Romance Roundup: Curvaceous Heroines, Reunited Sweethearts, and Baseball Players 

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This week’s Romance Roundup includes a woman who finds way more than she bargained for in a small, Texas town, a curvy lady who has attracted the attentions of two very sexy guys, and a single mom who meets a very special contractor.

Mornings on Main, by Jodi Thomas
Jillian James is only visiting Laurel Springs, Texas to learn more about her deadbeat father and why he abandoned his family. She is definitely NOT going to stick around this tiny town. Then she meets Connor Larady, who quite possibly has the biggest heart a man could have. Not only is he a single father, he also takes care of his grandmother, who has Alzheimer’s. Oh, and he’s absolutely heartbroken about the prospect of closing down said grandmother’s beloved quilt shop. Jillian and Connor end up becoming quite close, and she also becomes very close to his grandmother. Will Jillian find out the truth about her family’s past? Will she allow herself to let love into her heart and her life? And will Connor provide Jillian with multiple, ahem, reasons to stay in Laurel Springs? (Available in paperback on February 19.)

Misadventures of a Curvy Girl, by Sierra Simone
Ireland Mills has finally said “Peace out!” to fad diets and any other attempts to change her body. She’s tired of feeling ashamed about her body and has decided to embrace it 100 percent. (Excuse me, Ireland? We all love you. Like, a lot.) She ends up becoming VERY close to TWO extremely hunky guys—Caleb Carpenter and Ben Weber. Oh, and these two guys have no problem with the fact that they are both attracted to Ireland. (You know what they say—when it rains, it pours!) When Ireland’s car ends up going kaput on a random dirt road, Caleb and Ben both come to rescue, and the three of them engage in some exceptionally sexy time. Their only problem is that they’re seriously falling for her—and she’s having a hard time believing it. Ben and Caleb will need to put in some major overtime if they’re going to convince Ireland that they love her exactly the way she is. (Get to it, you two!) This is the latest book in the multi-authored Misadventures series. (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on February 19.)

California Girls, by Susan Mallery
Three sisters are going through a very tough time right now, relationship-wise. TV host Finola finds out that her husband is having an affair with some vapid little pop star. Zennie just broke up with her own man, but she’s feeling more “Meh” about it than anything else. She decides to become a surrogate for her best friend, but pregnancy turns out to be, to put it succinctly, Not Totally Fun. As for Ali, her fiance sends his brother to break up with her, and then keeps checking up on her to make sure she’s okay. (Dude, really? If you were so concerned, did you HAVE to do your stupid brother’s dirty work?) So yes, these three ladies are going through a lot right now. It’s a darn good thing they have each other, plus that California sunshine and, we hope, plenty of California wine. (Except for you, Zennie! You’re sticking with smoothies!) Here’s hoping they provide each other with the kind of loving support only close family and friends can give! (Available in hardcover, paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on February 26.)

The Scoundrel in Her Bed, by Lorraine Heath
Finn Trewlove is the bastard son of a nobleman, and he has a Very Secret History with Lady Lavinia Kent, who is the daughter of an earl. They were quite lovey-dovey back in the day, then something very bad happened that put an end to things. She went on to get involved in London’s seedy underworld and dedicate herself to a cause. (For the record, Finn was her inspiration for this!) Years later, Lavinia and Finn are reunited, and let’s just say they both soon feel the unstoppable urge to get nekkid together. (Don’t fight the feelings, you two!) They’ll need to overcome quite a few dangers and class-related issues if they’re going to finally get the happy ending they deserve. Lavinia and Finn, when it’s all over, the two of your should seriously consider an extended Mediterranean trip that involves lots of sunshine and light clothing and the freedom to skinny dip in crystal-clear waters! This is the third book in Heath’s Sins for All Seasons series. (Available in hardcover, paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on February 26.)

Finding Forever, by Nora Roberts
This reprint features two fan favorites! In “Rules of the Game,” Parks Jones may be a professional baseball player with a body made for a tight-fitting uniform, but that doesn’t change the fact that Brooke Gordon can’t stand him. (Oh, Brooke, surely Parks has at least one redeemable quality to go with that chiseled body of his!) They need to work together, and Parks is eager to prove to Brooke that he’s a decent guy. Good luck, buddy! In “Second Nature,” reporter Lee Radcliffe gets the chance to interview famous—and reclusive—horror writer Hunter Brown. He has one condition, though, which is that she needs to go on a camping trip with him. Lee, strap on your best hiking boots and your comfiest khakis and get your story and your man! (And don’t forget your bug spray!) (Available in paperback on February 26.)

Low Country Hero, by Lee Tobin McClain
Anna George has ditched her abusive ex and taken her twin daughters to Safe Haven, South Carolina in search of peace and refuge. She gets a helping hand (a very strong, masculine, helping hand) from contractor Sean O’Dwyer. (Sean, if you ever need help adjusting your toolbelt, we’d all happily volunteer for the chance!) Sean didn’t think he wanted to do the whole family thing, but he soon realizes that Anna and her daughters are exceptionally special and that they have unlocked many, many wonderful feelings. He and Anna become very close as they do refurbishment work. Oh, Sean, please, please, please don’t dawdle! Let Anna know ASAP how you feel and put a ring on it! This is the first book in McClain’s Safe Haven series. (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on February 26.)

What new romance novels are you excited about this week? 

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