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    Romance Roundup: Young Widows, Devoted Sisters, and Ranchers Galore 

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    This week’s Romance Roundup includes a tough lady who helps a detective solve a cold case, a human woman who gets caught up in some major werewolf and vampire-related drama, and a rancher who gets much-needed help from his childhood friend.

    Map of the Heart, by Susan Wiggs
    History buffs will love this reprint! Camille Palmer is finally settling back into a peaceful existence after the tragic death of her husband. She’s got a teenage daughter and a dad to look after, so she’s quite busy. (Camille, massages and champagne on all of us!) Then a mysterious package arrives, and the three of them go back to France, where Camille’s dad lived during World War II. Oh, and Camille meets a very handsome former naval officer during her travels. (Note to Camille: Find out ASAP if he kept his uniform!) A nice lady who gets another chance at love with a hunky man in the French countryside while surrounded by loved ones? Yes, we’ll all take that tale with a glass of wine and a chocolate croissant! (Available in paperback on February 12.)

    Say You’re Sorry, by Karen Rose
    A serial killer has just messed with the wrong woman! Not only does our gal, Daisy Dawson, manage to fend off an attack, she also manages to steal a valuable piece of evidence off of her attacker: a necklace. (Daisy, after we treat you to a spa day we’d love it if you showed us your self-defense moves!) Said necklace is of great interest to Special Agent Gideon Reynolds, who has a few very important things going on for him: buns of steel, arms of steel, abs of steel, and a—well, you get the picture!  Anyway, he’s been working on a cold case for 17 years, and now, thanks to this necklace, he just might finally have what he needs to solve it. He and Daisy will end up working closely together. They’ll need to be super careful, though, as the killer now wants to target both of them. Daisy and Gideon, stay two steps ahead of the game, and when you finally win, treat yourselves to a romantic, long weekend getaway! This is the first book in Rose’s Sacramento series. (Available in hardcover and NOOK on February 12.)

    Long, Tall Texans: Ethan/Connal, by Diana Palmer
    Two stories in one! “Ethan” features Ethan Hardeman and Arabella Craig. They, ahem, had relations when Arabella was 18 years old, which she really, really enjoyed, but then Ethan married another woman. (Ethan, we’re going to be generous and give you THREE WHOLE MINUTES to explain why you broke our gal’s heart!) Years have gone by, and now Arabella and Ethan are reconnected. Those years haven’t been too kind to Ethan—he’s divorced and, let’s just put it this way, Not Happy. Will he and Arabella get another chance at love? In “Connal,” Connal Tremayne finds himself somehow married to Penelope Matthews, who has pretty much loved him her whole life. Until recently he was a widower, and now he finds himself with a brand-new bride. (Sadly, he is not happy about this.) Here’s hoping that he and Penelope clear the air between them—and that they proceed to fill a Texas ranch with lots of cute puppies and babies! These reprinted stories are part of Palmer’s delicious Long, Tall Texans series. (Available in paperback on February 12.)

    Shadow Pact, by Tally Adams
    All Emily wants to do is find her missing sister, but instead, she finds herself in the middle of a major kerfuffle involving vampires and werewolves and a whole lot of attitude. She gets saved by William, a vampire-werewolf hybrid (and major hottie) who is ready and willing and able to assist Emily in her mission. Together, they’ll need to navigate some palace-like intrigue, complete with a vampire queen and a werewolf king who have less-than-noble intentions. (Think Game of Thrones with a more supernatural angle and characters with superior hygiene.) Emily will need to gather up every last ounce of courage she has if she’s going to survive all of this drama and find her sister. Emily, put your big-girl panties on and do whatever it takes to find her! And while you’re at it, show William how a human woman can rock his world! This is the first book in Adams’ Immortal Romance series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on February 12.)

    Devil’s Daughter, by Lisa Kleypas
    Phoebe, Lady Clare is a young widow, and she’s just met West Ravenel at a family wedding. She finds him exceptionally sexy, but she’s kind of determined to not like him. (He allegedly bullied her late husband when they were in boarding school together WAY back in the day.) She can’t help but become attracted to him, though, because West has that effect on women. Oh, and West soon discovers that Phoebe has quite the colorful family history, which gives him hope that she is not the cold-hearted, aristocratic woman he thought she might be. Phoebe, school was a very long time ago! Give West and his chiseled arms and jawline a chance! And West, be a gentleman and show Phoebe that while you can definitely be, ahem, naughty, you are also a nice guy who has come a long way in life! This is the fifth book in Kleypas’ Ravenels series. (Available in hardcover, paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on February 19.)

    Stroke of Luck, by B.J. Daniels
    Montana hottie Will Sterling could use a helping hand right now. (Oh, Will, we all volunteer as tribute!) The Sterling Ranch’s season is about to start, but a blizzard threatens to make the opening a not-so-smooth endeavor. Plus, the guests staying at the ranch lodge are getting cranky. (Oh, just have some wine, you grouchy lot!) Fortunately, Will is about to get some much-needed help from his old childhood friend, Poppy Carmichael, and let’s just say that she and Will are children no more. They soon realize that they’d love nothing more than to spend the blizzard together, secluded, and nekkid in a quiet room with a giant fireplace. (#polarvortexfun #bringiton) Sadly, something very bad is going on (think: killer), and they’ll need to take care of it pronto. Here’s hoping they manage to dodge said killer, get the ranch the successful opening it deserves, and then find all kinds of fun ways to keep each other warm during those long, Montana winters. This is the first book in Daniels’ Sterling’s Montana series. (Available in hardcover, paperback, and NOOK on February 19.)

    What romance novels are keeping your nightstand warm this week?

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    Romance Roundup: Egyptian Scholars, Paramilitary Heroines, and Cowboy Rescue Missions 

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    This week’s Romance Roundup includes a rare artifacts hunter who gets a new and very interesting coworker, a woman whose newfound skills are put to the test, and a lady on a mission to rescue her cowboy.

    Driven to Distraction, by Lori Foster
    Mary Daniels has a pretty cool job that requires acquiring rare artifacts for her boss, and her latest assignment puts her in close proximity with the supernaturally sexy Brodie Crews. (Note to self: Research alternative career opportunities!) They’ll need to spend a few hours in a car together for her latest assignment, which would normally sound like a huge chore, but traveling with Brodie would make any woman request that he pull off to the side and take things to the next level. (Or two.) (Actually, make that three.) As for Brodie, he is quite intrigued by this buttoned-up lady and would love to, ahem, explore her in every way possible. (Yes, Brodie! You are on the right track! And Mary, you are a lucky, lucky girl!) When an enemy rears their ugly head, intent on taking the same artifact Mary and Brodie are after, Brodie will need to think fast in order to protect Mary. Here’s hoping they manage to dodge the bad guys and get their treasure! (Get to it, you two! And, Brodie, when the drama is over, show Mary multiple times how good a bad boy can be!) This is the first book in Foster’s Road to Love series. (Available in hardcover, paperback, and NOOK.)

    The Woman Left Behind, by Linda Howard
    Jina Modell is doing just fine in the communications department of a paramilitary organization. She loves her job, which doesn’t require our non-outdoorsy gal to leave the air-conditioned comfort of her office. (Good for you, Jina! There’s nothing wrong with loving indoor-ish things like yoga and curling up with a good book!) Then she is selected to work in the field as an on-site drone operator. (Okay, that’s a pretty flippin’ awesome change of pace! Yay, Jina! Don’t turn this opportunity down!) This requires undergoing extensive physical training under the watchful, steely gaze of her team leader, Levi. (Fact: No woman would mind spending as much time as possible with Levi, especially if it means getting really sweaty together.) Under his tutelage, Jina transforms from a tech geek into a daring operative. While out in Syria, a deceitful Congresswoman screws up their mission, which causes the base Jina is working on to explode—and Jina to get separated from her team. Everyone on Jina’s team thinks that Jina has gone to that big hard drive in the sky, but the truth is she’s still alive. Now she’s going to have to employ her brand-new skills to survive until she can reunite with her team and get out of Syria. As for Levi, he is NOT going anywhere until he finds the woman who makes him feel all of the feels. (Available in paperback.)

    The Lady Travelers Guide to Deception with an Unlikely Earl, by Victoria Alexander
    Miss Sidney Honeywell is a very successful author thanks to her “Tales of a Lady Adventurer in Egypt” series. There’s a teeny, tiny problem, though. Her readers think the stories are real, and that she’s actually writing about her own exploits. Our gal can’t reveal the truth, though, because then London would be in an uproar and her reputation would just go SPLAT! She crosses paths with Harry Armstrong, who (and we’ll be honest and fair here) is an actual scholar on Egypt. He wants to write about his Egyptian adventures, and he’s not happy that Sidney is getting so much glory and unintentionally hogging his would-be fans. (Harry, we know you’re upset—okay, super duper angry—but it’s much easier for a man to run off and have adventures than it is for a lady and besides, if you tell a really good story then people will still read your stuff and you won’t have to be so jealous and okay, okay—stop glaring at us!) Sidney finally gets a chance for some real adventure when the Earl of Breton invites her to go to Egypt. Trouble is, he’s bringing his his nephew Harry with him. And Harry’s determined to expose Sidney. Harry, we’re all for a bit of exposition here, but it should be of the come-to-bed-and-undress-each-other type. Get over your issues and get to seducing Sidney, because the two of you are actually made for each other! This is the third book in Alexander’s Lady Travelers Society series. (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK.)

    Wrangler’s Rescue, by B.J. Daniels
    Everyone get out of Ashley Jo’s way—her man has just gone missing, and she is NOT going to sit around weeping into a handkerchief. Cyrus Cahill, who is pretty much every woman’s Montana cowboy fantasy rolled up into one delicious bite, promised Ashley Jo that he’d be back in her loving embrace after buying a bull for his ranch. (This was a totally plausible promise on his part, because Cyrus is, in fact, a rancher.) He never came back, though, which is bizarre, because a Cahill man never goes back on his word. Everyone in the town of Gilt Edge is convinced that Cyrus is dead, but Ashley Jo’s spidey senses say otherwise. (That’s right, Ashley Jo—you follow your heart and your gut and don’t let anyone ever convince you to do otherwise!) She’s going to embark on a rescue mission if it’s the last thing she does, because nothing gets in between a fierce and fearless woman and her nekked-times-in-front-of-the-fireplace fantasy. Here’s hoping Ashley Jo’s fellow townspeople put on their best cold weather gear and help her out, that they all find Cyrus ASAP, that he’s not too hurt from his troubles (Buddy, if you are, Ashley Jo will take excellent care of you!), and that Cyrus and Ashley Jo have the best sexy reunion in the history of sexy reunions! This book is part of Daniels’ Montana Cahills series. (Available in hardcover, paperback, and NOOK.)

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    Romance Roundup: Ship Captains, Ranchers, and State Senate Candidates 

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    This week’s Romance Roundup includes a woman looking for a fresh start in a Pacific Northwest town, a Bad Boy who wants to have a happily ever after with a very sweet lady, and a state senate hopeful who needs help with his public image.

    Cottage by the Sea, by Debbie Macomber
    Annie Marlow has gone through a pretty dark time recently, so she decides to escape to the Pacific Northwest for some major R&R. (We’ll go whale watching with you, Annie!) She rents a cottage and starts to meet some interesting characters in her new community. One of these interesting characters is Keaton, a painter who would instantly make any woman feel better with his calm but also dashing swagger. (Keaton, can we just, like, sit next to you on a porch and rest our heads on your muscular shoulder?) Keaton and Annie get to know each other quite well, and Annie starts to think there just might be a life for her in her new town. (There is, Annie! There is!) Then a major opportunity comes up. Will Annie stick around or pull a disappearing act or, we hope, find some kind of middle ground? (Available in hardcover, paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on July 17.)

    Bad for You, by J. Daniels
    Sean “Stitch” Molina has done some terrible things in his life and paid the price, and now he’s determined to stay on the straight and narrow. (Just cut the baddies out of your life, buddy! It’s not a cure but it’s a darn good start!) His new life plan involves avoiding Shayla Perkins, because she’s a Good Girl and he’s a Bad Boy and he doesn’t want to be a Bad Influence. (Oh, but Sean, you and Shayla can balance each other out in the nicest of ways!) But they can’t stay apart for too long, mainly because Shayla plus Sean equals Sexy. (Like, a LOT of Sexy. Sexy times three. Infinity Sexy. Sexy.) Here’s hoping they manage to work through their issues and embark upon an adventurous life together! This is the third book in Daniels’ Dirty Deeds series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on July 17.)

    The Other Miss Bridgerton, by Julia Quinn
    Poppy Bridgerton was just wandering around the Dorset coast, completing minding her own business, when she came upon a super cool cave and THEN her curiosity got the best of her. She ends up getting kidnapped by two dudes, tied up, and then plunked straight onto the bed of Captain Andrew James Rokesby. (Yes, please, and thank you!) He’s a good guy, though, and he’s just trying to complete a mission to Portugal to deliver some documents. This means that our heroine is safe from being ravished by him, which is kind of sad because hello, Mr. Biceps! Anyway, Andrew knows he’ll have to marry her in order to help her avoid a mega-scandal. (See: good guy.) She doesn’t know, though, that they are already closer than she thinks, because he’s neighbors with her relatives. A kidnapping story with two nice people headed to warm, sunny Portugal? Yes, please! This is the third book in Quinn’s Rokesby series. (Available in hardcover, paperback, and NOOK on November 18.)

    Rancher’s Dream, by B.J. Daniels
    Our gal Drey Hunter, for some reason we’ll definitely want to know about, decided to leave Hawk Cahill and marry Someone Else. (Drey, how was leaving Hawk physically and emotionally possible?!) Then Drey’s husband disappears on their wedding night, and Drey finds herself alone in a creepy, high-tech mansion in the middle of nowhere. Oh, and she realizes that someone is trying to kill her. She enlists Hawk’s help, and he’s determined to do whatever it takes to keep Drey safe. (For the record: Hawk is more of a cozy log cabin kind of man who would build a woman a fire using his bare, masculine hands and then take her in front of said fire multiple times on a bearskin rug made of a bear he shot and then sewed up himself.) Hawk, protect Drey and give her a second chance! Drey, we’ll all drive you to your annulment appointment! This book is part of Daniels’ Montana Cahills series. (Available in paperback on August 1.)

    The Duke Buys a Bride, by Sophie Jordan
    Marcus, the Duke of Autenberry, couldn’t just sit there and do nothing when he saw the lovely Alyse Bell being auctioned off. He decides to purchase her, but he didn’t realize that by doing this he kind of bought himself, like, a wife. (It’s okay, Marcus! You were likely hungover at the time. We applaud your good intentions.) Alyse doesn’t want to be married to Marcus, even if he is sex dipped in cheese and spread on a cracker. They run off together to his Scottish estate, thinking this will give them plenty of time to figure out how to break it all off. Then they realize that hey, they actually like each other and lifetime together would not be the worst thing that ever happened to either of them. Will Marcus show Alyse that naughty dukes can be very, very good? And will Alyse prove to Marcus that she would be a great wife AND a great duchess? This is the third book in Jordan’s Rogue Files series. (Available in paperback on July 24.)

    Campaign for His Heart, by Joy Avery
    Lauder Tolson is a former foster kid who is now running for North Carolina state senate, but being a sexy, single man doesn’t exactly make for the best public relations material. (Lauder, this is a shame, because we wouldn’t mind getting your flyers in our mailboxes!) He decides to soften his image by recruiting his childhood enemy Willow Dawson to play his sweetheart. Oh, and he might have broken her heart once upon a time. (Seriously, Lauder! What did our gal do to deserve your bad manners? Steal your pudding?) Willow isn’t feeling the warm fuzzies for Lauder these days, but she has her own plans to hatch, and he just might be the perfect man to help her. Willow, you focus on being your fabulous self! And Lauder, you must grovel if you want to win this gorgeous woman back. A lot. This is the second book in Avery’s Cardinal House series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on August 1.)

    What exciting new romance novels are you packing in your beach bag this week?

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    Romance Roundup: Prodigal Sons, Tattoo Artists, and Shy Ladies 

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    This week’s Romance Roundup includes a man trying to rescue his mother, a marketing consultant with an extremely hot client, and a woman who won’t settle for anything less than true love.

    The Undercover Billionaire, by Jackie Ashenden
    Navy SEAL Wolf Tate is on a mission to rescue his mother. (Ladies, all together now: AWWW!!) The stakes are extremely high, so he needs to really step up his game. He decides that kidnapping his enemy’s daughter is the way to go. The daughter, Olivia de Santis, also happens to be Wolf’s good friend and the woman he’s had the hots for since forever. He kidnaps her, and what ensues is a whole lot of conflicting emotions on both of their ends. (Wolf, if you want to let her know how you feel, you could have taken a more straightforward approach.) Olivia can’t deny that she’s thrilled to get some alone time with him, and Wolf realizes that he feels many, many feelings in his large, perfectly-shaped…ahem, heart. Here’s hoping he manages to check off every item on his to-do list AND get the girl! This is the third book in Ashenden’s Tate Brothers series. (Available in paperback and NOOK.)

    The Secrets She Kept, by Brenda Novak
    Fairham Island’s matriarch has been found dead, and her estranged son, Keith, refuses to believe she committed suicide. He goes back home to look further into her death and try to put the family empire back together. (He was kinda close to his grandfather, hence the nod to family duties.) Keith also gets back in touch with Nancy Dellinger. He might have broken her heart before he fled Fairham Island. (To be fair, his late mom was crazy controlling, so he needed to get out of Dodge ASAP.) Keith soon realizes that his feelings for Nancy are still very much intact. He’s got a lot to do if he’s going to solve the mystery of his mother’s death and win back the woman of his heart. (Keith, we’ll help you by setting up several date nights! Just show up on time with an armful of roses!) This is the second book in Novak’s Fairham Island series. (Available in paperback.)

    Hero’s Return, by B.J. Daniels
    Tucker Cahill has had to keep a Very Bad Secret for 19 years, and it’s really taken an emotional toll on him. (Come here, Tucker! We promise to make it all better!) He’s forced to face it all, though, when a woman’s remains are found near his family’s ranch. (Stay strong, Tucker!) There’s also the matter of Kate Rothschild. She’s just come to town for some good, old-fashioned vengeance. This vengeance plan somehow involves Tucker. (Oh, that all plans—world domination, corrupt government overthrow, grocery shopping—involved meeting Tucker!) Trouble is, Kate did not expect Tucker to be so darn cute, and she hasn’t even seen his abs yet! Can they work together to accomplish their respective goals? And then get nekkid? This is the third book in Daniels’ Montana Cahills series. (Available in hardcover, paperback, and NOOK.)

    Seduced in San Diego, by Reese Ryan
    Marketing consultant Sasha Charles has been hired to improve the public image of artist Jordan Jace. (Emphasis on “public,” because looks-wise he is the manliest of men from head to toe!) She’s reluctant to get involved with him, though, because she’s a professional lady with a career to think of. (Trust us, Sasha. This risk is totally worth it!) Jordan wouldn’t mind getting to know Sasha better, and he soon starts to sweep her off of her feet in all kinds of ways. This includes fancy dinners followed by long, romantic interludes between the sheets. (All of this is really good for our gal, because she’s quite serious and hasn’t had a whole lot of fun in her life.) Then Jordan and Sasha soon start to realize that they actually really like each other and want to make babies together. (Jordan. Sasha. We are ALL in favor of this!) This book is the latest in the multi-authored Millionaire Moguls series. (Available in paperback and NOOK.)

    Whiskey Sharp, by Lauren Dane
    Vicktor Orlov likes to hide a tough, protective attitude beneath a more laid-back exterior. (By all means, Vicktor. Lay back. Lay way, way back and let us take over!) He steps up his game when he meets tattoo artist Rachel Dolan. Our gal has worked hard to overcome a violence-filled past. (Rachel, we all want to treat you to a yoga class and brunch!) She’s not sure she wants to give her heart to any man, even if he does have a rock-solid body that would protect her at any cost. She somehow decides that she Just Wants To Be Friends with Vicktor. (Rachel, no offense whatsoever, but that idea is doo-doo.) Will Vicktor manage to convince her that his love is here to stay? And will Rachel give in to her blossoming feelings and let Vicktor take her to new heights? This is the second book in Dane’s Whiskey Sharp series. (Available in paperback and NOOK.)

    Marry in Scandal, by Anne Gracie
    Lady Lily Rutherford wants to be courted properly. She’s a bit shy, so she’s waiting for the right man to come along and woo her in the way she wants and deserves. (Good for you, Lily! Don’t settle for anything less!) Then Something Bad happens, and she has to marry Edward Galbraith ASAP—or face some major scandal. She’s got a good attitude, though, and becomes determined to make her marriage a good one. As for Edward, he knew he needed to get married to a respectable lady anyway, so this actually works out for him. He doesn’t think he’ll ever get too close to her, though, because he’s still traumatized by his past. Here’s hoping Edward soon realizes that he’s got a great, loving woman he can confide in, and that he works very, very hard to give her the happy life she deserves! This is the second book in Gracie’s Marriage of Convenience series. (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on April 3.)

    What romances are you excited to read this spring?

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    Romance Roundup: Prodigal Hunks, Art Lovers, and Cowboy Sheriffs 

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    This week’s Romance Roundup includes a forensic psychologist with murders to solve, a woman who needs donors in order to fund her charitable efforts, and a broke lady who needs to get her hands on a valuable piece of art.

    A Perfect Obsession, by Heather Graham
    A murderer is targeting beautiful women, and the latest body has been found close to Finnegan’s Pub. Pub co-owner and forensic psychologist Kieran Finnegan decides to consult on the case and dig deeper into these murders—and what she finds is even more disturbing than what she could have imagined. She works with her manly man of a boyfriend, FBI special agent Craig Frasier, and together they go into this sinister world. New developments, though, have Craig on especially high alert, and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to keep Kieran safe. (Kieran, your fellow sure sounds like a keeper!) Can they solve this case before another victim gets hurt? This is the second book in Graham’s New York Confidential series. (Available in paperback on November 28.)

    Wrong to Need You, by Alisha Rai
    Jackson Kane did not leave his family under the best conditions. He was accused of a terrible crime he didn’t commit, and soon after left everything and everyone behind him. Now he’s decided to return home after a ten-year absence. (Dude, we all feel for you, but yes, it’s time to go home and make nice with the people who love you!) He soon meets up again with Sadia Ahmed, his late brother’s widow. She and Jackson always had feelings for each other that ran a tad deeper than normal. Sadia really needs all of the help she can get with her café, and Jackson is home again with some spare time on his masculine, capable hands. They are burning hotter than ever for each other, so this is an excellent time for them to reconnect in all kinds of delicious ways! This is the second book in Rai’s Forbidden Hearts series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on November 28.)

    Wicked Intentions, by Elizabeth Hoyt
    Lazarus Huntington, Lord Caire, needs to hunt down a killer in St. Giles, London’s most awful slum, and he doesn’t know where to begin. He enlists the help of Temperance Dews, a widow who works to help the people of St. Giles. They strike a deal: She’ll help him track down the killer (she’s got a colorful roster of contacts, that’s for sure), and Lazarus will introduce her to high society so she can find a wealthy benefactor to help fund her charitable efforts. (It’s kind of like networking and fundraising in days of yore, but with murder.) Lazarus and Temperance start to fall for each other in a major way, which is totally understandable—she’s a nice person and he has some insatiable desires that many women wouldn’t mind sating. (We’re all up for the challenge, Lazarus!) Will they nab the killer, get some donors, and then seriously consider, ahem, joining forces for the rest of their lives? This reprint is the first book in Hoyt’s extensive Maiden Lane series. (Available in paperback on November 28.)

    A Good Day to Marry a Duke, by Betina Krahn
    Daisy Bumgarten isn’t exactly making the best impression on English society. The Nevada lady has got to marry well because she has three sisters who need support—and she already embarrassed herself while husband hunting in New York City. (Hang in there, Daisy! A New Yorker just wasn’t your destiny!) She meets Lord Ashton Graham, who can sense her desperation and finds it rather amusing. He also finds her way more attractive than he cares to admit. As for Daisy, Ashton makes her want to cool herself with a frilly fan. (Fact: A hottie like Ashton would make the Nevada deserts seem cool in comparison.) When someone tries to put Daisy in the line of society’s vicious fire, Ashton will need to prove that he’s a real man who is willing to stand up for his woman. This is the first book in Krahn’s Sin and Sensibility series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on November 28.)

    The Lady Travelers Guide to Larceny with a Dashing Stranger, by Victoria Alexander
    Lady Wilhelmina Bascombe’s fancy schmancy life is left in shambles thanks to her husband’s downfall. She’s got one card up her silk sleeve, though, and that’s a very valuable painting in her family that could sell for a goodly sum. The painting, a Renaissance masterpiece, is currently in the clutches of a Venice-based art collector. Wilhelmina’s lady friends concoct a plan to help her get the painting back. Another person who wants that same painting is Dante Augustus Montague, a very attractive man who can ride our gondolas any day of the week. Dante has zero plans to relinquish his own claim on this exquisite piece of art. Then he meets Wilhelmina, and she makes him want to loosen up in all kinds of ways. A story that involves romance and art and travel? Yes, please! This is the second book in Alexander’s Lady Travelers Society series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on November 28.)

    Cowboy Legacy, by B.J. Daniels
    Sheriff Flint Cahill has had it rough lately, what with a divorce from his crazy mean ex-wife. Fortunately, he’s just met Maggie Thompson, who is super nice—pretty much the opposite of his ex. (Way to go, Flint!) Then the worst happens—Maggie disappears. Flint is positive his ex-wife is involved, and he’s going to walk through fire if that’s what it takes to get Maggie back. (Flint, just make sure you take off your shirt at least twice. Thanks!) As for Maggie, she’s got to keep her wits about her and focus on staying alive, which isn’t easy when a major snowstorm is about to hit and you’re being held hostage by crazies. Can Maggie survive the torture, and can Flint work quickly enough and get her back before some serious damage is done? (Yes, you both can! Stay strong, you two!) This is the first book in Daniels’ Montana Cahills series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on November 28.)

    What romance novels are you reading this week?

    The post Romance Roundup: Prodigal Hunks, Art Lovers, and Cowboy Sheriffs appeared first on Barnes & Noble Reads.

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