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    25 Fictional Presidents 

    President’s Day is around the corner, so we compiled a list of 25 fictional presidents for you to read about! If watching the news bums you out, but political intrigue does not, these books are for you.

    Lincoln in the Bardo, by George Saunders
    This haunting novel centers around the true story of Lincoln’s son, who died during his Presidency. While President Lincoln visits the gravesite of his son, the ghosts who have clung to life narrate a deeply moving, complex thread of tales.

    11/22/63, by Stephen King
    This political sci-fi is about a man who travels back in time with one goal—to prevent the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. While the President does not “officially” appear in the story, the entire plot centers around Jake Epping managing to stop Lee Harvey Oswald…but will his actions have the opposite impact on American history than he hopes?

    American Wife, by Curtis Sittenfeld
    Loosely based on Laura Bush, this novel stars Alice, a small-town girl who grows up to marry a future President. Follow Alice in her courtship by a dazzling Republican man she finds herself unable to stay away from…but once they enter the White House, she realizes she disagrees with in ways they may be unable to reconcile.

    Jailbird, by Kurt Vonnegut
    Watergate gets even more insidious in this story, told from the perspective of a fictional co-conspirator in the Nixon Administration cover-up. Wry and humorous, but also dark and revealing of the jagged edges of human nature, Vonnegut’s anti-hero shares the story from his perspective years later, after serving his time for the crime.

    Dolley, by Rita Mae Brown
    Dolley Madison was the fourth first lady in American history, and this novel explores her fictional diary. Being the wife of one of America’s founders was both glamorous, full of fashion and parties…and horrendous, as her husband ushers the country into war.

    Primary Colors, by Joe Klein
    Originally published anonymously, this novel takes readers behind the political curtain of presidential campaigns. Based on Bill Clinton’s rise to the presidency, told from the perspective of a lower-level aide, every moment is rife with drama on the verge of scandal.

    Eighteen Acres, by Nicolle Wallace
    Nicole Wallace is a former Communications Director of the White House (and current political pundit) and wrote a novel imagining the first woman president as she weathers a re-election campaign, an infidelity scandal, and an international blunder.

    American Queen, by Sierra Simone
    Now for a very different kind of novel, this erotic romance imagines a completely fictional scenario in which a girl finds herself in love with two men: they just happen to be the President of the United States…and the Vice President of the United States. Confused? Once you meet Greer, Embry and Maxen in this reimagining of Camelot, you’ll be in love.

    The President is Missing, by Bill Clinton and James Patterson
    This book isn’t even available yet, but it’s totally pre-order worthy…because it’s the first novel written by a former President! Bill Clinton teamed up with James Patterson to write a political thriller about what happens when a President vanishes without a trace.

    Failsafe, by Eugene Burdick and Harvey Wheeler
    Published in 1962, when tensions between Russia and the US were at an all-time high, this speculative novel imagines a scenario in which American bombers take control of the nuclear weapons and decide to put an end to the conflict once and for all…and the President must act before Russia engages them in all-out war.

    The Dead Zone, by Stephen King
    Stephen King returns to the list with this bestselling speculative novel about a man who wakes up from a coma with the mysterious ability to see people’s futures. But this becomes a problem when he has a vision of a man running for President…and it’s disastrous. Does he intervene to prevent it from coming true?

    Executive Orders, by Tom Clancy
    The worst has occurred: the President, the cabinet, and most of congress is dead. That leaves the VP, Jack Ryan, in charge. President Ryan must govern without a government all the while trying to figure out who is responsible. Riveting and with twists that will leave you breathless, fans of Designated Survivor will love this novel.

    The Inner Circle, by Brad Meltzer
    An adventure of presidential proportions begins when an archivist and his one-time crush find a mysterious dictionary that belonged to the first president, George Washington. They must race against the clock to decipher the meaning of the dictionary, and, once a man ends up dead, hope they don’t end up suffering the same fate.

    The Impeachment of Abraham Lincoln, by Stephen L. Carter
    This fascinating novel imagines a world where Lincoln did not die, and instead lived to face the consequences of the Civil War…namely, an impeachment trial for a breach of executive powers. When one of Lincoln’s lawyers is murdered, a young black woman working for his defense team must unravel the mystery.

    Mount Vernon Love Story, by Mary Higgins Clark
    Mystery master Mary Higgins Clark wrote an historical novel about George Washington! Did you know that many people believe Washington, despite being married to Martha, was in love with someone else? Higgins Clark is not one of them; she writes the love story between America’s FIRST first-couple as one of mutual respect, admiration, and affection.

    Lucy, by Ellen Feldman
    In contrast, this novel is about a president who was in love with someone who wasn’t his wife. Before he was President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt loved Lucy Mercer…Eleanor’s social secretary. Through polio, a world war, and two presidential terms, despite his promises to Eleanor, Franklin and Lucy remain connected. Heartbreaking, romantic, and beautiful.

    Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter, by Seth Grahame-Smith
    Presidents go paranormal in this fun novel that reveals the true story behind our 16th President. Abraham Lincoln was a vampire hunter, hell-bent on vengeance against the creatures responsible for his mother’s death.

    Mr. President, by Katy Evans
    Matt and Charlotte have known one another since they were kids. He was the son of a President, and vowed never to follow in his father’s footsteps…except now he has, bringing Charlotte along for the ride. The problem? Charlotte loves him, but knows she can never love a President. This erotic romance novel sizzles with political steam.

    The Plot Against America, by Philip Roth
    An Alternative history where FDR loses the 1940 election to isolationist Charles Lindbergh…who strikes a deal with Hitler to stay out of his way. But tensions rise, along with anti-Semintism, and the consequences are seen through the eyes of one boy.

    It Can’t Happen Here, by Sinclair Lewis
    This book was written during the Great Depression, but the subject matter is still relevant today. Featuring another character who unseats Franklin Delano Roosevelt from the Presidency, this novel details the dangers of populist rhetoric with a President who halts progress on all fronts and holds his enemies captive.

    Frost/Nixon, by Peter Morgan
    This play dramatizes the epic showdown between journalist David Frost and President Nixon, in which the former tries to get the latter to confess to his crimes. (You can watch the movie, too!)

    Crooked, by Austin Grossman
    Grossman’s reinvention of Tricky Dick as the inheritor of a presidency imbued with magical powers—a man consistently distrusted and marginalized by the people who could have prepared him for the battles to come—is thoroughly enjoyable. Most importantly, it offers up an idea of a president who has more than a veto up his or her sleeves. Certainly a little black magic would be very welcome in today’s unsettled world.

    All American Girl, by Meg Cabot
    One of my favorite YA novels featuring regular-girl Sam Madison, who saves the president from an assassination attempt. Sam is in love with her older sister’s boyfriend, but as she spends more time with the President’s son—the only person who seems to understand the downsides to her newfound fame—she starts to question both her choice, and whether she could love the kid who lives in the White House.

    The Wrong Side of Right, by Jenn Marie Thorne
    Kate has never known her father, but when her mother dies, he reveals himself: a powerful politician vying for the White House. Suddenly, Kate is embroiled in the world of politics, a new family, and a dangerous first-love…all the while grieving for her mom, and the life she once loved.

    Wide Awake, by David Levithan
    This speculative novel stars the first gay, Jewish President…whose election is promptly declared invalid by a governor of a crucial state. Jimmy and Duncan, a teen couple, decide to lend their support by joining the protests to support him.

    What novels featuring fictionalized presidents do you love?

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    6 Delicious Thanksgiving Romances  

    As the wind picks up outside and reunions bring loved ones together, it can be nice to sneak off for a moment, light a fire, put your feet up, and kick back with a romance. While everyone else sleeps through their tryptophan comas, why not enjoy a feast of a different sort? Our favorite Thanksgiving romances run the gauntlet from spicy to sweet, and historical to contemporary, but what they have in common is they’ll whisk you away to places where love conquers all and gratitude abounds.

    Her Naughty Holiday, by Tiffany Reisz
    An irresistible novel with a gorgeous single dad at its heart, Holiday finds put-upon Clover Greene determined to silence her irritatingly critical family by introducing them to her new beau at a Thanksgiving get-together. What begins as a ruse turns into something much, much better (and hotter). International bestseller Reisz may be best known for her Original Sinners series, and her talent for BDSM erotica is second to none, but Naughty proves she knows how to spin a tale as sweet as pumpkin pie, too.

    A McClendon Thanksgiving, by Sean D. Young
    In this friends-to-lovers tale set in Chicago over Thanksgiving, Faith McClendon has recently moved home, determined to hit the re-set button on her career after a painful divorce. Though she’s still gun-shy around men, there is one person who might be able to reach her: her childhood best friend, Michael, a photographer who’s been pining for her for years. A heartwarming story in which Michael and Faith’s supportive friends and family are key to helping the would-be lovers recognize their feelings.

    His Montana Homecoming, by Jenna Mindel
    Stranded in Jasper Gulch, Montana by a winter storm, ultra-rich New Yorker Dale Massey would rather be anywhere else. Small town life is not his jam. Hosted by the mayor’s family, including the mayor’s daughter, Faith, Dale’s gruff attitude slowly melts when Faith shows him just how healing an old-fashioned holiday can be. An inspirational romance from a master of the genre.

    Ready or Not, by Meg Cabot
    In this Young Adult romance, the second in the All-American Girls series, Cabot continues the story of teenage Samantha Madison and her boyfriend David, who happens to be the President’s son. Family perks include access to Camp David over Thanksgiving, and this year, he’s invited Madison! One problem: she’s pretty sure that means he wants to “take things to the Next Level” (i.e. sex), and she’s not sure she’s ready. A romantic comedy with a feminist bent, this book will have you laughing out loud and rooting for the young couple to figure it all out. 

    His Road Home, by Anna Richland
    A 2015 RITA winner, this novella touches on the emotional and physical effects of war. Prior to an explosion that took his legs in battle (he sacrificed his own safety to rescue a child), Reynaldo Cruz had pretended to be engaged to an acquaintance from home—lonely marine biologist Grace Kim, who doesn’t even remember him. But when his so-called fiancée is summoned to his hospital room at Walter Reed, she’s willing to offer her friendship to the brave soldier. As they connect and get to know each other, their initial hesitance turns into a deep and trusting love.

    How to Bake the Perfect Pecan Pie, by Gina Calanni
    In the first book in the Home for the Holidays series, it’s not exactly love at first sight between Lauren and Jack. Hapless in the kitchen, Lauren is nonetheless determined to find every ingredient required to fulfill the secret recipe list for her grandmother’s pecan pie. On the night before Thanksgiving, and running out of time, she must travel to a specialty shop in which she discovers to her horror that Jack has purchased all the pecans available and has no interest in sharing. But when her car breaks down on the return trip, guess who comes to her rescue?

    What romances are you tucking into over reheated pie?

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    From the Notebooks of a Middle School Princess: 6 Reasons We Bow Down to Meg Cabot’s New Book 

    Whether we admit it or not, most of us crave royal luxury—which is why everyone’s so obsessed with Will and Kate, and books like Meg Cabot’s young-adult series The Princess Diaries are so insanely popular. And now Cabot is opening up her royal world to a new category of readers with the just-released middle-grade novel From the Notebooks of a Middle School Princess.

    In it, we meet Olivia Grace Clarisse Mignonette Harrison, who believes she’s a totally average 12-year-old—except for having so many “bizarre” middle names. Olivia’s mom died when she was a baby, and she’s never even met her father—she has only ever communicated with him by letter. She lives with her aunt, step-uncle, and step-cousins, who don’t exactly treat her like one of the family. But one day, popular girl Annabelle Jenkins threatens to beat her up for being a princess. Olivia?? A princess??? The very same day Olivia is greeted after school by none other than the Princess Mia Thermopolis of Genovia, who explains that she’s Olivia’s half-sister, and promptly whisks her off to New York to meet her father and Grandmère for the first time. Olivia’s dad wants Olivia to come live with him in Genovia, but her aunt and uncle might not be willing to let her—and her dad’s hefty monthly support payments—go so quickly.

    The book flies by, but it packs in a lot of heart. Here are six things we love about the newest member of Genovia’s royal family.

    Olivia is not another white princess with straight blond hair and blue eyes. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but there are already so many lovely fair-haired princesses with sparkling eyes the color of the ocean. Olivia is half African-American and half Caucasian, with hazel eyes and brown curly hair, which she mostly wears in braids due to its frizzy tendencies. Princesses—they’re just like us, frizz and all!

    This girl loves The Cheesecake Factory. After Princess Mia picks Olivia up from school in a limo, she tells Olivia she can take her to any destination of Olivia’s choosing. “No one had ever taken me to a destination of my own choosing before! If they had, I’d have chosen to go to Cheesecake Factory EVERY SINGLE TIME.” She ends up asking to meet her father instead, but Cheesecake Factory is undoubtedly a close second.

    Olivia’s more worried about getting a demerit at school than going on a shopping spree. Olivia’s Grandmère wants to take her shopping for an entirely new wardrobe, since the sixth-grader doesn’t have many clothes outside of her school uniform. However, Olivia worries about skipping school. She’s gone the whole year without one demerit and isn’t about to start getting them now just so she can get some new clothes. Of course, a phone call to the school from the Dowager Princess Clarisse Renaldo of Genovia on behalf of her granddaughter is all it takes for Olivia to be excused from classes.

    No makeover. Makeovers can be super-fun, but they can also have the opposite of their intended effect: rather than making you feel beautiful, they can make you feel that you need a ton of makeup to be pretty. The lovely Olivia may think she’s totally average, but she’s anything but. Naturally, Olivia’s Grandmère tries to give her a makeover at a fancy salon, but Princess Mia puts a stop to it before they can do anything more than make Olivia’s curls a little bouncier.

    Olivia wants to be a wildlife illustrator when she grows up. All of those drawings you see of animals in textbooks, online, and on zoo placards—that’s what Olivia wants to do. And she pours a lot of energy and effort into her passion. Her art teacher at school thinks she has real talent; she just needs to keep practicing, especially at perspective.

    Not a lot of FOMO for our princess. Olivia thinks it’s a little unfair that her step-cousins get to have their own computers, TVs, and cell phones, while she doesn’t have any of those things. But she’s more concerned with enjoying the possessions and people she does have in her life rather than worrying about what she doesn’t. Plus, she has her art career to focus on, so there’s no time to veg out for hours in front of a screen.

    Olivia is a princess, but she’s also a regular girl—one who will inspire the young readers in your life.

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