Romance Roundup: Virile Cowboys, Psychology Professors, and Space Captains 

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This week’s Romance Roundup includes a lady space captain looking out for her crew, a sexy cowboy who is NOT going to let anyone harass his woman, and two people who are in major need of healing after great tragedy.

Hot Target Cowboy, by June Faver
Colt Garrett has the whole firstborn, oldest brother, I’m-The-Sexy-But-Also-Responsible-One thing down pat. But that doesn’t fool the ladies, especially Misty Dalton. She’s the sister of one of his brother’s friends. (This will make the wedding planning significantly easier, for sure.) Oh, and she’s pretty much the only woman on the planet who makes Colt want to drop everything he’s doing and, ahem, focus on her. (Misty, please share the secrets of your goddess ways!) Misty is also quite responsible. She’s helped her family a lot throughout the years, especially since her mom died. But now someone is making some pretty lethal threats against her family and she needs a helping hand. Colt is the manly man for the job, and he’s not going to let his biceps just sit there and go to waste while someone threatens his woman. This is the second book in Faver’s Dark Horse Cowboys series. (Available in paperback and NOOK.)

Cowboy Wolf Trouble, by Kati Ballenger
There are seven shifter clans roaming the Montana mountains, being so fierce and looking so fine, but now there is something very, very bad out to get them. Rancher Wes Calhoun is a shifter who used to lead a renegade pack, but he has since given up naughty ways and is now naughty in only the best sense of the term. (Oh, Wes, please show us this side of you!) Wes ends up butting heads with rancher Naomi Evans. She’s as human as can be, but after meeting Wes and becoming attracted to him, she becomes involved in his world. (Naomi, we don’t blame you at all! Wes has that kind of magnetism.) Wes and Naomi are going to have to work very hard in order to fight evil and live a peaceful existence. Here’s hoping they manage to defeat these evil forces—and that Wes spends the rest of his life showing our gal just how good a reformed bad boy can be! This is the first book in Ballenger’s Seven Range Shifters series. (Available in paperback and NOOK.)

Nightchaser, by Amanda Bouchet
Romance readers who yearn for more outer space love stories will devour this yarn! Captain—and Ultimate Badass—Tess Bailey and her crew are on the run from a really bad person who wants them all dead or alive. Their only real option at this point is to put their trust in Shade Ganavan, who can take us all to a metaphorical galaxy far, far away any day of the week. Tess isn’t totally feeling this arrangement, but she has a crew to think of. Plus, she likely just hasn’t seen Shade wearing nothing but a laser gun holster. (He has the sex appeal of Malcolm Reynolds in “Firefly” times a bajillion.) Tess and Shade will need to cooperate quite a bit in order to help Tess and her crew escape and even possibly defeat the bad guys. Will they manage to escape with everyone intact? Can Shade drop the whole cocky attitude and bare his heart and his torso to Tess? And, most importantly, will Tess get to test out his laser gun? This is the first book in Bouchet’s Nightchaser series. (Available in paperback and NOOK.)

The One You Fight For, by Roni Loren
The town of Long Acre experienced some major tragedy 14 years ago, and psychology professor Taryn Landry lost her little sister in it. Taryn now devotes her life and career to helping people avoid what she has been through. (Taryn, you are a hero to us all and we’re going to line up outside of your office to take turns being your assistant!) The perpetrator of said tragedy was the brother of Shaw Miller, and Shaw has spent a good chunk of his life at this point avoiding people who can recognize him for who he really is. Things are starting to look up for Shaw now that Taryn is back in his life. It’s not going to be easy, though, because lots of people just want to blame Shaw for horrible things that he never actually did. (Shaw, point these people out to us! We will give them a loving but stern speech!) These two will need to stay strong if their love is going to thrive. Fortunately, Taryn is an exceptionally strong and loving woman, so Shaw is in great hands. This is the third book in Loren’s Ones Who Got Away series. (Available in paperback and NOOK.)

What romance novels are helping you ring in the New Year?

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