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    Romance Roundup: Harem Escapees, Navy Romances, and Cajun Lovers 

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    This week’s Romance Roundup includes a photographer who gets to photograph a super hot—and nude—basketball player, a woman who has just escaped a sultan’s harem, and a feisty, intelligent lady who meets the laird of her dreams.

    Guarding His Heart, by Synithia Williams
    Basketball star Kevin Koucky is about to retire from the game, but before he does that, he plans to give the world what it wants: He’s going to pose nude for a magazine. (Ladies, in case you didn’t know, this is kind of a real thing. The ESPN magazine produces “The Body Issue” every year. You’re welcome.) The photographer assigned to this very desirable assignment is none other than Jasmin Hook. She is a talented professional, but even she has trouble remembering to hold her camera properly when she sees what Kevin has to offer. (Jasmin, just pretend you’re holding—never mind!) As for Kevin, he’s definitely intrigued by this lovely lady, and decides to pursue her. Will he manage to prove that he’s a good guy and give her many reasons to put her camera—very carefully it was expensive—down? This is the third book in Williams’ Scoring for Love series. (Available in paperback on June 19.)

    Dangerous, by Minerva Spencer
    Lady Euphemia Marlington has just escaped a sultan’s harem after 17 years in captivity. Now she’s back home, but her father wants to marry off his now-32-year-old daughter ASAP. (Gee, she missed you, too, Dad!) Her only option at this point is Adam de Courtney. He’s known as the Murderous Marquess because his first two wives died under mysterious circumstances. (Dude, you better have some REALLY solid alibis!) Adam and Euphemia need each other quite badly, and it certainly doesn’t hurt that they’ve got some major chemistry going on. The thing is, neither one is entirely gung ho about sharing their deepest, darkest secrets. Will they find the strength to reveal all to each other, physically and emotionally? And can they manage to show each other a good time while they’re at it? This is the first book in Spencer’s Outcast series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on June 26.)

    Navy Families, by Debbie Macomber
    Two stories in one! In “Navy Baby,” a pregnant Hannah Raymond is reunited with the sexy sailor with whom she, ahem, had a very yummy time. (Don’t worry, Hannah. If we saw Riley Murdock in front of us we’d follow our most primal instincts, too!) Riley wants to marry Hannah and create a solid family life. Are these two near-strangers up for the challenge? In “Navy Husband,” Shana Berrie is going to take care of her Navy sister’s 9-year-old daughter for the next few months. (Major shoutout to those who care for military kids while their parents are deployed!) Jazmine is very curious to know why her Aunt Shana is single, and so is Jazmine’s godfather, Lieutenant Commander Adam Kennedy. (Adam, you can pilot our ships in any ocean!) He decides to check in on both ladies to make sure they’re okay, and Shana soon realizes that she’d love to see him alone and wearing nothing but his combination hat! (Available in paperback and NOOK on June 26.)

    Tempting the Laird, by Julia London
    Catriona Mackenzie is a very happily outspoken and UN-married woman, and those who disapprove of her can stick it for all she cares. She also runs a refuge for women. (Catriona, you are awesome.) Her women’s shelter, though, has become a target, and Catriona’s investigations put her in touch with Hamlin Graham, Duke of Montrose. (Oh, that we could all be in touch with Hamlin!) Hamlin has some major political goals, which are being thwarted due to the disappearance of his wife. People are convinced he’s a murderer, but no one knows the truth about him. He’s got to keep quiet, but then he meets Catriona and she brings out the sexy in him. Here’s hoping they learn to trust each other soon, and then proceed to make the world a better place—together! (Available in paperback on June 26.)

    Cajun Persuasion, by Sandra Hill
    Pilot Aaron LeDeux is on a trip to Louisiana with his brother so that they can both get in touch with their Cajun heritage. His travels put him in the path of Fleur Gaudet, a sort-of nun who cavorts with like-minded people to rescue sex-trafficked girls. (Yes, Fleur, you’re a hero to us all!) The thing is, she hasn’t had much real-world exposure, and Aaron becomes quite determined to show her what she’s been missing. (Excuse me, Aaron? We all never really had much fun during our college years/were kind of wallflowers/whatever excuse it’s going to take to get you all over us!) Aaron and Fleur end up going on a dangerous mission together, and they have plenty of opportunities to really get to know each other. Here’s hoping they find many reasons for Aaron to trade the freezing cold for the hotter Cajun atmosphere! This is the third book in Hill’s Cajun series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on June 26.)

    Sandpiper Shore, by Debbie Mason
    Jenna Bell loves being a wedding planner, but her latest assignment has her feeling jittery. She’s got to plan the wedding for Logan Gallagher, on whom she’s crushed since forever. Logan is now a secret service agent, and he’s only getting married because he needs to protect the woman he’s been assigned to. This means that our gal totally has a chance to snag him for herself. (Jenna, we’ll all thwart the bad guys while you make your moves. We’re truly feeling optimistic about this!) Can Logan complete his latest mission in a way that doesn’t get him tied down, figuratively speaking? (He wouldn’t mind being literally tied down by our gal.) And can Jenna be brave and show Logan just how much she loves him? This is the sixth book in Mason’s Harmony Harbor series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on June 26.)

    What romances are on your nightstand this week?

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    Romance Roundup: Reclusive Heroes, Devilish Dukes, and Librarians Seeking Adventure 

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    This week’s Romance Roundup includes a lonesome rancher who takes in a widow and her three children for the holidays, a duke with a very sinister reputation, and a librarian who is seeking a bit of adventure.

    The Trouble with Christmas, by Debbie Mason
    Resort developer Madison Lane isn’t exactly the most popular person in Christmas, Colorado: She destroyed a deal that would make it a major tourist attraction, which is something the town’s citizens really wanted. She has a second chance, though, to make it right. (We’ll help you, Madison! And we’ll, um, be your bodyguards while you’re at it.) She soon catches the eye of sheriff Gage McBride. She certainly keeps Gage on his toes, what with all of her resort-developing shenanigans, but Gage soon realizes he wouldn’t mind dealing with her shenanigans on a more permanent basis. Can Madison save Christmas (both the holiday and the town) AND get Gage to use his handcuffs for fun purposes? This is the first book in Mason’s Christmas, Colorado series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on September 26.)

    Sugar Pine Trail, by RaeAnne Thayne
    Librarian Julia Winston is SO ready to trade her quiet life for one filled with adventure. She’s even got a list of the specific things she wants to do. (Just don’t ever stop being your awesome librarian self, Julia! Librarians are the best!) Then two young boys are put in her care for the holidays. She needs help, and she gets it in the form of her neighbor, Jamie Caine. He’s a military pilot, which means he can keep a cool head in crazy situations. He turns out to be really good with the kids, and the four of them soon get a nice vibe going on. He even helps Julia scratch some things off of her to-do list. (Julia, we wouldn’t judge you AT ALL for adding Jamie to your list!) Here’s hoping their happy arrangement lasts way beyond the holidays! This is the seventh book in Thayne’s Haven Point series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on September 26.)

    Life of Lies, by Sharon Sala
    Sahara Travis is mega-famous, but she’s recently been experiencing the darker side of fame. Someone is trying to kill her, so she has no choice but to enlist the help of bodyguard and former army ranger Brendan McQueen. He’s distractingly handsome, but Sahara is desperate to maintain her independence. (Brendan, you can hang around us any day of the week. Preferably shirtless. Thanks!) Then she finds out that her estranged mother was killed and that her father is missing—and a suspect. Sahara ends up going to her family’s estate in New Orleans to look further into everything, and she brings Brendan’s piercing gaze and chiseled body with her. Will they survive this investigation, and will their budding romance have a real fighting chance? (Available in hardcover, paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on September 26.)

    Just a Little Christmas, by Janet Dailey
    Alert to romance readers: This particular yarn features a few of our favorite things, like a sexy cowboy, a small-town Texas setting, Christmas, and a cute puppy! Ellie Marsden goes back home to her tiny hometown—which she had been dying to leave behind forever—and she’s not exactly feeling proud of her life choices. She’s pregnant and divorced, for one, and to make matters worse, she runs into the extremely hunky cattle rancher Jubal McFarland. They were high school sweethearts back in the day. He now has an 8-year-old daughter—and a face and body that just got better with time. They start to see quite a bit of each other, and let’s just say that old feeling never went away. Romantic sensations are heightened thanks to the holidays, but Ellie and Jubal soon realize that they might just be able to love each other year-round! This is the third book in Dailey’s A Cowboy Christmas series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on September 26.)

    The Duke, by Katharine Ashe
    Lady Amarantha Vale and Gabriel Hume first met six years ago, when they were both young and innocent. He was a naval officer and she was a visitor, and they were both abroad and far from home. Fast forward to the future, and Gabriel is known as the Devil’s Duke. He keeps to himself and lives in a big castle in the Highlands. (Which actually sounds like it would be a pleasant little getaway! Can we visit, Gabriel? Wouldn’t mind disconnecting for a couple of weeks.) Amarantha refuses to be intimidated by Gabriel. She still remembers his tender side, and knows that it’s still there, deep, deep inside him. (Sounds like a fun challenge for our fearless heroine!) Can Gabriel get over some of his deeper issues and open his heart to a happier life with Amarantha? This is the third book in Ashe’s Devil’s Duke series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on September 26.)

    Long, Tall Cowboy Christmas, by Carolyn Brown
    Nash Lamont is happy with his solitary life on a Texas ranch. (Nash, you really shouldn’t NOT share that beautiful physique of yours with the rest of the world, but okay. To each their own.) That said, he’s happy to take in widow Kasey Dawson and her three very energetic children. Kasey and her kids are eager to make this Christmas season a happy one, and Nash soon gets sucked into all of the happiness. (See, buddy? Life isn’t so bad after all!) Kasey and Nash are each treading carefully, because no one wants to hurt or get hurt, but Kasey’s kids are determined to make this brawny man their new papa. Here’s hoping Kasey and Nash soon realize that they are perfect for each other and that Nash’s ranch is the perfect place to start a new life together. (The amount of space alone will help ensure contentedness!) This is the second book in Brown’s Happy, Texas series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on September 26.)

    What romances are you reading now that fall is finally here?

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