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    Romance Roundup: Psychics, Ladies of Disguise, and Plucky Governesses 

    This week’s Romance Roundup includes a psychic who gets some much-needed protection, a Navy SEAL who is crazy in love with a spy, and a governess who finds herself face-to-face with an old flame.

    Strawberry Hill, by Catherine Anderson
    Super awesome cook Vickie Brown loves to feed people, especially large crowds of them. She’s not too stoked, however, to end up cooking for a crew of people who are led by Slade Wilder. They were engaged once upon a time, but she ditched him before they could even walk down the aisle. (Hang on for just a second, Vickie! We’ll need a bottle of wine to go with this story!) Slade and Vickie still have the hots for each other, and underneath his gruff and tough exterior lies the heart of a virile man who is still in love with our gal. (Slade, roll up your flannel sleeves at every opportunity and flex those biceps!) Will working together make them close again? Can they forgive each other for whatever happened? Does Slade still have a six pack? And will they manage to create a fresh start together? This is the fifth book in Anderson’s Mystic Creek series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on December 31.)

    Final Shadows, Kay Hooper
    Tasha Solomon has some amazing psychic abilities, but she’s kept them secret, because there are some seriously Bad Folks who hunt people like her down. Fortunately, Tasha is about to get some help from John Brodie. He’s a Guardian, and his kind of people have a very specific skill set that allows them to protect psychics like Tasha. Tasha and John have a major connection, and he is willing to do whatever it takes to keep our gal safe. That’s a great thing, because there are many battles to be fought these days. (John, feel free to come on over and protect us from the weirdos we encounter in our day-to-day lives!) John and Tasha will need to use every tool at their disposal if they’re going to help win this war and have a future together. Tasha and John, when it’s all over, make time for a long getaway to a secluded tropical island! This is the third book in Hooper’s Bishop Special Crimes Unit series. (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on December 31.)

    Ocean Light, by Nalini Singh
    Security specialist Bowen Knight is in a bit of a pickle. He recently had a chip implanted in his head, and let’s just say it wouldn’t be pretty if said chip malfunctions. (He might lose his brain, which would be no bueno.) He needs to help the Human Alliance, but his days are consumed by Kaia Luna. Things aren’t looking too great for this would-be couple, though. She, for one, has a lot of issues to sort through and doesn’t want to get involved with a guy who has such a complicated situation. (Come on, Kaia! Look at his face! Those eyes! Surely you can find at least one little reason—and one well-sized reason, tee hee—to stick around!) Bowen can’t deny his feelings, though, because in addition to everything else he also has a well-sized heart. When Kaia’s life officially becomes endangered, he shakes off what ails him and goes after her. This is the second book in Singh’s Psy-Changeling Trinity series. (Available in paperback on December 31.)

    Out of Time, by Monica McCarty
    Navy SEAL Lieutenant Commander and Proprietor of Our Panties Scott Taylor may have lost half of his platoon during a secret ops mission in Russia, but he knows it would have been far worse without the heads-up he got from his secret, special lady-friend Natalie Andersson. Then Natalie is killed and Scott learns that she’s the one who, in fact, betrayed them all. If that wasn’t enough to process, Scott then he finds out that Natalie’s alive. (Natalie, you might have a wee bit of explaining to do! And we’re going to need another bottle of wine….) As for Natalie, she might be a spy with a long, complicated history with her Russian homeland. Here’s hoping that Natalie and Scott manage to make it out of all of this alive, that Scott’s remaining platoon men are safe and sound, and that he and Natalie can solidify their love in a luxury mountain cabin on a sumptuously soft bearskin rug. This is the third book in McCarty’s Lost Platoon series. (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on December 31.)

    Bound for Temptation, by Tess LeSue
    Emma Palmer is one plucky lady. She already survived the Oregon Trail, and now she needs to survive in California, so she does the whole brothel-owner thing. (Yep, this is definitely not the version of “The Oregon Trail” your teachers let you play in elementary school!) Then a patron makes her an offer she has to refuse, so she creates a new disguise and skedaddles. (#whateverittakes #awesomeheroine) Her latest ruse puts her in touch with Tom Slater, a cattleman who just wants some peace and quiet on his family’s homestead in Mexico. Tom helps Emma and some other ladies travel south. Now, he may have that whole “strong and silent” thing going on for him, not to mention a rock-hard body tailored for, ahem, riding, but he’s no dummy. He figures Emma is a big, heaping dose of trouble. Tom, buddy, that may be true, but we promise you that Emma is the best kind of trouble you’ll ever have! This is the third book in LeSue’s Frontiers of the Heart series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on December 31.)

    The Duke I Once Knew, by Olivia Drake
    Society might consider Abigail Linton a spinster, but she is, in fact, one badass lady! She’s spent her life taking care of others, and now she’s determined to have her own adventures. (Kudos to any lady in any place in any time period who did what she could to improve her situation!) She gets a job as a governess at a nearby estate, which she’s feeling optimistic about, but then she realizes her employer will be Maxwell Bryce, the Duke of Rothwell. He broke her heart back in the day and today he is more of a rake than ever. When he reappears on his estate after a very, very long absence, there’s no denying that he and Abigail have some serious making out to do. (They’ll do this once they each get over some long-standing misunderstandings.) Maxwell and Abigail, please, please get over your respective issues with each other pronto and engage in some exceptionally sensual frivolity! This is the first book in Drake’s Unlikely Duchesses series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on December 31.)

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    Romance Roundup: Innocent Matchmakers, Scottish Lairds, and Hot Aussies 

    This week’s Romance Roundup features a lost and lonely husband who wants his wife to come home, a wannabe matchmaker who needs to learn about love and attraction, and a woman who is ready to take control of her life and go after the man she’s always wanted.

    O’Hurley Born, by Nora Roberts
    This reprint contains two beloved stories! In “The Last Honest Woman,” widow Abby O’Hurley is working hard to create a good life for her and her two sons. Oh, and she’s also keeping her past on the DL. Journalist and biographer Dylan Crosby, though, is convinced she’s hiding some horrendously dark secrets and wants to uncover them. Then he gets to know our gal, and realizes that she’s, like, a really good person and a strong woman. Dylan, buddy, please give up any harebrained schemes you have and devote your life to making Abby smile! In “Dance to the Piper,” recording mogul Reed Valentine meets his match in dancer Maddy O’Hurley. The only issue is that Reed has trouble expressing his feelings. As in, he’s afraid that showing said feelings will cause lightning to strike and burn his morose soul to a crisp. Will he unlock his safety-bolted heart and let Maddy’s love inside of it? (Available in paperback on December 24.)

    Ten Kisses to Scandal, by Vivienne Lorret
    Briar Bourne is matchmaker-in-training with the Bourne Matrimonial Agency. She has great ambitions to fix people up, but she’s not exactly an encyclopedia of knowledge and experience when it comes to attraction between the sexes. She enlists the help of Nicholas Blacklowe, the Earl of Edgemont, to teach her a thing or two, and let’s just say he’s loosened many a London corset. Now he’s going to teach Briar about the laws of attraction, and he insists on receiving kisses from her as payment. (Oh, Nicholas, you lovable scoundrel, you!) His Sexiness has no intentions to settle down and become a family man. Then he gets to know Briar better, and realizes that the rake life is no longer everything it’s cracked up to be. (Nicholas, we KNEW you were a smarty pants!) This is the second book in Lorret’s Misadventures in Matchmaking series. (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on December 24.)

    1105 Yakima Street, by Debbie Macomber
    This reprint features abandoned husband Bruce Peyton, whose wife, Rachel, has just left him. She’s pregnant and under a lot of stress, so she decided to get lost and lay low. (She did a pretty darn good job, too, because no one knows where she is right now.) Oh, and Bruce is having trouble with his 13-year-old daughter, Jolene. Yep, Bruce is not exactly at a high point in his life right now. He’s not alone, though, because of a bunch of his neighbors are also experiencing their own family-related issues. Bruce wants to be a good friend to them, but he really wants Rachel’s help. He also just wants Rachel back home. Bruce, buddy, remember that Rachel is pregnant and likely hormonal and you need to do what it takes to make your home a welcoming and nurturing place! This book is part of Macomber’s extensive Cedar Cove series. (Available in paperback on December 24.)

    The Presence, by Heather Graham
    Toni MacNally are on a fun money-making scheme, one that involves buying a decrepit Scottish castle and telling incoming tourists that it’s haunted by a totally made-up laird named Bruce MacNiall. All is fine and dandy until a total fine and dandy hunk shows up and tells everyone that he is, in fact, the Laird MacNiall. (Dude, you can be laird of our anything any day of the week!) Then some of the ladies in the nearby town end up dead, and Toni starts to wonder whether this hottie man has anything to do with it. (No! It cannot be! We refuse to believe it! He’s just too sexy!) Toni will need to use all of her sleuthing skills to help figure out who the murderer is – and learn more about this mysterious and sexy guy. This book also contains a bonus story, “When Twilight Comes,” by B.J. Daniels. It’s about a woman and her child who get stuck in a storm with the very handsome Harry Ballantine. (Available in paperback on December 24.)

    Just Kate, by Linda Lael Miller
    Romance readers who wouldn’t mind an escape to the Land Down Under will enjoy this two-in-one reprint! In “Just Kate,” our gal Kate Blake just got screwed over by both her father AND her fiance. (Kate, our pitchforks are sharpened and ready to go! Just give us the who and the when!) She decides to take control of her life and go after what she really wants – her late sister’s husband, Sean Harris. (Oh, boy, we SO want to be invited to the next family gathering!) Kate and Sean have lots of feelings to sort through, and a lot of family issues to confront, so here’s hoping they both have limitless amounts of patience and stamina. This volume also contains “What a Westmoreland Wants” by Brenda Jackson, which features Australian rancher Callum Austell. He is very eager to win the favor of Gemma Westmoreland, but let’s just say she’s going to make him work for it. (Available in paperback on December 24.)

    Misadventures with My Ex, by Shayla Black
    Once upon a time, Eryn Hope and Weston Quaid were super duper close to getting married. Then he discovered something about her that made him skedaddle on their wedding day. (Dude, really?) Three years later, Weston is in full control of his family’s business and fortune – and Eryn is in desperate need of some help. He agrees to help her bistro business get off of the ground, but in return, she’ll need to be his mistress. (Dude, again, really?) Eryn isn’t too hurt by this, though, because she still has The Feelings for Weston, and they both still have The Chemistry. Weston and Eryn, forgive and forget and move forward! Life is too short to not, ahem, be with each other every single night! This is the latest book in the extensive, multi-authored Misadventures series. (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on March 26.)

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    Romance Roundup: Army Nurses, Brothel Owners, and Fun-Seeking Widows 

    This week’s Romance Roundup includes a very nice lady who rallies her group of besties to help a neglected boy, an Army nurse who falls hard for a fellow veteran, and a widow who ends up sharing a life-changing kiss with an old flame.

    Safe and Sound, by Fern Michaels
    Our gal Isabelle Flanders Tookus can’t just sit back and do nothing when she realizes eight-year-old Ben Ryan is being neglected. (He lives with his horrendously greedy stepfather and that stepfather’s wife, and let’s just say they are NOT providing the little dude with a nurturing, loving home.) Isabelle knew Ben’s grandmother once upon a time and never forgot that woman’s kindness. She calls The Sisterhood for help, and like the truly wonderful and united group they are they come together to help Ben. Oh, they also start to track down Ben’s missing grandmother. A story that features a helpless kid, a missing woman and a group of smart and strong ladies out for justice is bound to provide a good, wild ride, so sit back with your warmest socks and reading beverage of choice! This is the latest book in Michaels’ extensive Sisterhood series. (Available in paperback on December 18.)

    The Family Gathering, by Robyn Carr
    Dakota Jones has just left the military, and he’s seeking a bit of R&R as he decides what to do next with his life. (Oh, Dakota, we’d all be MORE than happy to give you some ideas as we sip wine on a bearskin rug in front of a fireplace wearing nothing but perfume!) He decides to have a mini reunion with his siblings, who live in Sullivan’s Crossing. He also just wants to lay low in general. No one fails to notice Dakota and his biceps, though, and he soon becomes the object of affection for many a lady in town. (Sorry, Dakota, but this was inevitable!) There’s one lady, though, who thinks she is immune to his very sexy charms, but she’s really not because that is literally impossible with a guy like Dakota. (Nice try, though!) Can he make her see reason? This is the third book in Carr’s Sullivan’s Crossing series. (Available in paperback on December 18.)

    Not the Duke’s Darling, by Elizabeth Hoyt
    Freya de Moray is working as a chaperone under a fake name—and keeping her membership with the secret order of the Wise Women under wraps. (Freya, may we please join this awesome-sounding organization? Thanks!) She needs to lay low because her family has been disgraced and she has nowhere to go. Then she runs into Christopher Renshaw, the Duke of Harlowe, at a party, which kicks her into action. He’s the one responsible for her family’s troubles, so she’s ready to take him down. As for Christopher, he knows he’s not exactly on Freya’s “Nice” list, but he still can’t help but admire her courage and resilience. (See, Freya? He’s not all bad!) Oh, he’s also being blackmailed, so he has some of his own major issues to deal with. That said, he really wants to keep Freya safe. Here’s hoping they manage to join forces, that Freya’s family’s honor is restored, and that she and Christopher move on to bigger and better things together! This is the first book in Hoyt’s Greycourt series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on December 18.)

    Undaunted, by Helen Hardt
    The hotness between ER nurse Erin Hamilton and vampire Dante Gabriel continues! They been through a lot together, these two, and yet it still seems as if their troubles are only just beginning. To start off with, Dante needs to break into a cemetery and recover his father’s body in order to claim his estate. (Dude, we’ll let you take the lead on this one and cheer you on from a distant, alibi-filled place!) As for Erin, a missing doctor returns to her hospital and is acting kind of weird. She’s also having some bizarre dreams. Then there’s the matter of Dante developing some unexpected abilities. Plus, some vampire thugs are out to get Erin. Yes, these two lovebirds certainly have a lot to deal with, but between Erin’s smarts and overall awesomeness and Dante’s steely gaze and abs, we’re confident they’ll make it through the darkness! This is the third book in Hardt’s Blood Bond Saga series and contains parts 7, 8 and 9. (Available in paperback on December 18.)

    Highlander Ever After, by Paula Quinn
    Adam MacGregor is the son of a clan chief, and he is required to marry a high-falutin’ lady. Englishwoman Sina de Arenberg is chosen for the job, and suffice it to say she’s not feeling it. (This has zero to do with Adam’s looks, because he is quite sexy, and more to do with her snobbery against Highlanders.) As for Adam, he’s finds Sina and her strong personality a tad overwhelming. Once they get to know each other, though, they soon realize that marriage might not be so bad after all. Things are starting to get quite cozy between them when Sina is called back to the English court. She thought she would have missed that life terribly, but when she arrives she’s all like “Meh.” Oh, Sina, we’re so glad you’ve seen the light—and all of Adam! Now demand that a carriage take you back to your real home ASAP and show your man how much you love him! This is the fourth book in Quinn’s Highlander Heirs series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on December 18.)

    Dirty Little Secret, by Jennifer Ryan
    Noah Cordero’s beloved stepfather just passed away. He left half of his ranch to a woman Noah has never met before—the very lovely Roxy Cordero. (To be clear, they are NOT related in any possible way.) Roxy is less than thrilled to be inheriting this ranch from her late estranged father, and that’s mainly because she’s also inherited a brothel called the Wild Rose Ranch. (Excuse us for a moment, Roxy, as we must brew some tea before we hear this particular story!) Roxy grew up in this establishment, and let’s just say she wouldn’t mind if people never found out about it. Like, ever. (Roxy, you have nothing to be ashamed of, but yes, we understand why this probably won’t go on your resume!) Here’s hoping that Roxy and Noah stop dilly-dallying around their feelings and that they build new and happy lives together! This is the first book in Ryan’s Wild Rose series. (Available in hardcover, paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on December 18.)

    Long, Tall Texan, by Lori Wilde
    Texas socialite Delaney Cartwright may be engaged but she does NOT want to get married. Still, she’s afraid of the repercussions if she doesn’t get married, so she decides to give it all one final go and kidnap her fiance in the hopes of spending a passionate night with him. Huge mistake, though, as she ends up kidnapping detective Nick Vinetti instead. (Oh, that every mistake was so delicious!) Nick has his own love issues, being as how his ex-wife ditched him during their honeymoon. (Huh?! Did she get hit on the head by a coconut and forget who he was? Or did she just not get the chance to see Nick nekkid?) Delaney and Nick soon realize that they like each other very much and wouldn’t mind having lots of rolls in the proverbial hay together. When she lands in some major trouble, this gives Nick a chance to realize that he is SO not letting her go. This reprint was previously published as “There Goes the Bride,” and is the first book in Wilde’s Wedding Veil Wishes series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on December 18.)

    Dead Girl Running, by Christina Dodd
    Our gal Kellen Adams needs a giant hug. For one, she can’t remember the last year of her life. She also has a gunshot scar on her forehead. (Kellen, all of us girlfriends of yours are getting in line to give you all of the hugs!) She decides to seek some peace in her new job as the assistant manager of a resort on the North Pacific Coast. It’s remote. It’s beautiful. It’s perfect. Then she finds a dead woman on the property, and things just get crazy again from there. More people get murdered, and Kellen is smack-dab in the thick of all the drama. She’ll need to stay sharp and use every tool in her toolbox to maintain her innocence, her job, and her sanity. Kellen, you hang in there and keep being your awesome self! Be careful about who you trust! And we hope that somewhere in there you meet a nice fellow who will love you and massage your feet every night! This is the first book in Dodd’s Cape Charade series. (Available in paperback on December 18.)

    Home to Wind River, by Lindsay McKenna
    Army nurse Lily Thompson just had an exceptionally rough tour in Afghanistan. She decides to seek some R&R at the Wind River Ranch, where she gets a job taking care of an elderly lady. Said elderly lady is the mom of Jake Murdoch, a former Marine who is dealing with his own demons. Fortunately, Lily doesn’t take Jake’s aloofness personally. She knows he’s going through some stuff. Still, that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t mind ripping off his plaid shirt with her teeth in the middle of an open field under a starry sky and then licking the warm chocolate syrup she managed to bring off of his abs while also…ahem. Pardon. Anyway, these two lovebirds will need to do some major soul-searching on their quest for inner peace. Here’s hoping they find that inner peace sooner rather than later, and that they the proceed to get very, very happy together in an imaginative range of ways! This is the seventh book in McKenna’s Wind River Valley series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on December 18.)

    What a Widow Wants, by Jenna Jaxon
    Fanny is a widow. Formerly known as Lady Stephen Tarkington, she is thrilled to finally stop mourning for her late husband, who was not much of a prize to begin with. Now she’s free to kick up her heels a bit, and she plans to go all out by dressing up as Aphrodite at a masquerade party. She ends up kissing a guy dressed up as a Roman god, and it’s a REALLY good kiss. Like, she wouldn’t mind more of THAT. Trouble is, that Roman god is none other than Matthew, Lord Lathbury. Fanny rejected his proposal back in the day, and he never really got over her. He wants to woo her again, but she’s not totally sure she’s feeling it. (Fanny, no offense, but would you PLEASE get your strong, smart, and beautiful head out of the clouds?!?!) Will Matthew be successful in winning Fanny’s heart back? And will Fanny open her heart for a chance at the great love she deserves? This is the third book in Jaxon’s Widow’s Club series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on December 18.)

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    Romance Roundup: Prisoners of War, Long-Lost Heiresses, and Beauty Salon Owners 

    This week’s Romance Roundup includes a former prisoner of war who is determined to have his happy ending, a lady who gets a very interesting house-sitting gig, and a angsty California rancher who returns home to find some peace and love.

    Earl to the Rescue, by Jane Ashford
    Originally published as “Gwendeline,” this revised version of Ashford’s debut novel features Gwendeline Gregory, a young woman trying to survive a London Season. It’s not easy, to say the least. For one, there’s a creepy dude who might want to, ahem, cause her great scandal. Plus there’s the fact that London high society can be SO judgmental. (Sending you all of the positive vibes, Gwendeline!) The drama is about to hit the fan, but then Alex St. Audley, Earl of Merryn shows up looking so fine and ready to give her a helping hand. (He DOES have very nice hands!) This looks promising indeed, but Gwendeline is not a hundred percent sure she can trust him. Here’s hoping that Alex has a solid plan in place with good intentions, and that it all involves him rocking her world and walking her down the aisle! (Available in paperback and NOOK.)

    The Cajun Cowboy, by Sandra Hill
    Beauty salon owner Charmaine LeDeux has a bit of a loan shark problem, so she needs to go in hiding for a bit. Fortunately, she’s still married to Raoul Lanier, and they’ve just inherited a ranch. (Well, she WAS pretty mad to find out that they were still married, but at least she now has a secure place to stay!) Raoul is a rancher, and let’s just say his flock (or herd?) of steer isn’t looking too great. (This isn’t metaphorical talk. We’re literally talking about cows here. There’s nothing wrong with Raoul or his body. He is divine.) Anyway, Raoul still has the hots for Charmaine, and she still has feelings for him, even though she doesn’t want to admit it. The thing is, she has decided she’s a born-again virgin. Raoul is going to have to work very, very hard to convince Charmaine that he’s the only man for her. This is the second book in Hill’s Cajun series. (Available in paperback and NOOK.)

    The Story of Us, by Tara Sivec
    This reprint features Eli, a soldier who just survived five years as a prisoner of war. (Dude, the next round of beers is on us!) The main thing that kept him going all that time was the thoughtand the many wonderful memoriesof Shelby Eubanks. They were crazy in love back in the day, and he’s never, ever forgotten her. Now that Eli has finally been freed, he’s determined to win his lady back. (That’s the spirit, buddy! Don’t let anything stifle your dreams!) The only thing is, Shelby is not the woman he left behind. She’s become a total conformist who lives her life according to other people’s wishes. (Shelby, who do we need to sneer at? Just point us in the right direction!) Eli, you’ve already been through so much, but it looks like you’ll need to push even harder to make things the way they should be. You can do this, buddy! (Available in paperback and NOOK.)

    Shacking Up, by Helena Hunting
    Ruby Scott was having a great time at a party and even got to make out with a super duper hot guy. Then he coughed on her. The result: She got too sick to successfully audition for a role she really, really needed. (She miiiiight be having money trouble, and she miiiiight have banked everything on this one audition.) Then she gets the opportunity to house-sit and pet-sit for hotel magnate Bancroft Mills. He lives in a high-falutin’ penthouse apartment, so she’ll get to work in style. (Ruby, please give us some HGTV-worthy descriptions about kitchen fixtures and bathroom amenities!) When she realizes that Bancroft is the same guy who unintentionally got her sick and botched her audition and ruined her life (okay, maybe that was a bit much) she still realizes that she wants to see him nekkid. Ruby, forgive him! And Bancroft, pull some strings and help her get another audition! (Available in paperback and NOOK.)

    Silent Scream, by Karen Harper  
    The romanceand adventure and intriguebetween wife-and-husband team Claire Britten and Nick Markwood continues! Claire, a forensic psychologist, just got the opportunity to work on an archaeological site. (Cool!) Oh, and it’s located at a Florida peat bog. (Claire, we are thrilled for you and will cheer you on from the comfort of our air-conditioned homes and offices!) Things are going dandy until bodies start coming up out of the bog. It turns out these bodies just might be connected to a murder case Nick is working on – and that someone doesn’t want Nick sticking his handsome face in their murder business. Here’s hoping that Claire and Nick manage to dodge whatever bad guys are involved in these murders, that Claire still manages to live out her “Jurassic Park” digging fantasies, and that she and Nick take a relaxing, dead body-free vacation when it’s all over! This is the fifth book in Harper’s South Shores series. (Available in hardcover, paperback, audiobook, and NOOK.)

    Someone Like You, by Leigh Greenwood
    Rafe Jerry was banished from his family’s California ranch, and he was all like “Peace out, I hated you all anyway!” He decided to go to war (yep, that sounds like one way to get your mind off of things) and it’s turned him into a lean, mean, emotionally-damaged machine. When the war ends, he decides to go back home and claim his land. (That’s right, Rafe! You fight for what’s yours!) His journey brings him face-to-face with Maria de la Guerra, the woman who might hold the key to Rafe’s blackened heart. She’s, like, a really nice person, which makes her WAY different from the other people Rafe has known throughout his life. Rafe, dude, let go of the past and embrace a future with this lovely, kind-hearted woman! This is the fourth book in Greenwood’s Night Riders series. (Available in paperback and NOOK.)

    See How She Dies, by Lisa Jackson  
    An heiress named London Danvers was kidnapped about 20 years ago when she was just four years old, and many, many ladies have come forward over the years pretending to be her. Zachary Danvers, however, is convinced that Adria Nash just might be who she claims to be. (Don’t worryeven though he and London may have the same last names this does not appear to be a Game of Thrones situation!) Adria knows a lot of things about London that no one else does, and she bears a strong resemblance to London’s mother. She just might be able to inherit London’s fortune. That is, if someone doesn’t succeed in killing her first. Adriaer, London? Or should we stick with Adria?whatever happens, you watch your back and keep your trusted ones close! Especially Zachary! Because he is F.I.N.E.! (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK.)

    Western Hearts, by Debbie Macomber and Jodi Thomas
    Two stories in one! In “Montana” by Debbie Macomber, Molly packs up her two sons and moves to Sweetgrass, Montana to be with her sick grandfather. There she meets Sam Dakota, a hunky guy who is currently working on her grandfather’s ranch. (Sam, you can work on our ranchesboth literal and proverbialany day of the week!) Oh, Molly, please, please get to know this Sam guy in every sense and consider embracing a new life in Big Sky Country! In “Ransom Canyon” by Jodi Thomas, rancher Staten Kirkland is having a hard time keeping his emotions in check. He’s had a rough past, and let’s just say it’s been really hard to let that rough past go. (Staten, we’re sending you all of the hugs!) The one woman who might be able to help him find some peace is Quinn O’Grady. Staten and Quinn, you two seek some solitude and get down to expressing your feelings! (Available in paperback and NOOK.)

    The Good, The Bad, and The Duke, by Janna MacGregor
    Lady Daphne Hallworth was accidentally left behind at home for the holidays, so she decides to work on opening a home for unwed mothers. (Daphne, you are awesome and we want to make donations!) Her project puts her in the path of the very handsome Paul Barstowe, Duke of Southart. Paul used to be best buds with her brother, and now he’s officially in Family Enemy Territory. (Paul, dude, what did you do?!) It turns out that Paul wants to open a hospital on the same slot of land as Daphne’s future women’s shelter. Oh, and he wants Daphne’s help in restoring his damaged reputation. During this philanthropic journey, all kinds of feelings start to emerge. Here’s hoping they manage to resolve their respective issuesand that they find a nice middle ground on the, er, ground they both want! This is the fourth book in MacGregor’s Cavensham Heiresses series. (Available in paperback and NOOK.)

    Hard Night, by Jackie Ashenden  
    Jacob Night is all about high-level rescue missions. He is, after all, a ex-Black Ops guy, plus the owner of a billion-dollar security company, plus the leader of the 11th Hour, a group of deliciously masculine guys who are ready to fight for justice any day of the week. (Oh, Jacob, we all wouldn’t mind having at least a smidgeon of your concern and protection!) Jacob has never been able to find his missing brother, though, so he sets off on his own personal mission, one that involves finding his brother’s ex, Faith. Trouble is, Faith has no memory, and so she can’t exactly help Jacob right now. As they become more involved, and as a group of men try to kill Faith, she and Jacob will have to question everything they know if they’re going to survive. Here’s hoping they manage to stay alive, that Faith turns out to be a good lady worthy of Jacob, and that they move forward to have a beautiful life together! This is the third book in Ashenden’s 11th Hour series. (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK.)

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    Romance Roundup: Cowboys, London Bankers, and Leopard Shifters 

    This week’s Romance Roundup includes a wrongfully accused London banker-turned-duke who is out for revenge, a young lady who wants the love of her life to see her more womanly side, and a grumpy cowboy who finally meets the lady destined to turn his frown upside down.

    Leopard’s Run, by Christine Feehan
    Leopard shifter Timur Amurov is on a mission to see if Ashe Bronte is friend or foe. Ashe works in his sister-in-law’s bakery, but he’s not about to be fooled by her sweet demeanor and her top-notch customer service skills. Still, he can’t deny that he is mega-attracted to her, and that she has a calming, almost zen-like effect on him. As for Ashe, she’s trying to stay out of trouble. This includes resisting Timur and his gorgeous body and his wild leopard ways. (No offense, Ashe, but we don’t think you’ll last for too long, and that’s totally understandable when it comes to a guy like Timur.) Here’s hoping that Timur realizes that Ashe is not, in fact, the enemy, and that they both let go of their inhibitions and spend many a day licking chocolate batter off of each other! This is the latest book in Feehan’s Leopard series. (Available in paperback and NOOK.)

    Solace Island, by Meg Tilly
    Maggie Harris’ fiance just backed out of their wedding, which is no bueno, so she joins her sister on Solace Island to get away from it all for a little while. (Um, Maggie? Solace Island sounds like a wonderful place. What’s the address? We’d like to plug it into a GPS. Thanks!) Things are going well until they start to get a bit shady. Maggie is nearly run over by a car, for one. (Fortunately, she’s saved by the quick reflexes and chiseled jaw of her new neighbor, Luke Benson.) Then some more shady things happen, things that quite likely involve some shady people. Luke ends up letting Maggie and her sister live in his house, which has royalty-level security, because he really likes her and wants to keep her safe. Maggie will need to open up to Luke and give him the scoop on her life if they’re going to get close. (You can do it, Maggie!) This is the first book in Tilly’s Solace series. (Available in paperback and NOOK.)

    SEAL’S Honor, by Megan Crane
    Former SEAL Blue Hendricks is having a rough time readjusting to civilian life. Still, he refuses to turn his well-defined, muscular back on Everly Campbell, his old friend’s sister. Her roommate was just murdered, and she’s decided to turn to the only man she feels she can trust. Blue lives in a remote town in Alaska along with some of his fellow ex-military guys, and they are all going to band together to make sure Everly stays safe. Oh, and Blue soon realizes he doesn’t want to ever live another day without Everly by his side. (That’s right, buddy! Follow your bliss and find your happy ending!) Here’s hoping they manage to keep Everly safe, that they solve the mystery of her roommate’s murder, and that Everly and Blue proceed to spend many a cold Alaskan night keeping each other nice and warm! This is the first book in Crane’s Alaska Force series. (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK.)

    All I Want for Christmas is a Cowboy, by Jessica Clare
    Rancher Eli Pickett doesn’t do Christmas because a) He’s really, really busy with his herd and b) He’s still single, because he just can’t find a lady to embrace the ranch life. It could also be just because he’s a tad grumpy and prefers the company of his dogs to the company of society. Meanwhile, Cassandra Horn is trading in Manhattan for her parents’ winter cabin this holiday season. Sadly, she gets into a car crash and loses her memory. Eli finds her and takes care of her, which gives him a chance to express his more sensitive, caring side. (We knew you had one, Eli! We never lost faith!) They start to fall pretty hard for each other, but Cassandra isn’t so sure she should be just giving her heart out to the first cowboy who takes care of her. (Oh, trust us, Cassandra, you absolutely should!) Eli, once our gal gets her memory back, make sure you give her plenty of reasons to stick around! (Available in paperback and NOOK.)

    Pride and Passion, by Nora Roberts
    Two old fan favorites in one volume! In “Search for Love,” Serenity Smith travels to the Brittany region of France to meet some estranged relatives. She recently lost her parents, so she’s not feeling too great. (Serenity, we’re sure the change of scenery will help to clear your head!) She ends up meeting the very cold Comtesse de Kergallen and the stuffy but sexy Christophe. She needs to convince them that she’s not some horrible person (family issues run deeply with this crowd). Oh, and she wouldn’t mind loosening every button of Christophe’s impeccably-tailored shirts. In “Irish Thoroughbred,” Roberts’ debut novel, Adelia Cunnane decides to move to the U.S. from Ireland after her aunt dies. She lives with her kind uncle, who works on a huge and prosperous horse farm owned by the very sexy Travis Grant. Adelia and Travis start to fall hard for each other. They’ll need to settle some differences, though, before they can have their happily ever after. (Available in paperback.)

    My One and Only Duke, by Grace Burrowes
    London banker Quinn Wentworth was about to be executed, which was why he agreed to marry pregnant widow Jane Winston. They met when her father was preaching to prisoners, and he offered her marriage so that she’d inherit his dough after his hanging and not starve. (Quinn, you’re not a good guy. You’re a GREAT guy!) Then it’s discovered that Quinn is, like, the long-lost heir to a dukedom, so he gets to escape the hangman’s noose. This means that he and Jane will end up spending WAY more time together than they had originally planned. Now, Quinn worked exceptionally hard to escape poverty, so he’s NOT going to just sit around and let whoever framed him get away with it. Quinn and Jane, once you’ve managed to rid yourselves of any bad apples, make sure you realize how lucky you are to have found each other! This is the first book in Burrowes’ Rogues to Riches series, and it includes a bonus novella, “Once Upon a Christmas Eve.” (Available in paperback and NOOK.)

    Exclusive/A Touch of Heaven, by Samantha Chase
    Two stories in one! In “Exclusive,” writer Taylor Scott gets a chance to interview a reclusive author. This is awesome for her career, to say the least, and the fact that said author has a cute assistant in the form of Mike Greene makes it all WAY sweeter. Mike, you may have buns of steel, but do NOT distract our gal from this career-changing opportunity! In “A Touch of Heaven,” Regan Amerson’s mom wins a home makeover from a reality TV show, and the show’s host is right up there, looks-wise, with the Property Brothers. (We love you, Jonathan and Drew!) Sawyer isn’t going through the best of times right now, but he’s still not about to let his cranky mood get in the way of pursuing our awesome gal. Sawyer, you go ahead and beg Regan for her affections, and then the two of you can proceed to build and design your future home! (Available in paperback and NOOK.)

    Never Let Me Fall, by Abbie Roads
    Thomas Brown may be colorblind, but he has the ability to stare deep into a person’s soul and really read them, hence his career in assisting criminal investigators. (Thomas, you can stare into our souls – and at other places—any day of the week! By all means, come right on over!) His life changes when he meets Helena Grayse. She’s had an exceptionally rough life, and Thomas is the only one in a very long time to show her kindness. Trouble is, Helena hasn’t managed to completely shake off the baddies from her past. Indeed, the worst might be on its way. Will Thomas run scared, or will he stick around and help keep Helena safe? (Go for the latter option, Thomas! Helena is an amazing lady and she won’t let you down!) This is the third book in Roads’ Fatal Dreams series. (Available in paperback and NOOK.)

    Recall, by Meredith Wild
    The lovey-dovey-ness between assassin Tristan Stone and Isabel Foster continues! Isabel and Tristan just can’t stay away from each other, even though his world is a dark one and he was originally kinda, sorta hired to kill her. (Such is the power of Tristan’s magnetism, his passionate kisses, and his perfectly defined abdominal muscles.) Then someone from Tristan’s past resurfaces, indicating that said past might be a tad harder to leave than he thought. Here’s hoping that Tristan ditches his dark ways ASAP, and that he and Isabel then focus on building a beautiful and peaceful life together filled with love and babies and maybe a cute puppy or two! (Actually, there should definitely be puppies. A whole litter of them!) This book contains the fourth, fifth, and sixth installments in Wild’s Red Ledger series. (Available in paperback.)

    Two Alone/A Secret Splendor, by Sandra Brown
    Two stories in one! In “Two Alone,” businesswoman Rusty Carlson finds herself stranded in the very remote woods with Vietnam vet Cooper Landry. Neither of them are exactly thrilled by this, even though they are both very attractive people—she finds him a tad scary and he’s afraid she’ll hurt his chances of survival. Oh, Rusty and Cooper. Let go of your biases and enjoy this quality time with each other and nature! In “A Secret Splendor,” Arden Gentry is feeling quite lonely and sad after losing her son and getting divorced. (Sending you all of the hugs, Arden!) She decides to track down the other son she gave birth to a long, long time ago. He lives in Hawaii, and Arden soon suddenly doubts whether she should even bother. Here’s hoping that everything works out for our gal, and that she finds some much-needed peace! (Available in paperback.)

    Long, Tall Texans: Calhoun & Justin, by Diana Palmer
    Two gloriously handsome brothers find true love in this tome! In “Calhoun,” orphan Abby Clark could only ever rely on the Ballenger brothers to keep her safe. The downside is that they still see her as a girl, especially Calhoun Ballenger, and let’s just say she does NOT want Calhoun to think of her as a girl. She’s ready to prove to him that she’s a grown woman and that she has some very womanly desires. Go get your man, Abby! In “Justin,” Shelby Jacobs wants to make amends with Justin Ballenger. This won’t be easy, mainly because she broke off their engagement six years ago. She still loves him, though, because no sane woman could ever forget a man like Justin. Justin, buddy, please, please, please hear her out! She had her reasons for calling things off, and her heart has always been yours! This is the first volume in Palmer’s Long, Tall Texans series. (Available in paperback.)

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