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    Romance Roundup: Event Planners, Gossip Writers, and Amish Widows 

    This week’s Romance Roundup includes an arts and crafts store owner with some dark secrets, a popular writer who wants to take a more serious career route, and an Amish widow who is about to get a delicious blast from her past. 

    Leave Me Breathless, by Jodi Ellen Malpas
    Ryan Willis works in the protection business, which takes up a lot of brainpower and muscle. (Fortunately, he has both in spades!) He just finished a huge assignment, so he’s ready to wind down in his getaway home and listen to some soothing music and get some much-needed R&R. (You do that, Ryan, and we’ll all massage you while you’re at it!) He gets a bit of a surprise, though, when he meets Hannah Bright. She’s new in town and runs the local arts and craft store. (Hannah, you are a lifesaver! Some of us were quite low on knitting yarn!) Hannah and Ryan get to know each other, and it’s all quite wonderful for both parties. That said, Hannah has some big secrets, so she can’t let Ryan get too close. (Are you sure about that, sister?!) Here’s hoping that Hannah and Ryan reveal themselves to each other (hehe), that they create a foundation based on trust, and that the two of them enjoy many a frolic throughout their English village! (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK.) 

    Not the Girl You Marry, by Andie J. Christopher
    How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days gets a twist in Christopher’s latest! Journalist Jack Nolan has found his niche—as a writer who is really good at writing viral fluff pieces that make for great clickbait but aren’t exactly stretching anyone’s thinking skills. (Jack, buddy, we all promise to, er, NOT click on your articles!) He cuts a deal with his editor: He will write a hard-hitting story on…how to lose a girl. Then he’ll move on to covering politics. Too bad he meets event planner Hannah Mayfield, who is actually a really nice person and smart and beautiful to boot. She’s on a quest of her own, which is to show her boss that YES, she absolutely believes in the lovey-dovey stuff and that YES, she wants to plan super duper romantic weddings. (She does NOT actually believe in these things, but she DOES want a promotion. Get THAT PROMOTION Hannah! We all hope it comes with a BIG RAISE!) She needs to hang onto to Jack just as much as he needs to tick her off. Oh, Jack, please find a way to not screw up your budding relationship with Hannah! And Hannah, please don’t get TOO upset when you find out the truth behind Jack’s less-than-desirable behavior. (Available in paperback and NOOK on November 12.) 

    Restless Rancher, by Jennifer Ryan
    Accountant Sonya Tucker has quite the task before her. She needs to help rancher Austin Hubbard turn his struggling ranch around, being as how Austin himself is struggling to just even get out of bed each morning. (Sonya, we’re not entirely sure why you would want Austin out of bed, but we are all still willing to follow along and support you in whatever you need to do!) Fortunately, Sonya is no wilting violet. She was, after all, raised by her mother in the Wild Rose Ranch, a Nevada brothel. (Sonya, sounds to us like you were always surrounded by hardworking women who taught you to be tough, and for that, we salute you and everyone involved in your upbringing!) It soon becomes clear that Austin is not as lackadaisical as he seems. He’s actually a good guy who wants to succeed. Will he manage to get off of his delectable heinie and prove to Sonya that he’s a very, very good man? This is the second book in Ryan’s Wild Rose series. (Available in hardcover, paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on November 12.) 

    All Fired Up, by Lori Foster
    Ex-con Mitch Crews is on a mission to find some long-lost family, and let’s just say he’s pretty much starting from zero. (It’s okay, Mitch! We’ll all help you find your family! We know how to use The Google!)  His travels put him in the direct path of Charlotte Parrish. Her car has just broken down in his neck of the woods, and while Mitch may be a tad hardened due to stressful life experiences, he would never – but NEVER – leave a lady stranded. (Mitch, there are people who have had it WAY easier than you and would still not do the nice things you do!) Charlotte doesn’t think she has room in her life for bad boys and so she decides to do her best and forget about Mitch and resist his charms and BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! As if ANY woman could resist the ridiculously appealing Mitch. Mitch, please find a way to exhibit your best behavior while also showing Charlotte a good time in the, ahem, boudoir. This is the third book in Foster’s Road to Love series. (Available in hardcover, paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on November 19.) 

    The Princess Plan, by Julia London
    Eliza Tricklebank owns a delicious gossip gazette, and she’s just gotten the story tip of a lifetime. The personal secretary of none other than Prince Sebastian of Alucia has been murdered. Sebastian is eager to find out who killed his employee, and he starts off his investigation by investigating Eliza. (Oh, Eliza, you lucky, lucky lady!) This is all happening at a very inopportune time for Sebastian. There’s a trade deal going down, plus he’s under some big-time pressure to find a royal bride and produce a royal heir and do all of the royal things. (Sebastian, if you ever need a break from all of that royal stuff, we’ll all happily take you out for a night on the town while you wear the crafty yet tasteful disguise of your choice!) Eliza and Sebastian will need to work very closely together if they’re going to solve the murder mystery. This is the first book in London’s A Royal Wedding series. (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on November 19.)

    The Hope, by Patricia Davids
    Amish widow Ruth Mast figures that her life is going to be a tad quieter moving forward now that her husband is gone. Then a Very Special Man by the name of Owen Mast returns to Cedar Grove, and this kind of makes Ruth want to hide behind a sheet that’s been hung out to dry. Owen doesn’t have the best reputation in town. Oh, he also broke Ruth’s heart once upon a time. If all of this wasn’t bad enough, he is STILL ridiculously handsome and he STILL gives Ruth the butterflies! Ruth is ready to just go about her business and ignore Owen. Then a lost little girl shows up on Owen’s porch, and both he and Ruth are moved to help her and keep her safe. (See, Ruth?! Owen has clearly changed for the better so please, please, please listen to what he has to say!) Here’s hoping that Ruth and Owen cooperate to help this poor kid—and that they each get over their issues and get to know the people they’ve each become! This is the second book in Davids’ Amish of Cedar Grove series. (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on November 19.) 

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    Romance Roundup: Screenwriters, Etiquette Coaches, and Kind-hearted Librarians 

    This week’s Romance Roundup includes a budding screenwriter who gets romantic with an actor, a refreshingly unique debutante, and a Wall Street executive who’s about to have a much-needed change of pace.

    Waiting for Tom Hanks, by Kerry Winfrey
    Annie Cassidy has some serious screenwriting ambitions, not to mention a delicious weakness for romantic comedies. This weakness is so profound, in fact, that her ultimate dream would be to meet a Tom Hanks-ish guy who embodies all of her romantic comedy fantasies. (We feel you, Annie. We all feel you. #youvegotmail) Things take a turn for the exciting when Annie gets a job on a local film set and gets to be around hunky actor Drew Danforth. Their first meeting, however, is less than pleasant. That said, things soon start to pick up, and Annie and Drew find themselves involved in all kinds of fun and silly and romantic moments. (Annie, it sounds like you’re finding true love AND getting a ton of writing inspiration!) Will Annie and Drew’s budding romance outlast the film shoot? And will she get her much-deserved shot at a screenwriting career? (Available in paperback and NOOK on June 11.)

    Fix Her Up, by Tessa Bailey
    Georgette Castle isn’t doing so bad in her job as a clown for children’s birthday parties, but she’s ready to kick things up a notch and thrive in her career and in her personal life. She makes some much-needed updates to her business and also makes some tweaks to her appearance. (Kudos to you, Georgette, for loving yourself and taking positive steps to improve your life!) Trouble is, she lives in a small town where everyone has known her forever, so no one wants to takes her seriously. She enlists the help of her childhood crush, Travis Scott. Surely if people think they’re having an affair they’ll see her in a different light—right? As for Travis, he soon realizes that Georgette is all grown up and that she is QUITE the woman. Good for you, Travis! Now take Georgette out on a nice date—maybe in the next town to escape prying eyes—and realize that you’re NEVER going to find a woman quite like her! (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on June 11.)

    Sisters of Summer’s End, by Lori Foster
    Single mom Joy Lee is about to start a new chapter of her life. She just got a cool job at a lakeside resort and she’s made a new friend to boot. Said new friend, Maris, nudges Joy to go ahead and follow her heart with a guy who is new to the area. (Now THAT’S what friends are for!) As for Maris, she’s worked extremely hard to be the strong, independent woman she is today. She has very little interest in risking that. That said, seeing Joy so happy with her new man makes Maris think twice about some of her life choices. (Maris, you can absolutely fall in love AND retain your hard-won independence!) Will these two lovely ladies allow themselves to fall in love with the nice men they’ve met? Here’s hoping they do—and that they also enjoy many a wine-filled lunch and/or dinner to exchange the most delicious of stories! (Available in hardcover, paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on June 11.)

    The Duke and I, by Julia Quinn
    Netflix adaptation alert! This reprint, the first book in Quinn’s Bridgerton series, is headed for the small screen! Daphne Bridgerton is way too friendly to be considered marriage material. That is, she is nice and smart and funny, traits that none of the idiot dandies in society appreciate, much less want to marry. (Daphne, we will all happily toss red wine in their dull, boring faces on your behalf!) Things shake up a bit when Simon Basset, Duke of Hastings, shows up in the same social circles. He’s back in England after being abroad, and he’s none too thrilled by the endless ballroom and drawing room prattle. (Oh, and every mother wants him to marry her daughter. No bueno.) Simon and Daphne agree to a fake courtship, one that will keep those rabid mothers far, far away and also give Daphne a much-needed look of mystery. It doesn’t take long for Simon to realize that Daphne is everything he wants in a woman and that he’ll have to act fast if he’s going to nab her for himself! (Available in paperback on June 11.)

    The Summer of Sunshine and Margot, by Susan Mallery
    Sisters Margot and Sunshine Baxter each have their own thing going on. Margot is an etiquette coach, and her latest gig involves dealing with her client’s less-than-pleasant son, Alec. Alec isn’t a bad person, per se, but he’s very, very guarded. (He’s also very, very hot, and his rare smile is well worth any effort!) As for Sunshine, she’s had a string of not-so-good boyfriends and she’s quite determined to break that awful cycle. (Good for you, Sunshine! Settle for no less than a man who rightfully worships the ground you walk on and rubs your feet at least twice a week!) Sunshine also wants to focus on her nanny job and finish her bachelor’s degree. That said, her new boss is deliciously distracting. Sounds like these lovely sisters have a lot on their plate, so here’s hoping they stick to their goals and don’t let anyone derail their dreams! (Available in hardcover, audiobook, and NOOK on June 11.)

    Summer on Mirror Lake, by JoAnn Ross
    Wall Street workaholic Gabriel Mannion refuses to believe that he’s just had an anxiety attack. That said, he needs to follow his doctor’s orders and chill out if he doesn’t want to risk his health. He heads back to his hometown of Honeymoon Harbor, where he soon falls head over heels for local librarian Chelsea Prescott. Not only is Chelsea a beautiful, well-read woman who can no doubt recommend books for just about anyone, but she is also giving two foster children some much-needed attention. (Brains AND beauty AND heart? Gabriel, if you don’t take this woman out for a nice dinner then we all will!) Gabriel and Chelsea certainly like each other very much, but Gabriel still plans to return to New York City. Oh, Gabriel, would you please search that jaded heart of yours and find something to do in Honeymoon Harbor so that you can continue romancing this wonderful woman?! This is the third book in Ross’ Honeymoon Harbor series. (Available in hardcover, paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on June 11.)

    Looking for more romance recs? Check out 50 Must-Read Paranormal Romance Novels.

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    Romance Roundup: Small-Town Romances, Bakery Owners, and Protective Cowboys 

    This week’s Romance Roundup includes a woman who inherits a haunted property, a bakery owner who ends up house sitting with an actor, and a sexy cowboy who finds out he’s a father.

    Cooper’s Charm, by Lori Foster
    Two sisters are about to get some much-need R&R in the lovely town that is Cooper’s Charm. Phoenix Rose’s life was going swimmingly until a break-in at her home left her feeling devastated and insecure. She lost her fiance, her business—you get the picture. (Phoenix, we are SO taking you out for a nice dinner!) She decides to hightail it to Cooper’s Charm, a peaceful town filled with some very nice people, including a hunky widower who is quite possibly the nicest man she’s ever met. (You go, girl!) She’s soon joined by her sister, Ridley Rose, who finds some romance of her own with a scuba instructor. Ridley soon realizes that peeling his wetsuit away from his six-pack abs would be SO much fun. A story that involves two sisters and a beautiful town and two hunky guys to help said sisters take their minds off of things? Yes, please! (Available in paperback on May 21.)

    The Summoning, by Heather Graham
    Kristi Stewart has just inherited a Savannah property, one with a rich ghost-y history. (Sadly, not the Patrick Swayze Let’s-Make-Pottery kind of ghost.) Our gal doesn’t believe in ghosts, which makes it all the more freaky when some weird stuff starts to happen. Things get especially crazy one night, which causes Kristi to run into the manly embrace of Dallas Wicker. Dallas has his own weird stuff to face. He’s investigating the death of a colleague, and it soon becomes clear that that colleague’s death and the odd things happening on Kristi’s property might be linked. (Dallas has a big brain and a big heart to go with his…big biceps!) Anyway, Kristi and Dallas will need to work together if they’re going to solve the mystery of these disappearances and move on to bigger and better things. Hang in there, you two! This is the latest book in Graham’s extensive Krewe of Hunters series. (Available in hardcover, paperback, and audiobook on May 21.)

    Undefeated, by Helen Hardt
    The sexy, vampire-ific drama continues between human lady Erin Hamilton and Not-Your-Grandmother’s-Vampire Dante Gabriel! In this installment, Dante and Erin venture together into the underground place where a very evil woman used to hold Dante captive. (She held him for 10 years, so yes, there are grudges.) Dante needs to make this evil person think she has control over him. He is totally willing to play the game, but he’s also on high alert to make sure none of his loved ones are hurt in the process. This is especially true when it comes to Erin, because she’s HIS woman. (Such is the strength of Dante’s, ahem, carnal desires for her.) Here’s hoping that Dante gets what he needs from this morbid underworld setting, that the nasty piece of work is finished off, and that Dante and Erin then proceed to take a peaceful, drama-free vacation when it’s all over! This is the fifth volume in Hardt’s Blood Bond series. (Available in paperback on May 21.)

    Cliff’s Edge, by Meg Tilly
    Eve Harris is the Sister of the Year. Not only does she agree to run the bakery she co-owns with her sister while said sister is on her honeymoon, she also offers to housesit. Trouble is, actor Rhys Thomas is also going to be at the house. He’s friends with Eve’s brother-in-law, who offered him a place to stay while he gets some peace and quiet after wrapping a film. One look is all it takes to realize why Rhys is doing the actor thing. His face and abs alone give the world hope for another Magic Mike film. (This might be a shout into the void BUT WOULD SOMEONE PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN?!) What starts off as a fluffy-sounding spell together, however, soon turns into something more sinister. Someone just might be out to get Eve. Fortunately, Rhys is much more than a pretty face and smoking body, and he sure isn’t going to just sit around on his camera-ready tush while his new lady love gets all of the threats. You go, Rhys! This is the second book in Tilly’s Solace Island series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on May 21.)

    Luck of the Draw, by B.J. Daniels
    All Garrett Sterling wanted to do was have a little bit of Me Time and ride his horse around his family’s Montana property. (Totally understandable, Garrett! We all want a bit of You Time, too!) Then something awful happens, and it involves a dead person. If that wasn’t bad enough, a lady who has always been very special to Garrett becomes the prime suspect. Garrett is ready to do whatever it takes to keep her safe, even if she is reluctant to give him any useful information. (Sister, you can trust Garrett any day of the week!) Is this woman truly to blame for anything? What exactly is her relationship history with Garrett? And, when the time is right, will Garrett surprise her by reclining on his side on a bearskin rug in front of a working fireplace wearing nothing but an easily-removable bandana and holding a red rose between his teeth? This is the second book in Daniels’ Sterling’s Montana series. (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on May 21.)

    To Tame a Wild Cowboy, by Lori Wilde
    This story features cowboy Rhett Lockhart who—OH SWEET JEBUS YES! MORE COWBOYS! BRING US ALL OF THE COWBOYS! ALWAYS! Anyway, Rhett has just discovered that the baby girl recently abandoned at the local hospital is, in fact, the baby girl he fathered after a one-night stand. To his credit, he pretty much immediately realizes he wants to be a father. The only problem is that the baby’s foster mother, Tara Alzate, is a bit skeptical about Rhett’s parenting capabilities. (This is totally fair, as Rhett wasn’t exactly stable, reliable Dad material.) Rhett suggests to Tara that they enter a marriage of convenience so they can both be in the baby’s life. Rhett and Tara soon realize that they have way more in common than they ever would have thought. Can they lovingly enter a new chapter of their lives together? This is the latest book in Wilde’s Cupid, Texas series. (Available in hardcover, paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on May 21.)

    What new romance novels are you excited about this week?

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    Romance Roundup: Dragon Shifters, Former Male Models, and Artifact Seekers 

    This week’s Romance Roundup includes a reporter who investigates a supernaturally-touched town, an academic who meets a very sexy dragon shifter, and a male model who starts an interesting new business venture—and falls hard for a client.

    Blood Brothers, by Nora Roberts
    Caleb Hawkins and his two best friends, Fox and Gage, saw some pretty creepy things when they were kids. (They might have taken a camping trip, and they might have seen some evil, supernatural-ish stuff.) Now they are all grown upand Quite Hotand the evil stuff is coming up again in their town of Hawkins Hollow. Caleb, a descendant of the town’s founders, ends up having a major connection with visiting reporter Quinn Black. She’s writing a book about the town and its mysterious ways, and she and Caleb soon realize that they want to have the kind of relationship that leaves very little to the imagination. Before they can truly settle down, though, they’ll need to band together with other men and women to help bring peace to Hawkins Hollow. This is the first book in Roberts’ Sign of Seven series. (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on March 5.)

    Day of the Dragon, by Katie MacAlister
    Our gal Thaisa is a serious scholar who doesn’t really believe in all of that supernatural mumbo jumbo. Then she meets dragon shifter Archer Andras, who would make even the most steadfast of women question everything she believes in. (In the best possible ways, of course!) Thaisa soon finds herself in the middle of a dragon war, one that also involves Archer’s twin brother. (Yup, there’s two of him, which brings a whole new meaning to that ubiquitous Game of Thrones catchphrase, “WHERE ARE MY DRAGONS?!?!”) She’ll need to translate an ancient text in order to help win this war, and she’s not sure she can do this while keeping her clothes on, because Archer. (It’s okay, Thaisa. We certainly wouldn’t!) This is the second book in MacAlister’s Dragon Hunter series, and it includes a bonus novel, “Wolf’s Mate” by Celia Kyle. That yarn is about a woman who gets some much-needed protection from a sexy werewolf shifter. Howl at the moon, indeed! (Available in paperback and NOOK on March 5.)

    Springtime at Hope Cottage, by Annie Rains
    New York City magazine editor Josie Kellum is all about the fast-paced life. Then she gets majorly injured and ends up recovering in the small town of Sweetwater Springs. (Josie, please send us your temporary address ASAP so we can send you flowers, a teddy bear, and a box of your favorite sweets!) On the bright side, her physical therapist ends up being local widower Tucker Locklear. They soon develop the hots for each other. (Tucker has VERY healing hands!) The thing is, Tucker is reluctant to get close to anyone again, and Josie wants to go back to her New York City life. Josie and Tucker, please get your heads out of the clouds and realize that you’re perfect for each other and that you can absolutely make a beautiful life together! This is the second book in Rains’ Sweetwater Springs series, and it includes the bonus story “Last Chance Bride” by Hope Ramsay. (Available in paperback and NOOK on March 5.)

    Hold Back the Dark, by Kay Hooper
    Residents of Prosperity, North Carolina are killing each other off and waking up with zero memories of what they did. (Yeah, everyone’s pretty much in crisis mode.) Enter our gal, Chief Deputy Katie Cole. She knows she can’t handle all of this on her own, and so she’s working with Sheriff Jackson Archer. They’re also getting some much-needed help in the form of the Special Crimes Unit. Everyone’s getting deeper and deeper into a giant murder mystery mess, so they’re going to have to think fast and work together in order to solve it—and stay alive. This is the latest book in Hooper’s Bishop Special Crimes Unit series. (Available in paperback on March 5.)

    Misadventures with a Book Boyfriend, by Victoria Blue
    Former model Oliver Connely was a household name, but then his career went kaput. He needs money—like, pronto—so he creates a business venture called Book Boyfriend Incorporated. This business venture involves him making his lady clients feel, ahem, not so lonely. (Oliver, do you accept payment via Venmo? Asking for a friend!) He ends up having feelings, though, for Bailey Hardin, a client whose political husband has just turned up dead. Things get even more intense when Oliver’s friend decides to get involved in the related political drama. Oliver and Bailey, it sounds like the two of you need to do a serious Marie Kondo on your social lives! Once you’ve cut out those who bring you no joy, you can focus on each other and the numerous beautiful babies you’ll make! This is the latest book in the multi-authored Misadventures series. (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on March 5.)

    Slow Ride, by Lori Foster
    Our gal Ronnie Ashford has met a ridiculously hot guy at a bar, and just when it looks like they will have A Lot Of Fun together, she learns that he is none other than Jack Crews. Normally, this discovery would make her scream in ecstasy rather than frustration, but Jack is the person she’s supposed to work with soon in order to acquire artifacts for her bosses. (She would rather work alone, thank you very much.) Jack is all like, “Aw, baby, we can be partners AND lovers!” while she’s all like “Please hide those distracting biceps of yours underneath an ugly Christmas sweater STAT!” (For the record, this would NOT diminish Jack’s sexiness level in any way whatsoever.) Oh, Ronnie, please realize that you and Jack can absolutely be partners in both work and life. And Jack, please take every opportunity to show Ronnie that every day with you would be quite the adventure! This is the second book in Foster’s Road to Love series. (Available in hardcover, paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on March 12.)

    What romance novels are you excited about this week?

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    Romance Roundup: Egyptian Scholars, Paramilitary Heroines, and Cowboy Rescue Missions 

    This week’s Romance Roundup includes a rare artifacts hunter who gets a new and very interesting coworker, a woman whose newfound skills are put to the test, and a lady on a mission to rescue her cowboy.

    Driven to Distraction, by Lori Foster
    Mary Daniels has a pretty cool job that requires acquiring rare artifacts for her boss, and her latest assignment puts her in close proximity with the supernaturally sexy Brodie Crews. (Note to self: Research alternative career opportunities!) They’ll need to spend a few hours in a car together for her latest assignment, which would normally sound like a huge chore, but traveling with Brodie would make any woman request that he pull off to the side and take things to the next level. (Or two.) (Actually, make that three.) As for Brodie, he is quite intrigued by this buttoned-up lady and would love to, ahem, explore her in every way possible. (Yes, Brodie! You are on the right track! And Mary, you are a lucky, lucky girl!) When an enemy rears their ugly head, intent on taking the same artifact Mary and Brodie are after, Brodie will need to think fast in order to protect Mary. Here’s hoping they manage to dodge the bad guys and get their treasure! (Get to it, you two! And, Brodie, when the drama is over, show Mary multiple times how good a bad boy can be!) This is the first book in Foster’s Road to Love series. (Available in hardcover, paperback, and NOOK.)

    The Woman Left Behind, by Linda Howard
    Jina Modell is doing just fine in the communications department of a paramilitary organization. She loves her job, which doesn’t require our non-outdoorsy gal to leave the air-conditioned comfort of her office. (Good for you, Jina! There’s nothing wrong with loving indoor-ish things like yoga and curling up with a good book!) Then she is selected to work in the field as an on-site drone operator. (Okay, that’s a pretty flippin’ awesome change of pace! Yay, Jina! Don’t turn this opportunity down!) This requires undergoing extensive physical training under the watchful, steely gaze of her team leader, Levi. (Fact: No woman would mind spending as much time as possible with Levi, especially if it means getting really sweaty together.) Under his tutelage, Jina transforms from a tech geek into a daring operative. While out in Syria, a deceitful Congresswoman screws up their mission, which causes the base Jina is working on to explode—and Jina to get separated from her team. Everyone on Jina’s team thinks that Jina has gone to that big hard drive in the sky, but the truth is she’s still alive. Now she’s going to have to employ her brand-new skills to survive until she can reunite with her team and get out of Syria. As for Levi, he is NOT going anywhere until he finds the woman who makes him feel all of the feels. (Available in paperback.)

    The Lady Travelers Guide to Deception with an Unlikely Earl, by Victoria Alexander
    Miss Sidney Honeywell is a very successful author thanks to her “Tales of a Lady Adventurer in Egypt” series. There’s a teeny, tiny problem, though. Her readers think the stories are real, and that she’s actually writing about her own exploits. Our gal can’t reveal the truth, though, because then London would be in an uproar and her reputation would just go SPLAT! She crosses paths with Harry Armstrong, who (and we’ll be honest and fair here) is an actual scholar on Egypt. He wants to write about his Egyptian adventures, and he’s not happy that Sidney is getting so much glory and unintentionally hogging his would-be fans. (Harry, we know you’re upset—okay, super duper angry—but it’s much easier for a man to run off and have adventures than it is for a lady and besides, if you tell a really good story then people will still read your stuff and you won’t have to be so jealous and okay, okay—stop glaring at us!) Sidney finally gets a chance for some real adventure when the Earl of Breton invites her to go to Egypt. Trouble is, he’s bringing his his nephew Harry with him. And Harry’s determined to expose Sidney. Harry, we’re all for a bit of exposition here, but it should be of the come-to-bed-and-undress-each-other type. Get over your issues and get to seducing Sidney, because the two of you are actually made for each other! This is the third book in Alexander’s Lady Travelers Society series. (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK.)

    Wrangler’s Rescue, by B.J. Daniels
    Everyone get out of Ashley Jo’s way—her man has just gone missing, and she is NOT going to sit around weeping into a handkerchief. Cyrus Cahill, who is pretty much every woman’s Montana cowboy fantasy rolled up into one delicious bite, promised Ashley Jo that he’d be back in her loving embrace after buying a bull for his ranch. (This was a totally plausible promise on his part, because Cyrus is, in fact, a rancher.) He never came back, though, which is bizarre, because a Cahill man never goes back on his word. Everyone in the town of Gilt Edge is convinced that Cyrus is dead, but Ashley Jo’s spidey senses say otherwise. (That’s right, Ashley Jo—you follow your heart and your gut and don’t let anyone ever convince you to do otherwise!) She’s going to embark on a rescue mission if it’s the last thing she does, because nothing gets in between a fierce and fearless woman and her nekked-times-in-front-of-the-fireplace fantasy. Here’s hoping Ashley Jo’s fellow townspeople put on their best cold weather gear and help her out, that they all find Cyrus ASAP, that he’s not too hurt from his troubles (Buddy, if you are, Ashley Jo will take excellent care of you!), and that Cyrus and Ashley Jo have the best sexy reunion in the history of sexy reunions! This book is part of Daniels’ Montana Cahills series. (Available in hardcover, paperback, and NOOK.)

    The post Romance Roundup: Egyptian Scholars, Paramilitary Heroines, and Cowboy Rescue Missions appeared first on Barnes & Noble Reads.

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