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    6 Sequels and Series Continuations We’ve Been Waiting For 

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    The only thing better than loving a book is knowing the story isn’t over—that’s what sequels and companion novels are for! This year and next, we’re being gifted with a number of returning characters and continuing stories. Here’s a sampling of these second helpings, which range from the aftermath of a young, tragic love story to the fall of a dystopian regime.

    Find Me (Sequel to Call Me By Your Name), by André Aciman
    Some romances—and some novels—change us forever. Broken hearts around the world rejoiced at the news that Call Me By Your Name was getting a sequel (perhaps in part due to the success of the movie?) that would reveal what happened to Elio and Oliver in the years after their love affair. In sensual, heartrending prose, Aciman reveals that Elio has become a classical pianist who lives in Paris, and Oliver a college professor tempted to seek Elio out after all this time apart. Readers will be left breathless by the story’s end.

    Olive, Again (Sequel to Olive Kitteridge), by Elizabeth Strout
    The follow-up to the Pulitzer prize-winning novel Olive Kitteridge once again returns to the town of Crosby, Maine, and follows Olive (and her family, neighbors, and friends) as they navigate the ups and downs of everyday life. Readers fell for Olive’s cantankerous, imperfect personality as she strived to understand her distant but loving husband, connect with her son, and eventually, move on from a major loss. This time around, Olive has found happiness in the aftermath of that grief, but life always finds a way of messing with a sure thing. With unforgettable characters who return for an encore as well as new faces who help Olive find her way, this sequel may restore your faith in humanity.

    Royal Holiday (Wedding Date #4), by Jasmine Guillory
    Romcom lovers, rejoice in another Jasmine Guillory story just in time for the holidays. This one stars Maddie’s mom (from The Wedding Party) Vivian as she embarks on a no-strings-attached fling while accompanying Maddie on a work trip to England. The catch? The work trip is with royalty, and the fling is the Queen’s trusted aide. What begins as a low-stakes romance evolves into a serious choice Vivian must make about whether she’s ready to make a holiday treat into a real-life love affair.

    The Testaments (Sequel to The Handmaid’s Tale), by Margaret Atwood
    On the heels of the incredible third season of the hit Hulu show, Atwood released a sequel to her original dystopian tale meant to answer the most popular questions she received in the three decades since: What happened to Gilead? How did it rise, and who orchestrated its eventual fall? Following the perspectives of three women, two inside the regime, and one in Canada, The Testaments answers those questions with unfolding tension and characters in contradiction, ultimately giving readers a satisfying conclusion (or second chapter?) to a gripping saga.

    Starsight (Skyward #2), by Brandon Sanderson (11/26/19)
    In Skyward, a YA sci-fi fantasy novel by renowned adult novelist Brandon Sanderson, we met Spensa, one of the last survivors of an alien war, who wants to be a pilot. When she comes into contact with a ship that seems sentient, she decides to pursue this dream at all costs—and by the end, those costs have come crashing down on her, and she learns some terrible truths that will impact her fate. This novel builds on Spensa’s journey towards carving her own destiny in the stars despite a great betrayal unearthed from the past.

    Malorie (Sequel to Bird Box), by Josh Malerman (7/21/20)
    The much-anticipated sequel to the sci-fi thriller Bird Box arrives soon! Details on the plot of Malorie are being kept under blindfolds, so all we know is that she is the star. It picks up in the aftermath of the previous story (which was also adapted into a Netflix movie starring Sandra Bullock) where Malorie, Boy, and Girl have reached the colony of people secluded from the mysterious creature attacks that have taken down modern society. Will we learn the origins of the creatures? Will Malorie remain with Boy and Girl? We’ll find out next May!

    What new sequels are you excited for?

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    5 London-Set Books to Read After You See Last Christmas 

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    Anglophiles, assemble! Last Christmas hits theaters today, about a young woman (GoT’s Emilia Clarke) who works at a year-round ornament store and whose holiday blues start to lift when a handsome stranger (Crazy Rich Asians’ Henry Golding) enters her life. Besides the romance, what I’m most looking forward to are the scenes showcasing the beauty and quirks of London during the holidays. Here are five more new and recent romances set in Merry Old to keep you cozy this weekend.

    Royal Holiday, by Jasmine Guillory
    An impromptu mother-daughter trip to England to style a duchess for the holidays? So much yes. Guillory’s fourth book centers on an older protagonist, 50-something Vivian Forest, whose daughter Maddie (last seen in The Wedding Party) provides the impetus for the trip of a lifetime. When Vivian meets Malcolm Hudson, a veddy proper private secretary to the Queen, sparks fly. The problem is, Vivian’s due back in the States after New Year’s. Is a magical fling worth the possible heartache to follow?

    Christmas Shopaholic, by Sophie Kinsella
    Becky Bloomwood Brandon is eager to share a traditional English Christmas with husband Luke and daughter Minnie at her parents’ place, complete with ugly sweaters and caroling. Then her mum and dad drop a bombshell: they’re moving out of the village of Letherby and into a trendy London ‘burb. As such, they need Becky to host the festivities this time around. Bargain shopping, well-meaning yet screwball attempts to help loved ones, and surprises in the form of an ex-boyfriend, ensue. Like a mug of cocoa with marshmallows on top, this looks to be a sweet and heartwarming delight. This is Becky’s eighth outing, but newcomers to the Shopaholic series needn’t have read the previous volumes.

    One Day in December, by Josie Silver
    What happens when your best friend lands the guy you’ve been fantasizing about for a year? That’s Laurie’s predicament in this romance that spans a decade and begins with a missed connection out a bus window in London. When Laurie and Jack first glimpse each other from afar, their mutual and intense attraction is put on simmer—they have no idea how to find each other again—until months later when Jack shows up on the arm of Laurie’s mate Sarah at a holiday party. Does fate intend for them to pursue each other, or is it better for everyone if they walk away? Perfect for fans of Love Actually.

    My Oxford Year, by Julia Whelan
    When Rhodes Scholar Ella Durran arrives at Oxford to study English lit, it’s the culmination of a lifelong dream. Soon, however, she’s torn between her education and a job opportunity working for a rising politician. Then there’s the banter-filled and swoony romance she’s begun with Jamie Davenport, a young, mischievous professor who pushes all her buttons in the best ways. But Jamie’s hiding something from Ella that will change everything—and force Ella to make choices that all seem headed toward heartbreak. Have Kleenex on hand for this gorgeous and emotional debut.

    London Belongs to Us, by Sarra Manning
    Fans of fast-paced stories set in a single night will tear through this love letter to London. When teenage Sunny discovers the truth about her boyfriend—he’s two-timing her with a girl from another school, and has been for a while—she sets off on a cross-city trek for answers. Zipping through villages both lesser-known and iconic (Notting Hill, Soho, Camden…), she meets a colorful cast of characters and learns what she’s willing and unwilling to do for love—and herself.

     What London-set romance novels would you recommend to Last Christmas fans?

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    Romance Roundup: Christmas Miracles, Royal Secretaries, and Gallery Owners 

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    This week’s Romance Roundup includes a married couple that wants to get pregnant, a single mom who meets a very handsome (and formal) British man, and a gallery owner who’s about to investigate her friend’s death. 

    A Mrs. Miracle Christmas, by Debbie Macomber
    Wife-and-husband team Laurel and Zach McCullough are not having the easiest time this holiday season. They really, really want to get pregnant, but let’s just say the right stripes aren’t exactly showing up on the pregnancy test. On top of that, they’ve moved in with Laurel’s grandmother, who cannot take care of herself. Oh, and there are, like, zero caregivers in the area to help out. (Zach and Laurel, you are both kind and tenacious people and we all admire your commitment to family!) Then Mrs. Miracle arrives on the scene, and one of her first orders of business is to help take care of Laurel’s granny, who soon thrives under her care. (Laurel, this is perfect! Now you and Zach have plenty of extra time on your hands to join giblets! To go all the way! In other words…go and make that baby!) Here’s hoping that Laurel gets preggo ASAP, that her grandmother gets to live her best life in her golden years, and that Mrs. Miracle decides to pass by all of our houses! (Available in hardcover and NOOK on October 1.) 

    Royal Holiday, by Jasmine Guillory
    Vivian Forest’s daughter, Maddie, just got an amazing gig: to style a British royal family member. (Maddie, we must all learn your Instagram handle STAT!) Vivian decides to join Maddie on this work trip to England and do the tourist thing while her daughter works. (Vivian, may we join you? Pretty, pretty please!!!) She crosses paths with Malcolm Hudson, who’s been the queen’s—sorry, The Queen’s—private secretary for many years, a job that requires him to be exceptionally formal all the time. (Vivian, please don’t be discouraged by Malcolm’s stoic demeanor! Beneath that Savile Row bespoke suit beats the warm heart of a very kind man who wants nothing more than to kiss you silly!) Malcolm and Vivian end up spending quite a bit of quality time together over the holidays. Once they share a delicious kiss under the mistletoe, it all just goes up (hehe) from there. Will they find a way to make things last past the holidays? Can Vivian see the joyous possibilities of relocating to the UK? And, most importantly, does Malcolm have a country house we can all visit? (Available in hardcover and NOOK on October 1.) 

    Poemsia, by Lang Leav
    Fun YA alert! Verity wants to be a poet. Like, a famous poet. The kind of poet whose work resonates with many, many people and literally changes their lives. (Verity, this is an awesome, awesome dream and we have 100% faith that you can make it happen!) She’s already got at least two entities on her side. One is her best friend, who is also her best cheerleader and believes in her and thinks she’s awesome. (Three cheers for Verity AND for this wonderful friend she has!) Verity also has her cat, Zorro. He’s not much of a poetry lover, but his cuddles still play an extremely important role in her life and provide her with much-needed warmth and affection. (It’s official, Zorro: We all love you, too!) Then Verity finds a book called “Poemsia,” which helps catapult her into social media stardom—and into a world where poets are treated like the rock stars they are. (Verity, please take us all to this magical place!) Add a super duper cute guy to the mix and it looks like our gal is in for the ride of her young life! (Available in paperback and NOOK on October 1.) 

    The Sisters Cafe, by Carolyn Brown
    Originally published in 2013 as “The Blue-Ribbon Jalapeño Society Jubilee” and later as “What Happens in Texas,” this story follows twin sisters Cathy and Marty Andrew. They live in Cadillac, Texas, and they each have very different ideas when it comes to cowboys. Marty’s attitude is all “So many sexy cowboys, so little time” (which is totally understandable), while Cathy wants someone stable who can make her white picket fence dreams come true. (Nothing wrong with this, Cathy, but please don’t settle!) Now, Cathy is engaged to an up-and-coming politician, but neither he or his mother give our gal the warm fuzzies. (Oh, and did we mention that said up-and-coming politician ALWAYS takes his mother’s side? SO not cool!) Cathy, though, will ultimately need to be the one to decide whether to cut this sucker loose. (Pity, because some of us cough me cough had a great idea that involved running and screaming after the creep while brandishing a Swiffer.) Cathy, please think really hard about this engagement and ask yourself whether you actually really love someone else. Like a local cowboy. Ain’t nothing wrong with that! (Available in paperback and NOOK on October 1.) 

    Christmas in Harmony Harbor, by Debbie Mason
    Our gal Evangeline Christmas is on a mission to save her family’s year-round holiday store. Her nemesis: the very hunky, if not entirely personable, real estate developer Caine Elliot. He’s just too powerful, and our gal is getting desperate. (Caine, buddy, do you REALLY have to bulldoze Evangeline’s shop? It provides SO much local charm. Don’t you understand the high real estate value of local charm?!) Evangeline proceeds to cut Caine a deal: If he fulfills three wishes from her shop’s Angel Tree, she’ll bow out gracefully and let him build whatever the heck he wants. This seems easy enough, but it turns out that Caine has major leftover issues from his childhood and that deep, deep down he really wants to toss away his hard hat and get into the Christmas spirit. Oh, Caine, please just let the giving spirit flow through your veins and realize that Evangeline is the woman for you and that you can build your little real estate empire just down the street! This is the ninth book in Mason’s Harmony Harbor series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on October 1.)

    Hidden Cove, by Meg Tilly
    Gallery owner Zelia Thompson has just been told that her friend died of a drug overdose. This is horribly, horribly sad, but Zelia is also WAY too smart to fall for this explanation. She knew her late friend very well and knows this is SO not what could have happened. Zelia is determined to unravel the mystery of her friend’s death and find out the truth. (Sounds good, Zelia, but first, we’re all giving you lots and lots of hugs!) She gets some help from crime novelist Gabe Conaghan. He’s come to Solace Island to take care of a small matter, but now it looks like he’s going to be in town for a bit longer than he planned. This is great for so many reasons—Zelia could use a helping hand, for one, and Gabe also brings quite the skillset to the proverbial table. (Oh, he also has a gorgeous face to go with that imaginative, clever brain of his!) Here’s hoping they solve the mystery soon, that Zelia gets the closure she needs, and that she and Gabe take a relaxing, tropical vacation together! This is the third book in Tilly’s Solace Island series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on October 1.)

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    12 New and Upcoming Romances to Bring You From Late Summer Through Fall 

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    Summer is in the rearview, and we’re looking at longer days, darker nights, and less time outside. What better excuse to make a list of 12 romances for the next 12 weeks? Read on for bodice ripper recs, quirky rom-coms, and paranormal fantasies galore from end of August through early November.

    The Duchess in His Bed, by Lorraine Heath
    A passionless widow meets a man whose business is his passion in the next “Sins for All Seasons” novel by Lorraine Heath. When Aiden, the owner of an illicit club designed to arouse women meets Selena Sheffield, the Duchess of Lushing, he has no choice but to consider breaking one of his most steadfast values: never getting involved with a client. But Selena has her own motives for venturing into the dangerous world of the Elysium Club, and they may not be as innocent as Aiden thinks they are.

     Already Gone, by Kristen Proby and K.L. Grayson
    Scarlett came home for one reason: to take care of her Dad. She doesn’t need any distractions, or reminders that she left New Hope behind for a successful life in country music. Who shows up with both? Tucker Andrews, one of the people she thought she’d left in New Hope, for good. Well, he’s still here, hotter than ever, and once they reconnect, he’ll be harder to leave behind.

    Butterfly in Frost, by Sylvia Day
    A new Sylvia Day romance to keep your bookshelf sizzling! Teagan is a survivor, but she’s definitely a bit more fragile— who wouldn’t be after seeing what she’s seen? Which is why when Garrett Frost bullies—and buys—his way into being her next door neighbor, she is ruffled and on guard. Garrett is not the kind of man she should be with, but there’s something appealing about his strength when she herself feels so weak. But why is Garrett the way he is? Well, fans of the Crossfire series will know that Day loves a good third act twist, so they’ll hae to wait with bated breath until she chooses to reveal his reasons.

    Bringing Down the Duke, by Evie Dunmore
    This cover totally stole my heart. I can’t WAIT to have it on my TBR! The first in a series stamped “extraordinary women”, this romance is set in 1879 when Annabelle Archer, the daughter of a vicar without a penny to her name, is given a challenge she cannot refuse. In exchange for a much-needed scholarship to Oxford, she must gather influential men to the side of the suffrage movement. Unstoppable force, meet immovable object: Sebastian, a man who is looking for a woman that can live up to the title she would be bequeathed, not a penniless girl fighting for the vote, no matter how much his heart burns to have her. She wants a voice, and he wants her—together, they may very well topple the Magna Carta.

    The Wonder of Now, by Jamie Beck (On Sale 9.10.19)
    Peyton didn’t want to write a memoir about her battle with breast cancer, but here she is promoting it. At least she has a European leg to the tour coming up, if only her workaholic publicist would let her enjoy some of the scenery. But Mitch has a history with giving in, where beautiful women are concerned, and with his career on the line, he can’t budge an inch. On a trip where business and pleasure collide, will Peyton and Mitch find a way to get along—and maybe fall in love?

    Captivating in Love, by Bella Andre and Jennifer Skully (On Sale 9.12.19)
    The premise of this series is a group of men who struggled when they were young have now come out on top, calling themselves the Maverick Billionaires. But of course, each maverick is destined to meet his match in each of these books, and in this one, a war veteran and former foster kid fall in love despite their differences. Gideon feels unworthy after the war—of his wealth, his friendships, and of course, of Rosie Diaz, the woman he’s head over heels for. Rosie, a single mother and former foster kid, will do anything to have a stable life. Which is why when an innocent babysitting arrangement turns dangerous, she must find the strength to rely on Gideon to save the day. Alpha dudes, money, and quick-witted banter make this standalone a fun summer fling.

    Royal Holiday, by Jasmine Guillory (On Sale 10.1.19)
    All I want in the world are for Jasmine Guillory’s books to be made into movies. Until then, though, I’ll settle for the next one: Royal Holiday, in which a woman makes the most of an unexpected trip to England by falling for the Queen’s private secretary, Malcom. But all trips must eventually come to an end. While at first they’re fine with just being a fling, New Year’s Day is approaching fast and something tells me they won’t want to say goodbye. Can a mother who barely leaves the country and a royal servant who barely leaves the Queen find a way out of (or into) this royally-long-distance romance?

    Faker, by Sarah Smith (On Sale 10.8.19)
    This cover totally drew me in! What woman hasn’t felt like Emmie Echavarre at some point in her career—like a total fake, surrounded by men she has to pretend to be tougher than when all she wants to do is wilt like a stomped-on flower petal. But when it comes to Tate, she’s anything but fake: he’s hostile and rude, only answers her with single word responses, and he’s hot. That’s the most annoying part. But in this diverse romance, Tate and Emmie are paired together for a work project, and as time goes on she begins to realize that the only thing that’s fake is her hatred for Tate.

    Twice in a Blue Moon, by Christina Lauren (On Sale 10.22.19)
    Who doesn’t love a good second chance romance with a Hollywood twist? When she was a teen, Tate fell for Sam. Hard. It didn’t help that they were in Europe at the time, either. But when Tate tells Sam her secret—that she’s secretly the daughter of a famous actor—and he betrays her to the paparazzi, she never imagines she’ll see him again. But of course, she does—over a decade later, this time as a famous actress, while he’s a screenwriter on the set of her new film. Sparks still fly between them, but how can Tate ever forgive Sam for the events of the past? A new Christina Lauren is always a welcome addition to our bookshelf, but this one in particular is full of their crackling, spitfire prose and swoony moments that are sweeter than chocolate.

    Angel in a Devil’s Arms, by Julie Anne Long (On Sale 10.29.19)
    He has devil’s blood in his veins.” Well, sign me up with that teaser alone. The legend behind Lucien Durrand—allegedly drowned in the Thames, but now returned from the dead—is improbably dark and full of deception. Ten years have gone by, but now he has returned with a thirst for vengeance…and one woman, who is afraid that the only legacy he will leave her with is a broken heart. This new release from a USA Today Bestselling author has autumn weekend with hot cider and a comfy blanket written all over it!

    The Bromance Book Club, by Lyssa Kay Adams (On Sale 11.5.19)
    And last but certainly not least, a book that continues the romcomissance we’ve been seeing lately, but with a twist: this time, it’s the dude that relies on romance novels to guide him towards a better love life! When a former MLB player learns that his wife has always “faked it” in bed with him, he goes a bit…well…caveman on her. It’s no surprise that his reaction is what spurs her on towards a divorce. What is a surprise? That Gavin, having nowhere else to turn, decides to join a secret book club full of alpha dudes like him. But can the lessons he learns from bodice rippers and romance novels help him save his marriage?

    Not the Girl You Marry, by Andie J. Christopher (On Sale 11.12.19)
    This book is like How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, and that’s all you need to know about it. Just kidding! Jack wants to be a real journalist, but instead he’s writing fluff pieces. The next piece he’s assigned: How to Lose a Girl. The girl is Hannah, an event planner who is as driven as she is beautiful. But with a reputation as a bit of an ice queen, how can she prove to her boss she’s invested enough in love to plan the white whale of events: weddings? Jack is the perfect ruse for Hannah to prove she has what it takes…if he doesn’t succeed at losing her, first.

    What new and upcoming romance novels are you excited about?

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