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    Romance Roundup: Young Widows, Devoted Sisters, and Ranchers Galore 

    This week’s Romance Roundup includes a tough lady who helps a detective solve a cold case, a human woman who gets caught up in some major werewolf and vampire-related drama, and a rancher who gets much-needed help from his childhood friend.

    Map of the Heart, by Susan Wiggs
    History buffs will love this reprint! Camille Palmer is finally settling back into a peaceful existence after the tragic death of her husband. She’s got a teenage daughter and a dad to look after, so she’s quite busy. (Camille, massages and champagne on all of us!) Then a mysterious package arrives, and the three of them go back to France, where Camille’s dad lived during World War II. Oh, and Camille meets a very handsome former naval officer during her travels. (Note to Camille: Find out ASAP if he kept his uniform!) A nice lady who gets another chance at love with a hunky man in the French countryside while surrounded by loved ones? Yes, we’ll all take that tale with a glass of wine and a chocolate croissant! (Available in paperback on February 12.)

    Say You’re Sorry, by Karen Rose
    A serial killer has just messed with the wrong woman! Not only does our gal, Daisy Dawson, manage to fend off an attack, she also manages to steal a valuable piece of evidence off of her attacker: a necklace. (Daisy, after we treat you to a spa day we’d love it if you showed us your self-defense moves!) Said necklace is of great interest to Special Agent Gideon Reynolds, who has a few very important things going on for him: buns of steel, arms of steel, abs of steel, and a—well, you get the picture!  Anyway, he’s been working on a cold case for 17 years, and now, thanks to this necklace, he just might finally have what he needs to solve it. He and Daisy will end up working closely together. They’ll need to be super careful, though, as the killer now wants to target both of them. Daisy and Gideon, stay two steps ahead of the game, and when you finally win, treat yourselves to a romantic, long weekend getaway! This is the first book in Rose’s Sacramento series. (Available in hardcover and NOOK on February 12.)

    Long, Tall Texans: Ethan/Connal, by Diana Palmer
    Two stories in one! “Ethan” features Ethan Hardeman and Arabella Craig. They, ahem, had relations when Arabella was 18 years old, which she really, really enjoyed, but then Ethan married another woman. (Ethan, we’re going to be generous and give you THREE WHOLE MINUTES to explain why you broke our gal’s heart!) Years have gone by, and now Arabella and Ethan are reconnected. Those years haven’t been too kind to Ethan—he’s divorced and, let’s just put it this way, Not Happy. Will he and Arabella get another chance at love? In “Connal,” Connal Tremayne finds himself somehow married to Penelope Matthews, who has pretty much loved him her whole life. Until recently he was a widower, and now he finds himself with a brand-new bride. (Sadly, he is not happy about this.) Here’s hoping that he and Penelope clear the air between them—and that they proceed to fill a Texas ranch with lots of cute puppies and babies! These reprinted stories are part of Palmer’s delicious Long, Tall Texans series. (Available in paperback on February 12.)

    Shadow Pact, by Tally Adams
    All Emily wants to do is find her missing sister, but instead, she finds herself in the middle of a major kerfuffle involving vampires and werewolves and a whole lot of attitude. She gets saved by William, a vampire-werewolf hybrid (and major hottie) who is ready and willing and able to assist Emily in her mission. Together, they’ll need to navigate some palace-like intrigue, complete with a vampire queen and a werewolf king who have less-than-noble intentions. (Think Game of Thrones with a more supernatural angle and characters with superior hygiene.) Emily will need to gather up every last ounce of courage she has if she’s going to survive all of this drama and find her sister. Emily, put your big-girl panties on and do whatever it takes to find her! And while you’re at it, show William how a human woman can rock his world! This is the first book in Adams’ Immortal Romance series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on February 12.)

    Devil’s Daughter, by Lisa Kleypas
    Phoebe, Lady Clare is a young widow, and she’s just met West Ravenel at a family wedding. She finds him exceptionally sexy, but she’s kind of determined to not like him. (He allegedly bullied her late husband when they were in boarding school together WAY back in the day.) She can’t help but become attracted to him, though, because West has that effect on women. Oh, and West soon discovers that Phoebe has quite the colorful family history, which gives him hope that she is not the cold-hearted, aristocratic woman he thought she might be. Phoebe, school was a very long time ago! Give West and his chiseled arms and jawline a chance! And West, be a gentleman and show Phoebe that while you can definitely be, ahem, naughty, you are also a nice guy who has come a long way in life! This is the fifth book in Kleypas’ Ravenels series. (Available in hardcover, paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on February 19.)

    Stroke of Luck, by B.J. Daniels
    Montana hottie Will Sterling could use a helping hand right now. (Oh, Will, we all volunteer as tribute!) The Sterling Ranch’s season is about to start, but a blizzard threatens to make the opening a not-so-smooth endeavor. Plus, the guests staying at the ranch lodge are getting cranky. (Oh, just have some wine, you grouchy lot!) Fortunately, Will is about to get some much-needed help from his old childhood friend, Poppy Carmichael, and let’s just say that she and Will are children no more. They soon realize that they’d love nothing more than to spend the blizzard together, secluded, and nekkid in a quiet room with a giant fireplace. (#polarvortexfun #bringiton) Sadly, something very bad is going on (think: killer), and they’ll need to take care of it pronto. Here’s hoping they manage to dodge said killer, get the ranch the successful opening it deserves, and then find all kinds of fun ways to keep each other warm during those long, Montana winters. This is the first book in Daniels’ Sterling’s Montana series. (Available in hardcover, paperback, and NOOK on February 19.)

    What romance novels are keeping your nightstand warm this week?

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    Romance Roundup: Arson Investigators, ER Nurses, and Hotel Heirs 

    This week’s Romance Roundup includes a sous chef who falls for her hunky neighbor, a defense attorney who is being framed, and a lady who gets some much-needed help from her longtime crush.

    Year One, by Nora Roberts
    Romance readers who love a bit of fantasy and doomsday in their books will enjoy Roberts’ latest yarn. A mysterious illness wipes out more than half of the world’s population, and magick—both good and bad—is becoming the new normal. Lana Bingham and her hunky man, Max, practice the good kind of magic, but they’re going to have to work very hard in order to avoid—and help beat—the bad kind. They decide to ditch New York City in search of a safer environment (and, presumably, cheaper rent), and collaborate with a colorful cast of characters along the way. With magick and mayhem and romance, this will be the perfect sink-your-teeth-into-it winter story! This is the first book in Roberts’ Chronicles of the Ones series. (Available in paperback on October 2.)

    Alaskan Holiday, by Debbie Macomber
    Sous chef Josie Stewart has a sweet new job opportunity lined up at a highfalutin restaurant in Seattle. Before she embarks upon this glamorous new chapter, she decides to do a six-month stint cooking at a lodge in Klutina Lake, Alaska. She soon realizes that she likes the place—like, a lot—and she also likes her new neighbor, Palmer Saxon. He is a sword craftsman, so you know he’s got that whole protective, use-all-my-resources-to-make-sure-you-don’t-starve thing going on. Oh, he’s also smoldering and silent and mysterious, which makes him even more irresistible to our gal. The thing is, our gal really had her heart set on going to The Emerald City and making her mark on the food scene there. Josie, think of the many, many nights – and the many, many ways – in which you and Palmer can keep each other warm! (Available in hardcover, paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on October 2.)

    Consumed, by J.R. Ward
    Anne Ashburn is not having the best time right now. She was once a fearless firefighter, but then she made a mistake and now she’s relegated to arson investigations. This may sound totally cool, but it’s just not enough for our gal. Then a bunch of weird fires start popping up around the city, which gets her fires going. She’s also crushing on Danny McGuire, who is considered her department’s bad boy. He may be all abs and sinew, but Danny’s going through a tough time of his own right now, and it seems that helping Anne investigate these mysterious fires is going to get his engines going again. It doesn’t take long for them both to realize that they’d like to help each other put on—and also take off—their bunker gear. Here’s hoping they catch the arsonist, and that they each find the love and peace – and promotions – they deserve! This is the first book in Ward’s Firefighters series. (Available in hardcover, audiobook, and NOOK on October 2.)

    Unchained, by Helen Hardt
    Dante Gabriel has escaped. He was held as a blood slave for years by a female vampire, and let’s just say it was no picnic. (Dude, sending you all the hugs!) He decides to rob a blood bank to satisfy his blood thirst, and that’s when he meets ER nurse Erin Hamilton. She’s working the night shift, and let’s just say she did NOT expect to find a super hot man in front of her, the kind of super hot man who would make any rational woman immediately want to drop panty. (Oh, that we all could have a wonderfully gorgeous surprise such as Gabriel interrupt our work day!) They each decide they’re just WAY too attracted to each other and embark upon a delicious affair. But Gabriel is afraid he’ll end up hurting Erin, and she’s got a major secret to keep. Can they find a way to create a loving and peaceful life together? This is the first book in Hardt’s Blood Bond saga. (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on October 2.)

    Death is Not Enough, by Karen Rose
    Our guy Thorne had a very troubled youth, and this motivated him to become the top-notch defense attorney in Baltimore that he is today. He specifically helps young people who are in the same boat as he once was. (Smart with a giant heart AND a face chiseled by the angels? Oh, Thorne, you really are the total package!) He’s got a secret love, though, for Gwyn Weaver. (Gwyn, please, please, please tell us you feel the same way for Thorne!) When Thorne wakes up with a dead woman in his bed, he’ll need to work extremely hard to figure out who exactly is out to get him. Thorne, we all believe in you, buddy! And Gwyn, give him a helping hand – and please realize that he will never let you down! This is the latest book in Rose’s Baltimore series. (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on October 2.)

    Just This Once, by Mira Lyn Kelly
    Sean Wyse III may be the heir to a luxury chain of hotels, but he’s not some coddled little shrimp. This is a guy who loves his friends and wants to help them, which is why he kicks out Molly Brandt’s good-for-nothing, freeloading roommate. Just to make sure the deadbeat doesn’t come back, he moves in with Molly himself. The thing is, Molly and Sean both have had the feelings for each other for quite some time, and they’re both still trying to keep it under wraps. (Oh, Sean, just please make sure you don’t keep everything under wraps!) Living in close proximity forces them both to confront their feelings for each other and acknowledge the fact that, yes, they would, in fact, love to be nekkid together as often as possible. Sean and Molly, stop dawdling and get to business! This is the third book in Kelly’s Wedding Date series. (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on October 2.)

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    Romance Roundup: Detectives, College Basketball Coaches, and Oil Tycoons 

    This week’s Romance Roundup includes Scottish clan leaders and healers, an oil executive who is ready to fight for his marriage, and a woman with a mysterious past who is about to get some help from her man—and her entire town.

    Edge of Darkness, by Karen Rose
    Homicide detective Adam Kimble has struggled to deal with his PTSD, but he’s come a long way. (We’re all cheering you on, buddy!) One person who is head-over-heels crazy about him is Meredith Fallon. She counsels women who have been sexually abused, so she’s pretty much one of the most awesome people ever. She’s had “A Thing” for Adam for a year now—and by “A Thing” we mean “A Strong Desire To See Him Nekkid And Give All Her Lovin’.” When Meredith gets threatened by a would-be killer, that shakes Adam up nice and good and makes him determined to protect this beautiful woman. Can they throw Meredith’s creepy stalker in the slammer? And can Adam and Meredith then have a stress-free mountain getaway that involves a bear rug and a fireplace? This is the fourth book in Rose’s Cincinnati series. (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on February 6.)

    Love Game, by Maggie Wells
    Kate Snyder has landed her dream job as the head coach of the country’s top women’s college basketball team. (Yay to more ladies in sports AND sports management!) She’s thrown in for a loop when her university hires Danny McMillan as a football coach. He’s trying to escape a scandal. (Danny, we’re going to give you a chance to explain yourself!) Kate also finds out that Danny is getting paid WAY more than she does. (Did we mention that she is the head coach of the number one women’s college basketball team in the country? We did? Well, then!) Kate and Danny clash quite a lot, and although Kate is reluctant to admit it, she’s quite attracted to him. Here’s hoping that they get over their differences, and that Kate gets a well-deserved raise. Oh, and an entire issue of Sports Illustrated dedicated to her and her awesomeness. This is the first book in Well’s Love Games series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on February 6.)

    Highland Conquest, by Alyson McLayne
    Laird Lachlan MacKay is now the leader of his clan. His older brother was murdered, so he took over the clan duties. He heads over to the MacPherson clan in order to take names and cause some damage. (We’ll help you, Lachlan, in an effort to see justice AND your abs!) He runs into Amber, the healer of the MacPherson clan. She’s disguised as a boy because she’s trying to escape her own clan’s leader, who’s kind of a really, really bad guy. Lachlan and Amber meet, and it doesn’t take long for them to realize that they wouldn’t mind a good tussle in the heather. Can they do what’s best for their respective clans? And then can they partake in said heather-rolling activity? This is the second book in McLayne’s Sons of Gregor MacLeod series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on February 6.)

    The Last Wolf, by Maria Vale
    Our gal Silver Nilsdottir is at the bottom of the totem pole, so to speak. She’s part of a wolf pack, and let’s just say she doesn’t get the first, second, or even third pick of, well, anything. (Sending you lots of hugs, Silver!) Then hunky hunk Tiberius Leveraux ends up in Silver’s territory. He’s hurting really badly, and Silver really wants to make it all better for him. (She’s a kind soul, Tiberius! We promise!) It’s not going to be smooth sailing for them, though. He’s in trouble and she has no power and there are all kinds of wolf wars and politics going on. Can they survive it all together? And can Silver finally get some well-deserved R-E-S-P-E-C-T from her fellow pack members? This is the first book in Vale’s Legend of All Wolves series. (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK.)

    The Color of Love, by Sharon Sala
    Ruby Dye has been getting gifts from an anonymous gift-giver, which is extremely creepy in this day and age. One person who wants to stick by Ruby’s side and make sure everything is all right is local lawyer “Peanut” Butterman, who is WAY hotter than his name would suggest. (Nothing about him is peanut-sized, and he in no way resembles a man who consumes vast quantities of butter. That said, he should probably prove it to all of us by taking off his shirt.) Anyway. When things start to get even darker for our gal, Peanut decides to step up his romantic, protective game. Best of luck to both of you, Ruby and Peanut! Maybe when this is all over, you two can create a little peanut of your own. This is the fifth book in Sala’s Blessings, Georgia series. (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK.)

    Be My Forever Bride, by Martha Kennerson
    Tax attorney Brooke Smith Kingsley was loving life with her handsome husband, oil tycoon Brice Kingsley. (Fact: Simply being in the same room as Brice would cause virtually any woman utter satisfaction.) Then she got a bad diagnosis, plus some unsavory parts of her past came to light, so she flew the coop. Now she’s back in Brice’s life, and he is determined to make her stay because he is a nice man who loves her and wants to be with his beautiful bride for the rest of their lives. (Stick with him, Brooke! He won’t disappoint you! Like, ever.) When a blackmailer tries to get the lion’s share of the Kingsley fortune, Brice decides to step up his game and make sure he doesn’t lose his lady again. (Show us all how it’s done, Brice!) This is the third book in Kennerson’s Kingsleys of Texas series. (Available in paperback and NOOK.)

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