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    The Book Nerd’s Guide to the Worst Reading Spots 

    Welcome to the Book Nerd’s Guide to Life! Every other week, we convene in this safe place to discuss the unique challenges of life for people whose noses are always wedged in books. For past guides, click here.  

    There are people in this world who are prone to falling asleep just about anywhere, anytime. There is a term for their condition: narcolepsy.

    To my knowledge, there is no term for the chronic condition for which I exhibit symptoms: the tendency to begin reading wherever and whenever, with little regard for situational awareness. I’m sure there’s a German word for the underlying feeling of this book compulsion. There always is. That said, some places are better suited than others for hosting bookworms for extended periods of times. And some reading places, well, they downright suck.

    The Last Table in the Coffee Shop
    As far as reading nooks go, your favorite coffeehouse is pretty much the holy grail. It smells wonderful. There are caffeinated things along with pastries. People tend to be more absorbed in their own worlds and less likely to start book-interrupting conversations with you. And the seating tends toward individual over communal. Basically it’s your house, but with better stuff: you get to feel as if you’re engaging with the world without having to interact with it fully.

    But the worst thing about coffee shops is also the best: they are so good for long-term stationary pursuits that nobody wants to leave, ever. Once the cozy armchairs are taken, they’re dead to you for hours. It’s not like vultures leave prime meat just lying around. For latecomers, all that tends to be left is the table nobody wants. Either it’s directly in the sun on a 100-degree day, or it’s stuffed into the darkest corner, or one leg is several inches shorter than the others, or the last person who sat in the chair died.

    It’s not where you want to be.

    In the seminal Gilmore Girls episode “An Affair to Remember,” plucky and neurotic Rory Gilmore is on edge, this time because her roommates are driving her bonkers and she needs to find a place to study. Hither and thither she goes, trying to find the perfect study spot, forced to wander constantly because of noise or drama or Sookie’s thousands of mini-quiches.

    Finally, she finds the perfect tree on the Yale campus. It’s her tree, perfectly shady and quiet. And then some ruffian ruins everything by claiming the spot the next day.

    This is how most of my attempts to read in nature go. Inevitably, there’s one tree or one shaded spot that’s perfect, but taken, and I wind up accidentally sitting on an ant pile or under a bird bathroom.

    Your Desk
    Who among us has not spent a few hundred lunch breaks hunched over a novel and our sad desk lunch? The problem, of course, is that your workspace at your job is no safe space: you’re fair game for passing coworkers or the incessant pinging of your email. It’s hard to even get through a chapter, especially if one of your hands is occupied with a sandwich. And we haven’t even mentioned the harsh glare of the fluorescent lights overhead. Not only do they make your skin look wan and deathly, they make the small text of a mass market paperback all but indistinguishable from hieroglyphics for everyone not blessed with 20/15 eyesight.

    A Treadmill
    I have the natural grace and poise of a platypus on roller skates. Coordination is not a specialty. Treadmills and other gym equipment tend to require balance and functional motor skills. For me, at least, little of that is possible without concentration. I do find the gym boring, so I’m always tempted to bring a book to prop up on the treadmill or the elliptical machine. But then there’s that pesky coordination and concentration business. I can’t focus on the book and on my legs at the same time, so I either sprain an ankle or have a terrible reading experience. Really, it’s a tough choice.

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    6 Sci-Fi Romances that will Get You Hooked 

    If you’re looking to try something new in your romance reading, why not give science fiction romance a shot! There’s fantastic world-building as authors create their own cultures on far away planets. The plots often come with intense situations, like the end of the world or spaceship battles. And most importantly, there are all sorts of strong characters finding love in the midst of danger and adventure. Whether you prefer your sci-fi on the lighter side or want a full-on space opera, these romances are out of this world.

    Games of Command, by Linnea Sinclair
    Linnea Sinclair is the queen of sci-fi romance with impeccable world-building, technology, and character development. Games of Command is packed with two romances between members of a spaceship. Biocybe (think human with cyborg parts) Admiral Branden Kel-Paten and Captain Tasha “Sass” Sebastian were enemies, now forced to work together. Sass is also desperately trying to hide her past as a smuggler from Braden. To make matters worse, the ship picks up an injured mercenary, Jace Serafino, who knows Sass’ secrets rather well. Throw in empathetic Dr. Eden Fynn to care for Jace and four is way more than a crowd.

    Radio Silence, by Alyssa Cole
    Science fiction-lite with Earth on the verge of a post-apocalyptic meltdown, Radio Silence doesn’t fall into the category with far away galaxies and spaceships. Instead, a group of people find solace in a cabin after everything seems to shut down. Arden Highmore and her roommate John team up together, but when a band of scavengers attack their sanctuary, it’s John’s brother, Gabriel, who comes to the rescue. With Arden and Gabriel adopting an antagonistic relationship fraught with sexual tension, it’s hard to tell if they’ll survive or kill each other first.

    Ashwin, by Kit Rocha
    Ashwin is a sci-fi dystopian romance between a super-soldier designed not to feel emotions and a doctor helping the enemy. Lieutenant Ashwin Malhotra and Dr. Kora Bellamy have a history. Kora was the handler who cared for him, until she left for Sector One and joined Gideon’s Riders, a band of Robin Hood-esque warriors. Ashwin is sent to infiltrate the Riders, sending a shock to Kora. She never expected to see him again. As Ashwin begins to realize he’s not as emotionless as he was created to be, there’s no way he can betray the one woman who finally made him see that he has a heart.

    Undercover, by Lauren Dane
    For readers who prefer their science fiction romance more on the erotic side, Undercover can scratch that itch with a menage romance between three complicated individuals. Lieutenant Sera Ayers has been called to join Ash Walker’s covert operations team. Unfortunately, he’s also her former lover, a romance that ended badly when Ash submitted to a political marriage and Sera refused to become his mistress. Brandt Pela is another integral addition to the team since Brandt and Sera have to go undercover as lovers. And of course, the three’s mission becomes more complicated once feelings get involved.

    Cutlass, by Ellis Leigh
    Want a sci-fi romance that’s a whole lot of fun? How about a book with an intergalactic dating agency? After, admittedly, a bit too much wine, Chloe signs up for a new dating agency that specializing in matching mail order brides from around the universe to applicable partners. Cutlass is a warrior from another planet and he’s more than a little irritated at being stranded on Earth. However, he doesn’t seem to be leaving anytime soon once he realizes this little “backwoods planet” he dislikes so much holds a woman that could be his well-matched mate.

    Born of Night, by Sherrilyn Kenyon
    Nykyrian Quikiades has a complicated relationship with the League Assassins. He used to be one of them, but not anymore. However, that doesn’t stop the powers-that-be from putting a price on his head. To make things even more dangerous, he’s tasked with protecting Kiara Zamir, a young woman with a target on her head due to her father’s political dealings. A high-octane space adventure between an assassin and a princess, what’s not to love?

    Which sci-fi romances would you recommend?

    The post 6 Sci-Fi Romances that will Get You Hooked appeared first on Barnes & Noble Reads.

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    Could Urban Lighting Raise Breast Cancer Risk for Some Women? 

    THURSDAY, Aug. 17, 2017 -- New research reveals an unexpected potential risk factor for breast cancer: city lights. The Harvard Medical School study found an association between living in areas with high amounts of ambient nighttime light and...
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    Voters in Counties With Worse Life Expectancy Turned to Trump in Election 

    THURSDAY, Aug. 17, 2017 -- Offering another take on the forces behind the last presidential election, a new study reveals a link between living in an area where life expectancy is lower and voting for Donald Trump. Researchers have long associated...
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    New Treatment Approved for Deadly Blood Cancer 

    THURSDAY, Aug. 17, 2017 -- The U.S. Food and Drug Adminstration on Thursday approved the anti-cancer drug Besponsa (inotuzumab ozogamicin) to treat B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). B-cell ALL is a rapidly growing cancer that occurs when...
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