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    Choose Your Next Romance Novel Based on Your Favorite Dessert 

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    A good romance novel is like a good dessert. It’s a treat you give yourself, and you don’t need anyone else to enjoy it. So why not choose your next romance novel based on your favorite dessert? Not sure what to choose? Well, let us help! Here are 6 scrumptious romance novels you can read while eating your favorite dessert.

    Chocolate Covered Donuts: Bet Me, by Jennifer Crusie
    You want something a little bit bad, but also something you could totally get away with for breakfast. Eating a donut on the train is perfectly acceptable, and so is reading Bet Me, by Jennifer Crusie. The romance follows Min and Calvin, who start their courtship with a bet. Calvin thinks Min is cranky, while Min thinks Cal is a jerk. The result is a hilarious story, with a romance that fills your heart with joy (just like chocolate covered donuts). There’s, uh, also a scene at the end that will cause you to never think about donuts the same way.

    Molten Chocolate Cake: Hate to Want You, by Alisha Rai
    You want pure, rich seduction that makes you forget about anything other than what’s in front of you, which is exactly what Hate to Want You is offering. You will lose yourself in this steamy story of Livvy and Nicholas, exes who have a one night a year agreement (if you know what I mean). But when Livvy moves back to town, Nicholas just can’t seem to get her out of his head—even if he knows he must. The characters are compelling and things definitely get a little messy, but you will crave their happy ending.

    Ice Cream Sundae: Neanderthal Seeks Human, by Penny Reid
    You want something fun—something you can pick up any night of the week that will just make you feel happy. No big existential questions, no hard choices—just fun and flirty. That’s why you should read Neanderthal Seeks Human. Heroine Janie Morris is the exact type of character you’d want to be your best friend and take out to ice cream. She’s funny, smart, and awkward. After she loses her apartment, job, and boyfriend all in the same day, she’s taken pity on by Quinn—the very handsome security guard she’s been crushing on.

    Lemon Meringue Pie: Royally Screwed (Royally #1), by Emma Chase
    Pies range from sweet to savory, classic to trendy, fruit to custard. Basically, the humble pie does it all, and no one does as many pies as the British (if The Great British Bake Show is to be believed). That’s why the best book for you is Royally Screwed, which follows Crowned Prince Nicholas and waitress Olivia. Nicholas is used to girls falling all over themselves to be with him, which is the opposite of what Olivia does when she meets him. Instead, she throws a pie in his face. The humble pie becomes the first line in their love story.

    Scones with Jam and Clotted Cream: How the Duke Was Won (The Disgraceful Dukes), by Lenora Bell
    Arguably not a dessert at all, scones are a British tradition. A scone with some delicious home-made jam, topped with clotted cream? Perfection. Just like this debut Regency romance from Lenora Bell, How the Duke Was Won. A scandalous Duke needs a bride with a spotless reputation, naturally, but what he doesn’t know is that the lady he’s courting is only pretending to be Lady Dorothea. With delightful characters, breezy dialogue, and crazy antics, this is everything Regency romance readers crave.

    Chocolate Chip Cookies: Take the Lead (Dance Off #1), by Alexis Daria
    The important thing about cookies is they can be eaten anywhere—even on the move. Even if you’re say, dancing (though maybe you shouldn’t eat while dancing). But they are the perfect TV watching snack, which is why they pair so well with Take the Lead. Based around a televised dance competition (think Dancing with the Stars), this story follows Gina Morales, a dancer on her fifth season who’s never even made it to the finals. But she knows this year will be different. For one, her partner is the ruggedly handsome star from the Alaskan Wilderness reality show, Living Wild. Unfortunately, he simply has no interest in dancing.

    Galaxy Cake (Or Galaxy Anything): Level Up (Fandom Hearts #1), by Cathy Yardley
    Seen all over Facebook walls and Pinterest boards for months, the galaxy cake is stunning, yes, but it’s also cool. It’s a cake made for sci-fi fans, reminding them of movies set amongst the stars. So it deserves a book whose characters can appreciate it—a book like Level Up. The romance follows Tessa Rodriguez, a geeky introvert who wants to be promoted to video game engineer, and her co-worker/roommate Adam London, as they attempt to create a fandom-based video game in just 3 weeks.

    What romances would you recommend based on a favorite dessert?

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    Prepare For The Royal Wedding With 50 Royal Reads 

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    If you’re anything like me, the new royal wedding is pretty much the only news you care about these days. But we have until May 2018 to wait until Prince Harry and Princess Meghan (sorry, I don’t care what the official rules say, she’s a princess!) tie the knot…so here are fifty royal reads to tide you over until happily ever after.

    The Royal We, by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan
    The story couldn’t be better than a fairytale: a regular girl falls in love with a prince. Bex always thought something like that could happen to her sister, Lacey, the romantic one…but instead she’s the one who winds up falling in love with Nick, who just so happens to be the next in line for the throne of England.

    Wolf Hall, by Hilary Mantel
    Witness the rise and fall of the Queens of England from the perspective of an influential man on the sidelines, as he experiences his own rise to becoming the man who pulls the strings behind the curtain. Who was Thomas Cromwell, and how did he become Henry VIII’s right hand man?

    The Virgin’s Lover, by Philippa Gregory
    The master of historical fiction weaves a captivating tale of royalty and romance—as Elizabeth I becomes Queen, Amy Dudley knows this means her husband will once again find himself in her thrall. Elizabeth knows she must marry to ensure her country’s political safety, but the only man she wants is the one she can’t have.

    The King’s Mistress, by Emma Campion
    King Edward III had a mistress—but who was Alice Perrers? Was she a manipulative, ambitious woman who sought a station higher than she should have, or was she a prisoner of her own circumstances?

    The Sisters of Versailles, by Sally Christie
    One of the greatest court scandals never before written about in English is the focus of this scandalous, steamy novel. Four sisters are thrust into the orbit of King Louis XV, each of them occupying a place in the King’s bed for enough time to change history.

    Girl on the Golden Coin, by Marci Jefferson
    A girl goes from poor exile to the center of the English and French courts, relying on her connection to royal Stuart blood to advance her station. But she makes a terrible mistake: refusing to become the mistress of the French King, and in exchange is burdened with the task of seducing the English one as punishment. But she cannot, under any circumstances, fall in love with him.

    Sisi, by Allison Pataki
    Married to the Emperor Franz Joseph, Empress Elisabeth of Austria and Hungary is beloved by her people—but despite the gilded lifestyle she leads, Sisi is tempted by another life all together. She loves another man, Count Andrassy, and is willing to risk her marriage, her children, and her country itself to keep him. But turmoil follows Sisi wherever she goes, and as the First World War gathers steam, she must decide where her loyalties lie.

    Anne Boleyn: A King’s Obsession, by Alison Weir
    One of history’s most fascinating Queens, Anne Boleyn’s rise to power is explored in this fast-paced and romantic novel in which a teenage girl from a scheming family finds herself growing closer and closer to the King, heedless of whichever women she must cast aside—including the current Queen, and even her own sister—to get there.

    Victoria, by Daisy Goodwin
    Inspired by the diaries of this long-reigning Queen, this novel follows another teenage Queen as she navigates the traditions and unspoken rituals of the monarchy…and in many cases, defies them, in order to forge an empire of her own.

    Red Queen, by Victoria Aveyard
    If you’re in the mood for some YA royalty, check out this series about a society where red-blooded people are controlled by those with magical, silver blood. That is, until Mare is revealed as a red-blooded girl with Silver powers. As she grows closer to the crown—and the brothers surrounding it—Mare realizes it may not be her destiny to become Queen of the Silver world, but the leader of the rebellion to destroy it.

    Dark Breaks the Dawn, by Sara B. Larson
    A reimagining of Swan Lake, this fantasy features a princess of the Light Kingdom on the cusp of coming into her full magical ability. But when she is thrust into a war with the Dark Kingdom—and realizes the King has corrupt plans to usurp her mother and control both thrones—she realizes that the cost of not controlling her magic could be the loss of her kingdom.

    Abundance, by Sena Jeter Naslund
    Marie Antoinette’s legacy is an infamous one, but thisliteary novel explores who she was before she met the guillotine. A child-bride forced to unite two countries; a beloved Queen who thrives on the love from her people; and an outsider unwilling to concede to elements stronger than herself.

    Helen of Troy, by Margaret George
    One of the first wars caused by a woman of royal importance, The Trojan War has inspired songs and stories for centuries. But who was Helen, the woman who abandoned her marriage in favor of an enemy prince?

    The Wild Queen, by Carolyn Meyer
    A Queen forced to relinquish her title and all she holds dear finds the courage to take control of her future—by returning to the place of her birth, Scotland, and securing another marriage in the hopes of taking back her throne. The one snag? The person she needs to dethrone is her cousin, Elizabeth I.

    The Wrath and the Dawn, by Renee Adieh
    Khalid is the Caliph of Khorasan, the ruler who marries a new girl each night—and orders her execution every time the sun rises. But for some reason, Shahrzad, a beautiful girl who volunteers to marry him—with plans to seek revenge for the murder of her best friend—is not killed on the first sunrise of her marriage.

    The Selection, by Kiera Cass
    The Bachelor meets Fantasy in this series about thirty-five girls competing for the hand of the Prince…and the throne that comes with it. What girl wouldn’t want that? Meet America singer, who is forced to leave behind the boy she loves to fight for a prince she is convinced she could never love.

    To Marry a Prince, by Sophie Page
    Bella doesn’t believe in fairytales, or true love. But then she is saved by a handsome strange—Richard, who just so happens to be the heir to the throne. But Bella’s fairytale romance soon hits a snag, when she butts heads with the royal family, feels like public property instead of a princess, and wonders whether an ordinary girl has any place loving a prince.

    The Commoner, by John Burnham Schwartz
    Haruk is the first Japanese woman not in the aristocracy to become a central figure in the monarchy. By marrying the Crown Prince, Haruko is derided by royal society and suffers because of it. But thirty years after the marriage, she is the Empress, and tasked with trapping yet another young woman in a marriage…this time, to her son, to secure his place on the throne.

    Royally Screwed, by Emma Chase
    Nicholas is used to getting everything he wants. And as a prince, he has everything anyone could ever want…except true love, which he finds when a beautiful girl defies him instead of bowing down. Olivia Hammond is exactly what he needs in his life…now he just has to convince the entire monarchy that she deserves him.

    Ever the Hunted, by Erin Summerill
    Britta Flannery tracks criminals with her bounty-hunter father…until he is murdered by her best friend, Cohen, the boy she thought she loved. To bring him to justice, she must venture to the far reaches of her kingdom, armed only with a magic she cannot control, and the bravery to face the truth about her father’s death.

    Long May She Reign, by Rhiannon Thomas
    She was twenty-third in line for the throne, but in this brutal and beautiful novel, Freya becomes Queen when the entire court is poisoned. But is she safe upon a throne she was never supposed to possess? And who can she trust, when she is surrounded by even more power-hungry people than before?

    The Red Queen, by Philippa Gregory
    The White Queen’s enemy has her story told in this Philippa Gregory novel; Margaret Beaufort has given her life to ensuring that her son, Henry Tudor, will sit on the English throne.

    Three Dark Crowns, by Kendare Blake
    Three Queens, each born with a power that could spell their ascension to the throne…and each charged with the terrible task of killing her sisters in order to take it. Game of Thrones fans who love dark magic and badass female characters will devour this sordid, sexy YA.

    Shadow and Bone, by Leigh Bardugo
    Alina is a refugee with incredible power—and when she uses it to save her best friend’s life during a war caused by dark magic, she is thrust into the royal world of the Grisha. These magical warriors are ruled by The Darkling, and while Alina knows she must keep her wits about her and her power under control in order to save her kingdom, she is tempted by the promise of power and passion.

    The Perils of Pursuing a Prince, by Julia London
    Lady Greer wants to avoid marriage at all costs, including if that means going off alone to find an inheritance controlled by the Earl of Radnor…also known as the Prince of Powys. But Rhodrick is notorious and possibly even villainous. Greer cannot fall in love with him before securing the way out of an unhappy marriage…but her dark prince has other plans.

    Graceling, by Kristin Cashore
    Katsa’s Grace—the special power that sets her apart from society—is killing people. She uses this power in her position close to the King, but in this classic and fast-paced fantasy full of conspiracy, court intrigue, and romance, Katsa wishes she were free to choose her own destiny.

    Everless, by Sarah Holland
    In Sempera, time is blood—and both are owned by the Gerlings, who extract it from the poor and vulnerable in exchange for adding time to their own lifespans. When Jules finds herself working at the Gerling estate—and closer to the past she thought she’d escaped long ago—the secrets she finds in the blood are more than she bargained for.

    The Cruel Prince, by Holly Black
    When Jude was a child, her parents were murdered and she was sent away to live with the Faeries at their mysterious High Court. Now, she wants to become one of them, despite the derision with which Prince Cardan views humans.

    Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake, by Sarah Maclean
    Lady Calpurnia has no interest in being a typical ‘lady’, even if it means she remainds unmarried. But being unmarried doesn’t mean going unsatisfied, and so she decides to find a partner willing to break the rules with her, like Gabriel St. John, whose reputation for being wicked is exactly what she’s looking for.

    Crimson Bound, by Rosamund Hodge
    Rachelle is a servant to the realm, one of a select few capable of fighting dangerous creatures and protecting the prince. But she hates Armand, the man whose life she is supposed to put before her own. Court conspiracies, dark magic, and forbidden love run amok in this retelling of Little Red Riding Hood.

    Girl of Fire and Thorns, by Rae Carson
    Elisa is the younger princess, married to a King in secret…and despite thinking she’s not special, she is the one destined to save her kingdom.

    The Duke and I, by Julia Quinn
    Simon Basset and Daphne Bridgerton are about to become engaged…but it’s really all a ruse to keep Simon out of the clutches of society’s rules, and Daphne hopes to find a suitor of her own since she has the stamp of approval from a Duke. But despite their courtship of convenience, they find themselves falling for one another.

    The Secret, by Julie Garwood
    Judith has traveled from her English home to the Highlands in order to help an old friend through childbirth…but the truth is she comes from Highland royalty, as the daughter of Laird Maclean. She only intended to learn about her father, but instead falls for another Laird, Ian, who confuses and excites her and draws her closer to a place she never thought she could call home.

    Sins of a Wicked Duke, by Sophie Jordan
    Fallon is working class, never meant to fall in love with someone above her station. But when she disguises herself as a footman in a wealthy household, she falls head over heels for her boss: Dominic Hale. Dominic finds himself intrigued by his young employee, but a torrid romance could ruin them both.

    The Switch, by Lynsay Sands
    Twin sisters escaping their uncle take turns pretending to be a boy in order to keep themselves safe. But Charlie winds up falling for Lord Jeremy Radcliffe, and she finds it more difficult to keep up the ruse while she’s in danger of losing her heart.

    Devil’s Bride, by Stephanie Laurens
    Devil has lived up to his name and compromised the honor of governess Honoria Wetherby…but instead of giving in to his rakish ways he winds up proposing marriage. But Honoria cares little for keeping her honor; she wants a lover who can live up to her expectations—and quickly puts Devil to the test.

    The Prince Who Loved Me, by Karen Hawkins
    Prince Alexsey is a notorious flirt with no plans to marry. So when he meets Bronwyn—a girl who prefers books to vain matters of beauty—he is convinced his Grandmother won’t allow the match. But when sparks fly between them, and a wicked stepmother gets in the way of their newfound passion, they have to prove that an ordinary girl and a prince can find happily ever after.

    In the Prince’s Bed, by Sabrina Jeffries
    In order to secure her lost inheritance and save her family’s prospects, Katherine will do anything…including marry a childhood friend. But Alexander Black, the Earl of Iverslley, also needs a woman of wealth to warm his bed, and so he does what any rake would do to get the other man out of the way.

    The Serpent Prince, by Elizabeth Hoyt
    In this sensuous historical romance, Lucy lives a content country life—until her routine is disrupted by a naked Viscount beaten half to death, whom she must heal back to health. But while Simon is consumed by his quest for vengeance against his attackers, Lucy is consumed by her desire for him.

    A Royal Invitation, by Nora Roberts
    Two love stories intertwine in this romance series from bestselling author Nora Roberts. In one, Prince Bennett is obsessed with Lady Hannah and will not rest until she belongs to him. In the second, a princess flees the confines of the palace in search of a simpler life…but falling for Vermont archaeologist Delaney Caine proves to be anything but simple, indeed.

    The Trouble with Princes, by Tracy Anne Warren
    Ariadne is ready to make a change: when she receivs her inheritance, she will publicl declare her intent never to marry, but to find a lover instead. Rupert Whyte is the prince of a small kingdom, also determined to enjoy his freedom…that is, until marriage gets in the way. But while he seeks an independent lifestyle, he fears Ariadne is about to make a terrible mistake…

    The Heir and the Spare, by Maya Rodale
    An American has charmed London society with her sparkling wit and personality. But Emilia only has the intention of being charmed by one man—Lord Phillip. However, the man she thinks is Phillip, is actually his twin, Devon, the spare child forced to endure society rituals while his brother, the heir, spends their fortune. But Emilia does not know the difference, and unwittingly finds herself being courted by two men who share the same face.

    Be My Prince, by Julianne Maclean
    Forced into an impossible situation, Lady Alexandra is tasked with the impossible: she must become engaged to Prince Randolph to secure her family’s future. Instead, she falls for his younger brother, Nicholas, and the resulting war between her passion and her duty threatens to ruin everyone she holds dear.

    Splendor, by Brenda Joyce
    A woman of little means, Carolyn has managed to garner notoriety as a columnist in a London paper under a male pseudonym. But when her wry wit targets a foreign prince, he stops at nothing to discover her true identity—and to show her the beauty of all she claims to hate, by whisking her away to his home court of St. Petersburg.

    Forbidden, by Jo Beverly
    After a terrible marriage, Serena Riverton is finally done with men. But in a moment of passion and desperation, she seduces Lord Middlethorp, ruining his chances at an honorable marriage. The consequences of one night of passion ensnare them both in a love affair that soon enough neither of them want to escape.

    Thorn, by Intisar Khanani
    A princess cursed to spend her life in the shadows of her family and the court, Alyrra has been forced to marry a foreign prince. But along the journey, they are attacked…and when her identity is mistake for someone else’s, she takes the chance to live someone else’s life.

    Reign of Madness, by Lynn Cullen
    Isabel and Fernando are the heart of the Spanish monarchy…and Juana, their third child, will never sit on their throne. So when she marries, she hopes it may be everything to her that being Queen never would be. That is, until Juana unexpectedly winds up on the throne, and her husband turns on her and seeks power for himself. Learn the story behind infamous Spanish monarch Juana the Mad in this captivating novel.

    Empress of the Night, by Eva Stachniak
    Catherine the Great relives the events of her life including her early years as a daughter-in-law to an Empress, her plans to usurp a King’s throne, and the years of occupying the throne herself.

    Medicis Daughter, by Sophie Perinot
    Catherine de Medici is a fascinating character of history…but her daughter is the one who stars in this story, as she moves from a daughter eager to please her powerful mother by marrying a man she did not love, and suffering in the bloodshed that followed.

    The Princess Saves Herself in this One, by Amanda Lovelace
    This beautiful poetry collection melds fairytales and real life to put the reader in the position of princess in her own story; conquering demons and dragons both physical and internal to find the happily ever after we all deserve.

    What royal reads are distracting you as we count down to the next royal wedding?

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    A Guest Post from Royally Screwed Author Emma Chase 

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    Emma Chase is known for writing steamy, compulsively readable contemporary romance novels (including her Tangled series and her Legal Briefs series), but her newest novel, Royally Screwed, features a modern-day prince, in a nod to the historical romances she has long adored. Chase shares the inspiration behind her exciting new series below. 

    Inspiration. It’s probably one of the top three subjects writers are asked about: What inspired this story? Where did you come up with these characters? How did you think of that?

    Sometimes your guess is as good as ours.

    When plots and dialogue just sort of appear out of the ether, take shape and solidify in an author’s mind and we think—oooh, that’s good. But other times, we know the creative path our muse has laid out and can clearly trace the origins of that inspiration to a song, an experience, a dream, a book…or even a whole genre of books.

    That’s how it worked for me when I was developing the idea for my upcoming release, Royally Screwed, and the entire Royally Series.

    Because while I love writing contemporary romance—smart-mouthed, ambitious guys in sharp suits and the strong, driven, beautiful women they helplessly fall for—the first books I ever loved reading were historical romances. The arrogant, broad-chested, Fabio-cheekboned rakes, rogues and handsome-devils whose hearts were forever captured by the delightful, cleverly spirited, ample-bosomed heroines they charm.

    There’s almost a nostalgia surrounding the genre for me, a misty perfection when I think of the gowns and waistcoats, the balls and bowing, the carriages and scandals—the Lords and Ladies, pirates and bastards, the Viscounts and Duchesses…and Princes.

    And that’s why my exuberance for writing contemporary romance and my enthusiasm for reading historicals were the absolute perfect storm of inspiration for the Royally Series.

    Royally Screwed is where my passions collide—creating the story of a dashing, modern-day, panty-melting charmer of a prince bound by old-fashioned rules and traditions. It’s about the gorgeous, outspoken, undefeatable waitress who comes into his life (and throws a pie in his face) and knocks his world off its axis. And it’s all set before a backdrop of centuries-old palaces and castles, politics and family obligation—and the timeless struggle for love to overcome any obstacle.

    When, like me, all you know about royalty you’ve learned from reading historical romances—some research is needed. I wanted Prince Nicholas to sound like a non-American royal, but not an 18th century Duke. What do today’s royals do when they’re not playing polo? What is a prince’s last name?

    While researching current and past monarchies, Royally Screwed became more than the perfect storm of inspiration—it became a terrific collaboration of fiction and fact. Beyond the romantic elements there were just so many themes and emotions to sink my writing teeth into—from the price of fame to the sacrifices we make for the people we love. And weaved through it all was the humor—the smart, sexy, irreverent humor of these charming and wonderfully likable characters.

    I’ve always kind of believed I was born to be a writer. When I look back at the choices and turns in my life, it seems almost fated that I’d end up here—in this career—an author. And now, as I get ready to release Royally Screwed and finish the books that will follow, Royally Matched Royally Endowed—I get that same feeling. That the Royally Series—books about modern-day royal rogues and the commoners who love them—are stories I was always meant to write.

    Royally Screwed is out October 18. You can also read an interview with Emma Chase here.

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