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    Romance Roundup: Navy Love, Architects, and Cupcake Wars 

    This week’s Romance Roundup includes a lady trying to keep her family’s estate together, an architect who gets cozy with her new employer, and two competitive foodies who have the major hots for each other.

    The Designs of Lord Randolph Cavanaugh, by Stephanie Laurens
    Lord Randolph Cavanaugh doesn’t give a hoot of what society thinks. His biggest concerns are his business ventures and his family. (Randy, buddy, with high society being as snooty as it is, we can’t say we blame you!) He travels to Buckinghamshire to review an investment, which brings him face-to-face with Felicia Throgmorton. Her father died not too long ago, and she’s working really hard to keep her family’s estate together. (Randolph, you BETTER take her out for a fun night at the theatre!) They soon become crazy for each other, because Felicia is a smart and strong and awesome lady and Randolph is also smart and strong and awesome with a beautiful body to boot. This is the first book in Laurens’ new series, The Cavanaughs. (Available in hardcover, paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on April 24.)

    Map of the Heart, by Susan Wiggs
    History buffs will love Wiggs’ latest! Camille Palmer is finally settling back into a peaceful existence after the tragic death of her husband. She’s got a teenage daughter and a dad to look after, so she’s quite busy. (Camille, massages and champagne on all of us!) Then a mysterious package arrives, and the three of them go back to France, where Camille’s dad lived during World War II. Oh, and Camille meets a very handsome former naval officer during her travels. (Note to Camille: Find out ASAP if he kept his uniform!) A nice lady who gets another chance at love with a hunky man in the French countryside while surrounded by loved ones? Yes, we’ll all take that tale with a glass of wine and a chocolate croissant! (Available in paperback on April 24.)

    Navy Brides, by Debbie Macomber
    Two stories in one—and lots of sexy Navy men in sexy Navy uniforms! In “Navy Wife,” Lindy Kyle decides to start a new chapter in Seattle. (Some jerk broke her heart, so good for you, Lindy!) She ends up becoming roommates with Rush Callaghan, who is in between Navy gigs. Rush always thought the Navy would be his first love, but he soon realizes that Lindy is extremely awesome, too. Will their love survive when he gets called to duty again? In “Navy Blues,” a lady named Carol really, really, really wants her ex-husband, Lieutenant Commander Steve Kyle, to father a baby for her. (Navy life and the long absences it can entail took a toll on their marriage, but she knows he’d be the perfect co-parent.) Can they realize that they’ve always been perfect for each other and that they have GOT to reconcile for good? (Fingers crossed!) (Available in paperback and NOOK on April 24.)

    A Scandalous Deal, by Joanna Shupe
    Gilded Age romance alert! Lady Eva Hyde, unfortunately, has had three dead fiancés, so it doesn’t look like she’ll get married anytime soon. She decides to go to New York City to pursue her dream of being an architect. (Many thanks to you, Eva, and other women like you who helped pave the way!) During her boat journey she has a very, ahem, passionate encounter with a handsome man. When in New York, she realizes that said handsome man is none other than her new boss. Phillip Mansfield is willing to give Eva a chance on his new luxury hotel project, but he’s not prepared for the many, many feelings she stirs up in him. Here’s hoping that Eva manages to take the architecture world by storm—and that she and Phillip have many passionate nights in an edifice of her creation! (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on April 24.)

    Don’t Call Me Cupcake, by Tara Sheets
    Bakery owner Emma Holloway likes to infuse the cupcakes she makes with good wishes. (Oh, and these good wishes work in a magical way, so Emma, we’ll all take ten!) Life is good, and then she meets Hunter Kane. Now, normally meeting Hunter would be A Good Thing, because he’s a Handsome Guy with Biceps Molded From Happy Tears. But Hunter, it turns out, is opening his own restaurant and bakery in town, so now he’s competition. (Hot, muscular competition, but competition nonetheless.) They soon discover they’ll need to work together for the town’s summer festival. This is difficult for our gal Emma to bear, because business is business and she’d like to be the town’s ONLY business, thank you very much. Then they start to connect in a very deep way. Can they work together? And will Hunter serve Emma sweets in bed wearing nothing but an apron? (Sorry, an apron AND a smile?) This is the first book in Sheets’ Holloway Girls series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on April 24.)

    A San Diego Romance, by Kianna Alexander
    Christopher Marland is the president of the San Diego Millionaire Moguls, and he doesn’t really have time for any romance. (Oh, Christopher, just give us all a chance!) Then Eliza Ellicott comes back into his life, and seeing his first love again makes Christopher realize that yes, he is still capable of deep emotion and intense physical passion. (We all knew you had it in you, buddy!) As for Eliza, she’s willing to give Christopher a helping hand with his teenage daughter because she’s, like, a super duper nice person with a boutique to run. (Eliza, we will all be your most faithful patrons!) She’s not so sure about Christopher himself, though. Can Christopher prove to her that he’s a man worth keeping who can also show her a rowdy time in just about any place? This is the sixth book in the multi-authored Millionaire Moguls series. (Available in paperback and NOOK.)

    What romance novels are you swooning over this week?

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    Tags: a match made in bed, , delores fossen, lone star blues, , , , secrets of the tulip sisters, , , the family gathering, welcome to moonlight harbor   

    Romance Roundup: Veterans, Single Moms, and Bookworms 

    This week’s Romance Roundup includes a military guy seeking some R&R, a single mom starting a new chapter of her life, and a bookish lady who is about to engage is some very sexy, non-book-related activities.

    The Family Gathering, by Robyn Carr
    Dakota Jones has just left the military, and he’s seeking a bit of R&R as he decides what to do next with his life. (Oh, Dakota, we’d all be MORE than happy to give you some ideas as we sip wine on a bearskin rug in front of a fireplace wearing nothing but perfume!) He decides to have a mini reunion with his siblings, who live in Sullivan’s Crossing. He also just wants to lay low in general. No one fails to notice Dakota and his biceps, though, and he soon becomes the object of affection for many a lady in town. (Sorry, Dakota, but this was inevitable!) There’s one lady, though, who thinks she is immune to his very sexy charms, but she’s really not because that is literally impossible with a guy like Dakota. (Nice try, though!) Can he make her see reason? This is the third book in Carr’s Sullivan’s Crossing series. (Available in hardcover and NOOK.)

    Secrets of the Tulip Sisters, by Susan Mallery
    Two sisters are reluctantly reunited in Mallery’s latest! Kelly Murphy has her own thing going on as a tulip farmer. Then her small town gets two comebacks in the form of Griffith Burnett, who takes one look at Kelly and immediately gets all “Hey, girl” on her, and Kelly’s estranged sister, Olivia. Kelly and Olivia haven’t exactly been on Christmas-card terms for the past ten years, so life is about to get way more dramatic for both of them. They’d each rather get a root canal than hug and make up. (See, ladies? You have more in common than you think!) Secrets upon secrets are about to be spilled, which might put a damper on this delicate sisterhood. Oh, come on, you two! Just get over yourselves, go out for margaritas and nachos, and focus on the good times ahead! (Available in paperback on April 17.)

    Welcome to Moonlight Harbor, by Sheila Roberts
    Jenna Jones isn’t having the easiest time right now. She’s getting divorced, is facing financial hardship with a daughter to raise, and isn’t exactly jumping for joy at the prospect of turning forty. (Um, excuse us, Jenna, but you are still a fabulous woman with nothing BUT fabulous years ahead of you!) Oh, and her loafer ex-husband wants spousal support so he can go live the high life with his new flame. (Jenna, we can take care of this particular problem and make it look like an accident! Oh, you want to keep things legal? Well, the offer stands!) Jenna’s great-aunt Edie begs her to join her at a small Washington coastal town and help her restore the Driftwood Inn. The inn is badly in need of some TLC—okay, fine, a LOT of TLC—but Jenna is determined to make things better for herself and her teenage daughter and maybe, just maybe, get another chance at romance! This is the first book in Roberts’ Moonlight Harbor series. (Available in hardcover, paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on April 17.)

    A Match Made in Bed, by Cathy Maxwell
    Miss Cassandra Holwell isn’t considered a conventionally beautiful woman by society’s standards. She’s considered too tall, for one, and WAY too well-read. (Cassandra, to the rest of us, you sound like a highly-educated supermodel!) She does, however, have a large fortune, and she’s thinking she wants to marry the Duke of Camberly. Then fate steps in, and it takes the form of the garter-loosening hunk that is Soren York, Earl of Dewsberry. (Let’s just say he makes women think “Duke of who?”) Cassandra and Soren’s families are enemies—her family miiiiiight have screwed his over back in the day—but it doesn’t change the fact that he’s wanted her for a very, very long time. Here’s hoping they manage to overcome their differences and realize they could have a really fun life together, both in and out of the sack! This is the second book in Maxwell’s Spinster Heiresses series. (Available in hardcover, paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on April 17.)

    Lone Star Blues, by Delores Fossen
    Dylan Granger may be a Hot Cowboy, but his wife, Jordan, still left him to join the military. (Many cheers for lady veterans!) It turns out that Dylan had a wild night one night with Jordan’s cousin and got said cousin pregnant. (Oh, Dylan, you just HAD to go in THAT direction, didn’t you?!) Now Jordan is back in town to help raise the resulting baby, because she’s an awesome lady who doesn’t shy away from tough times. She and Dylan haven’t seen each other in a while, but the love and the feelings and Dylan’s abs are all still in place. Can they overcome their past obstacles and build a new life together? And will Dylan find sexy new ways to show Jordan that she belongs in his heart and bed forever? This is the eighth book in Fossen’s Wrangler’s Creek series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on April 17.)

    What romances are on your nightstand this week?

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    Tags: fearless in texas, hold back the dark, it must be love, , kari lynn dell, , kitty curran, larissa zageris, , my lady's choosing: an interactive romance novel, , play for keeps, , ,   

    Romance Roundup: Rodeo Bullfighters, Heiresses, and Basketball Scandals 

    This week’s Romance Roundup includes a human woman with the hots for a sexy vampire, a chief deputy lady with some nasty killings to investigate, and an immersive romance novel that makes YOU the heroine!

    Hold Back the Dark, by Kay Hooper
    Residents of Prosperity, North Carolina are killing each other off and waking up with zero memories of what they did. (Yeah, everyone’s pretty much in crisis mode.) Enter our gal, Chief Deputy Katie Cole. She knows she can’t handle all of this on her own, and so she’s working with Sheriff Jackson Archer. They’re also getting some much-needed help in the form of the Special Crimes Unit. Everyone’s getting deeper and deeper into a giant murder mystery mess, so they’re going to have to think fast and work together in order to solve it—and stay alive. This is the latest book in Hooper’s Bishop Special Crimes Unit series. (Available in hardcover, audiobook, and NOOK.)

    My Lady’s Choosing: An Interactive Romance Novel, by Kitty Curran and Larissa Zageris
    Romance readers who want a more immersive reading experience will get a kick out of this yarn! Let’s put it this way: YOU are the protagonist in your very own historical romance. Imagine you’re a 19th century heroine, and you’re flat broke BUT you’re also really cute and smart AND the courtship season has begun. This means there are games to be played, villains to defeat, bad relations to ditch, and hearts to be won. You’ve got this. You passed high school algebra. You can find true love AND a secure future. You can choose Sir Benedict Granville, Lord Garraway Craven, or Captain Angus McTaggart (who sounds Scottish, so there’s MY path), to name three possibilities. So tighten your garter, practice your curtsy, adjust your bonnet, swish open your most elegant fan, and get ready for some adventure! (Available in paperback and NOOK.)

    Fearless in Texas, by Kari Lynn Dell
    Wyatt Darrington is a rodeo bullfighter, and let’s just say he’s got that whole protective streak down pat. (Wyatt, we’d lend you a helping hand out of the bullpen any day of the week!) He’s tough and strong, but he’s always had a soft spot for Melanie Brookman. She’s a tough Texas lady, and she doesn’t have time to mess around. (Show us all your confident ways, Melanie!) She’s going through a rough time, though, so as much as it pains her, she’ll need to accept some help from Wyatt. (Oh, Melanie, don’t fight it! You are one lucky woman.) Here’s hoping Melanie realizes that Wyatt will make sure she stays safe no matter what. And that Wyatt puts all of that rodeo experience into some very practical and, ahem, sexy practice. This is the fourth book in Dell’s Texas Rodeo series. (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK.)

    It Must be Love, by Nicki Night
    Heiress Jewel Chandler has a very specific set of requirements when it comes to having a boyfriend. (Good for you, Jewel! Never settle!) Sadly, Sterling Bishop does not meet all of her requirements, mainly because he has a kid and an ex-wife. This is a tad confusing, because Sterling is an exceptionally great guy with a body any woman would want to slather with warm caramel sauce and go to town on. He also has major feelings for Jewel, and he’s going to work his magic every day—and night, especially night—to make her realize that they would be perfect together. (Go for it, buddy!) Can Sterling convince Jewel? And will she realize that he’s completely, totally the guy for her? This is the third book in Night’s Chandler Legacy series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on April 17.)

    Play for Keeps, by Maggie Wells
    Tyrell Ransom just landed a gig as a men’s head basketball coach, but scandal threatens to darken his prospects. Photos of his ex-wife and one of his players have gone viral, and not in a good way. (Tyrell, who do you need/want us to troll? Just point us in the right direction, because we’ve got your back!) Enter Millie Jenkins, a public relations wizard who has GOT to put the magic spin on things, pronto. (The media is all over the story, and poor Tyrell’s every move is being dogged.) Tyrell and Millie will need to work very closely together if they are going to weather this Very Bad PR Situation. (To start, they can draft press releases together in bed. Nekkid. Talk about making the best out of a bad situation!) This is the second book in Wells’ Love Games series. (Available in paperback and NOOK.)

    The Thief, by J.R. Ward
    Sola Morte used to be on the wrong side of the law (think cat burglary and safecracking) but now she’s gone clean and is focused on taking care of her granny. She hasn’t forgotten Assail, though. He’s a vampire, and let’s just say that futures between vampires and human women are NOT looking too bright. She needs to stay away from him. Then Assail ends up in a coma, and his cousins ask Sola to chill by his bedside and give him a reason to keep going. (Oh, that we all had that chance!) Then she finds herself in the middle of a war that involves vampires and vampire enemies and lots and lots of fangs and teeth. Here’s hoping she manages to survive this vampire war—and that she and Assail figure out their future together ASAP! This is the latest book in Ward’s extensive Black Dagger Brotherhood series. (Available in hardcover, audiobook, and NOOK on April 10.)

    What romance novels are you reading this week?

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    Romance Roundup: Prodigal Sons, Tattoo Artists, and Shy Ladies 

    This week’s Romance Roundup includes a man trying to rescue his mother, a marketing consultant with an extremely hot client, and a woman who won’t settle for anything less than true love.

    The Undercover Billionaire, by Jackie Ashenden
    Navy SEAL Wolf Tate is on a mission to rescue his mother. (Ladies, all together now: AWWW!!) The stakes are extremely high, so he needs to really step up his game. He decides that kidnapping his enemy’s daughter is the way to go. The daughter, Olivia de Santis, also happens to be Wolf’s good friend and the woman he’s had the hots for since forever. He kidnaps her, and what ensues is a whole lot of conflicting emotions on both of their ends. (Wolf, if you want to let her know how you feel, you could have taken a more straightforward approach.) Olivia can’t deny that she’s thrilled to get some alone time with him, and Wolf realizes that he feels many, many feelings in his large, perfectly-shaped…ahem, heart. Here’s hoping he manages to check off every item on his to-do list AND get the girl! This is the third book in Ashenden’s Tate Brothers series. (Available in paperback and NOOK.)

    The Secrets She Kept, by Brenda Novak
    Fairham Island’s matriarch has been found dead, and her estranged son, Keith, refuses to believe she committed suicide. He goes back home to look further into her death and try to put the family empire back together. (He was kinda close to his grandfather, hence the nod to family duties.) Keith also gets back in touch with Nancy Dellinger. He might have broken her heart before he fled Fairham Island. (To be fair, his late mom was crazy controlling, so he needed to get out of Dodge ASAP.) Keith soon realizes that his feelings for Nancy are still very much intact. He’s got a lot to do if he’s going to solve the mystery of his mother’s death and win back the woman of his heart. (Keith, we’ll help you by setting up several date nights! Just show up on time with an armful of roses!) This is the second book in Novak’s Fairham Island series. (Available in paperback.)

    Hero’s Return, by B.J. Daniels
    Tucker Cahill has had to keep a Very Bad Secret for 19 years, and it’s really taken an emotional toll on him. (Come here, Tucker! We promise to make it all better!) He’s forced to face it all, though, when a woman’s remains are found near his family’s ranch. (Stay strong, Tucker!) There’s also the matter of Kate Rothschild. She’s just come to town for some good, old-fashioned vengeance. This vengeance plan somehow involves Tucker. (Oh, that all plans—world domination, corrupt government overthrow, grocery shopping—involved meeting Tucker!) Trouble is, Kate did not expect Tucker to be so darn cute, and she hasn’t even seen his abs yet! Can they work together to accomplish their respective goals? And then get nekkid? This is the third book in Daniels’ Montana Cahills series. (Available in hardcover, paperback, and NOOK.)

    Seduced in San Diego, by Reese Ryan
    Marketing consultant Sasha Charles has been hired to improve the public image of artist Jordan Jace. (Emphasis on “public,” because looks-wise he is the manliest of men from head to toe!) She’s reluctant to get involved with him, though, because she’s a professional lady with a career to think of. (Trust us, Sasha. This risk is totally worth it!) Jordan wouldn’t mind getting to know Sasha better, and he soon starts to sweep her off of her feet in all kinds of ways. This includes fancy dinners followed by long, romantic interludes between the sheets. (All of this is really good for our gal, because she’s quite serious and hasn’t had a whole lot of fun in her life.) Then Jordan and Sasha soon start to realize that they actually really like each other and want to make babies together. (Jordan. Sasha. We are ALL in favor of this!) This book is the latest in the multi-authored Millionaire Moguls series. (Available in paperback and NOOK.)

    Whiskey Sharp, by Lauren Dane
    Vicktor Orlov likes to hide a tough, protective attitude beneath a more laid-back exterior. (By all means, Vicktor. Lay back. Lay way, way back and let us take over!) He steps up his game when he meets tattoo artist Rachel Dolan. Our gal has worked hard to overcome a violence-filled past. (Rachel, we all want to treat you to a yoga class and brunch!) She’s not sure she wants to give her heart to any man, even if he does have a rock-solid body that would protect her at any cost. She somehow decides that she Just Wants To Be Friends with Vicktor. (Rachel, no offense whatsoever, but that idea is doo-doo.) Will Vicktor manage to convince her that his love is here to stay? And will Rachel give in to her blossoming feelings and let Vicktor take her to new heights? This is the second book in Dane’s Whiskey Sharp series. (Available in paperback and NOOK.)

    Marry in Scandal, by Anne Gracie
    Lady Lily Rutherford wants to be courted properly. She’s a bit shy, so she’s waiting for the right man to come along and woo her in the way she wants and deserves. (Good for you, Lily! Don’t settle for anything less!) Then Something Bad happens, and she has to marry Edward Galbraith ASAP—or face some major scandal. She’s got a good attitude, though, and becomes determined to make her marriage a good one. As for Edward, he knew he needed to get married to a respectable lady anyway, so this actually works out for him. He doesn’t think he’ll ever get too close to her, though, because he’s still traumatized by his past. Here’s hoping Edward soon realizes that he’s got a great, loving woman he can confide in, and that he works very, very hard to give her the happy life she deserves! This is the second book in Gracie’s Marriage of Convenience series. (Available in paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on April 3.)

    What romances are you excited to read this spring?

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    Tags: a billionaire affair, alexa riley, , claimed, eight simple rules for dating a dragon, , jenna jaxon, , niobia bryant, , , , the river house, to woo a wicked widow   

    Romance Roundup: Lady Elves, Guarded Workaholics, and Lusty Widows 

    This week’s Romance Roundup includes two childhood enemies with a corporation to run, two childhood friends with issues to face, and an elf who embarks on a forbidden romance with a dragon man.

    The Darkest Promise, by Gena Showalter
    Cameo is possessed by the demon of Misery, which means that if she experiences anything remotely close to the emotion of joy she will lose her memory. (And we thought the Monday blues were rough!) Out of options to reclaim her life, she sneaks into a mythical land ruled by Lazarus the Cruel and Unusual, who also possesses The Body Both My Grandmother and Maiden Aunt Would Admire. He is on a mission to destroy his enemies (Oh, Lazarus, aren’t we all!) but he is quite intrigued by Cameo. He wants to turn her frown upside down, and also perform more literal, acrobatic tasks that would take Cameo beyond joy. (Cameo, may we please test the waters for you first?) Will they figure out a situation in which she can finally feel true happiness and NOT lose her memories of him? This is the latest book in Showalters’ Lords of the Underworld series. (Available in paperback on March 27.)

    The River House, by Carla Neggers
    Felicity MacGregor has decided to return to her hometown of Knights Bridge and open up a party-planning business. (Felicity, would you please put some zing into all of our office parties? Thanks!) Also back in town is her childhood friend, Gabriel Flanagan. They’re both involved in an entrepreneurial boot camp, but if anyone needs some motivation it’s these two would-be lovebirds. (Gabriel, we’d all love to, ahem, crowdsource your big data and start up something special with you!) Felicity and Gabriel will need to get over some pretty deep-seated issues if they’re going to embark on a new chapter together. (Ideally, this chapter will involve lots of babies and a custom-built house with hardwood floors and a spectacular view of the local river.) Can they let bygones be bygones and just get nekkid? This is the eighth book in Neggers’ Swift River Valley series. (Available in hardcover, paperback, audiobook, and NOOK on March 27.)

    Eight Simple Rules for Dating a Dragon, by Kerrelyn Sparks
    Romance readers who read The Lord of the Rings and thought “This needs more sexy” will love this yarn! Gwennore is an elf with special healing powers. She doesn’t trust dragons, but then she finds herself in a dragon realm. This realm is led by General Silas Dravenko. His job is to serve the realm’s royal family, which is now a bit hard to do with a cutie like Gwennore roaming around and distracting him and making him feel all of the feelings. They are supposed to be enemies, but let’s be real for a second: Gwennore is an awesome lady who makes guys want to learn more about her. As for Silas, well, he’s more than just your typical dragon guy with a handsome face and a derrière carved by angels. Here’s hoping they find some middle earth and realize that they are perfect for each other! This is the third book in Sparks’ Embraced series. (Available in paperback on March 27.)

    Claimed, by Alexa Riley
    Our gal Jay Rose is too busy rocking it at work to go out on dates. She’s quite the workaholic, and her work involves dealing with some very powerful jerks. (Keep calm and yoga on, Jay!) Then she meets security expert Jordan Chen. He works for the powerful Osbourne Corporation, and let’s just say this particular business venture has attracted some mighty bad enemies. When said mighty bad enemies target our gal, Jordan realizes that he is not going to let her face it all alone. (Good for you, Jordan, and for guys like you who are willing to lend a helping hand!) He will need to bring his A-game if he’s going to keep Jay safe, so it’s a good thing he’s logged many, many hours at the gym. This is the third book in Riley’s For Her series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on March 27.)

    A Billionaire Affair, by Niobia Bryant
    Alessandra Dalmount has had her professional life carved out for her. She was raised to take over her share of the Ansah Dalmount Group. Now it’s time to step up to the plate. Trouble is, she has to work with her childhood acquaintance, Alek Ansah. They didn’t exactly get along when they were young, and he’s morphed into quite the playboy since then, so Alessandra is feeling very “Ugh!” Then she and Alek get to know each other as adults, and pretty soon all Alessandra wants to do with him is have deep, meaningful conversations that involve a sandy beach, a towel, and their bodies covered in nothing but sun or moonlight. Will Alessandra realize that Alek has come a long way? And will Alek realize that he wants nothing more than to please her every day and night for the rest of their lives together? This is the first book in Bryant’s Passion Grove series. (Available in paperback and NOOK.)

    To Woo a Wicked Widow, by Jenna Jaxon
    Lady Charlotte Cavendish was stuck in a horrendous, loveless marriage, but then her awful husband finally croaked and now she’s all like “Freedom!” She’s determined to “have some fun,” and by “have some fun” we mean “get laid.” Oh, and she absolutely refuses to ever get married again. (Totally understandable, Charlotte!) She soon meets Nash, the twelfth Earl of Wrotham. She’s eager to jump into the sack with him (as are we!), but he’s actually more interested in the possibility of marrying her and, ya know, keeping it permanent. This is not an appealing offer for our libidinous lady, but if anyone can convince her that marriage is a charm the second time around, it’s Nash! (He won’t disappoint you, Charlotte!) This is the first book in Jaxon’s Widow’s Club series. (Available in paperback and NOOK on March 27.)

    What romance novels are you excited to read this week?

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