times right now, but he’s still not about to let his cranky mood get in the way of pursuing our awesome gal. Sawyer, you go ahead and beg Regan for her affections, and then the two of you can proceed to build and design your future home! (Available in paperback and NOOK.)

    Never Let Me Fall, by Abbie Roads
    Thomas Brown may be colorblind, but he has the ability to stare deep into a person’s soul and really read them, hence his career in assisting criminal investigators. (Thomas, you can stare into our souls – and at other places—any day of the week! By all means, come right on over!) His life changes when he meets Helena Grayse. She’s had an exceptionally rough life, and Thomas is the only one in a very long time to show her kindness. Trouble is, Helena hasn’t managed to completely shake off the baddies from her past. Indeed, the worst might be on its way. Will Thomas run scared, or will he stick around and help keep Helena safe? (Go for the latter option, Thomas! Helena is an amazing lady and she won’t let you down!) This is the third book in Roads’ Fatal Dreams series. (Available in paperback and NOOK.)

    Recall, by Meredith Wild
    The lovey-dovey-ness between assassin Tristan Stone and Isabel Foster continues! Isabel and Tristan just can’t stay away from each other, even though his world is a dark one and he was originally kinda, sorta hired to kill her. (Such is the power of Tristan’s magnetism, his passionate kisses, and his perfectly defined abdominal muscles.) Then someone from Tristan’s past resurfaces, indicating that said past might be a tad harder to leave than he thought. Here’s hoping that Tristan ditches his dark ways ASAP, and that he and Isabel then focus on building a beautiful and peaceful life together filled with love and babies and maybe a cute puppy or two! (Actually, there should definitely be puppies. A whole litter of them!) This book contains the fourth, fifth, and sixth installments in Wild’s Red Ledger series. (Available in paperback.)

    Two Alone/A Secret Splendor, by Sandra Brown
    Two stories in one! In “Two Alone,” businesswoman Rusty Carlson finds herself stranded in the very remote woods with Vietnam vet Cooper Landry. Neither of them are exactly thrilled by this, even though they are both very attractive people—she finds him a tad scary and he’s afraid she’ll hurt his chances of survival. Oh, Rusty and Cooper. Let go of your biases and enjoy this quality time with each other and nature! In “A Secret Splendor,” Arden Gentry is feeling quite lonely and sad after losing her son and getting divorced. (Sending you all of the hugs, Arden!) She decides to track down the other son she gave birth to a long, long time ago. He lives in Hawaii, and Arden soon suddenly doubts whether she should even bother. Here’s hoping that everything works out for our gal, and that she finds some much-needed peace! (Available in paperback.)

    Long, Tall Texans: Calhoun & Justin, by Diana Palmer
    Two gloriously handsome brothers find true love in this tome! In “Calhoun,” orphan Abby Clark could only ever rely on the Ballenger brothers to keep her safe. The downside is that they still see her as a girl, especially Calhoun Ballenger, and let’s just say she does NOT want Calhoun to think of her as a girl. She’s ready to prove to him that she’s a grown woman and that she has some very womanly desires. Go get your man, Abby! In “Justin,” Shelby Jacobs wants to make amends with Justin Ballenger. This won’t be easy, mainly because she broke off their engagement six years ago. She still loves him, though, because no sane woman could ever forget a man like Justin. Justin, buddy, please, please, please hear her out! She had her reasons for calling things off, and her heart has always been yours! This is the first volume in Palmer’s Long, Tall Texans series. (Available in paperback.)

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    Romance Roundup: Crime-Fighting Women, Wolf Shifters, and Sexy Groomsmen 

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    This week’s Romance Roundup includes a heroine who fights crime against women across the globe, a wolf shifter who wants to prove his innocence to his new love, and a guy who is about to find some very unexpected romance.

    The Greatest Risk, by Kristen Ashley
    Sixx is a mistress at a very high-end club known as The Bee’s Honey, and let’s just say the patrons of this fine establishment get erotic experiences they’ll never forget. Stellan is a master at this same club. (How do we get a lifetime membership?!) He and Sixx have the major hots for each other—watching the other one be a sexy boss at work can do that to a person—and things between them are finally about to go down. The thing is, Sixx has some ginormous emotional walls built up around her. Stellan is determined to break past those walls in as loving and gentle a way as possible. Will Sixx let him in? And will Stellan be able to bare all to our sensitive gal, both emotionally and physically, but especially physically? (Stellan, we’re all giving you positive vibes!) This is the third and final book in Ashley’s Honey trilogy. (Available in paperback and NOOK.)

    Shattered, by Allison Brennan
    Two very different women will need to unite if they’re going to solve decades-old murders. Maxine Revere is an investigative reporter, and she is trying to help her friend’s wife get exonerated for the murder of their son. Thing is, other boys have been murdered over the course of several years, and Maxine is convinced all of the cases, including this latest one, are linked. She teams up with Lucy Kincaid, a cop who hates reporters. (Suffice to say there is no love lost between these women.) They’re going to have to get over their respective disdain over the other’s profession if they’re going to solve these murders and help a mother avoid prison. Maxine and Lucy, get it together, you two! You’re more on the same page than you think. And when it’s all over, you can go out for margaritas and tacos! This is the fourth book in Brennan’s Max Revere series. (Available in paperback.)

    I Am Justice, by Diana Muñoz Stewart
    Our gal Justice Parish was saved from the streets and trained to fight crime against women around the world. (Justice, you’re our hero! Call us up if you ever need a place to crash!) Now she’s on one of her biggest assignments yet—she’s targeting a sex trafficking ring in the Middle East. (Again, Justice, you’re our hero!) Her mission brings her face-to-face with Sandesh Ross, who is by far the hottest thing in the desert. He’s also got some do-good tasks on his list, and he’s very, very intrigued by Justice. Then she gets injured, and, even worse, her cover is blown. Can they get their act together and work together to rescue ladies in danger? And when it’s over, can Sandesh find it in his sexy body to nurture Justice back to health AND show her the time of her life? This is the first book in Stewart’s Band of Sisters series. (Available in paperback and NOOK.)

    Born to Love, by Leigh Greenwood
    Holt Price, a former Night Rider, thinks he has the next chapter of his life figured out. He’s going back home to Galveston, Texas, and he’s going to reconnect with the woman he always thought he would marry. (Hmmm, Holt, buddy, sounds like we should all help you out and a do quick abs check. Ya know, to make sure you still have them. And no, we can’t take your word for it.) Then he meets a lovely lady by the name of Felicity Moore. She’s pretty much the perfect woman for him, so here’s hoping that Holt doesn’t take too long to realize this. (Buddy, sometimes life hands you a beautiful, new opportunity, and you have to take that beautiful, new opportunity and give it your best kiss! And a neck rub. A foot massage wouldn’t hurt, either.) This is the third book in Greenwood’s Night Riders series. (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK.)

    All’s Fair in Love and Wolf, by Terry Spear
    Jenna St. James is on a mission to bring wolf shifter Sarandon Silver to justice. (We get it, Jenna. It should absolutely be illegal for him to be that hot.) Sarandon is eager to prove his innocence, though, and he’s going to stop at nothing to make sure Jenna realizes that he’s a very good wolf man. (Ahem, Sarandon? We wouldn’t mind a bit of proof ourselves, wink wink.) The Silver Town pack is eager to help Sarandon prove his innocence, and we really hope that means tons of hot, shirtless wolf-shifting men in one room. Will Sarandon find it in his heart to forgive Jenna for tracking him down? (Buddy, she was just trying to do her job!) And will Jenna show Sarandon just how lucky he is to have her tailing him? (Jenna, show him all of your best moves!) This is the latest book in Spear’s Silver Town Wolf series. (Available in paperback and NOOK.)

    Until There Was Us, by Samantha Chase
    Megan Montgomery had a Very Good Time at her cousin’s wedding two years ago. She did the yummy with Alex Rebat, one of the groomsmen. (Megan, sounds like you enjoyed a fantasy we all have!) She still hasn’t forgotten about him, and he’s still pretty hooked on her, too. (Totally understandable on both ends.) Now Megan is back in town, and Alex is determined to prove to her that he’s more than just a beautiful face with a body to match and sexy eyes and a tight behind and cheekbones that could cut ice. (Although none of these things are necessarily hurting his case.) Megan and Alex, get to know each for real ASAP and start planning your own nuptials! This is the eighth book in Chase’s Montgomery Brothers series. (Available in paperback and NOOK.)

    What romance novels are you excited to dig into this week?

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    Romance Roundup: Baseball Players, Astrophysicists, and Dog-Loving Heroes 

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    This week’s Romance Roundup includes a woman with a resort to run and a murder to solve, a troubled guy who goes back into the world of BDSM, and a lonely astrophysicist eager for love.

    Come Sundown, by Nora Roberts
    Bodine Longbow runs the family business, the Bodine Ranch and Resort in western Montana. (When can we book our vacations?) She’s recently gotten some extra help in the form of new hire Callen Skinner, who would make any woman immediately want to know way more about him. Then some gruesome things start happening—dead bodies start popping up—and Callen is the first suspect. Bodine knows that Callen can’t be the one (not in THAT sense), and together they start digging a little bit deeper into the danger. Further complicating matters is the reappearance of Bodine’s long-lost aunt, who might be able to shed some more light on the situation. Here’s hoping Bodine and Callen figure things out sooner rather than later, and that they enjoy all of the romantic possibilities Montana has to offer. (Available in hardcover, audiobook, and NOOK.)

    Run to Ground, by Katie Ruggle
    This is the first book in Ruggle’s Rocky Mountain K9 Unit, which is about extremely hot men who can handle tough missions in the wild but also have enough love in their hearts for their women and their pups. (What more does a woman want in a partner?!) Theo Bosco has suffered some pretty terrible losses. He lost his beloved mentor, for one, and he also lost his K9 companion. Now he has a new doggie coworker. He also has a new love interest: Juliet Jackson, who rescued her siblings and decided to bring them to the remote beauty of the Colorado Rockies. (Sounds perfect and peaceful!) Can they move past the pain and focus on planning a kid and dog-friendly wedding? (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on June 6.)

    Home Run, by Heidi McLaughlin
    Our very special heroine, Ainsley Burke, has caught the eye of the very sexy baseball player Cooper Bailey. He’s very focused, though, on making it to the major leagues. He wouldn’t mind giving Ainsley a taste of the goodness (oh, that we could all have a sample!), but he doesn’t think he can totally commit just yet. As for Ainsley, she is understandably distracted by this hot hitter who adds an aesthetic appeal to any room he enters. (That form-fitting uniform alone gets the ovaries churning.) Anyway, they both might need to let go of some personal issues before they can proceed to make house together and create cute babies. (Make at least one in the dugout, you two crazy lovebirds!) This is the second book in McLaughlin’s Boys of Summer series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on June 6.)

    Wolf Hunt, by Paige Tyler
    Hottie SWAT officer Remy Boudreaux is back home in New Orleans for training. (Oh, Remy, please throw some fun in there while you’re at it!) He and some work buddies go out to the French Quarter one night, and Remy runs into his old high school crush, Triana Bellamy. This all happens the night of a tropical storm, which is perfect, because holing up in a boarded-up house with no electricity and only Remy for protection and entertainment sounds idyllic. Remy is reluctant to get too deeply involved with another woman, but the attraction between these two just runs WAY too deeply to be ignored. Here’s hoping they embrace their future together—and put that tropical storm time to good use! This is the latest book in Tyler’s SWAT series. (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on June 6.)

    A Sky Full of Stars, by Samantha Chase
    Romance enthusiasts who admire a hero with brains will love the latest book in Chase’s Shaughnessy Brothers series! Dr. Owen Shaughnessy is a phenomenal astrophysicist, but he’s a tad shy, so the social scene isn’t really his jam. One night he meets artist Brooke Matthews, who is his opposite in many ways, and they are soon mega-attracted to each other. (Brooke, don’t let that quiet exterior fool you. Owen can and will rock your world!) The timing is perfect, too: He needs to study a meteor shower, and she signs up as his assistant. (Owen, we’d all follow you to the moon and back!) Hurry up and make ridiculously cute and smart and creative babies, you two! (Available in paperback and NOOK on June 6.)

    The Farthest Edge, by Kristen Ashley
    Looking for a little BDSM action? (That was a rhetorical question.) Branch is a man who likes to live off of the grid, and only a woman like Evangeline makes him want to come back to the real world and live a little. (Oh, Branch, couldn’t you just give the rest of us a chance?!) As for Evangeline, our gal thought she was done with her days at the Honey Club, but Branch is the kind of guy who would make any woman want to strip down and focus. She and Branch want to push each other to their respective limits, and soon they realize they want to go even deeper emotionally. Can they find a happy middle ground? Ashley’s latest – of which the cover alone makes one smile in sweet anticipation – is the second book in her Honey series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on June 6.)

    What romances are you reading this week?

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