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    Romance Roundup: Psychics, Ladies of Disguise, and Plucky Governesses 

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    This week’s Romance Roundup includes a psychic who gets some much-needed protection, a Navy SEAL who is crazy in love with a spy, and a governess who finds herself face-to-face with an old flame.

    Strawberry Hill, by Catherine Anderson
    Super awesome cook Vickie Brown loves to feed people, especially large crowds of them. She’s not too stoked, however, to end up cooking for a crew of people who are led by Slade Wilder. They were engaged once upon a time, but she ditched him before they could even walk down the aisle. (Hang on for just a second, Vickie! We’ll need a bottle of wine to go with this story!) Slade and Vickie still have the hots for each other, and underneath his gruff and tough exterior lies the heart of a virile man who is still in love with our gal. (Slade, roll up your flannel sleeves at every opportunity and flex those biceps!) Will working together make them close again? Can they forgive each other for whatever happened? Does Slade still have a six pack? And will they manage to create a fresh start together? This is the fifth book in Anderson’s Mystic Creek series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on December 31.)

    Final Shadows, Kay Hooper
    Tasha Solomon has some amazing psychic abilities, but she’s kept them secret, because there are some seriously Bad Folks who hunt people like her down. Fortunately, Tasha is about to get some help from John Brodie. He’s a Guardian, and his kind of people have a very specific skill set that allows them to protect psychics like Tasha. Tasha and John have a major connection, and he is willing to do whatever it takes to keep our gal safe. That’s a great thing, because there are many battles to be fought these days. (John, feel free to come on over and protect us from the weirdos we encounter in our day-to-day lives!) John and Tasha will need to use every tool at their disposal if they’re going to help win this war and have a future together. Tasha and John, when it’s all over, make time for a long getaway to a secluded tropical island! This is the third book in Hooper’s Bishop Special Crimes Unit series. (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on December 31.)

    Ocean Light, by Nalini Singh
    Security specialist Bowen Knight is in a bit of a pickle. He recently had a chip implanted in his head, and let’s just say it wouldn’t be pretty if said chip malfunctions. (He might lose his brain, which would be no bueno.) He needs to help the Human Alliance, but his days are consumed by Kaia Luna. Things aren’t looking too great for this would-be couple, though. She, for one, has a lot of issues to sort through and doesn’t want to get involved with a guy who has such a complicated situation. (Come on, Kaia! Look at his face! Those eyes! Surely you can find at least one little reason—and one well-sized reason, tee hee—to stick around!) Bowen can’t deny his feelings, though, because in addition to everything else he also has a well-sized heart. When Kaia’s life officially becomes endangered, he shakes off what ails him and goes after her. This is the second book in Singh’s Psy-Changeling Trinity series. (Available in paperback on December 31.)

    Out of Time, by Monica McCarty
    Navy SEAL Lieutenant Commander and Proprietor of Our Panties Scott Taylor may have lost half of his platoon during a secret ops mission in Russia, but he knows it would have been far worse without the heads-up he got from his secret, special lady-friend Natalie Andersson. Then Natalie is killed and Scott learns that she’s the one who, in fact, betrayed them all. If that wasn’t enough to process, Scott then he finds out that Natalie’s alive. (Natalie, you might have a wee bit of explaining to do! And we’re going to need another bottle of wine….) As for Natalie, she might be a spy with a long, complicated history with her Russian homeland. Here’s hoping that Natalie and Scott manage to make it out of all of this alive, that Scott’s remaining platoon men are safe and sound, and that he and Natalie can solidify their love in a luxury mountain cabin on a sumptuously soft bearskin rug. This is the third book in McCarty’s Lost Platoon series. (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on December 31.)

    Bound for Temptation, by Tess LeSue
    Emma Palmer is one plucky lady. She already survived the Oregon Trail, and now she needs to survive in California, so she does the whole brothel-owner thing. (Yep, this is definitely not the version of “The Oregon Trail” your teachers let you play in elementary school!) Then a patron makes her an offer she has to refuse, so she creates a new disguise and skedaddles. (#whateverittakes #awesomeheroine) Her latest ruse puts her in touch with Tom Slater, a cattleman who just wants some peace and quiet on his family’s homestead in Mexico. Tom helps Emma and some other ladies travel south. Now, he may have that whole “strong and silent” thing going on for him, not to mention a rock-hard body tailored for, ahem, riding, but he’s no dummy. He figures Emma is a big, heaping dose of trouble. Tom, buddy, that may be true, but we promise you that Emma is the best kind of trouble you’ll ever have! This is the third book in LeSue’s Frontiers of the Heart series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on December 31.)

    The Duke I Once Knew, by Olivia Drake
    Society might consider Abigail Linton a spinster, but she is, in fact, one badass lady! She’s spent her life taking care of others, and now she’s determined to have her own adventures. (Kudos to any lady in any place in any time period who did what she could to improve her situation!) She gets a job as a governess at a nearby estate, which she’s feeling optimistic about, but then she realizes her employer will be Maxwell Bryce, the Duke of Rothwell. He broke her heart back in the day and today he is more of a rake than ever. When he reappears on his estate after a very, very long absence, there’s no denying that he and Abigail have some serious making out to do. (They’ll do this once they each get over some long-standing misunderstandings.) Maxwell and Abigail, please, please get over your respective issues with each other pronto and engage in some exceptionally sensual frivolity! This is the first book in Drake’s Unlikely Duchesses series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on December 31.)

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    Romance Roundup: Lady Martial Artists, Investigative Reporters, and Boyfriends-For-Hire 

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    This week’s Romance Roundup includes an American heiress who gets captured by a rugged man, a martial artist whose old flame is her new manager, and lots of ladies who are about to deal with some major family drama.

    Off the Grid, by Monica McCarty
    Investigative reporter Brittany Blake is on the hunt—for her missing brother. He’s in the Navy, and they’ve given her some very pathetic explanations as to his disappearance. Being the tough, no-nonsense woman she is, she’s decided to take matters into her own capable hands and goes looking for him. (That’s the spirit, Brittany! You keep being your feisty self!) Her search puts her in the path of John Donovan, and let’s just say no woman would mind bumping into his very masculine body any day of the week. (Seriously, John, how DO you manage to get those biceps? Please show us!) John has some of his own business to see to. He’s a member of SEAL Team Nine, and someone is targeting him and his mates. Will John and Brittany manage to find out what happened to her brother? And will they act out all of their fantasies together for the rest of their lives? This is the second book in McCarty’s Lost Platoon series. (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK.)

    Strong Hold, by Sarah Castille
    Fight promoter Zack Grayson needs to find the MMA’s next big star. He ends up finding it in Shayla “Shilla the Killa” Tanner, whose heart he broke several years ago. (Zack, you have FIVE WHOLE MINUTES to provide an explanation. Don’t you dare try our patience!) Shayla never forgot Zack, but she’s quite scarred from her past. Her husband was abusive, so she’s very reluctant to open her heart again. (Shayla, we are SO taking you out for a pleasant and peaceful picnic!) Working together brings out the deeply-buried feelings in both Shayla and Zack. She wants to love again and not get hurt, and he wants to stay in her proverbial and literal grip for the rest of his life. Shayla, open your heart to the possibilities! And Zack, don’t you dare screw this one up! This is the fifth book in Castille’s Redemption series. (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK.)

    Marry Me by Sundown, by Johanna Lindsey
    American heiress Violet Mitchell has returned home to Philadelphia from London, only to discover that the men in her family have seriously screwed up their finances. Rather than melt into a puddle of despair, she gets it together and travels to Montana to find her father’s fortune. (There might be gold and/or silver. Lots of gold and/or silver.) She meets Morgan Callahan, her father’s partner, and let’s just say he’s WAY different from the London dandies Violet just had to put up with. As for Morgan, he thinks Violet is out to steal his goods (She will be, Morgan, but not in the way you think!), so he holds her captive for a little bit, which sounds absolutely delicious. He soon becomes mega-impressed by Violet’s ability to thrive in the harsh wilderness. Here’s hoping they manage to get the fortunes they so desperately need and want, and that they enjoy many a tumble underneath the open Montana sky! (Available in hardcover and NOOK on July 10.)

    When We Found Home, by Susan Mallery
    Callie Smith is a bit of a private lady, so it’s not entirely easy when she discovers she has an older brother, Malcolm, and a younger sister, Keira. Meeting long-lost siblings involves Talking About Feelings, which is something our gal prefers to put in her proverbial No Thank You file. As for Malcolm, he’s not totally in touch with his emotions, either. (Come on, dude, lighten up just a little bit!) The three siblings end up living together and getting to know each other, and even though it’s going to be a long journey until they start feeling like a family, they are willing to give it a try. Oh, and Callie and Malcolm just might end up finding love with two very nice people along the way if they play their cards right. Romance and family drama set among the beautiful greenery of Washington state? Yes, please! (Available in hardcover, audiobook, and NOOK on July 10.)

    How to Keep a Secret, by Sarah Morgan
    Three generations of ladies are about to get in touch with their respective issues and emotions this summer! Lauren and Jenna are sisters, and they are each dealing with some major marital problems. Lauren seems to have the perfect life, but she knows it might just fall apart at any minute. Oh, and her teenage daughter, Mack, is showing signs of having problems. As for Jenna, she and her husband are having a hard time getting pregnant. Lauren and Jenna’s mom, Nancy, is also staying with them for the summer, and she has had some issues that have prevented her from being the best mom she could be. Will these four ladies learn to trust each other and open up? And will they realize that they have all of the support they need in each other? (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on July 10.)

    The Real Deal, by Lauren Blakely
    April Hamilton is in a pickle. She has a family reunion to attend, and let’s just say that being single at said family reunion is NOT fun. At all. (April, your super-duper meddling family just wants you to be happy!) She ends up soliciting some help from a website called GigsForHire, where Theo Banks is ready to pretend to be any woman’s boyfriend—for a fee. His only goal in life at this point is to settle his debts and get his life back on track. (Okay, Theo, we won’t judge, but let’s just take a moment to admit that you have a body worth cuddling!) Theo and April go to her family’s reunion, and they proceed to have all kinds of silly fun. Here’s hoping they realize how lucky they are to have found each other, and that they proceed to live happy, fun-filled lives together! (Available in paperback and NOOK on July 10.)

    What romances are you excited to read this week?

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    Romance Roundup: Giraffe Keepers, Mountain Men, and SEAL Agents 

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    This week’s Romance Roundup includes a vampire who is feeling very protective, a gamekeeper who finds love with the new bad boy in town, and a famous divorcee who meets an isolated mountain man.

    Going Dark, by Monica McCarty
    Marine ecologist Annie Henderson heads over to Scotland to protest some offshore drilling that does not jive with her ideas of peace and happiness. She runs into Dan Warren, the sea boat captain who can captain all of our boats in any body of water any day of the week. Annie and Dan don’t exactly have the warm fuzzies for each other right away, but they soon get to know each other and Annie realizes there is more to him than his grumpy mood and his smoldering body. He might be undercover, though, so he can’t get too outwardly emotional, but Annie brings out his deep desire to write sappy poetry and give her all of the pleasure. This is the first book in McCarty’s new Lost Platoon series, which is about a group of SEAL agents who are presumed dead – but are very much alive and hot! (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on September 5.)

    Chasing Red, by Isabelle Ronin
    Basketball player Caleb Lockhart is the ultimate catch with his lofty ambitions and rock-hard body. Veronica Stafford is a super smart college student who just got kicked out of her apartment and might need a place to crash. When they meet, Caleb realizes he’d like her to be part of his life plan. She was wearing a red dress, for one, which he found pretty hard to resist. (Note to self: Do some online shopping!) She’s not going to be the easiest lady to get, though, so Caleb will have to use every trick up his sleeve to win her over. Can he convince Veronica that he can offer her far more than just endless merrymaking sessions in between the sheets? This is the first book in Ronin’s Chasing Red series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on September 5.)

    Misadventures of a City Girl, by Chelle Bliss and Meredith Wild
    Madison Atwood just got divorced from a major Hollywood figure, so she’s got to nurse a broken heart while also dodging the media. (Think paparazzi, tabloids, TMZ, the works.) She finds solace in Avalon Springs, California, and she finds more than she bargained for when she runs into Luke Dawson. He’s got that whole sexy mountain man thing going for him, which helps make up for his broodiness. He wants to live in isolation, which might be hard to do with a woman like Madison. They begin an acquaintance, which is quickened when they end up under the same roof together for a short period that involves frolicking for hours on end. (Now THAT’S how you disconnect from the outside world!) Here’s hoping that makes them realize they are actually quite perfect for each other! This is the first book in the very entertaining Misadventures series. (Available in hardcover, audiobook, and NOOK on September 12.)

    Second Chance Girl, by Susan Mallery
    Matthias Mitchell is feeling all of the pains after a family betrayal, so he does what seems like the most sensible thing to do: He moves. His new home is Happily Inc., California, a popular wedding destination town crawling with bridesmaids. He figures this will ensure hookups galore but ZERO commitments, thank you very much. (Dude, really?! Come on!) He soon realizes, though, that local gamekeeper Carol Lund is a very special lady indeed. Carol cares for a giraffe (A GIRAFFE!!! CUTE!!!), and Matthias decides he wants to help Carol adopt a herd because – and this is news to yours truly – giraffes can actually get pretty lonely. (Sounds like a metaphor for our buddy Matthias.) Will he give up his romping ways and realize that Carol is the only woman he ever wants to romp with? This is the second book in Mallery’s Happily Inc. series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on September 26.)

    The Chosen, by J.R. Ward
    This is the latest book in Ward’s very sexy and entertaining Black Dagger Brotherhood series. In this installment, the Black Dagger Brotherhood is engaging in a bit of manhandling. Their captive is Xcor, who leads the Band of Bastards, and he is undergoing some pretty intense interrogation tactics. Granted, he hasn’t always been on his best behavior, but he’s still a person with feelings. More specifically, he still has feelings for Layla. She’s the Chosen, and she’s pretty much always loved Xcor right back. (After everything he’s been through, what woman wouldn’t want to give him all of the TLC she has to offer?!) Here’s hoping that these two lovers catch a break and that they can work together to save their people from unpleasant things, like death and doom and catastrophe and pretty much any other awful thing there is. No pressure, you two! (Available in paperback on September 26.)

    Archangel’s Viper, by Nalini Singh
    Holly Chang has had it rough. She used to be known as Sorrow, so we can only imagine, and recently she was turned into a bloodthirsty lady by a nutty archangel. She’s caught the eye of Venom, a private guard of the Archangel Raphael. (Venom, you can stand guard over all of us any day of the week!) Venom may be a dangerous vampire, but Holly soon brings out his softer side, which is no way diminishes his sinewy physique. This is a good thing, because someone has put a bounty on Holly, and times are rough in the Guild Hunter world. Can Holly and Venom manage to control their bloodier urges and create a peaceful existence together? (Or at least one that involves them fighting the bad guys together?) This is the tenth book in Singh’s Guild Hunter series. (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on September 26.)

    What romances are on your TBR pile this month?

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