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    Romance Roundup: Trailblazing Suffragettes, Small Town Affairs, and Renaissance Faire Romances 

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    This week’s Romance Roundup includes a woman who gets an interesting new gig at the local Renaissance Faire, a cancer survivor who is ready to have some fun, and a wife who wants revenge against her philandering husband. 

    Dark Illusion, by Christine Feehan
    Our gal Julija Brennan has finally escaped her mega-controlling family, and instead of simply running off into the sunrise to enjoy her freedom, she’s using her time to warn the Carpathian people about imminent danger. (Julija, when your mission is over, we are all SO taking you out for some well-deserved F.U.N.!) Trouble is, people are having a hard time believing her, so now she’s on the run for her life. She ends up meeting Isai Florea, who up until recently has been living in a Carpathian monastery. (Fortunately, monastery life has not had any adverse effects on his delicious body or his ability to inspire passion in others!) It pretty much just takes one look at Julija to make Isai realize that they should mate for life. Julija is pretty determined to retain her independence, though. Can Julija find a balance between true love and personal freedom? Will the Carpathian people finally listen to Julija and prepare for the upcoming danger? And will Isai stick by Julija’s side throughout this whole ordeal and give her all of the hugs and foot rubs she deserves? This is the latest book in Feehan’s extensive Carpathian series. (Available in hardcover, audiobook, and NOOK on September 3.) 

    Well Met, by Jen DeLuca
    Emily’s sister just had a really bad accident, so Emily does the Nice Sister Thing and spends her summer taking care of her and also hanging out with her teenage niece. Emily also gets conscripted into volunteering with the local Renaissance Faire, where she meets Simon, the volunteer coordinator. Simon takes the whole production VERY seriously. The faire is, to be fair, his family’s legacy, but still. He refuses to hear Emily’s ideas for improving it. Plus, he doesn’t care for her Shakespearean theories or her happy-go-lucky attitude. (Emily, we would all LOVE to hear your improvement ideas, we have Shakespeare theories of our own, and we could all learn a thing or two from your positive attitude!) Simon, though, soon realizes there’s more to Emily than he thought, and it has nothing to do with Emily’s wench costume. (Okay fine, it might have a little bit to do with Emily’s wench costume. Emily, we’re all positive you look sexy AND classy! Work it, girl!) Simon, buddy, instead of giving our gal such a hard time, admit that you like her and ask her out on a date. And Emily, stay true to yourself. And both of you save those costumes for later! (Available in paperback and NOOK on September 3.) 

    My Kind of Wonderful, by Jill Shalvis
    Bailey Moore has finally kicked cancer’s disgustingly hairy booty, and now she’s ready to move on with her life and have some worldly adventures. (Bailey, let’s all rendezvous in the city of your choice!) The first stop on her journey is the Cedar Ridge Resort in Colorado. She’s barely got her skis on, though, when she realizes that taking these bold, fresh steps is not going to be easy. Bailey’s mom is a tad suffocating, for one, and her ex-fiancé doesn’t seem to understand that whole You’ve Been Great But Now It’s Time To Go Our Separate Ways thing. (Bailey’s mom, please let go! And Bailey’s ex-fiance, please let go!) Things look up, though, when Bailey meets Hud Kincaid, the head of ski patrol, who can show us his first aid kit any day of the week. Hud is a very sweet guy who comes from a huge, loving family. He’s also got a hugely loving….way about him. Will this be enough, though, when Bailey’s past comes back to haunt her? This reprint is the second book in Shalvis’ Cedar Ridge series. (Available in paperback on September 3.)

    Bringing Down the Duke, by Evie Dunmore
    It’s 1879, and Annabelle Archer has just earned a scholarship to be among the first women to study at the University of Oxford, and in return, she has to support the women’s suffrage movement. (Annabelle, we’re all going to need a minute to bask in the awesomeness of this moment. Okay…few more seconds. And a few more. Okay, we’ll need five minutes. Okay…we’re almost there. Wow.) Anyhoo, as part of her mission, Annabelle needs to recruit an influential man to the suffragist movement, and she chooses Sebastian Deveraux, the Duke of Montgomery. Sebastian has his own proverbial fish to fry. He’s a political star and he needs a woman who is going to elevate his standing. Annabelle is the broke daughter of a country vicar, so she doesn’t exactly fit this mold. Oh, Sebastian, please get your snooty nose out of the air, look down, and realize that Annabelle is—by far—the woman you want to have by your side for life! This is the first book in Dunmore’s League of Extraordinary Women series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on September 3.)

    The Shop on Main Street, by Carolyn Brown
    Carlene Lovelle’s life has just taken a very unwelcome turn: She found a pair of red panties in her husband’s suitcase. Not only that, but as the owner of Bless My Bloomers, a lingerie shop, she also knows who bought said red panties. Yep, Carlene is seeing red, alright. (Carlene, girlfriend, sounds like you need some red…wine! Which we are all totally providing!) Carlene decides to enter the local chili cook-off, one that her husband has won in the past, in the hopes that she’ll win the contest and leave the dirty, rotten scoundrel crying buckets of tears. (Carlene, we all absolutely believe you can make this happen, and we will be waiting with our cell phone cameras at the ready to capture his unmanly sobs!) A story that features a feisty woman who’s not going to just sit around and let her philandering husband have all of the fun and who has friends to cheer her on and even act as accomplices? Yes, please! This reprint, which was previously published as The Red-Hot Chili Cook-Off and A Heap of Texas Trouble, is the second book in Brown’s Cadillac series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on September 3.) 

    Revenge, by Meredith Wild
    The love story between Tristan and Isabel continues! Isabel is quite sure of her feelings for Tristan. Trouble is, Tristan seems quite intent on a bit of bad behavior that involves Isabel’s ex. (Tristan, buddy, this is NOT the time to be insecure! Isabel loves you and wants nothing more than to rub some kind of sexy oil all over your body and then just go to town and…ahem. We’ll leave that to her!) Isabel and Tristan will need to work together, as there are some evil people with evil plans afoot. This will involve working with a bad guy named Kolt and his very…difficult family. Yes, difficult. We’ll go with difficult. (Tristan and Isabel, you two lovebirds might want to pack some sturdy clothing to go with that sexy oil!) Here’s hoping that our heroine and hero manage to defeat the bad guy, save the innocent people who depend on them, and then book an all-inclusive resort vacation that involves staying in a private villa with its own beach! This book is part of Wild’s Red Ledger series. (Available in hardcover, paperback, and NOOK on September 3.)

    What new romances are you excited to read this week?

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    Romance Roundup: Authors, Caring Cowboys, and Women in Uniform 

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    This week’s Romance Roundup includes a former naval pilot who falls for the local firefighter, a writer with a novel to finish, and exceptionally wonderful cowboys.

    Love at the Shore, by Teri Wilson
    All single mom and author Jenna wants to do this summer is enjoy the beach with her kids and crank out her next novel. Everything is all set for her to meet her deadline. Then she meets her temporary next door neighbor, Lucas. He’s a surfer, and while he has a body worth crying silent tears of adoration over, he also runs with a loud and proud crowd that seems determined to make Jenna miss her deadline. (Lucas, buddy, would you at least please turn the volume down just a wee bit at night? Is that really so much to ask?) The more Jenna gets to know Lucas, though, the more she realizes that he’s got a huge heart to go with what’s under those board shorts. As for Lucas, he starts falling for Jenna and realizes that he wants to show her what’s under those board shorts. Is this just going to be a summer fling—or have Jenna and Lucas found the real thing? (Available in paperback and NOOK on June 11.)

    Shadow Warrior, by Christine Feehan
    Vittorio Ferraro may come from a bit of a shady family that has its own supernatural way of dealing with things, but deep down inside this sexy man just wants to settle down and meet a nice woman and have lots of babies and a nice house with hardwood floors and an open floor plan. (Buddy, you follow your bliss!) He finds that chance for lifetime happiness when he meets Grace Murphy. She was about to get kidnapped when Vittorio showed up and saved the day. Grace is quite thrilled to be rescued by Vittorio. (Vittorio’s reputation precedes him, so she knew exactly who he was when she saw his handsome face.) She also needs to escape her evil brother, and it sure doesn’t hurt that Vittorio is willing to provide her with some much-needed protection. Here’s hoping they each escape their troubles and build a life and home together that also involves stainless steel appliances and a huge backyard for the kids! This is the fourth book in Feehan’s Shadow Riders series. (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on June 4.)

    Wolf Rain, by Nalini Singh
    Our gal Memory has had it rough. She was kidnapped as a kid by a very, very evil man who wanted to control her psychic powers, so she hasn’t experienced love in quite some time. (Watch out, Memory, because we are all ready to unleash our hugging A-game!) She soon crosses paths with Alexei, a wolf shifter who feels very undeserving of love these days. He rescues her, and while he’s never met a lady like Memory, he doesn’t want to get too close. (Alexei, PLEASE stop being a doofus and ask Memory out on a date!) Alexei and Memory will need to stay on their toes if they’re going to keep dodging bad guys and save their people. Sounds great, you two! When you’re done with all of that drama, find yourselves a lovely French bistro with romantically late hours and an exceptional wine list and draw up the Life Plan you’ll follow together! This is the third book in Singh’s Psy-Changeling Trinity series. (Available in hardcover, audiobook, and NOOK on June 4.)

    Barefoot Beach, by Debbie Mason
    It’s summer in Harmony Harbor, and while there are plenty of fun outdoor activities in which to partake, the locals want nothing more than to set up Theia Lawson on a date. Theia is a former Navy pilot (YES!!! WE LOVE A HEROINE IN UNIFORM!) and she has zero plans to stick around. That said, she’s quite intrigued by firefighter (OMIGOD ANOTHER UNIFORM!) Marco DiRossi, who is a frequent source of whiplash among the ladies. (They have many double takes due to his beautiful face and big heart.) Theia and Marco decide to fake a relationship in order to throw the matchmakers off, but it soon becomes clear that those matchmakers were on the right track. Note to Theia and Marco: Make sure those matchmakers get prime seating at the wedding ceremony AND at the reception! This is the eighth book in Mason’s Harmony Harbor series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on June 4.)

    Hang Tough, by Lorelei James
    Cowboy Tobin Hale has an exceptionally strong moral code. When Garnet Evans’ son tries to kick her out of her home, Tobin steps in and actually moves in with the sweet little old lady to protect her AAAAAAND we’ve all just melted into a puddle of goo! This makes a major impression on Garnet’s granddaughter, Jade, who also decides to move in. Jade thinks her grandmother needs protecting from Tobin, as she is convinced that Tobin has some bad intentions. (Oh, Jade, please trust us when we say that Tobin has nothing but the best intentions! He is the real deal!) Jade and Tobin will butt heads for a bit before they each realize that they have WAY more in common than they’d ever imagined, and it’s more than just their affection for Garnet. Here’s hoping they each bury the proverbial hatchet ASAP—and that Tobin just, ahem, buries his hatchet. This reprint is the eighth book in James’ Blacktop Cowboys series. (Available in paperback on June 4.)

    A Touch of Forever, by Jo Goodman
    Widow Lily Salt is thrilled to be rid of her abusive, late husband and live a peaceful life with her four beloved children. (Lily, you go girl!) She doesn’t think she’ll ever really do The Marriage Thing again, but then she meets Roen Shepard. The railroad engineer has plenty of handsomeness to go with his brawn. He’s also, like, a really nice guy. (See, Lily? Not all men are scum!) They soon become friends, and their relationship takes a whole new turn when Roen proposes a marriage of convenience. (Something bad from his past just might have entered the picture, prompting Roen to act more quickly on his love for Lily.) Lily is not opposed to starting a new chapter with Roen, but she still has her own issues to tackle. Will they allow themselves to be happy and build a beautiful life together? This is the third book in Goodman’s Cowboys of Colorado series. (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on June 4.)

    What romance novels are you excited to read this month?

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    Romance Roundup: College Romances, Runaway Ladies, and High School Enemies-Turned-Lovers 

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    This week’s Romance Roundup includes two people out to eliminate a deadly virus, a lady who makes a gutsy move to escape her evil fiance, and a farmer who gets thrown into a very different world and meets a very different type of woman.

    Toxic Game, by Christine Feehan
    Dr. Draden Freeman and his GhostWalker team are on a very important rescue mission. There are some wounded people with their lives at stake, and if everyone doesn’t get the heck out of an Indonesian jungle ASAP then a deadly virus will kill them all. (Draden, we’re all breaking out our Ghostbusters costumes and helping you!) Then Draden gets infected, and he’s found by Shylah Cosmos, who is also eager to track down this virus and make it disappear. They soon become quite attracted to each other, but then Shylah gets infected, too. Can she and Draden make it out of the jungle alive AND wipe out this horrible disease? (Shylah and Draden, we believe in you both! And just think, should the two of you ever get the flu at the same time, that will be a walk in the park compared to this adventure!) This is the latest book in Feehan’s extensive GhostWalkers series. (Available in hardcover, audiobook, and NOOK on March 12.)

    After, by Anna Todd
    College romance alert! Perpetual Good Girl Tessa has just started her freshman year of college. She has a boyfriend back home, but things change when she meets Hardin. (Let’s just say he’s got that whole I’m-A-Hot-British-Bad-Boy-With-A-Big-Heart-Buried-Deep-Deep-Deep-Down vibe down pat.) Hardin is pretty much the hottest guy she’s ever met and she secretly wants to bone him. (Tessa, you get ZERO judgment from any of us because we’ve pretty much all been there!) When Tessa and Hardin find themselves alone, they share the kind of kiss that you describe in vivid detail in the middle of the night to your best friend who attends college in a different state. They soon engage in the kind of relationship that involves Hardin disappearing every now and then, but Tessa is determined to, ahem, learn more about him. Tessa, you pursue this relationship to your heart’s content! Whatever happens, you’ll have some REALLY interesting stories to tell your granddaughters one day! This is the first book in Todd’s After series. (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on March 12.)

    A Lethal Legacy, by Heather Graham
    New York’s sexiest investigative duo are at it again! Psychologist Kieran Finnegan and special agent Craig Frasier have an especially creepy new assignment. A man named Finn Douglas is renovating an old manor house he inherited on the New York coast, and his business partner’s body has just been found. He’s convinced it wasn’t an accident, so Kieran and Craig are called in to investigate. It turns out that beneath that manor are many caverns that hold some pretty dark secrets. Kieran and Craig will need to work very hard to figure out exactly what’s going on. Here’s hoping they solve the mystery soon, that this Finn dude gets to live out his HGTV renovation dreams, and that everyone gets the chance to have a relaxing spa day when the drama is all over! This is the fourth book in Graham’s New York Confidential series. (Available in hardcover, audiobook, and NOOK on March 12.)

    This Scot of Mine, by Sophie Jordan
    Our gal Lady Clara has just made an exceptionally bold move to escape her disgusting fiance: She told everyone that she’s pregnant with another man’s baby. (Yep, THAT will make high society scatter away from you!) She hightails it to Scotland, totally ready to be alone for the rest of her life. Then she meets Laird Hunt MacLarin, and let’s just say neither of them have trouble feeling the, ahem, sizzle for each other. The problem is that poor Hunt comes from a long line of men who, er, kind of died before their firstborns were born, so he’s been very reluctant to get married. For this reason, he’s actually glad that Clara is already pregnant. Surely him not being the baby daddy means he’ll be spared from an early death, right? The only problem is that Clara’s eggo is not, in fact, preggo. Oh, Hunt! You are in MUCH better shape than your predecessors, and you and Clara are 100 percent meant to live a long life together filled with lots of babies! This is the latest book in Jordan’s Rogue Files series. (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on March 12.)

    Between You and Me, by Susan Wiggs
    Farmer Caleb Stoltz’s life revolved around his farm, his faith, and his orphaned niece and nephew, who he promised to raise. (Caleb, if anyone deserves a relaxing, long-weekend getaway it’s YOU!) As busy as he is, he still lives a somewhat quieter kind of existence, which changes when something bad happens and he has to deal with all things urban and medical and hospital-y. That’s when he meets Dr. Reese Powell. Like her parents, she’s a medical hotshot and she loves the fast-paced life that comes with it. (Reese, you a smart and ambitious woman with beautiful hair and an inspiration to us all!) There’s no doubt that Reese and Caleb are mega-attracted to each other, but they’ll still need to go through a lot before they can have their happily ever after. (Available in paperback on March 12.)

    The Do-Over, by Georgia Beers
    Bella Hunt and Easton Evans were mortal enemies in high school, mainly because Easton was the Ultimate Mean Girl and was just awful to Bella. It took Bella a LONG time to get over the pain. She did move on, though, and now she has a great life. Bella gets a big shock, though, when Easton walks into the conflict resolution class she’s about to teach. (Easton, you better be respectful to Bella and take lots and lots of notes!) Easton is still as beautiful as she was in high school. Oh, she’s also, like, nice now, which throws Bella in for a loop. They soon realize that they feel some very adult feelings for each other. (Now THIS will make for a fun high school reunion story!) Here’s hoping that Easton truly has become a nicer person, and that these two ladies can manage to forgive the past and create a beautiful life together! (Available in paperback and NOOK on March 12.)

    What romance novels are you excited about this week?

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    Romance Roundup: Criminal Psychologists, Motorcycle Clubs, and Reunited Ex-Spouses 

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    This week’s Romance Roundup includes a woman who needs her former lover’s help, a criminal psychologist with a fascinating new case, and a vampire whose honey is ready to help him get through a very dark time.  

    Lilac Lane, by Sherryl Woods
    Single mom Kiera Malone has worked very hard to provide a good life for her children. Life is starting to finally go her way, then her fiancé dies of a heart attack. She decides to visit Chesapeake Shores and spend time with her father and grown daughter. She gets a job at her son-in-law’s Irish pub, and soon clashes with the chef, Bryan Laramie. There’s major sexual tension just underneath those arguments, with plenty of unleashed passion waiting to boil over. Everyone in town starts taking bets (can we join?) to see how soon these two kitchen coworkers will start to climb all over each other. Will they manage to get under each other’s aprons (literally and figuratively) and realize that they are actually kind of perfect for each other? This reprint is the fourteenth book in Woods’ Chesapeake Shores series. (Available in paperback on January 22.)

    Vengeance Road, by Christine Feehan
    Our gal Breezy Simmons was born into a motorcycle club, and let’s just say it was populated by the types of people your mother warned you against. Breezy escaped that life, but she never forgot Steele, the vice president of Torpedo Ink who broke her heart. (This is understandable. Steele would make the most pious of nuns rethink her vows.) It turns out that Steele drove Breezy away in order to keep her safe, but when she re-enters his life requesting help he decides he’ll never lose her again. Indeed, Steele is prepared to do whatever it takes to keep her safe and be with her forever. As for Breezy, she wouldn’t mind having (like, at all) another tussle or two with Steele. Here’s hoping they figure out a solution soon, and that Steele gives Breezy all kinds of reasons to never, ever doubt him again! This is the second book in Feehan’s Torpedo Ink series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on January 29.)

    A Dangerous Game, by Heather Graham
    Criminal psychologist Kieran Finnegan was just wrapping things up at the office for the day, totally ready to go home and snuggle with her boyfriend and maybe even have a glass of wine and do a face mask. Then a very distressed woman shoves her baby into Kieran’s arms, runs away, and is subsequently murdered. (Kieran, we wouldn’t blame you AT ALL if you went for a second glass of vino tonight!) Kieran’s special agent boyfriend Craig Fraser helps her out by enlisting the help of the FBI. Oh, he also wants Kieran to stay out of this particular situation. The thing about Kieran, though, is that she has a HUGE heart. She discovers a very dangerous group of people who were linked to that poor woman, and soon decides she wants to help bring them down. You’ve got this, Kieran! We all believe in you! This is the third book in Graham’s New York Confidential series. (Available in paperback on January 29.)

    O’Hurley’s Return, by Nora Roberts
    Two fan favorites are reprinted in one volume! In “Skin Deep,” actress Chantel O’Hurley is being threatened, and it’s gotten so bad that she needs to hire private investigator Quinn Doran. Quinn’s hardened personality goes well with his rock-hard body, but underneath all of that hardness (heehee) is a heart ready to give her all of the love in the world. Will Chantel be the one to unlock his softer side? In “Without a Trace,” super-hottie Trace O’Hurley isn’t exactly proud of his dark past. Then he meets Gillian Fitzpatrick, who needs his help if she’s going to save her brother. Together, they’ll need to help take down a terrorist organization. Can they manage what seems to be impossible? Will Trace find redemption and be reunited with his family? How many pounds can he bench press? Whatever happens, here’s hoping that he and Gillian manage to rescue her brother and then start a new chapter together! (Available in paperback on January 29.)

    Unmasked, by Helen Hardt
    Vampires aren’t supposed to be able to levitate, but then vampire Dante Gabriel and his nurse lady love Erin Hamilton find themselves floating above their bed. (To be clear, Dante has no problem levitating other parts of his body the natural way!) Levitation is just one bizarre ability Dante suddenly develops, and it triggers memories of his time in captivity. (He spent years as a blood slave to a female vampire, and let’s just say it wasn’t the sunniest period of his existence.) As for Erin, she’s ready to help Dante through this difficult period and do whatever it takes for him to feel better. (Oh, that we’d all be so lucky for such a beautiful opportunity!) Dante and Erin will need to stay sharp if they’re going to survive this next wave of drama, so here’s hoping they both use every tool under their belt. (Especially Dante!) This is the fourth volume in Hardt’s Blood Bond Saga series, and it contains parts 10, 11, and 12. (Available in paperback on January 29.)

    Dark Water Rising, by Sharon Sala
    Sam and Haley Quaid went through some major tragedy right before they got divorced: Their 10-year-old son died. Before they parted ways, though, Sam gave Haley a note letting her know that he’d always be there for her if she ever needed him. (Now THAT’S a good man!) Three years later, Haley reaches out to Sam, and he figures that she’s in trouble. Not only is there a hurricane on the way, but two escaped prisoners are headed towards Haley’s area. Sam’s lovey-dovey feelings for Haley are kicked back into mega-overdrive, and he’s ready to come to her rescue. (And if coming to Haley’s rescue involves running very, very quickly while baring his teeth in a “Don’t screw with me” snarl and ripping open his button-down shirt to reveal his “I workout at least five days a week” abs, then so be it!) Sam, buddy, go rescue your woman, and when the drama is over, rebuild your lives together! (Available in hardcover, paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on January 29.)

    What hot new romances are keeping you warm this week?

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    Romance Roundup: Cowboys, London Bankers, and Leopard Shifters 

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    This week’s Romance Roundup includes a wrongfully accused London banker-turned-duke who is out for revenge, a young lady who wants the love of her life to see her more womanly side, and a grumpy cowboy who finally meets the lady destined to turn his frown upside down.

    Leopard’s Run, by Christine Feehan
    Leopard shifter Timur Amurov is on a mission to see if Ashe Bronte is friend or foe. Ashe works in his sister-in-law’s bakery, but he’s not about to be fooled by her sweet demeanor and her top-notch customer service skills. Still, he can’t deny that he is mega-attracted to her, and that she has a calming, almost zen-like effect on him. As for Ashe, she’s trying to stay out of trouble. This includes resisting Timur and his gorgeous body and his wild leopard ways. (No offense, Ashe, but we don’t think you’ll last for too long, and that’s totally understandable when it comes to a guy like Timur.) Here’s hoping that Timur realizes that Ashe is not, in fact, the enemy, and that they both let go of their inhibitions and spend many a day licking chocolate batter off of each other! This is the latest book in Feehan’s Leopard series. (Available in paperback and NOOK.)

    Solace Island, by Meg Tilly
    Maggie Harris’ fiance just backed out of their wedding, which is no bueno, so she joins her sister on Solace Island to get away from it all for a little while. (Um, Maggie? Solace Island sounds like a wonderful place. What’s the address? We’d like to plug it into a GPS. Thanks!) Things are going well until they start to get a bit shady. Maggie is nearly run over by a car, for one. (Fortunately, she’s saved by the quick reflexes and chiseled jaw of her new neighbor, Luke Benson.) Then some more shady things happen, things that quite likely involve some shady people. Luke ends up letting Maggie and her sister live in his house, which has royalty-level security, because he really likes her and wants to keep her safe. Maggie will need to open up to Luke and give him the scoop on her life if they’re going to get close. (You can do it, Maggie!) This is the first book in Tilly’s Solace series. (Available in paperback and NOOK.)

    SEAL’S Honor, by Megan Crane
    Former SEAL Blue Hendricks is having a rough time readjusting to civilian life. Still, he refuses to turn his well-defined, muscular back on Everly Campbell, his old friend’s sister. Her roommate was just murdered, and she’s decided to turn to the only man she feels she can trust. Blue lives in a remote town in Alaska along with some of his fellow ex-military guys, and they are all going to band together to make sure Everly stays safe. Oh, and Blue soon realizes he doesn’t want to ever live another day without Everly by his side. (That’s right, buddy! Follow your bliss and find your happy ending!) Here’s hoping they manage to keep Everly safe, that they solve the mystery of her roommate’s murder, and that Everly and Blue proceed to spend many a cold Alaskan night keeping each other nice and warm! This is the first book in Crane’s Alaska Force series. (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK.)

    All I Want for Christmas is a Cowboy, by Jessica Clare
    Rancher Eli Pickett doesn’t do Christmas because a) He’s really, really busy with his herd and b) He’s still single, because he just can’t find a lady to embrace the ranch life. It could also be just because he’s a tad grumpy and prefers the company of his dogs to the company of society. Meanwhile, Cassandra Horn is trading in Manhattan for her parents’ winter cabin this holiday season. Sadly, she gets into a car crash and loses her memory. Eli finds her and takes care of her, which gives him a chance to express his more sensitive, caring side. (We knew you had one, Eli! We never lost faith!) They start to fall pretty hard for each other, but Cassandra isn’t so sure she should be just giving her heart out to the first cowboy who takes care of her. (Oh, trust us, Cassandra, you absolutely should!) Eli, once our gal gets her memory back, make sure you give her plenty of reasons to stick around! (Available in paperback and NOOK.)

    Pride and Passion, by Nora Roberts
    Two old fan favorites in one volume! In “Search for Love,” Serenity Smith travels to the Brittany region of France to meet some estranged relatives. She recently lost her parents, so she’s not feeling too great. (Serenity, we’re sure the change of scenery will help to clear your head!) She ends up meeting the very cold Comtesse de Kergallen and the stuffy but sexy Christophe. She needs to convince them that she’s not some horrible person (family issues run deeply with this crowd). Oh, and she wouldn’t mind loosening every button of Christophe’s impeccably-tailored shirts. In “Irish Thoroughbred,” Roberts’ debut novel, Adelia Cunnane decides to move to the U.S. from Ireland after her aunt dies. She lives with her kind uncle, who works on a huge and prosperous horse farm owned by the very sexy Travis Grant. Adelia and Travis start to fall hard for each other. They’ll need to settle some differences, though, before they can have their happily ever after. (Available in paperback.)

    My One and Only Duke, by Grace Burrowes
    London banker Quinn Wentworth was about to be executed, which was why he agreed to marry pregnant widow Jane Winston. They met when her father was preaching to prisoners, and he offered her marriage so that she’d inherit his dough after his hanging and not starve. (Quinn, you’re not a good guy. You’re a GREAT guy!) Then it’s discovered that Quinn is, like, the long-lost heir to a dukedom, so he gets to escape the hangman’s noose. This means that he and Jane will end up spending WAY more time together than they had originally planned. Now, Quinn worked exceptionally hard to escape poverty, so he’s NOT going to just sit around and let whoever framed him get away with it. Quinn and Jane, once you’ve managed to rid yourselves of any bad apples, make sure you realize how lucky you are to have found each other! This is the first book in Burrowes’ Rogues to Riches series, and it includes a bonus novella, “Once Upon a Christmas Eve.” (Available in paperback and NOOK.)

    Exclusive/A Touch of Heaven, by Samantha Chase
    Two stories in one! In “Exclusive,” writer Taylor Scott gets a chance to interview a reclusive author. This is awesome for her career, to say the least, and the fact that said author has a cute assistant in the form of Mike Greene makes it all WAY sweeter. Mike, you may have buns of steel, but do NOT distract our gal from this career-changing opportunity! In “A Touch of Heaven,” Regan Amerson’s mom wins a home makeover from a reality TV show, and the show’s host is right up there, looks-wise, with the Property Brothers. (We love you, Jonathan and Drew!) Sawyer isn’t going through the best of times right now, but he’s still not about to let his cranky mood get in the way of pursuing our awesome gal. Sawyer, you go ahead and beg Regan for her affections, and then the two of you can proceed to build and design your future home! (Available in paperback and NOOK.)

    Never Let Me Fall, by Abbie Roads
    Thomas Brown may be colorblind, but he has the ability to stare deep into a person’s soul and really read them, hence his career in assisting criminal investigators. (Thomas, you can stare into our souls – and at other places—any day of the week! By all means, come right on over!) His life changes when he meets Helena Grayse. She’s had an exceptionally rough life, and Thomas is the only one in a very long time to show her kindness. Trouble is, Helena hasn’t managed to completely shake off the baddies from her past. Indeed, the worst might be on its way. Will Thomas run scared, or will he stick around and help keep Helena safe? (Go for the latter option, Thomas! Helena is an amazing lady and she won’t let you down!) This is the third book in Roads’ Fatal Dreams series. (Available in paperback and NOOK.)

    Recall, by Meredith Wild
    The lovey-dovey-ness between assassin Tristan Stone and Isabel Foster continues! Isabel and Tristan just can’t stay away from each other, even though his world is a dark one and he was originally kinda, sorta hired to kill her. (Such is the power of Tristan’s magnetism, his passionate kisses, and his perfectly defined abdominal muscles.) Then someone from Tristan’s past resurfaces, indicating that said past might be a tad harder to leave than he thought. Here’s hoping that Tristan ditches his dark ways ASAP, and that he and Isabel then focus on building a beautiful and peaceful life together filled with love and babies and maybe a cute puppy or two! (Actually, there should definitely be puppies. A whole litter of them!) This book contains the fourth, fifth, and sixth installments in Wild’s Red Ledger series. (Available in paperback.)

    Two Alone/A Secret Splendor, by Sandra Brown
    Two stories in one! In “Two Alone,” businesswoman Rusty Carlson finds herself stranded in the very remote woods with Vietnam vet Cooper Landry. Neither of them are exactly thrilled by this, even though they are both very attractive people—she finds him a tad scary and he’s afraid she’ll hurt his chances of survival. Oh, Rusty and Cooper. Let go of your biases and enjoy this quality time with each other and nature! In “A Secret Splendor,” Arden Gentry is feeling quite lonely and sad after losing her son and getting divorced. (Sending you all of the hugs, Arden!) She decides to track down the other son she gave birth to a long, long time ago. He lives in Hawaii, and Arden soon suddenly doubts whether she should even bother. Here’s hoping that everything works out for our gal, and that she finds some much-needed peace! (Available in paperback.)

    Long, Tall Texans: Calhoun & Justin, by Diana Palmer
    Two gloriously handsome brothers find true love in this tome! In “Calhoun,” orphan Abby Clark could only ever rely on the Ballenger brothers to keep her safe. The downside is that they still see her as a girl, especially Calhoun Ballenger, and let’s just say she does NOT want Calhoun to think of her as a girl. She’s ready to prove to him that she’s a grown woman and that she has some very womanly desires. Go get your man, Abby! In “Justin,” Shelby Jacobs wants to make amends with Justin Ballenger. This won’t be easy, mainly because she broke off their engagement six years ago. She still loves him, though, because no sane woman could ever forget a man like Justin. Justin, buddy, please, please, please hear her out! She had her reasons for calling things off, and her heart has always been yours! This is the first volume in Palmer’s Long, Tall Texans series. (Available in paperback.)

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