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    Our 10 Favorite Quotes from Oprah Winfrey’s The Path Made Clear: Discovering Your Life’s Direction and Purpose 

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    She is one of the most influential celebrities in the world, but even with her international clout and formidable business empire, Oprah Winfrey’s warmth and wit still make her feel like someone you could have over for a cup of coffee and a cozy yet illuminating chat. In her new book, The Path Made Clear: Discovering Your Life’s Direction and Purpose, Winfrey, a dedicated philanthropist, sets her sights on helping readers embark on their own journeys of self-discovery. In a series of ten chapters distilling what she refers to as her “spiritual laws”, Winfrey uses her own hard-won life experiences and lessons—coupled with insights, stories, and advice from a wide range of other public figures, including Elizabeth Gilbert, Jay-Z, and Thich Nhat Hanh—to urge readers to search inside themselves to discover their true purpose in life, while also asking themselves what it is they really want. This is a task requiring deep and patient soul-searching, and Winfrey is an incomparable spiritual guide. Her adages will resonate with readers who find themselves overwhelmed by the cacophony of competing messages we receive constantly through social media, in the news, and in our own personal and professional lives, and the relentless daily demands of modern life. Winfrey’s book is also visually striking, including over one hundred photographs to emphasize the meaning behind each lesson, and the Barnes & Noble Exclusive edition includes a helpful 16-page workbook.

    The Path Made Clear is a book to return to again and again, while confronting different challenges and during various stages of life. It is filled with startling and delectable quotes that, while highly readable, are also meant to be savored. While many standouts come from its impressive array of guest contributors, we wanted to highlight some of the absolute best, post-on-your-bathroom-mirror, repeat-them-every-morning quotations from Oprah herself. These brilliant, pithy quotes are part of what make her book such an essential must-read. Here are ten of our favorites:

    Your life is not static.

    The true meaning of courage is to be afraid—and then, with your knees knocking and your heart racing, take the leap anyway.

    No matter how far away from yourself you may have strayed, there is always a path back.

    There will always be setbacks.  What you are experiencing is a detour.  It’s not the end of the road.

    We fall off course the minute our intention shifts from following our heart to responding to what we think others believe.

    If you want support for your idea, stand in what you hold sacred. Those who sense your truth will rise up.

    Don’t wait until you’re sitting on your porch in your rocking chair to evaluate the character of your actions. Ask yourself today, in the middle of your complicated, demanding, chaotic life: What do I want my legacy to be?

    The goal is to get back to living for yourself, to get back to your flow. And that is not a selfish thing.  That’s an honorable thing.

    You are not your circumstances. You are your possibilities.

    Your life is speaking to you all the time.

    The Path Made Clear: Discovering Your Life’s Direction and Purpose is on B&N bookshelves now.

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    How Do I Get My Friend to Write? 

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    ginni0202Dear Literary Lady,

    I’m trying to convince my friend to write a book, because I know she would write something earth-shatteringly good. In addition to constant nagging, what are some other ways I can inspire her to try?

    –D.G., Bellevue, WA

    Dear D.G.,

    Would that all writers had a friend like you in their corner! Your confidence in your friend’s writerly abilities is inspiring in and of itself, but you’re probably right that she needs a little more motivation to pick up a pen than constant badgering. It’s easy to nag someone to take out the trash, but it’s a little more difficult to nag a novel into existence. Also, you don’t want her book’s dedication page to say, “To D.G., who wouldn’t shut up.

    They say creativity begets creativity, so you might need to get a little creative yourself when attempting to kickstart your friend’s writing process. It won’t be an easy task, but keep your eyes on the prize (the Nobel Prize for Literature, that is) and think of how readers everywhere will thank you for all of her masterpieces in the future.

    Now, consider trying the following:

    1. Give your friend tons of money.
    It worked for Harper Lee. Lee’s friends very generously gave her a year’s wages so she could take time off from work to write To Kill a Mockingbird. Think about it this way—if you live off ramen for long enough, you just might usher into the world the next American classic!

    2. Write with her.
    Okay, okay. I know most of us aren’t able to bankroll a friend’s writing career, but we do have the ability to create alongside them. It’s always easier to try something new with a good friend in tow, and you’ll be there for her very first foray into storytelling.

    3. Start small.
    You know there’s a masterpiece of a novel in her, but she might not know it yet. Encourage your friend to start small with short stories and articles. It could help build up her confidence enough to tackle a novel one day.

    4. Carve out time for her to write.
    It’s hard to sustain a creative endeavor when you have a job, a family, errands, appointments, and a million other demands on your time. One of the best things a friend can do is help someone carve out time to create. Meet up in a coffee shop and just do work together, or invite her over for takeout and dedicated writing time.

    5. Talk about books with her.
    Turn your attention outward and talk about the great books you’re both reading. Discussing writers and novels might get her thinking about what stories she has to tell and what her voice might sound like. There are also many wonderfully encouraging books about writing and the writing process authored by wonderful writers—like Stephen King’s On Writing and Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird—that she may find useful and inspiring.

    6.Give it a rest (for a bit).
    Remember it can be pretty intimidating to start a task when people you love are waiting expectantly and have high hopes for you. It’s possible that the more you persuade her to write, the more pressure she feels. Try laying off for a bit and see if she takes a few steps forward on her own.

    Remember that inspiring your friend to write a novel is like cheering someone on at a marathon. You can’t just be there for the start and the finish, you have to get creative, make fun signs, and cheer wildly at various points throughout the entire run.

    Love and paperbacks,
    Literary Lady

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    How Do I Support My Best Friend’s Soon-to-be-Released Book? 

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    Nutshell Library

    ginni0202Dear Literary Lady,

    My best friend just got a book deal! What’s are some ways to show my support?

    –J.M., Raleigh, NC

    Dear J.M.,

    Isn’t that just about the most exciting news in the world? It’s as if the publishing world has finally affirmed what you’ve thought all along—that your friend is brilliant, creative, and destined for greatness. Admit it, you kind of want to yell from the rooftops, “I told you so!” to nobody in particular. You sort of maybe want to grab editors by the lapels of their tweed jackets and exclaim, “What took you so long?” And an itty-bitty part of you is tempted to write snarky non sequiturs to your friends on social media (“That’s a great photo of your lunch. My friend is writing a book!”).

    But, of course, you won’t do any of these things, because there are more effective, and much saner, ways to show your support and enthusiasm. For example:

    1. Before the book is released, start a book club if you don’t already have one. That way, when the book comes out, you can make it the book of the month!

    2. Throw your friend a book shower. Everyone has bridal and baby showers to celebrate upcoming life events, so why should having a book published be any different? All the guests can bring gifts of pens, notebooks, and divine inspiration (whiskey).

    3. Pre-order copies of the book for everyone you know.

    4. Better yet, go to your local B&N the day the book is released with a pack of friends. Bystanders may become curious and buy a copy for themselves.

    5. Even BETTER yet, go to your local B&N the day the book is released with everyone you know in matching T-shirts inspired by the book. Everyone at the store will become instantly curious and rush to get a copy!

    6. Insert your best friend’s name and novel into all your conversations. For example: “So and so, the up-and-coming author of hotly anticipated novel _______, said the other day that…”

    7. Shoot a trailer for your best friend’s novel as if it were a movie. Make sure it goes viral.

    8. Last but not least, be supportive of your friend throughout the writing and publishing process. Make them sandwiches. Take them out for walks. Tell them that their ex was not their muse and that they’ll write brilliantly without them.

    Above all, remember there’s a long, arduous road ahead for your best friend. While you may have unwavering confidence in their creative genius, they may not always be so sure. So while it’s fun and important to celebrate their incredible achievement, remember you’re a friend first and a fan second.

    Love and paperbacks,
    Literary Lady


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