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    Romance Roundup: Screenwriters, Etiquette Coaches, and Kind-hearted Librarians 

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    This week’s Romance Roundup includes a budding screenwriter who gets romantic with an actor, a refreshingly unique debutante, and a Wall Street executive who’s about to have a much-needed change of pace.

    Waiting for Tom Hanks, by Kerry Winfrey
    Annie Cassidy has some serious screenwriting ambitions, not to mention a delicious weakness for romantic comedies. This weakness is so profound, in fact, that her ultimate dream would be to meet a Tom Hanks-ish guy who embodies all of her romantic comedy fantasies. (We feel you, Annie. We all feel you. #youvegotmail) Things take a turn for the exciting when Annie gets a job on a local film set and gets to be around hunky actor Drew Danforth. Their first meeting, however, is less than pleasant. That said, things soon start to pick up, and Annie and Drew find themselves involved in all kinds of fun and silly and romantic moments. (Annie, it sounds like you’re finding true love AND getting a ton of writing inspiration!) Will Annie and Drew’s budding romance outlast the film shoot? And will she get her much-deserved shot at a screenwriting career? (Available in paperback and NOOK on June 11.)

    Fix Her Up, by Tessa Bailey
    Georgette Castle isn’t doing so bad in her job as a clown for children’s birthday parties, but she’s ready to kick things up a notch and thrive in her career and in her personal life. She makes some much-needed updates to her business and also makes some tweaks to her appearance. (Kudos to you, Georgette, for loving yourself and taking positive steps to improve your life!) Trouble is, she lives in a small town where everyone has known her forever, so no one wants to takes her seriously. She enlists the help of her childhood crush, Travis Scott. Surely if people think they’re having an affair they’ll see her in a different light—right? As for Travis, he soon realizes that Georgette is all grown up and that she is QUITE the woman. Good for you, Travis! Now take Georgette out on a nice date—maybe in the next town to escape prying eyes—and realize that you’re NEVER going to find a woman quite like her! (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on June 11.)

    Sisters of Summer’s End, by Lori Foster
    Single mom Joy Lee is about to start a new chapter of her life. She just got a cool job at a lakeside resort and she’s made a new friend to boot. Said new friend, Maris, nudges Joy to go ahead and follow her heart with a guy who is new to the area. (Now THAT’S what friends are for!) As for Maris, she’s worked extremely hard to be the strong, independent woman she is today. She has very little interest in risking that. That said, seeing Joy so happy with her new man makes Maris think twice about some of her life choices. (Maris, you can absolutely fall in love AND retain your hard-won independence!) Will these two lovely ladies allow themselves to fall in love with the nice men they’ve met? Here’s hoping they do—and that they also enjoy many a wine-filled lunch and/or dinner to exchange the most delicious of stories! (Available in hardcover, paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on June 11.)

    The Duke and I, by Julia Quinn
    Netflix adaptation alert! This reprint, the first book in Quinn’s Bridgerton series, is headed for the small screen! Daphne Bridgerton is way too friendly to be considered marriage material. That is, she is nice and smart and funny, traits that none of the idiot dandies in society appreciate, much less want to marry. (Daphne, we will all happily toss red wine in their dull, boring faces on your behalf!) Things shake up a bit when Simon Basset, Duke of Hastings, shows up in the same social circles. He’s back in England after being abroad, and he’s none too thrilled by the endless ballroom and drawing room prattle. (Oh, and every mother wants him to marry her daughter. No bueno.) Simon and Daphne agree to a fake courtship, one that will keep those rabid mothers far, far away and also give Daphne a much-needed look of mystery. It doesn’t take long for Simon to realize that Daphne is everything he wants in a woman and that he’ll have to act fast if he’s going to nab her for himself! (Available in paperback on June 11.)

    The Summer of Sunshine and Margot, by Susan Mallery
    Sisters Margot and Sunshine Baxter each have their own thing going on. Margot is an etiquette coach, and her latest gig involves dealing with her client’s less-than-pleasant son, Alec. Alec isn’t a bad person, per se, but he’s very, very guarded. (He’s also very, very hot, and his rare smile is well worth any effort!) As for Sunshine, she’s had a string of not-so-good boyfriends and she’s quite determined to break that awful cycle. (Good for you, Sunshine! Settle for no less than a man who rightfully worships the ground you walk on and rubs your feet at least twice a week!) Sunshine also wants to focus on her nanny job and finish her bachelor’s degree. That said, her new boss is deliciously distracting. Sounds like these lovely sisters have a lot on their plate, so here’s hoping they stick to their goals and don’t let anyone derail their dreams! (Available in hardcover, audiobook, and NOOK on June 11.)

    Summer on Mirror Lake, by JoAnn Ross
    Wall Street workaholic Gabriel Mannion refuses to believe that he’s just had an anxiety attack. That said, he needs to follow his doctor’s orders and chill out if he doesn’t want to risk his health. He heads back to his hometown of Honeymoon Harbor, where he soon falls head over heels for local librarian Chelsea Prescott. Not only is Chelsea a beautiful, well-read woman who can no doubt recommend books for just about anyone, but she is also giving two foster children some much-needed attention. (Brains AND beauty AND heart? Gabriel, if you don’t take this woman out for a nice dinner then we all will!) Gabriel and Chelsea certainly like each other very much, but Gabriel still plans to return to New York City. Oh, Gabriel, would you please search that jaded heart of yours and find something to do in Honeymoon Harbor so that you can continue romancing this wonderful woman?! This is the third book in Ross’ Honeymoon Harbor series. (Available in hardcover, paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on June 11.)

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    Romance Roundup: Authors, Caring Cowboys, and Women in Uniform 

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    This week’s Romance Roundup includes a former naval pilot who falls for the local firefighter, a writer with a novel to finish, and exceptionally wonderful cowboys.

    Love at the Shore, by Teri Wilson
    All single mom and author Jenna wants to do this summer is enjoy the beach with her kids and crank out her next novel. Everything is all set for her to meet her deadline. Then she meets her temporary next door neighbor, Lucas. He’s a surfer, and while he has a body worth crying silent tears of adoration over, he also runs with a loud and proud crowd that seems determined to make Jenna miss her deadline. (Lucas, buddy, would you at least please turn the volume down just a wee bit at night? Is that really so much to ask?) The more Jenna gets to know Lucas, though, the more she realizes that he’s got a huge heart to go with what’s under those board shorts. As for Lucas, he starts falling for Jenna and realizes that he wants to show her what’s under those board shorts. Is this just going to be a summer fling—or have Jenna and Lucas found the real thing? (Available in paperback and NOOK on June 11.)

    Shadow Warrior, by Christine Feehan
    Vittorio Ferraro may come from a bit of a shady family that has its own supernatural way of dealing with things, but deep down inside this sexy man just wants to settle down and meet a nice woman and have lots of babies and a nice house with hardwood floors and an open floor plan. (Buddy, you follow your bliss!) He finds that chance for lifetime happiness when he meets Grace Murphy. She was about to get kidnapped when Vittorio showed up and saved the day. Grace is quite thrilled to be rescued by Vittorio. (Vittorio’s reputation precedes him, so she knew exactly who he was when she saw his handsome face.) She also needs to escape her evil brother, and it sure doesn’t hurt that Vittorio is willing to provide her with some much-needed protection. Here’s hoping they each escape their troubles and build a life and home together that also involves stainless steel appliances and a huge backyard for the kids! This is the fourth book in Feehan’s Shadow Riders series. (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on June 4.)

    Wolf Rain, by Nalini Singh
    Our gal Memory has had it rough. She was kidnapped as a kid by a very, very evil man who wanted to control her psychic powers, so she hasn’t experienced love in quite some time. (Watch out, Memory, because we are all ready to unleash our hugging A-game!) She soon crosses paths with Alexei, a wolf shifter who feels very undeserving of love these days. He rescues her, and while he’s never met a lady like Memory, he doesn’t want to get too close. (Alexei, PLEASE stop being a doofus and ask Memory out on a date!) Alexei and Memory will need to stay on their toes if they’re going to keep dodging bad guys and save their people. Sounds great, you two! When you’re done with all of that drama, find yourselves a lovely French bistro with romantically late hours and an exceptional wine list and draw up the Life Plan you’ll follow together! This is the third book in Singh’s Psy-Changeling Trinity series. (Available in hardcover, audiobook, and NOOK on June 4.)

    Barefoot Beach, by Debbie Mason
    It’s summer in Harmony Harbor, and while there are plenty of fun outdoor activities in which to partake, the locals want nothing more than to set up Theia Lawson on a date. Theia is a former Navy pilot (YES!!! WE LOVE A HEROINE IN UNIFORM!) and she has zero plans to stick around. That said, she’s quite intrigued by firefighter (OMIGOD ANOTHER UNIFORM!) Marco DiRossi, who is a frequent source of whiplash among the ladies. (They have many double takes due to his beautiful face and big heart.) Theia and Marco decide to fake a relationship in order to throw the matchmakers off, but it soon becomes clear that those matchmakers were on the right track. Note to Theia and Marco: Make sure those matchmakers get prime seating at the wedding ceremony AND at the reception! This is the eighth book in Mason’s Harmony Harbor series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on June 4.)

    Hang Tough, by Lorelei James
    Cowboy Tobin Hale has an exceptionally strong moral code. When Garnet Evans’ son tries to kick her out of her home, Tobin steps in and actually moves in with the sweet little old lady to protect her AAAAAAND we’ve all just melted into a puddle of goo! This makes a major impression on Garnet’s granddaughter, Jade, who also decides to move in. Jade thinks her grandmother needs protecting from Tobin, as she is convinced that Tobin has some bad intentions. (Oh, Jade, please trust us when we say that Tobin has nothing but the best intentions! He is the real deal!) Jade and Tobin will butt heads for a bit before they each realize that they have WAY more in common than they’d ever imagined, and it’s more than just their affection for Garnet. Here’s hoping they each bury the proverbial hatchet ASAP—and that Tobin just, ahem, buries his hatchet. This reprint is the eighth book in James’ Blacktop Cowboys series. (Available in paperback on June 4.)

    A Touch of Forever, by Jo Goodman
    Widow Lily Salt is thrilled to be rid of her abusive, late husband and live a peaceful life with her four beloved children. (Lily, you go girl!) She doesn’t think she’ll ever really do The Marriage Thing again, but then she meets Roen Shepard. The railroad engineer has plenty of handsomeness to go with his brawn. He’s also, like, a really nice guy. (See, Lily? Not all men are scum!) They soon become friends, and their relationship takes a whole new turn when Roen proposes a marriage of convenience. (Something bad from his past just might have entered the picture, prompting Roen to act more quickly on his love for Lily.) Lily is not opposed to starting a new chapter with Roen, but she still has her own issues to tackle. Will they allow themselves to be happy and build a beautiful life together? This is the third book in Goodman’s Cowboys of Colorado series. (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on June 4.)

    What romance novels are you excited to read this month?

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    Romance Roundup: Private Investigators, English Professors, and College Love Affairs 

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    This week’s Romance Roundup includes a woman who looks into her mother’s disappearance, a newly-single college professor who’s about to have a summer fling, and a straight-laced college student who falls for a very naughty—and sexy—kind of guy.

    Liar, Liar, by Lisa Jackson
    Our gal Remmi had an unconventional upbringing, to say the least. She was raised by her mom, who worked as a celebrity impersonator in Las Vegas and disappeared when Remmi was only 15. Even crazier, Remmi’s twin half-siblings also disappeared around the same time. (Remmi, we’re going to have to sit down with a glass of wine and take notes while you give us all this backstory!) Fast forward 20 years and a mysterious death prompts the adult Remmi to look into her mom’s disappearance. In order to do this, she turns to Noah Scott, her high school boyfriend who now runs his own private investigative firm. (Noah also has grown into the kind of body that would make any woman want to do some, ahem, private investigating.) Their findings yield some pretty shady stuff about Remmi’s family. Here’s hoping that Remmi solves her family’s mystery sooner rather than later, and that she and Noah build a loving, stable life together! (Available in paperback on May 28.)

    Spitfire in Love, by Isabelle Ronin
    College students Kara Hawthorne and Cameron St. Laurent may have just met their match in each other. Kara is a hardworking, straight-laced kind of young woman whose younger brother just wrecked Cameron’s motorcycle. This means that Kara, unfortunately, might have to do some groveling. (Cameron, you behave now and don’t be too hard on Kara!) Kara and Cameron soon get to know each other very well, even though Cameron is determined to keep his sob story of a past secret. (Cameron, buddy, now that you’re in college, this might be a good time to open up and explore your feelings. Bare your soul to Kara! And your abs!) Will Cameron let Kara know how he really feels about her? Can Kara cut loose a little bit and have some fun? Does at least one of them have a single dorm room that will guarantee maximum privacy and a resident advisor who will look the other way during No Visitor Hours? Oh, that the answer be “Hell, yes!” to all of these questions! (Available in paperback and NOOK on May 28.)

    As You Wish, by Jude Deveraux
    Elise, Kathy, and Olivia need to get away from it all, so they each head to Summer Hill, Virginia. Each lady has experienced some major love-related drama. Elise’s husband, for one, just impregnated his mistress. The good thing is that Elise is finally ready to stop living life according to other people’s wishes. (Elise, we’ll all help you plan the most FABULOUS of vacations!) As for Kathy, she also finds out that her husband is a lying, cheating scumbag who should be forced to walk across hot coals on his knees. Olivia, on the other hand, has finally just married her one true love. (She is 60 years young, so it’s definitely A Big Deal.) Gotta love it when three ladies get some well-deserved R&R while also getting much-needed friend time! Will Elise and Kathy also find true love to boot? This is the third book in Deveraux’s Summerhouse series. (Available in paperback on May 28.)

    The Wedding Date, by Jasmine Guillory
    Alexa Monroe was riding an elevator and completely minding her own business when said elevator got stuck and she found herself stuck in the elevator with Drew Nichols, a hunky hunk of a man if there ever was one. (#bestelevatorrideever) The two of them start chatting, and they soon realize they have some pretty major chemistry. Trouble is, they live in different cities and have demanding careers. Drew is a pediatric surgeon and Alexa is the chief of staff for her city’s mayor. They’re not totally sure they’ll be able to swing a relationship. That said, Alexa is willing to be Drew’s fake girlfriend for his ex-girlfriend’s wedding. They’re not really thinking about life beyond this wedding, but they soon realize that they’d like to get to know each other better in all kinds of ways. Oh, make it work, you two, for yourselves and for humanity! Your combined brains and beauty and drive will certainly change the world—and produce exceptionally smart and gorgeous children! (Available in paperback on May 28.)

    The Ultimatum, by Karen Robards
    Bianca St. Ives is really, really good at her job. She cons con men out of money they stole, kind of like a modern-day Robin Hood, except she’s a badass lady with nicer hair. (Bianca, we all worship at your feet!) Sadly, her latest mission has gone horribly wrong, and it involves millions of missing dollars and the U.S. government, which, let’s be honest, is not an ideal combination. If that wasn’t bad enough, Bianca’s father was killed in the kerfuffle and the government is now trailing her every move. Will Bianca survive this disaster and clear her name? Is there the slightest possibility that she’ll get a helping hand from a hunky hunk? How exactly does one get her toned arms? Grab your reading blanket and/or reading socks and beverage of choice, because this thriller is clearly going to be quite the nail-biter! This reprint is the first book in Robards’ Guardian series. (Available in paperback on May 28.)

    Smitten by the Brit, by Melonie Johnson
    Up until recently, things were going quite well for English professor Bonnie Blythe. Not only does she have an enviable career teaching literature, but her boyfriend also proposed. Something Bad happened, though, which prompts our gal to break off her engagement. (Good for you, Bonnie! Better to identify trouble before you say “I do!”) She soon meets Theo Wharton, a very sexy British man who pretty much embodies all of our British man fantasies. (Oh, may he have the dashing looks and work ethic of Captain Wentworth in Jane Austen’s “Persuasion” combined with the INSERT YOUR BRITISH MALE FANTASY AND HIS WINNING TRAIT HERE.) Bonnie thinks this will be nothing more than a fun summer fling, but she soon realizes that she and Theo just might have a chance at that whole long-term relationship thing. (Girl, you didn’t get that PhD for nothing!) This is the second book in Johnson’s Sometimes in Love series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on May 28.)

    What romance novels are you looking forward to this week?

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    Romance Roundup: Small-Town Romances, Bakery Owners, and Protective Cowboys 

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    This week’s Romance Roundup includes a woman who inherits a haunted property, a bakery owner who ends up house sitting with an actor, and a sexy cowboy who finds out he’s a father.

    Cooper’s Charm, by Lori Foster
    Two sisters are about to get some much-need R&R in the lovely town that is Cooper’s Charm. Phoenix Rose’s life was going swimmingly until a break-in at her home left her feeling devastated and insecure. She lost her fiance, her business—you get the picture. (Phoenix, we are SO taking you out for a nice dinner!) She decides to hightail it to Cooper’s Charm, a peaceful town filled with some very nice people, including a hunky widower who is quite possibly the nicest man she’s ever met. (You go, girl!) She’s soon joined by her sister, Ridley Rose, who finds some romance of her own with a scuba instructor. Ridley soon realizes that peeling his wetsuit away from his six-pack abs would be SO much fun. A story that involves two sisters and a beautiful town and two hunky guys to help said sisters take their minds off of things? Yes, please! (Available in paperback on May 21.)

    The Summoning, by Heather Graham
    Kristi Stewart has just inherited a Savannah property, one with a rich ghost-y history. (Sadly, not the Patrick Swayze Let’s-Make-Pottery kind of ghost.) Our gal doesn’t believe in ghosts, which makes it all the more freaky when some weird stuff starts to happen. Things get especially crazy one night, which causes Kristi to run into the manly embrace of Dallas Wicker. Dallas has his own weird stuff to face. He’s investigating the death of a colleague, and it soon becomes clear that that colleague’s death and the odd things happening on Kristi’s property might be linked. (Dallas has a big brain and a big heart to go with his…big biceps!) Anyway, Kristi and Dallas will need to work together if they’re going to solve the mystery of these disappearances and move on to bigger and better things. Hang in there, you two! This is the latest book in Graham’s extensive Krewe of Hunters series. (Available in hardcover, paperback, and audiobook on May 21.)

    Undefeated, by Helen Hardt
    The sexy, vampire-ific drama continues between human lady Erin Hamilton and Not-Your-Grandmother’s-Vampire Dante Gabriel! In this installment, Dante and Erin venture together into the underground place where a very evil woman used to hold Dante captive. (She held him for 10 years, so yes, there are grudges.) Dante needs to make this evil person think she has control over him. He is totally willing to play the game, but he’s also on high alert to make sure none of his loved ones are hurt in the process. This is especially true when it comes to Erin, because she’s HIS woman. (Such is the strength of Dante’s, ahem, carnal desires for her.) Here’s hoping that Dante gets what he needs from this morbid underworld setting, that the nasty piece of work is finished off, and that Dante and Erin then proceed to take a peaceful, drama-free vacation when it’s all over! This is the fifth volume in Hardt’s Blood Bond series. (Available in paperback on May 21.)

    Cliff’s Edge, by Meg Tilly
    Eve Harris is the Sister of the Year. Not only does she agree to run the bakery she co-owns with her sister while said sister is on her honeymoon, she also offers to housesit. Trouble is, actor Rhys Thomas is also going to be at the house. He’s friends with Eve’s brother-in-law, who offered him a place to stay while he gets some peace and quiet after wrapping a film. One look is all it takes to realize why Rhys is doing the actor thing. His face and abs alone give the world hope for another Magic Mike film. (This might be a shout into the void BUT WOULD SOMEONE PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN?!) What starts off as a fluffy-sounding spell together, however, soon turns into something more sinister. Someone just might be out to get Eve. Fortunately, Rhys is much more than a pretty face and smoking body, and he sure isn’t going to just sit around on his camera-ready tush while his new lady love gets all of the threats. You go, Rhys! This is the second book in Tilly’s Solace Island series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on May 21.)

    Luck of the Draw, by B.J. Daniels
    All Garrett Sterling wanted to do was have a little bit of Me Time and ride his horse around his family’s Montana property. (Totally understandable, Garrett! We all want a bit of You Time, too!) Then something awful happens, and it involves a dead person. If that wasn’t bad enough, a lady who has always been very special to Garrett becomes the prime suspect. Garrett is ready to do whatever it takes to keep her safe, even if she is reluctant to give him any useful information. (Sister, you can trust Garrett any day of the week!) Is this woman truly to blame for anything? What exactly is her relationship history with Garrett? And, when the time is right, will Garrett surprise her by reclining on his side on a bearskin rug in front of a working fireplace wearing nothing but an easily-removable bandana and holding a red rose between his teeth? This is the second book in Daniels’ Sterling’s Montana series. (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on May 21.)

    To Tame a Wild Cowboy, by Lori Wilde
    This story features cowboy Rhett Lockhart who—OH SWEET JEBUS YES! MORE COWBOYS! BRING US ALL OF THE COWBOYS! ALWAYS! Anyway, Rhett has just discovered that the baby girl recently abandoned at the local hospital is, in fact, the baby girl he fathered after a one-night stand. To his credit, he pretty much immediately realizes he wants to be a father. The only problem is that the baby’s foster mother, Tara Alzate, is a bit skeptical about Rhett’s parenting capabilities. (This is totally fair, as Rhett wasn’t exactly stable, reliable Dad material.) Rhett suggests to Tara that they enter a marriage of convenience so they can both be in the baby’s life. Rhett and Tara soon realize that they have way more in common than they ever would have thought. Can they lovingly enter a new chapter of their lives together? This is the latest book in Wilde’s Cupid, Texas series. (Available in hardcover, paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on May 21.)

    What new romance novels are you excited about this week?

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    Romance Roundup: Charming Ranch Hands, British Princes, and Wedding Hullabaloo 

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    This week’s Romance Roundup includes a brave woman who needs some extra help escaping her abusive husband, an American president’s son and a British prince who REALLY don’t like each other, and a gal who ends up falling for her best friend’s brother.

    Sniper’s Pride, by Megan Crane
    Our gal Mariah McKenna is trying to escape an especially awful husband. Case in point: He tried to kill her. (Mariah, all of our spare bedrooms are all yours!) She decides to skedaddle to Grizzly Harbor in Alaska and hires special operatives hottie Griffin Cisneros to help keep her safe. It becomes clear early on that Griffin is one exceptional example of the male species. (Griffin, we’d all hire you any day of the week for just about any task! Lawn mowing, dishwashing, un-making the bed, etc.) As for Griffin, it doesn’t take long for him to realize that Mariah is one tough cookie who has been through a lot. (Go ahead, Griffin! Make our gal feel like a natural woman!) Here’s hoping they manage to dodge—and even defeat—Mariah’s crazy husband and that Griffin shows her that some men are actually very, very good! This is the second book in Crane’s Alaska Force series. (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK.)

    The Cowboy and His Baby, by Jessica Clare
    No ranch hand fills out a pair of jeans quite like Dustin, and none of the ladies in his Wyoming town are resistant to his charms. As far as Dustin is concerned, he’s certainly living the life. Then he meets Annie, an animal trainer who is in the area working on a film. Annie is quite focused on her canine coworkers, but she soon becomes a wee bit distracted by the sight of Dustin. (Talk about liking it ruff!) Annie and Dustin begin to engage in the kind of carnal relations that would make our most liberal family members blush. (Annie, we are all SO proud of you!) Their activities are so potent that Annie ends up becoming pregnant. (Did we mention that Dustin looks exceptionally good in jeans? And a cowboy hat? And…yeah?) Will Dustin convince Annie that the Wyoming life—with him—is one worth living? And will he and Annie be able to live on a giant plot of land and fill it with babies and puppies? (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK.)

    No Longer Lost, by Angel Payne & Victoria Blue
    Maclain Stone and Taylor Matthews seem to have a REALLY hard time admitting that they, like, want and need each other. (What the heck is wrong with you two?!) Then a stalker goes after Taylor, and this prompts her to seek Maclain’s help. She literally goes to his front door. (Taylor, we all hope you were prepared and wore your nicest lingerie!) As for Maclain, he’s ready to take this opportunity to step up his game, flex his muscles, and prove to Taylor that he can provide her with top-notch protection AND the, ahem, roller coaster rides of her life! (Oh, that we could all sample a slice of Maclain before our gal takes over the whole buffet!) Maclain, please show Taylor that you’re worth your weight in gold. As for you, Taylor, please stop dilly dallying and realize that Maclain is both figuratively and literally solid and that he’ll protect you for the rest of your lives together! This is the ninth book in the authors’ Secrets of Stone series. (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK.)

    Red, White & Royal Blue, by Casey McQuiston
    Alex Claremont-Diaz, the President of the United States’ son, and Prince Henry, heir to the British throne, really, really can’t stand each other. Like, they really don’t like each other. At all. (Gentlemen, don’t you understand that you’re both WAY too hot to be fighting?!) Things take a turn, though, after the tabloids catch the two of them fighting. This prompts a major public relations campaign in order to preserve the special relationship between the U.S. and Britain. Alex and Henry have to embark on a bit of a fake friendship in order to stave off any pesky rumors, and it doesn’t take either of them long to realize that there was some crazy delicious sexual tension brewing between them. (Now THIS is the kind of special relationship we all want to read about!) Alex and Henry will need to come to terms with the fact that they wouldn’t mind jumping into bed together. (Like, every day.) Here’s hoping they realize they are perfect for each other, that British and American relations remain intact, and that the next royal wedding gets exceptionally thorough and extensive media coverage! (Available in paperback and NOOK on May 14.)

    The Unhoneymooners, by Christina Lauren
    Olive Torres is at a bit of a low point right now. She just got laid off, for one, and she has to spend her sister’s wedding attached to best man Ethan Thomas. (Olive, the next happy hour is on us!) Then something rather horrible but also rather wonderful happens: Everyone in the wedding party gets a bad bout of food poisoning. Ethan and Olive, however, are not afflicted, which means they get to go on the honeymoon that the bride and groom can no longer enjoy. The two head off to Maui, and soon realize they have WAY more in common than they’d ever imagined. Plus, watching Ethan run around in the Hawaiian surf and flashing his abs and smile makes Olive want to loosen her bikini strings. (Do it, Olive! Seduce him on a secluded beach in broad daylight! Do it for all of us!) Olive and Ethan, you two make sure to enjoy yourselves thoroughly and focus on each other—both on your “honeymoon” and when you get back home! (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on May 14.)

    Beach Wedding Weekend, by Rachel Magee
    Once upon a time, Brody broke up with Paige right before he galavanted off to Europe. Oh, he also told Paige right before he left that someday they could be together again. And then what did the weasel do? He waltzed back into her life with an actress on his arm. (Brody, you suck.) Paige is heartbroken, because she really, truly cared for Brody. She knows she’ll run into him at an upcoming wedding, though, so, ever resourceful, she asks her best friend’s brother, Aiden, to pretend to be her boyfriend. (Let’s just that pretending with Aiden is not difficult AT ALL.) Aiden is totally fine with playing the fake boyfriend, as he does not believe in relationships. Then he realizes that his perfect match has been right under his nose for a very, very long time. Good for you, Aiden! Go get your woman! As for the rest of us, we’ll focus on tripping Brody when he least expects it. (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on May 15.)

    What new romance novels are you excited about this week?

    The post Romance Roundup: Charming Ranch Hands, British Princes, and Wedding Hullabaloo appeared first on Barnes & Noble Reads.

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