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    Romance Roundup: Journalists, Runaway Brides, and Hot Marriages of Convenience 

    This week’s Romance Roundup includes a reality television bride who ditches her groom, a man who has GOT to find a bride willing to go to Alaska, and a kidnapped journalist who’s about to embark on the romantic adventure of a lifetime.

    Need to Know, by Fern Michaels
    Readers who love a good story that involves a group of close-knit female friends sabotaging the life of a scumbag man will love this yarn! Garland Lee is a very famous singer (the kind who has major music honchos on her side AND actual talent) and she’s about to get seriously screwed over by her lawyer. It turns out that said lawyer, Arthur Forrester, has been spending years swindling Garland, and he’s about to drag her through the mud even more. At least, that’s his plan. He doesn’t realize how strong the women of the Sisterhood are, or how far they’ll go to protect their good friend, Garland. In fact, them eating his proverbial lunch is going to be the least of his problems. Just do as they say, Arthur, and you might be able to escape with the clothes on your back! This reprint is part of Michaels’ extensive Sisterhood series. (Available in paperback on December 26.)

    Twisted, by Helen Hardt
    The love story of Ruby Lee and Ryan Steel continues! Ryan is still feeling down and out about his shady family, and he doesn’t seem to realize that in spite of this, Ruby loves him and wants to be with him and provide him with a loving home that is free of backstabbing relatives. (Oh, that we were all ensured of this!) Ruby has her own haunted past, but she’s determined to see the latest round of family drama through and hang on to her man. Ruby and Ryan, hang in there, and don’t lose sight of what’s important! Oh, and the two of you and any future offspring you produce have an open invitation to our homes for the holidays! This is the eighth book in Hardt’s Steel Brothers series. (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on December 26.)

    An Engagement in Seattle, by Debbie Macomber
    Two marriage-of-convenience stories in one! In “Groom Wanted,” Julia Conrad needs to save her business, and it looks as if marriage to Aleksandr Berinski is her quickest solution. As for Aleksandr, a Russian biochemist with a visa that’s about to expire, he needs to stick around if he’s going to continue doing his research. (Aleksandr, we’d all love to research YOU!) Can they each get what they need AND realize that they are perfect for each other? In “Bride Wanted,” Chase Goodwin uses a roadside billboard for, well, “Bride Wanted” purposes. It’s not difficult for him to meet women, per se, he just needs to find a woman who is willing to live with him in the frozen world that is Alaska. Lesley Campbell is up for the challenge, because she is a sensible woman who knows that Chase, with his kind heart and angelic face and body worth worshipping, will do everything he possibly can to keep her warm at night. (Available in paperback and NOOK on December 26.)

    The Art of Running in Heels, by Rachel Gibson
    Lexie Kowalsky was about to walk down the aisle—in front of millions of viewers. Yes, she chose the reality television journey of life, and it bit her in the behind. She realizes that the man she was about to marry was SO not The One, so she ran away while still wearing her entire wedding outfit. (Better late than never, Lexie!) She decides to hightail it to Sandspit, Canada, which is surely a lovely place once you get to know it. She shares a plane with Seattle Chinooks star Sean Knox, who is more than welcome to show up at all of our front doors wearing nothing but a hockey net. Turns out that Lexie is Sean’s coach’s daughter, so any relations between them are likely to break that whole Don’t-Mix-Puck-With-Pleasure rule. (Meh, rules were made to be broken!) Sean and Lexie, give that tiny town something to talk about! (Available in hardcover, paperback, and NOOK on December 26.)

    The Duke of Her Desire, by Sophie Barnes
    Thomas Heathmore, the Duke of Coventry, has agreed to help his friend’s sister navigate the tricky, scandal-searching clutches of high society. The thing is, Amelia’s brother has just inherited a dukedom, so her proverbial stock has gone up through the roof. She has GOT to learn the ways of her new world. But she actually doesn’t care about any of it. In fact, she’s way more interested in opening a school. (Hail to all of the women who pioneered—and continue to pioneer—in the field of education!) Amelia isn’t too interested in what Thomas has to say about the society life, but she has to admit that she would NOT mind seeing him without his shirt once in a while. Can Thomas just embrace the amazing woman Amelia is, and can Amelia just give in to her desire for him? This is the second book in Barnes’ Diamonds in the Rough series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on December 26.)

    Edge of Truth, by Brynn Kelly
    Journalist Tess Newell isn’t having the best time of her career at the moment. She’s just been kidnapped and imprisoned in an underground cell, and it’s quite unlikely that anyone will ever find her and rescue her from her terrorist kidnappers. Then French Foreign Legionnaire member Flynn rescues her, and they embark on an escapade together that makes them both want to be much, much closer. (Um, Flynn? Would you please rescue us, too? A lot of us work in cubicles, which is a type of cell, if you think about it, so….yeah! Come on over!) They’ve both got to dodge some pretty bad people if they’re going to keep their heads on their necks, which they would really like to do. Will they survive all of this? And if they do, can they then take a safe and isolated vacation that involves them removing each other’s fatigues and any bandages so that they are each completely nekkid? This is the second book in Kelly’s Legionnaires series. (Available in paperback on December 26.)

    What romances are you cozying up to this week?

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    Fern Michaels’ Crash and Burn is a Suspenseful Story of Friendship 

    Readers who prefer their romance novels to have a heavy dose of friendship will be particularly delighted by Crash and Burn, the latest book in Fern Michaels’ Sisterhood series. It’s clear that the leading ladies in Michaels’ book are exceptionally close and have no problem speaking their minds in front of each other and being honest—and it’s quite refreshing.

    The series, which started in 2003, centers around a group of women who have faced major issues in the “justice” system and are now doing what they can to make sure others do not share the same fate. Michaels fans who have been with the series since the beginning will no doubt be up to date on the characters and their backstories. As for readers who are new to the series, they might feel a little behind in the beginning, as the large caste of characters is enough to make an initiate’s head swim. That said, it’s not enough to keep you away. The women are an interesting and diverse group, including when it comes to age. Indeed, it’s quite fun to read about female friendships that cross generations.

    One of the major characters in this installment is Nikki Quinn. She’s a married lawyer with her own law firm, one that gets a major new client. That client is Livinia Lambert, wife of the Speaker of the House, Wilson “Buzz” Lambert. After many years of emotional suffering, Livinia wants out, and she can only trust the job to Quinn’s respected firm, which is staffed by some of the toughest lawyers in the Washington, D.C. area. (Oh, and they’re all ladies, which makes it all the more fun.) Livinia has everything already planned out for the most part, and she just needs help executing her plan. Nikki and her team gear up to do just that.

    In order to bring Livinia justice, Quinn and her circle must do battle with a major enemy, a group of male lawyers with their own firm who are known as the Chessmen. To say that they are not exactly ethical would be a gross understatement. They are mean and sleazy and unapologetic about it. Fortunately, Quinn and her circle are no shrinking violets. They’ve seen the worst and have come out stronger for it. Nothing—and no one—scares them. At least, not anymore.

    As the women comb through the various issues tied to Livinia’s case—due to her husband’s position, Livinia feels the need to make sure her husband is served in a timely and hush-hush manner, which doesn’t make things easy for the women trying to help her—their efforts begin to lead them back to a horrifying ordeal that took place decades before. As Nikki and her circle peel back the layers of their current case, and things begin to come full circle, everyone needs to stay on their toes if justice will be done.

    Friendships and legalese aside, there are plenty of lighthearted moments sprinkled throughout the book. Reading about Nikki and her husband, Jack Emery, is fun. Their scenes together are a treat. There’s a long-running gag of the simmering passions between a journalist, Maggie Spritzer, and the man who is gaga for her, Ted Robinson. There are also plenty of humorous bits—many of them at the Chessmen’s expense.

    In short, Michaels’ latest is a satisfying read that will please both new readers and those who are already familiar with the series. Faithful readers who have kept up with this long-running series will delight in being reunited with beloved characters, and new readers will have fun getting to know them.

    Crash and Burn is on B&N bookshelves now.

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