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    Romance Roundup: Event Planners, Gossip Writers, and Amish Widows 

    This week’s Romance Roundup includes an arts and crafts store owner with some dark secrets, a popular writer who wants to take a more serious career route, and an Amish widow who is about to get a delicious blast from her past. 

    Leave Me Breathless, by Jodi Ellen Malpas
    Ryan Willis works in the protection business, which takes up a lot of brainpower and muscle. (Fortunately, he has both in spades!) He just finished a huge assignment, so he’s ready to wind down in his getaway home and listen to some soothing music and get some much-needed R&R. (You do that, Ryan, and we’ll all massage you while you’re at it!) He gets a bit of a surprise, though, when he meets Hannah Bright. She’s new in town and runs the local arts and craft store. (Hannah, you are a lifesaver! Some of us were quite low on knitting yarn!) Hannah and Ryan get to know each other, and it’s all quite wonderful for both parties. That said, Hannah has some big secrets, so she can’t let Ryan get too close. (Are you sure about that, sister?!) Here’s hoping that Hannah and Ryan reveal themselves to each other (hehe), that they create a foundation based on trust, and that the two of them enjoy many a frolic throughout their English village! (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK.) 

    Not the Girl You Marry, by Andie J. Christopher
    How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days gets a twist in Christopher’s latest! Journalist Jack Nolan has found his niche—as a writer who is really good at writing viral fluff pieces that make for great clickbait but aren’t exactly stretching anyone’s thinking skills. (Jack, buddy, we all promise to, er, NOT click on your articles!) He cuts a deal with his editor: He will write a hard-hitting story on…how to lose a girl. Then he’ll move on to covering politics. Too bad he meets event planner Hannah Mayfield, who is actually a really nice person and smart and beautiful to boot. She’s on a quest of her own, which is to show her boss that YES, she absolutely believes in the lovey-dovey stuff and that YES, she wants to plan super duper romantic weddings. (She does NOT actually believe in these things, but she DOES want a promotion. Get THAT PROMOTION Hannah! We all hope it comes with a BIG RAISE!) She needs to hang onto to Jack just as much as he needs to tick her off. Oh, Jack, please find a way to not screw up your budding relationship with Hannah! And Hannah, please don’t get TOO upset when you find out the truth behind Jack’s less-than-desirable behavior. (Available in paperback and NOOK on November 12.) 

    Restless Rancher, by Jennifer Ryan
    Accountant Sonya Tucker has quite the task before her. She needs to help rancher Austin Hubbard turn his struggling ranch around, being as how Austin himself is struggling to just even get out of bed each morning. (Sonya, we’re not entirely sure why you would want Austin out of bed, but we are all still willing to follow along and support you in whatever you need to do!) Fortunately, Sonya is no wilting violet. She was, after all, raised by her mother in the Wild Rose Ranch, a Nevada brothel. (Sonya, sounds to us like you were always surrounded by hardworking women who taught you to be tough, and for that, we salute you and everyone involved in your upbringing!) It soon becomes clear that Austin is not as lackadaisical as he seems. He’s actually a good guy who wants to succeed. Will he manage to get off of his delectable heinie and prove to Sonya that he’s a very, very good man? This is the second book in Ryan’s Wild Rose series. (Available in hardcover, paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on November 12.) 

    All Fired Up, by Lori Foster
    Ex-con Mitch Crews is on a mission to find some long-lost family, and let’s just say he’s pretty much starting from zero. (It’s okay, Mitch! We’ll all help you find your family! We know how to use The Google!)  His travels put him in the direct path of Charlotte Parrish. Her car has just broken down in his neck of the woods, and while Mitch may be a tad hardened due to stressful life experiences, he would never – but NEVER – leave a lady stranded. (Mitch, there are people who have had it WAY easier than you and would still not do the nice things you do!) Charlotte doesn’t think she has room in her life for bad boys and so she decides to do her best and forget about Mitch and resist his charms and BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! As if ANY woman could resist the ridiculously appealing Mitch. Mitch, please find a way to exhibit your best behavior while also showing Charlotte a good time in the, ahem, boudoir. This is the third book in Foster’s Road to Love series. (Available in hardcover, paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on November 19.) 

    The Princess Plan, by Julia London
    Eliza Tricklebank owns a delicious gossip gazette, and she’s just gotten the story tip of a lifetime. The personal secretary of none other than Prince Sebastian of Alucia has been murdered. Sebastian is eager to find out who killed his employee, and he starts off his investigation by investigating Eliza. (Oh, Eliza, you lucky, lucky lady!) This is all happening at a very inopportune time for Sebastian. There’s a trade deal going down, plus he’s under some big-time pressure to find a royal bride and produce a royal heir and do all of the royal things. (Sebastian, if you ever need a break from all of that royal stuff, we’ll all happily take you out for a night on the town while you wear the crafty yet tasteful disguise of your choice!) Eliza and Sebastian will need to work very closely together if they’re going to solve the murder mystery. This is the first book in London’s A Royal Wedding series. (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on November 19.)

    The Hope, by Patricia Davids
    Amish widow Ruth Mast figures that her life is going to be a tad quieter moving forward now that her husband is gone. Then a Very Special Man by the name of Owen Mast returns to Cedar Grove, and this kind of makes Ruth want to hide behind a sheet that’s been hung out to dry. Owen doesn’t have the best reputation in town. Oh, he also broke Ruth’s heart once upon a time. If all of this wasn’t bad enough, he is STILL ridiculously handsome and he STILL gives Ruth the butterflies! Ruth is ready to just go about her business and ignore Owen. Then a lost little girl shows up on Owen’s porch, and both he and Ruth are moved to help her and keep her safe. (See, Ruth?! Owen has clearly changed for the better so please, please, please listen to what he has to say!) Here’s hoping that Ruth and Owen cooperate to help this poor kid—and that they each get over their issues and get to know the people they’ve each become! This is the second book in Davids’ Amish of Cedar Grove series. (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on November 19.) 

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    5 London-Set Books to Read After You See Last Christmas 

    Anglophiles, assemble! Last Christmas hits theaters today, about a young woman (GoT’s Emilia Clarke) who works at a year-round ornament store and whose holiday blues start to lift when a handsome stranger (Crazy Rich Asians’ Henry Golding) enters her life. Besides the romance, what I’m most looking forward to are the scenes showcasing the beauty and quirks of London during the holidays. Here are five more new and recent romances set in Merry Old to keep you cozy this weekend.

    Royal Holiday, by Jasmine Guillory
    An impromptu mother-daughter trip to England to style a duchess for the holidays? So much yes. Guillory’s fourth book centers on an older protagonist, 50-something Vivian Forest, whose daughter Maddie (last seen in The Wedding Party) provides the impetus for the trip of a lifetime. When Vivian meets Malcolm Hudson, a veddy proper private secretary to the Queen, sparks fly. The problem is, Vivian’s due back in the States after New Year’s. Is a magical fling worth the possible heartache to follow?

    Christmas Shopaholic, by Sophie Kinsella
    Becky Bloomwood Brandon is eager to share a traditional English Christmas with husband Luke and daughter Minnie at her parents’ place, complete with ugly sweaters and caroling. Then her mum and dad drop a bombshell: they’re moving out of the village of Letherby and into a trendy London ‘burb. As such, they need Becky to host the festivities this time around. Bargain shopping, well-meaning yet screwball attempts to help loved ones, and surprises in the form of an ex-boyfriend, ensue. Like a mug of cocoa with marshmallows on top, this looks to be a sweet and heartwarming delight. This is Becky’s eighth outing, but newcomers to the Shopaholic series needn’t have read the previous volumes.

    One Day in December, by Josie Silver
    What happens when your best friend lands the guy you’ve been fantasizing about for a year? That’s Laurie’s predicament in this romance that spans a decade and begins with a missed connection out a bus window in London. When Laurie and Jack first glimpse each other from afar, their mutual and intense attraction is put on simmer—they have no idea how to find each other again—until months later when Jack shows up on the arm of Laurie’s mate Sarah at a holiday party. Does fate intend for them to pursue each other, or is it better for everyone if they walk away? Perfect for fans of Love Actually.

    My Oxford Year, by Julia Whelan
    When Rhodes Scholar Ella Durran arrives at Oxford to study English lit, it’s the culmination of a lifelong dream. Soon, however, she’s torn between her education and a job opportunity working for a rising politician. Then there’s the banter-filled and swoony romance she’s begun with Jamie Davenport, a young, mischievous professor who pushes all her buttons in the best ways. But Jamie’s hiding something from Ella that will change everything—and force Ella to make choices that all seem headed toward heartbreak. Have Kleenex on hand for this gorgeous and emotional debut.

    London Belongs to Us, by Sarra Manning
    Fans of fast-paced stories set in a single night will tear through this love letter to London. When teenage Sunny discovers the truth about her boyfriend—he’s two-timing her with a girl from another school, and has been for a while—she sets off on a cross-city trek for answers. Zipping through villages both lesser-known and iconic (Notting Hill, Soho, Camden…), she meets a colorful cast of characters and learns what she’s willing and unwilling to do for love—and herself.

     What London-set romance novels would you recommend to Last Christmas fans?

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    Amorous Academia: 7 Romances Featuring Teachers 

    When it comes to romantic scenarios, a popular favorite is also one fraught with tension and taboos: being Hot for Teacher. Power imbalances, rules of propriety, knowledge gaps, and desks built for a wide variety of different uses abound in romance novels where one character is tasked with teaching another. I hope you enjoy this different take on ‘Back to School’ with these eight romances—read them all, and you’ll get an ‘A’ in my class.

    Last Will and Testament, (Radleigh University #1) by Dahlia Adler
    Consider this my ode to Connor Lawson, hottest TA in existence. But therein lies the problem: Connor is Lizzie’s TA, which makes their chemistry very ill-advised, especially considering that after a tragic accident Lizzie needs her scholarship to Radleigh University more than ever. Not only because her parents perish, leaving her alone in the world…but because she becomes the guardian to her younger brothers. But the sparks between Connor and Lizzie aren’t going anywhere—in fact, they threaten to set her tenuously balanced life up in flames. This is your tutoring fantasy come to life, full to the brim with romantic tension, heartwarming family scenes, and a heroine figuring things out and making mistakes along the way.

    Off the Ice, by Avon Gale and Piper Vaughn
    Tristan Holt needs a backup plan: no one can play professional hockey forever. That’s where business school comes in. But the off-season for his sport turns out to be the on-season for falling for his totally off-limits sociology professor. Being an openly-gay athlete comes with a lot of risk—including losing his place in the sport altogether, and Tristan isn’t certain he’s ready to abandon both the closet and the rink. But love is love is love, and sometimes teachers are there to teach us more than what we can read in books…could Sebastian be the one to teach him what it means to truly love himself?

    The God in Flight, by Laura Argiri
    One of the most beautiful and heartbreaking reads of my lifetime absolutely belongs on this list. But definitely prepare to cry as much as you swoon when you read about Simon, a sixteen-year-old who has survived abuse in his home to attend Yale in 1878. While there, he meets the strapping, romantic poetry professor (and foreigner from Greece) Doriskos, and despite the age difference between them, the two begin a relationship of mutual admiration, passion, and eventually, love. But the late 19th Century was not kind to immigrants, to gay people, or to people like Simon, who has been plagued by illness his entire life. The refuge they find in one another soon turns dangerous, and this genre-bending novel takes flight into unforgettable territory.

    Gabriel’s Inferno, by Sylvain Reynard
    Here’s a trope-checklist: Tortured hero? Check. Naïve heroine? Check. Forbidden romance? Check. This romance series-starter has all three in spades. Gabriel Emerson teaches a class on Dante’s Inferno, which has special meaning to him personally, thanks to the tragic and mysterious past he believes he is beyond redemption from. But when he meets a graduate student, Julia, he knows he’s only bound for more trouble: because despite her innocence, and his attraction to her, she has a connection to the past he desperately wants to escape from. Fans of Sylvia Day will lust for Gabriel as much as Julia does, as their affair reaches a dangerous point of no return.

    Reforming a Rake, by Suzanne Enoch
    Flipping the teacher script on this one with a governess romance! The most crucial thing for a woman—but especially a governess, in charge of children—during Regency Era England is that her reputation must never be besmirched. She also probably shouldn’t fall in love with her boss. Those power dynamics I mentioned in the introduction? Well, despite Alexandra being the teacher, the man and employer is the one with all the power in this relationship: power to make her swoon, and power to make her suffer, should he so choose.

    Noah, (5th Street #1) by Elizabeth Reyes
    As a gym rat myself, I am angry I didn’t know about this romance until recently. It takes place in a boxing gym, where Veronica Cruz goes to try and put her life back on track after a trying time. Noah is an aspiring professional boxer—and she’s his first real client. The stakes for both of them are high, but what makes them even higher is that as the attraction between them grows, and despite Noah being her teacher, Veronica can’t help but worry about one thing: he’s eight years younger. Slow burn romance fans will love (and hate) watching Veronica and Noah try to make a platonic friendship work as the tension between them becomes taut as a clenched fist.

    By the Book, by Julia Sonneborn
    A modern retelling of Persuasion, a second-chance romance, AND a teacher romance to close out the list. Anne Corey is ready for tenure, but nothing throws her off balance like the reappearance of her first love and former fiancé, Adam Martinez, when he becomes president of the college. This feel-good romance about what happens when the past isn’t quite done with you is one you won’t feel squeamish about bringing to book clubs, too!

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    Romance Roundup: Leopard Shifters, Second Basemen, and Army Ladies 

    This week’s Romance Roundup includes a baseball player who really wants to score, two former lovers reunited after 36 years apart, and a personal assistant who’s about to pull a major switcharoo with her identical twin sister. 

    Leopard’s Wrath, by Christine Feehan
    Shifter Mitya Amurov’s high-crime family has prevented him from living his best life. (Let’s just say there was No Such Thing as holidays filled with laughter and love or meaningful conversations while gathered around a fire roasting marshmallows.) As a result, Mitya’s leopard is exceptionally feral and protective. (This is a great thing because Mitya’s face and body are 100% worth protecting!) Still, it’s a tough life. Mitya finally gets his big break, though, when he meets Ania Dover. She has a way of calming Mitya and turning his feral beast into a purring kitten. He’s reluctant to get too close, though, because his family is evil. As for Ania, she has her own issues. She’s out for some good, old-fashioned revenge and refuses to let anything or anyone get in her way. That said, she wants to bone Mitya quite badly. (Totally understandable, Ania. Totally understandable.) Here’s hoping that Mitya manages to tame the beast within, that Ania settles her scores, and that the two of them then focus on what matters most: each other! This is the twelfth novel in Feehan’s Leopard series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on November 5.)

    The Bromance Book Club, by Lyssa Kay Adams
    Gavin Scott might be a second baseman for the Nashville Legends, but there is one area in which he has not scored in years. His wife, Thea, has just revealed that she has always—but always—faked orgasms during their marriage. (Deep breaths, Gavin. Deep breaths.) He is absolutely devastated by this news, but he’s also determined to woo his woman. (That’s the spirit, buddy!) Gavin ends up getting some much-needed help by joining a romance book club, one in which all of the members are guys. Hot guys. The best of masculinity that Nashville has to offer. The reason for every destination bachelorette party. Those kinds of guys. Together, the guys all read a romance novel titled “Courting the Countess” and use it as a relationship playbook—and as a way to help Gavin save his marriage. Will reading this romance novel help Gavin get his wife back? Can a book club save a marriage? How many pounds, exactly, can each of these guys bench press? This is the first book in Adams’ Bromance Book Club series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on November 5.) 

    Someone to Remember, by Mary Balogh
    Matilda Westcott is perfectly content being a spinster daughter who lives to take care of her aging mother. Or so she thinks. Then she reconnects with an old flame, Charles Sawyer, Viscount Dirkson. They had A Thing a long time ago—36 years ago, to be exact—and that thing Failed Miserably and so they Parted Ways and Never Saw Each Other Again. (Charles, we’re all for hearing both sides of the story BUT WHAT DID YOU DO?!?!) Fate has now reunited them. Charles sees Matilda at a dinner party and he’s immediately all like “Yup, I’d still tap that.” Matilda feels the same way (Charles has evolved from Hot Guy to Silver Fox), but it’s going to take a while before she lowers her proverbial wall and lets Charles back into her heart. Charles, buddy, this is your time to shine and show Matilda what a wonderful man you are. And Matilda, please, please, please give him another chance! This is the seventh book in Balogh’s Westcott series. (Available in hardcover, paperback, and NOOK on November 5.)

    Spun Out, by Lorelai James
    Our gal Bailey Masterson learned many, many things in the Army, from shooting to dodging grenades. (Bailey, when the zombie apocalypse strikes, may we all please be on your team? Thanks!) Her skills are put to the test when she starts caring for five-year-old Olivia Hale. Little Olivia is adorable, but she’s also a tad misbehaved. Oh, and Olivia’s father, Streeter Hale, would make any woman want to misbehave in a different kind of way. Streeter, a cattle rancher, doesn’t have time to date. He’s too busy being rugged and handsome and working on his cattle game while being rugged and handsome. He’s also a very rugged and handsome man. Rugged. Handsome. Yup, that’s Streeter for you! Streeter is very appreciative of Bailey’s positive effect on his daughter. He’s also very appreciative of Bailey’s face and body. (Side note, Bailey: How DO we get your toned arms?) Here’s hoping that Streeter gets over his whole “I Don’t Date” attitude pronto and that he proceeds to woo the wonder woman that is Bailey! This is the tenth book in James’ Blacktop Cowboys series. (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on November 5.) 

    Don’t Breathe a Word, by Christie Craig
    Police detective Juan Acosta has it rough. He was working undercover when his pregnant wife was murdered, which means he needs A LOT of hugs. (Juan, we’ve all got you covered!) He is eager to get revenge, but meeting Vicki Holloway makes him hit the proverbial pause button on his plans. Vicki has her own shadowy past. Her sister was murdered by an abusive ex, leaving Vicki to care for her niece, skip town, and emerge somewhere new with new identities for both of them. (Vicki, you and your niece are welcome over any time! We have plenty of wine and the Disney channel!) Juan knows that something is different about Vicki, even if she won’t reveal anything to him. Juan, you be extra nice and patient with Vicki. And Vicki, please know that Juan is 100% trustworthy and will make for an excellent—not to mention exceptionally sexy—life partner! This is the second book in Craig’s Texas Justice series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on November 5.)

    Snowbound at Christmas, by Debbie Mason
    Cat O’Connor is a former cop who has just found a very different type of gig. She’s now the personal assistant to her identical twin sister, Chloe, a soap opera star. (Cat, we are going to need details about how this career change happened and we are going to need to hear these details over giant margaritas!) Then Chloe decides to go AWOL in order to make a career-changing audition and asks Cat to act in her place. Things are actually going quite well until leading man Grayson Alexander begins to smell something fishy. Funny enough, he’s not exactly who he says, either. One thing is for sure, though: Grayson would really like to get nekkid with Cat. And the feeling is mutual, because Grayson would look pounce-able in even the most hideous of ugly Christmas sweaters. Here’s hoping these two beautiful people come clean about who they are and proceed to engage in all kinds of winter-themed sexy escapades! This is the fifth book in Mason’s Christmas, Colorado series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on November 5.)

    What brand new romance novels are you looking forward to this week?

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    Romance Roundup: Scullery Maids, Shipping Heiresses, and Vengeful Lords 

    This week’s Romance Roundup includes a reclusive artist who’s about to get a family for Christmas, an heiress who has a crafty plan to avoid marriage, and two reunited former sweethearts who have A LOT of catching up to do. 

    My Favorite Things, by Lynsay Sands
    Three reprinted Christmas short stories in one volume! In “All I Want,” Lady Prudence is desperate to make her waste-of-space of a father stop his chronic gambling. She tries to get him out of a gaming establishment but the proprietor, Lord Stockton, doesn’t let women into said gaming establishment. (Or into his heart, apparently!) Still, Prudence soon manages to make him feel all of the feelings. Can they resolve their differences and live a happy life that only involves seeing Prudence’s dad once a month? In “Three French Hens,” scullery maid Brinna gets the opportunity of a lifetime when she gets to switch places with a super duper rich lady who looks just like her. This means she gets courted by a bonafide gentleman, who is also quite handsome to boot. (Brinna, you go, girl!) In “The Fairy Godmother,” Odel’s fairy godmother tells her to get married by Christmas and gives her some fairy dust to help things move along. Odel doubts any of this will help—she took one of those anti-love vows—but then she meets Michel, who makes her rethink her thoughts. Oh, Odel, please realize that Michel is most definitely the man for you! (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on October 29.)

    A Texas Kind of Christmas, by Jodi Thomas, Celia Bonaduce, and Rachael Miles
    Three new stories in one volume! In Thomas’ “One Night at the St. Nicholas,” heiress Jacqueline Hartman is determined to avoid her evil stepmother’s plans to marry her off to the highest bidder. She escapes her crazy family and ends up spending an evening with the accused—and very hunky—bank robber Nathaniel Ward. (Give us all of the details, Jacqueline! Did you two sleep under the stars? Who kept who warm? Was there lots of snuggling involved?) In Bonaduce’s “Birdie’s Flight,” seamstress Birdie Flanagan gets a major surprise when she’s invited to a ball. She goes to said ball and meets Captain Douglas Newcastle, who can captain our bodies any day of the week! Will their connection last beyond the evening? In Miles’ “Spirit of Texas,” Eugenie Charpentier may be considered a spinster, but that doesn’t mean she’s immune to adventure. (That’s right, Eugenie! Show society just what a strong single lady you are!) She decides to find some adventure via former Texas Ranger Asher Graham, and she’s not totally unsuccessful, but they’ll each need to share their deepest, darkest secrets before they can find long-lasting bliss! (Available in paperback and NOOK on October 29.)

    Christmas With You, by Nora Roberts
    Two fan favorites in one volume! In “Gabriel’s Angel,” reclusive and elusive artist Gabriel Bradley is quite content to be 100% on his own. That is, he doesn’t think he wants a nice woman in his life. (Really, Gabriel? Because some of us know how to make waffles, and those of us who don’t will totally learn the fastest route to the nearest breakfast haven!) Then he meets Laura Malone. She’s running away from some bad guys. Oh, she’s also extremely pregnant, so this is definitely NOT the time for her to be as stressed as she is. (Laura, we’ll all book you a nail appointment ASAP—both hands AND feet!) Gabriel offers her shelter and protection, and it doesn’t take long for him to realize he’d love a more permanent situation with our gal. In “Home for Christmas,” journalist Jason Law is back home and on a mission. He wants to woo back his old sweetheart, Faith Monroe. Trouble is, he did some not-so-nice things back in the day, like leave her. (Jason, buddy, we all know you’re a sexy, badass reporter who deserves all of the accolades, but now’s the time to do some serious groveling.) Will all of these beautiful people get the chance at love they deserve? (Available in paperback on October 29.) 

    This Earl of Mine, by Kate Bateman
    Georgiana Caversteed is a beautiful shipping heiress, which means TONS of blockheaded men are after her and her fortune. If that wasn’t enough trouble, she’s also trying to avoid marriage to a creepy cousin. She hatches a plan that involves marrying a criminal who’s about to be executed. The guy she ends up marrying is Benedict William Henry Wylde, the second son of an earl. (Fact: Many a woman has fantasized about doing things with Benedict of which no clergyman would approve!) He and Georgiana bump into each other in Newgate Prison, and she decides he’ll do quite nicely for her little scheme. The thing is, Benedict is actually working undercover. Georgiana gets the surprise of her life when she sees Benedict alive and well at a society gathering weeks later. (Georgiana, we’ll all happily hold your fan and hold your wine and drink your wine—sorry, continue to respectfully hold your wine—while you collect your thoughts and emotions!) Now they must decide just how the heck they’re going to navigate this next phase of their lives. This is the first book in Bateman’s Bow Street Bachelors series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on October 29.) 

    Finding Home Again, by Brenda Jackson
    Bryce Witherspoon and Kaegan Chambray were The It Couple of Catalina Cove many years ago—until they weren’t. They had a horrible misunderstanding and Kaegan broke up with Bryce over it. (Kaegan, buddy, did you at least PRETEND to listen to what Bryce had to say?!) Now Kaegan is back in town after 10 years, and let’s just say that he and Bryce never really lost that loving feeling. (This is welcome news, as Kaegan has grown to be quite the irresistible hottie!) That said, Bryce ends up revealing a very dark secret, which immediately kicks Kaegan into Mr. Lovey Dovey mode and motivates him to win back his woman. Good for you, Kaegan! Life is too short to be without the person you love! Here’s hoping they forgive each other, forget the past and move forward to create a new life together! This is the third book in Jackson’s Catalina Cove series. (Available in hardcover, paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on October 29.) 

    Angel in a Devil’s Arms, by Julie Anne Long
    Everyone thought that Lucien Durand, Lord Bolt drowned in the Thames River 10 years ago. Spoiler alert: He didn’t. (Lucien, had we all seen you drowning, we would have scandalously lifted our skirts above our knees and gone running into the water to save you!) Now that Lucien’s “back from the dead,” he really wants to claim his stolen birthright. He also wants to jump into the sack with Angelique Breedlove, with whom he has just crossed paths. Angelique isn’t having it, though, due to some serious heartbreak in her past. (Angelique, sister, please, please, PLEASE reconsider this misguided decision of yours!) Here’s hoping that Lucien reclaims his birthright, that Angelique realizes it’s okay to fall in love again, and that the two of them proceed to live a long life together that involves lots of, ahem, frolicking! This is the second book in Long’s Palace of Rogues series. (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on October 29.)

    What romances are you excited to read this month?

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